Sep 03 07:41

Obama Is Leading the U.S. Into a Hellish Quagmire

Obama is doubling down in Afghanistan with more troops deployed now than the Soviets ever had, at a time when public support for it is sinking like a rock.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But the heroin is flowing into our inner cities and that's what's important!

Sep 03 07:32

Afghans Brace for Post-Election Violence

Karzai’s victory, coming amid widespread reports of fraud, is likely to create considerable unrest among opposition supporters. Only yesterday hundreds of tribal elders met in the capital city of Kabul to call for Karzai’s resignation and a fresh vote held under an interim government.

A re-vote seems unlikely but the discontent with the dubious results has many Afghans bracing for the possibility of post-election violence if Karzai is perceived as illegitimate. This might be particularly problematic as the nation is already seeing record violence from the insurgency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This "election" was an absolute and complete sham, engineered to keep Karzai in power. The US and NATO understands this, and the Afghan people clearly understand it, and have about reached their breaking point with the occupation.

Sep 03 07:09

Are US taxpayers funding the Taliban?

U.S. officials confirmed that the preliminary investigation and the proposed hearings were sparked by a GlobalPost special report on the funding of the Taliban last month that uncovered a process that has been an open secret in Afghanistan for years among those in international aid organizations.

The report exposed that the Taliban takes a percentage of the billions of dollars in aid from U.S. and other international coalition members that goes to large organizations and their subcontractors for development projects, in exchange for protection in remote areas controlled by the insurgency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable, but considering the way this ghastly military misadventure has been conducted, not something that wouldn't have ultimately been expected.

Sep 03 06:45

Embassy Guards Gone Wild: The Pictures (NSFW)

The Project on Government Oversight provided me with a series of photographs—a dozen in all—that depict the bacchanalian goings on at Camp Sullivan, home to the ArmorGroup personnel who guard the nearby US embassy compound in Kabul. On Tuesday, POGO sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detailing a host of explosive charges relating to ArmorGroup's management of the embassy contract, including evidence of "near-weekly deviant hazing and humiliation of subordinates." According to POGO, "witnesses report that the highest levels of AGNA management in Kabul are aware of and have personally observed—or even engaged in—these activities, but have done nothing to stop them."

As you'll see below, POGO really wasn't exaggerating when it spoke of the "Lord of the Flies environment."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your taxes pay for all this.

Sep 03 00:08

Afghanistan for Dummies

I’m going to ask for my money back. I’ve seen this Afghanistan movie before. The first time, Vietnam was in the title.

As in an early scene from the Vietnam version, U.S. military officials are surprised to discover that the insurgents in Afghanistan are stronger than previously realized.

And our protagonist, Gen. Westmoreland — sorry, I mean McChrystal — sees the situation as serious but salvageable. As Westmoreland did with President Lyndon Johnson, McChrystal is preparing to tell President Barack Obama that thousands of more troops are needed to achieve the U.S. objective — whatever that happens to be.

Sep 02 08:53

‘Fish out of water’ handles air operations for EOD forces

The U.S. Navy diver and dolphin trainer is miles from any ocean, overseeing a mission for which he has no prior experience.

There just aren’t many dolphins in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Train this guy as a diver and dolphin trainer, then ship him to Afghanistan?

This is the same government that claims it can manage national health care.

Sep 02 08:51

Afghan War's Blowback for India's Children?

More precisely, depleted uranium reportedly used in wars in these countries may be the cause of the deformities and disorders on the rise in India's northwestern state, according to a team based in the city of Faridkot.

Winds from Afghanistan may have carried to the state a large quantity of highly toxic uranium, which has contaminated water and increased uranium in bodies to dangerous levels. This apprehension was raised at least five months ago by the team of the Baba Farid Center for Special Children, a nongovernmental organization (NGO), where some of the affected kids have been undergoing treatment.

Sep 02 08:31

$600 for a Kalashnikov – a sign of bloodshed to come in Afghanistan

The price of Kalashnikovs has doubled in Afghanistan. For a country awash with arms, the fact that the weapons are now fetching $600 apiece is a cause of some surprise, but a surge of demand is to blame for the increase, with a steady stream of weapons said to be heading for the north.

Sep 02 08:20

Calls for Further Escalation Put Obama in Tight Spot on Afghanistan

Though it seems unlikely that the Obama Administration will really consider paring back its commitment to all-out war in the nation, regardless of cost and death tolls, it does seem like the days of escalation without political opposition are over.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Afghanistan has the geopolitical nickname of the "Grave of Empires"; it will be no different with this current US military misadventure, and it was sheer lunacy for anyone involved with the alleged "planning" for this war that the outcome would be any different for the US than it was for Britain, or the old Soviet Union.

Sep 02 07:59

Contractors Outnumber U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

What is clear, the report says, is that when contractors for the Pentagon or other agencies are not properly managed — as when civilian interrogators committed abuses at Abu Ghraib in Iraq or members of the security firm Blackwater shot and killed 17 Iraqi citizens in Baghdad — the American effort can be severely undermined.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, what is clear is that the US military doesn't have enough boots on the ground, and is stressed almost to the breaking point, if private contractors are making up 65% of the troop strength here.

One has to wonder, given the muscularity of Obama's foreign policy commitments, if we will see a return to some sort of a draft under his watch.

Sep 02 07:52

Taliban Surprising U.S. Forces With Improved Tactics

The Taliban has become a much more potent adversary in Afghanistan by improving its own tactics and finding gaps in the U.S. military playbook, according to senior American military officials who acknowledged that the enemy's resurgence this year has taken them by surprise.

In the spring, Obama outlined a broad new direction for the war that he said his predecessor had starved of attention and resources. He changed the military leadership on the ground, asked Congress for additional money and authorized more manpower. The administration has said that it expects the strategy -- still barely off the ground -- to show results in a year to 18 months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This should be absolutely no surprise to our military leadership, in light of how adept the Taliban became at fighting the Russians, with covert US aid and instruction.

And a short memo to President Obama: you don't have a year to 18 months in Afghanistan. The public is exhausted with an 8 year military campaign which has been going nowhere.

And thinking Americans do understand precisely the reasons we are there; to install pipelines to control Eurasian oil, and protect the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

Sep 02 06:34

‘Lord of the Flies’ at U.S. Embassy in Kabul?

Guards hired by the State Department to protect diplomats and staff at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan live and work in a "Lord of the Flies" environment in which they are subjected to hazing and other inappropriate behavior by supervisors

Sep 01 18:17

Watchdog reports 'chronic' woes at US embassy in Kabul

The nonprofit Project On Government Oversight (POGO) said on its website it had sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detailing the problems, which also include language barriers between Nepalese Ghurkas and other guards.

It said guards presented POGO with allegations and photographic evidence that some supervisors and guards are engaging in "near-weekly deviant hazing and humiliation of subordinates."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wait a minute: the US government has let a security contract for one of the most crucial facilities we have in Kabul to .....private contractors, and was unable to find an elite unit in the US military capable of doing the job?!?!?

Forgive me; my head just twirled around backward at warp speed on that one: I hate it when that happens!

Sep 01 09:04

Taliban Ready if Afghan Government Fails, Analyst Warns

Afghanistan's government must fight corruption and quickly deliver services to Afghans, because Taliban militants are filling gaps and winning support to their cause, a top counter-insurgency expert said on Monday.

The Taliban were already running courts, hospitals and even an ombudsman in parallel to the government, making a real difference to local people, said David Kilcullen, a senior adviser to U.S. commander General Stanley McChrystal.

"A government that is losing to a counter-insurgency isn't being outfought, it is being out-governed. And that's what's happening in Afghanistan," Kilcullen told Australia's National Press Club.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And we are supposed to applaud David Kilcullen for his magnificent grasp of the obvious?!?!

The US is completely responsible for having installed a government in Afghanistan which is collectively more crooked than a dog's hind leg. We are now reaping what we have sown from that decision.

Sep 01 08:25

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

U.S. forces are being increased by 21,000 to 68,000, bringing the coalition total to 110,000. About 9,000 are from Britain, where support for the war is waning. Counterinsurgency theory concerning the time and the ratio of forces required to protect the population indicates that, nationwide, Afghanistan would need hundreds of thousands of coalition troops, perhaps for a decade or more. That is inconceivable

Sep 01 08:01

The U.S. needs Iran and Russia

With the war on terror now a war of logistics, the Obama administration must rely on the goodwill of those two

In Afghanistan, the U.S. increasingly depends on Russian goodwill, and Iran is influential in Herat, Mazar, the Hazarah regions and Kabul. Iran can play a positive role in its two neighboring countries, de facto acting as an ally of the U.S. Or it could play spoiler.

Sep 01 07:47

The Afghan Situation and U.S. Choices

It must be really embarassing to the alcoholics who run the Pentagon to have their heads handed to them by a bunch of hash smoking Pashtuns!

Aug 31 18:12

West faces losing battle over Afghan poll fraud

Widespread and systematic fraud during the Afghan presidential elections has tarnished the legitimacy of any future government and undermined the Nato campaign there, Western and Afghan officials have admitted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thinking Afghans and Americans knew, without a doubt, that this strange Kabuki-style theatre going on in Afghanistan had absolutely nothing to do with an election, and everything to do with re-appointing the US's main man in Kabul, Hamid (Unocal) Karzai.

Aug 31 10:31

British Chinook helicopter destroyed in Afghanistan following crash

Nato forces in Afghanistan have been forced to destroy a crashed British Chinook helicopter to keep it out of the hands of the Taliban for the second time in 10 days.

Aug 31 08:39

Fraud Claims Soar as Karzai Moves Closer to Vote Win

Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) issued a new set of vote results today, showing President Hamid Karzai inching further ahead of his chief rival Abdullah Abdullah with about 35% of the votes counted, and nearing the majority of votes needed to avert a run-off vote.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was not an election, but a "re-appointment" of Hamid (Unocal) Karzai to do the bidding for the US and NATO in the coming years, no matter how much continued misery it means for the Afghan people particularly its women.

Aug 31 08:13

US general sends Afghan war review to Pentagon

A NATO statement released Monday said U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal reports the situation is "serious" but that success is achievable. McChrystal says success demands a revised strategy, commitment and resolve.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...success is achievable."?!?!?!?

One has to wonder just precisely General McChrystal defines "success" in the context of this seemingly intractable war.

Aug 30 16:47

RT: Soviet involvement in Afghanistan - drug trade

What the US news doesn't tell you....

Aug 30 10:54

Two thirds want British troops home from Afghanistan

Almost two-thirds of people oppose Britain’s continued deployment of troops in Afghanistan, a new poll shows.

Aug 30 10:10

General Smedley Butler

Major General Smedley Butler retired from the Marine Corps in 1931 at the age of 48. He had faced gunfire 120 times and the famed columnist Will Rogers wrote of Butler, "He is what I would call a natural born warrior. He will fight anybody, any time....He carries every medal we ever gave out. He has two Congressional Medals of Honor....You give him another war and he will get him another one....I do admire him."

Aug 30 10:07

Karzai closer to winning tainted Afghan vote

Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Saturday inched closer to the prospect of outright victory in elections marred by allegations of massive fraud and international concerns about their credibility.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This wasn't an election: this was an "appointment" by the US and NATO to continue dealing with the "devil they know", rather than have to tussle with the devil they don't know, who wouldn't be as pliable to deal with US/NATO demands.

Aug 30 09:26

Top soldier: US forces lack credibility in Afghanistan

In a statement published on the Web site of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said: “Our biggest problem isn’t caves; it’s credibility. Our messages lack credibility because we haven’t invested enough in building trust and relationships, and we haven’t always delivered on promises.”

Mullen admitted that public-relations disasters like the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and civilian deaths in air strikes in Afghanistan are hurting the US’s efforts to bring stability to Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I suppose we are supposed to congratulate Admiral Mullen on his magnificent grasp of the obvious.

But now what: obliterate the Afghan people by bombing every man, woman, and child, so that there will absolutely no opposition to US/NATO occupation and the get those damned pipelines installed to control Eurasian oil, OR...develop a Marshall Plan for Afghanistan that is actually going to work?

The US military cannot do both. The Taliban understands that: it is high time our military and civilian leadership understands that, or just get the heck out of that country, period, end of discussion.

Aug 30 07:53

Why do we pay tax when we're here fighting for Britain? Soldier tackles Brown on Afghan visit as PM urges talks with the Taliban

A brave young British soldier challenged Gordon Brown face-to-face yesterday over why our troops in Afghanistan have to pay tax – while American soldiers don’t.

Aug 30 07:48

Afghan election fraud probe grows

Election complaints officials in Afghanistan say they are looking into more than 560 major allegations of fraud from the 20 August vote.

The tally doubles the figure of serious allegations reported two days ago.

Aug 30 04:20

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

Up until quite recently, most experts thought that drug money accounted for the bulk of Taliban funding

The new feeling is that less than half of the Taliban’s war chest comes from poppy, with a variety of sources, including private contributions from Persian Gulf states, accounting for much of the rest. Holbrooke told reporters that he would add a member of the Treasury Department to his staff to pursue the question of Taliban funding.

But perhaps U.S. officials need look no further than their own backyard.

Aug 30 04:08

US wants 20,000 more troops to fight Taliban

British and American soldiers to shoulder brunt of surge's next phase

The commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan will ask for 20,000 more international troops as part of his new strategic plan for the alliance's war against a resurgent Taliban .

Aug 29 15:11

Massive voter fraud in Afghan elections

Aug 29 14:44

Afghanistan's Long Vote Count: Room for Mischief?

Bashardost suspects there is a plot to gradually increase one candidate's margin of victory; by stretching it out over an extended period of time, it may dampen the anger of rivals. "It's a preparation," Bashardost says. He contends that the U.S. is playing a role in manipulating the outcome and that Washington is planning to broker a deal among the leading candidates to get the process over with.

Aug 29 14:31

More votes than voters

Across Kabul, turnout was sluggish. But at Haji Janat Gul the lack of voters had not dented the tally of votes. Only an hour after voting began, 6,000 had been cast. Yet not a voter was in sight. Staff insisted that the 6,000 had all come at 7am, when polls opened: “The Taliban said that they would cut off the fingers of people voting so they came early.”

This was impossible. Typically it takes four minutes to vote. For 6,000 to have voted in an hour at the 12 ballot boxes, they would have had an average of seven seconds each. The Electoral Complaints Commission later received allegations that the ballot boxes had been stuffed for President Hamid Karzai before polls opened, at the instigation of a local MP and tribal leader.

Aug 29 08:50

AFGHANISTAN: Seven years after CIA abduction, prisoner still held without charge

Wazir is one of hundreds of Afghans and others who have been held as "enemy combatants" at Bagram, a former Soviet air base that has has been plagued by allegations of torture since the start of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. The same judge who ultimately dismissed Wazir's petition wrote in an earlier ruling that conditions at Bagram "fall well short of what the Supreme Court found inadequate at Guantanamo."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not much "change" here, when it comes to the US treatment of prisoners of war in Afghanistan.

And ans small restoration of US credibility on the issue of human rights?!?

In the immortal words of Tony Soprano, "fuggetaboutit!"

Aug 29 08:29

Taliban's growth in Afghanistan's north threatens to expand war

Taliban insurgents have taken over parts of two northern provinces from which they were driven in 2001, threatening to disrupt NATO's new supply route from Central Asia and expand a war that's largely been confined to Afghanistan's southern half, U.S. and Afghan officials said.

Insurgents operating out of Baghlan district along the highway from Tajikistan launched coordinated attacks during the Aug. 20 presidential elections, killing the district police chief and a civilian, while losing a dozen of their own men, local officials said. It was the worst bloodshed reported in the country that day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is very odd, that aspect of "selective memory", which seems to inform the actions taken by the US white house and pentagon when it comes to Afghanistan.

The great lesson of Viet Nam should have been, you cannot, absolutely cannot, win what is essentially a land war from the air.

And yet, that appears to be precisely what the US and NATO are attempting to do in Afghanistan, because neither the US nor NATO countries have either the stomach, or national backing for, utilizing the overwhelming and lethal ground necessary for winning this war.

The US and NATO are losing this war, and the only folks winning are the military contractors, and the drug dealers.

Aug 29 07:56

Karzai widens lead in Afghan election race

Incumbent Hamid Karzai on Saturday pulled further ahead of his main rival in the race for the Afghan presidency, based on the latest results unveiled by the country's election commission.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (complete absence of) surprise!

Aug 29 04:07

Closing In on the Torturers

Do you think the wardens will let George Tenet wear his Presidential Medal of Freedom over the orange coverall?

Perhaps he and Donald Rumsfeld will end up doing time together in one of the prisons also slated to host what Rumsfeld called "the worst of the worst" from Guantanamo.

That would be poetic justice of a most ironic kind. And if the two former leaders do end up in prison they can count themselves fortunate for having dodged execution for their roles in a slew of capital offenses.

You see, punishments for violations of the War Crimes Act (18 U.S.C. 2441), applicable in their case, include the death penalty-often the sentence of choice if detainees die in their custody. And countless have.

Aug 28 19:29

US wants 20,000 more troops to fight Taliban

The commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan will ask for 20,000 more international troops as part of his new strategic plan for the alliance's war against a resurgent Taliban, The Independent has learned.

Aug 28 19:11

Mother of son serving in Afghanistan shells out £3,000 buying kit for him because he's so poorly equipped by Army

The mother of a soldier serving in Afghanistan today revealed he is so poorly equipped she has had to shell out £3,000 - on sending him kit.

Proud mum Lorna Daniel, 52, has sent son Paul vests, gloves, a sleeping bag costing £300, socks at £14 a pair, torches and T-shirts.

She buys the kit from a surplus store at home and once spent £280 on new boots because his Army issue pair melted in the desert heat.

Aug 28 09:17

In Kandahar, fears of Taliban takeover

Southern Afghanistan's largest city, Kandahar, is slipping back under Taliban control as overstretched U.S. troops focus on clearing insurgents from the countryside — a potentially alarming setback for President Barack Obama's war strategy.

Losing Kandahar, a city of nearly 1 million and the Taliban's former headquarters, would be a huge symbolic blow because it is effectively the capital of the ethnic Pashtun-dominated south, the main battlefield of the Afghan war.

Aug 28 09:13

Afghanistan’s Next Likely Vice President Linked to Drug Trafficking

Now, the Obama administration faces the prospect of a known drug trafficker becoming Vice President of Afghanistan. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton issued a warning to President Karzai before the election saying, that his alliance with Marshal Fahim would damage his standing with the U.S. and the international community.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only reason the Obama administration is "sweating" this is that that Marshal Fahim is so publicly allied with the drug trade.

At the end of the day, however, I would almost be willing to bet that the US will simply deal with him, and not try to circumvent his term as vice-president.

After all, one of the (unstated) goals of US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan is the protection of the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

As reported in the Tehran Times, 11 May 2009:

"Iranian police officials say drug production in Afghanistan has had a 40-fold increase since the U.S. led invasion of the country in 2001. Afghanistan's opium poppy crop is set to break all records this year, as grim reports by Iranian sources showed that drug production has reached a new height in the land-locked country. Instability in the wake of the U.S. invasion is widely believed to be the main reason behind Afghanistan's booming market for drug production and opium trade. According to official statistics, two thirds of the world's heroin supply reportedly comes from the southern provinces of Helmand and Kandahar. While Afghanistan produced only 185 tons of opium under the Taliban, following the U.S. invasion drug production, according to UN statistics, surged to 3,400 tons and by 2007, opium trade reached all-time high of 8,200 tons."

Also note that when the Taliban were in control of Afghanistan, the opium poppy trade was nearly eradicated.

Is it just coincidence that drug production in Afghanistan soared after the US invasion and occupation?

I think, not.

Aug 28 08:43

US Copter Opens Fire on Afghan Medical Clinic

US and Afghan forces, backed by a US Apache helicopter attacked a medical clinic in the Paktika Province of Afghanistan yesterday after receiving reports that a wounded Taliban commander had “sought treatment” at the facility.

The attack sparked a gunbattle which according to provincial officials left at least 12 militants and two policemen killed. The US denied that anyone had died in the attack but claimed to have injured their target, though since he was already injured in the first place it’s probably hard to be sure about that.

The US defended the attack on the clinic, insisting that it had ensured the building was cleared of civilians before the helicopter began firing and that since the clinic was occupied by Taliban it lost “its protected status” as a civilian location.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US is starting to sound just like Israel!

Aug 28 08:28

US envoy in 'explosive' meeting with Karzai

The BBC is reporting that Richard Holbrooke raised concerns about ballot-stuffing and fraud, and said that a second-round run off could make the process more credible.

Aug 28 07:57

Afghans in greatest danger since Taliban fell: Amnesty

"With the outcome of voting in Afghanistan unclear, the danger and insecurity facing millions of Afghans continues and in fact is higher now than ever," said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty's Asia-Pacific director.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More US/NATO "progress" in Afghanistan, I see.

Aug 28 07:20

US envoy 'in angry Karzai talks'

Richard Holbrooke raised concerns about ballot-stuffing and fraud, by a number of candidates' teams, sources say.

The US envoy also said a second-round run-off could make the election process more credible, the sources said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Even if there is an alleged "second round", the Afghans and the world know that these elections were simply a sham; large swathes of potential candidates were banned from even being on the ballot.

It's just a question as to which of Washington's puppets will be installed as President to do precisely as his masters order him to do. There is no legitimacy to this process whatsoever.

Aug 27 10:51

“US soldiers find themselves being terrorists in Afghanistan”

As the US continues to step up war efforts in Afghanistan, the number of US soldiers refusing deployment to war zones is also increasing. On the ground, they find themselves being terrorists, says writer Dahr Jamail.

Aug 27 06:54

Admiral Mullen: US ‘Starting Over’ in Afghanistan

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen says that the Obama Administration’s massive escalation in Afghanistan is going to take another 12 to 18 months to “turn this thing around.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Turn this thing around," and "Starting over" does not sound like we are winning, does it? In fact, "Starting over" sounds like every American killed in Afghanistan to date has pretty much died for nothing.

The last military commander to succeed in conquering and holding Afghanistan was Alexander the Great.

Aug 27 06:23

Young Guantanamo Afghan to sue US

One of the youngest detainees held at the US detention centre in Guantanamo Bay will sue the United States for compensation, his lawyers say.

Mohammed Jawad was released and arrived in his native Afghanistan earlier this week. His family says he was 12 at the time of his detention in 2002.

Aug 26 19:40

UK suffered one casualty in Afghanistan for every vote

The British force in Helmand suffered one casualty for every Afghan vote in the area retaken from the Taliban during the bloody Panther's Claw offensive.

Aug 26 14:37

US Copter Loses Ballot Boxes as Afghan Vote Count Moves Slowly Forward

As the count for Afghanistan’s hotly disputed election trudges along at a snail’s pace, a bit of excitement happened when the US military admitted that it had misplaced 25 ballot boxes it was shipping from Paroon to Kabul. Actually it didn’t so much misplace them as it dropped them, off a helicopter, into what officials are describing as “the rugged mountains of Nuristan.”

Aug 26 07:55

“Afghan drug trafficking brings US $50 billion a year”

The US is not going to stop the production of drugs in Afghanistan as it covers the costs of their military presence there, says Gen. Mahmut Gareev, a former commander during the USSR's operations in Afghanistan.

Aug 25 16:58

Afghanistan: the wasted years and lives

When British troops went into Afghanistan in 2006 it was seen by many as the “good” war, in contrast to Iraq. I was not so sure. It was not just that we did not appear to know how to achieve victory. We did not even know how we would recognise a victory.

What would winning look like? Underpinning Afghan democracy? Stabilising the Karzai regime? Providing education and healthcare to the Afghan population, both male and female? Delivering law and order? Eradicating corruption? Creating a working economy? Crushing the drug trade? Protecting Pakistan from instability? Or simply defeating the Taliban and creating a stable state?

The truth is on the day of its second “democratic” election, after yeans of pain and more than 200 British deaths, we are no closer to any of these objectives.

Aug 25 16:54

Afghan vote fraud revealed

Senior western diplomats agree that most of the fraud appears to have been by Karzai supporters, but most of the polling stations where large-scale irregularities are alleged were beyond the reach of Afghan or international observers.

The European Union observer mission visited less than 5 per cent of the polling stations, most of them in the safest areas.

"It will be very difficult to pin-point widespread fraud with any accuracy," said John Dempsey, Afghanistan director of the US Institute of Peace.

Aug 25 09:07

PR firm screening reporters for Afghanistan embedding

Stars and Stripes reports that a U.S. public relations company involved with a discredited Iraqi exile group will screen journalists headed to Afghanistan to decide whether past coverage has portrayed the military positively.

The Rendon Group says it reviews reporters' recent articles and "and determines whether the coverage was 'positive,' 'negative' or 'neutral' compared to mission objectives." Any reporter wanting to "embed" with U.S. forces is subject to the background check. The company has been paid by the Pentagon since 2005.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just what lies and half truths are supposed to be spewed for public comsumption while the real story, (the fact that the US is in Afghanistan to get pipelines built, and protect the burgeoning drug trade) gets ignored.

Aug 25 09:03

US patience frays as Obama weighs Afghan troops

President Barack Obama will likely soon face a wrenching decision on whether to send more troops to Afghanistan, even as much of the US public has turned against the war and his own popularity has waned.

But Obama's hand-picked commander of US forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, is widely expected to call for even more troops in a formal review of the war-fighting strategy anticipated within the next two weeks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It will be interesting to see where these additional troops are supposed to come from.

One has to wonder if Obama will re-institute a draft of some kind.

Aug 24 17:48

Abdullah's supporters threaten to take up arms over 'rigged' election

With the results of Afghanistan's presidential election expected later today, supporters of the opposition leader, Abdullah Abdullah, delivered a grim message last night, threatening violence if their candidate loses.

Standing by the black marble grave of their fallen leader Ahmed Shah Masoud, two former mujahedin fighters said they still had their guns and warned that they had not forgotten how to use them.

Like most of Afghanistan's Tajik community, they had voted for Mr Abdullah, a former foreign minister of Tajik and Pashtun ancestry, who fought alongside their beloved Commander Masoud against the Soviet invaders and then the Taliban.

If the election is "stolen" by Hamid Karzai, the reaction would be violent, the former guerillas declared.

Aug 24 09:15

Democracy? We're just wasting brave lives on a country we'll never free

The contrast between the dutiful, courageous hearts of the soldiers, and the craven, slippery dishonesty of the politicians is so shocking that I dare not allow myself to think about it too much, in case I become too angry to speak or write.

But I cannot forgive any of them who do not now begin to demand our immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Aug 24 09:12

Troops to be sent to Helmand, Afghanistan with just 6 weeks' training

Hundreds of soldiers from a leading infantry regiment are to be sent to the frontline in Afghanistan with just six weeks' specialised battlefield training - instead of the usual minimum of six months.

One senior source said: 'This is a panic measure as we do not have sufficient battle-ready troops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder what the "panic measure" will be in the US when it is definitively understood that we don't have any where near the reserves in place to fulfill generals' requests for far more US troops in Afghanistan.

Aug 24 08:52

Polling Data Points to Landslide Karzai ‘Win’

Though the official results won’t be released for weeks, the raw polling station data being collected by media outlets and observers has incumbent Afghan President Hamid Karzai winning reelection in Thursday’s disputed election with an enormous margin of 72 percent to 23 percent over principal rival Abdullah Abdullah.

Official preliminary results are expected to be available in early September, with final results coming some time after that. Though the Independent Election Commission is theoretically in charge of overseeing the disputed vote, it should be noted they are appointed entirely by the incumbent president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was not an election; it was dramatic theatre, made to appear to be an election, when what actually happened was the re-appointment of the American-installed puppet to the presidency in Afghanistan.

And the biggest losers in this election were Afghan women, whose lot is now far more miserable, over all, than before the US and NATO attacked and occupied Afghanistan all those 8 years ago.

Aug 24 07:59

U.S. Military Says Its Force in Afghanistan Is Insufficient

American military commanders with the NATO mission in Afghanistan told President Obama’s chief envoy to the region this weekend that they did not have enough troops to do their job, pushed past their limit by Taliban rebels who operate across borders.

The possibility that more troops will be needed in Afghanistan presents the Obama administration with another problem in dealing with a nearly eight-year war that has lost popularity at home, compounded by new questions over the credibility of the Afghan government, which has just held an as-yet inconclusive presidential election beset by complaints of fraud.

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One has to wonder from precisely where these additional troops are supposed to come, given the current stress the US military is under with commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Given the muscularity of Obama's foreign policy objectives, you have to wonder at what point a draft will be reinstituted in this country.

Aug 24 07:16

Hamid Karzai and Afghan elections

Aug 24 04:09

Quittin' time in Afghanistan

An election held under the guns of a foreign occupation army cannot be called legitimate or democratic.

This week's stage-managed vote in Afghanistan for candidates chosen by western powers is unlikely to bring either peace or tranquility to this wretched nation that has suffered 30 years of war.

The Taliban and its nationalist allies rejected the vote as a fraud designed to validate continued foreign occupation and open the way for western oil and gas pipelines.

The Taliban, which speaks for many of Afghanistan's majority Pashtun, said it would only join a national election when U.S. and NATO troops withdraw.

Aug 23 18:16

Afghan vs. Iran elections. Hmmmm.

Would it not be fun to challenge the same overthrow supporters in Iran to do the same in Afghanistan?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai's main challenger said on Sunday he had evidence last week's election had been widely rigged by the incumbent and that he had lodged more than 100 complaints.

Aug 23 11:06

Marines Fight Taliban With Little Aid From Afghans

American Marines secured this desolate village in southern Afghanistan nearly two months ago, and last week they were fortifying bases, on duty at checkpoints and patrolling in full body armor in 120-degree heat. Despite those efforts, only a few hundred Afghans were persuaded to come out here and vote for president on Thursday.

It all raises serious questions about what the American mission is in southern Afghanistan — to secure the area, or to administer it — and about how long Afghans will tolerate foreign troops if they do not begin to see real benefits from their own government soon. American commanders say there is a narrow window to win over local people from the guerrillas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are an army of occupation in Afghanistan, which has just reinstalled a puppet government in the country, with many candidates who might truly represent the Afghan people, banished from even appearing on the ballots.

We are in Afghanistan for two reasons; the first, in which we are failing spectacularly, is the installation of pipelines to control Eurasian oil.

The second, at which the US government seems to be succeeding brilliantly, is protecting the Afghan drug trade, from which so many profit so well.

About to have a cerebro-vascular accident at that last statement, and find yourself clutching your head, and screaming, "how can this be? This cannot, cannot be what we have been paying (and will continue to pay) in blood and money to accomplish in Afghanistan!"

Think again, carefully.

As reported by Thomas Schweich in the New York Times, 27 July, 2008, "Is Afghanistan a Narco-State?"

"The plan was simple. The Afghan Poppy Eradication Force would go to Helmand Province with two battalions of the national army and eradicate the fields of the wealthier farmers — including fields owned by local officials. Protecting the eradication force would also enable the arrest of key traffickers. The U.S. military, which trained the Afghan army, would assist in moving the soldiers there and provide outer-perimeter security. The U.S. military would not participate directly in eradication or arrest operations; it would only enable them."

"But once again, Karzai and his Pentagon friends thwarted the plan. First, Anthony Harriman was replaced at the National Security Council by a colonel who held the old-school Pentagon view that “we don’t do the drug thing.” He would not let me see General Lute or Stephen J. Hadley, the national security adviser, when the force-protection plans failed to materialize. We asked numerous Pentagon officials to lobby the defense minister, Abdul Rahim Wardak, for immediate force protection, but they did little."

Schweich was certainly in a position to know; he was the former State Department Counter Narcotics officer in Afghanistan.

Also, as reported in Al, 28 July 2008:

"Drug production has skyrocketed since the US-led invasion that ousted the Taliban."

In 2007, nearly 200,000 hectares of land in Afghanistan was used to cultivate poppy - more than double the area in 2003 – and the country produced 93 per cent of the world's supply of opium, the raw material of heroin."

Chew on that for a while.

Aug 23 10:20

Could Afghanistan Become Obama’s Vietnam?

President Obama had not even taken office before supporters were etching his likeness onto Mount Rushmore as another Abraham Lincoln or the second coming of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Yet what if they got the wrong predecessor? What if Mr. Obama is fated to be another Lyndon B. Johnson instead?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only people "winning" in Afghanistan are the defense contractors,the companies providing private mercenaries, and the drug dealers.

Aug 23 09:48

Afghan conflict serious, "deteriorating": Mullen

The top U.S. military officer on Sunday described the situation in Afghanistan as deteriorating but said the new commander on the ground had not yet requested additional troops.

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As reported at on 14 Aug 2009 at:

"Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, is set to submit an assessment on the war within the next few weeks. On Thursday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said at least one thing would be missing from the report: contrary to widespread speculation, the general won't include in it a request for more troops."

"The Los Angeles Times reports that Gates said requests for additional troops would be considered both "separately and subsequent" to the upcoming report."

What this means is that additional troops will ultimately be requested, but not at the time this report is issued.

And the question is, from where will these new troops be coming, given the stresses the US military is currently experiencing?

Aug 23 05:35

U.S. Shifts, Giving Names of Detainees to the Red Cross

The change begins to lift the veil from the American government’s most secretive remaining overseas prisons by allowing the Red Cross to track the custody of dozens of the most dangerous suspected terrorists and foreign fighters plucked off the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aug 22 20:20

Troops to be sent to Helmand, Afghanistan with just 6 weeks' training

Hundreds of soldiers from a leading infantry regiment are to be sent to the frontline in Afghanistan with just six weeks' specialised battlefield training - instead of the usual minimum of six months.

It is believed to be the first time the Army has allowed men to put their lives on the line with so little preparation for the tough fighting conditions against the Taliban.

The training cutback led to claims last night that soldiers' lives could be put at risk as a result.

Aug 22 20:17

Intimidation and Fraud Observed in Afghan Election

Reports of fraud and intimidation in Afghanistan’s presidential election continued to mount Saturday, with anecdotal but widespread accounts of ballot-box stuffing, a lack of impartiality among election workers and voters casting ballots for others.

A particular concern was the notably low turnout of women, who election observer organizations said were disproportionately affected by the violence and intimidation.

Aug 22 09:33

Afghanistan's Election Day: Don't Be Fooled By This Facade of Democracy

Among the people on the street, a common sentiment is, 'Everything has already been decided by the U.S. and NATO, and the real winner has already been picked by the White House and Pentagon.' Although there are a total of 41 candidates running for president, the vast majority of them are well known faces responsible for the current disastrous situation in Afghanistan.

Aug 22 09:26

Commentary: Drones and democracy

The facts are truly grim. According to a recent UNICEF report, an estimated 22 million Afghans, or 70 per cent of the population, live in poverty and substandard conditions. Some 40 per cent of children less than three years old are underweight and 54 per cent of children under five are stunted. Over 100,000 people -- most of them children and women -- remain displaced by conflict and drought.

But one thing cannot be disputed regarding US contributions to the people of Afghanistan: a lot of people have been ripped to pieces by botched drone operations; a lot of young minds have been moulded, through the tragedies that they endure and witness each day, to distrust this notion of "democracy".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The aerial bombing is guaranteed to do two things, and two things only; kill a lot of non-combatants, and radicalize those left standing even further away from the puppet Karzai government, and US occupation.

Aug 22 08:17

Lesson of Vietnam Lost in Afghanistan

Whatever “syndrome” we kicked, Vietnam’s primary lesson remains intact: American power is not without limits, both in terms of defeating an enemy and in terms of its domestic support. The primary lesson of Vietnam seems to be that it is a lesson lost. And now we have some of the same intractable problems in Afghanistan.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke recently called Vietnam War historian Stanley Karnow for advice. After the conversation, Karnow told the AP that the main lesson to be learned from Vietnam was that “we shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” We apparently don’t know what was said on the other end in Karnow’s talk with the general and the envoy, but McChrystal has asked for more troops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder from precisely where General McChrystal thinks he is going to get those additional troops he's requesting.

The US military is already stretched to the breaking point, and stop-loss policies have already taken an extraordinarily grim toll on our men and women in uniform.

And for what?

To build the pipelines to control Eurasian oil, and to protect the drug trade from which so many profit so handsomely.

Tell that to the families and friends of the kids who have died here, or been maimed for life to achieve these outcomes.

Once Americans truly understand what the price paid in blood and money was really supposed to achieve in Afghanistan, the outrage resulting from that understanding will become uncontainable.

Aug 22 08:10

Ex-ISI Chief Says Purpose of New Afghan Intelligence Agency RAMA Is ‘to destabilize Pakistan’

But what, I asked General Gul, in his view, were the true reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan, and why the US is still there? “A very good question,” he responded. “I think you have reached the point precisely. It is a principle of war that you never mix objectives. Because when you mix objectives then you end up with egg on your face. You face defeat. And here was a case where the objectives were mixed up. Ostensibly, it was to disperse al Qaeda, to get Osama bin Laden. But latently, the reasons for the offensive, for the attack on Afghanistan, were quite different.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"because the Taliban had not complied with their desire to allow an oil and gas pipeline to pass through Afghanistan. "

Whihc is what I told oyu was the real deal way back HERE!

Aug 22 07:44

Afghanistan Contractors Outnumber Troops

The number of military contractors in Afghanistan rose to almost 74,000 by June 30, far outnumbering the roughly 58,000 U.S. soldiers on the ground at that point. As the military force in Afghanistan grows further, to a planned 68,000 by the end of the year, the Defense Department expects the ranks of contractors to increase more.

The Obama administration has sought to reduce its reliance on military contractors, worried that the Pentagon was ceding too much power to outside companies, failing to rein in costs and not achieving desired results.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given the muscularity of Obama's foreign policy, one has to wonder if a time will come, in order to continue to support these wars without end, if there will be a reinstitution of the draft.

Given the current geopolitical situation, I wouldn't bet against it.

Aug 21 09:05

Obama’s Unspoken Trade-Off: Dead US/NATO Occupation Troops versus Dead Afghan Civilians?

Buried in the public relations blather of U.S. Marine legions "liberating" Helmand and Afghan (sham) "elections" as democracy-restored is an unspoken trade-off over who disproportionately dies in America’s modern wars in the Third World. Under George W. Bush, U.S politico-military elites chose to fight the Afghan war with minimal regard for so-called collateral casualties. But the soaring toll of killed Afghan civilians swayed world public opinion and stoked the Afghan resistance as grieved Afghan family members sought revenge. Enter Barack Obama. Faced with the prospect of NATO forces being withdrawn as restless NATO country citizens mobilized against the war, the Obama war machine took the decision to trade-off (mostly) lower-class U.S.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And please remember the reasons the US is in Afghanistan in the first place. They are:

1. To install the pipelines to control Eurasian oil.

2. To protect the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

Aug 21 09:02

Hamid Karzai teams claims presidential victory

THE head of Afghan President Hamid Karzai's re-election campaign said the incumbent was decisively leading the count and there would be no need for a second-round run-off.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember a couple weeks back when Karzai was trailing badly in the polls, and I predicted something "funny" would happen in the election to keep him in power?

Now you watch; the same ABCNNBBCBS that insisted that Ahmadinejad, who was LEADING in the pre-election polls, stole that election, will insist that Karzai (his excellency from UNOCAL) has won an incredible come-from-behind victory!

Aug 21 08:59

Mass abstention and vote rigging in Afghanistan election

Yesterday’s presidential election in Afghanistan featured massive abstention and blatant ballot rigging, underscoring the corrupt character of the entire exercise. Conducted under the guns of 100,000 foreign troops, the vote had nothing to do with democracy and was instead designed to provide a veneer of legitimacy for the US-led NATO forces’ increasingly bloody counter-insurgency campaign against those resisting the occupation.

Aug 21 08:42

In Afghanistan, Violence and Cynicism Keep Voter Turnout Low

The 2004 vote which swept Afghan President Hamid Karzai to power saw around 70 percent of the nation’s population showing up to vote. As Karzai seeks to extend his stay in office past his already-expired term, he went up against a ragtag collection of little-known opponents, and this time only around 40-50 percent of the nation’s voters showed up.

According to reports, the government’s attempt at media censorship during the election actually did more harm than good for turnout, as many cited the lack of dependable information about security as a decision to remain at home. When reports started emerging of the first bombings relatively early in the day, the moderate stream of voters became a weak trickle. Even keeping the polls open an extra hour did little to boost the turnout.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This isn't "democracy" in Afghanistan: it's about keeping a designated American puppet in control of the situation until the white house can think of something to do that doesn't look like complete, unmitigated defeat and disaster here.

Aug 21 08:40

C.I.A. Said to Use Outsiders to Put Bombs on Drones

From a secret division at its North Carolina headquarters, the company formerly known as Blackwater has assumed a role in Washington’s most important counterterrorism program: the use of remotely piloted drones to kill Al Qaeda’s leaders, according to government officials and current and former employees.

The division’s operations are carried out at hidden bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the company’s contractors assemble and load Hellfire missiles and 500-pound laser-guided bombs on remotely piloted Predator aircraft, work previously performed by employees of the Central Intelligence Agency. They also provide security at the covert bases, the officials said.

Aug 21 08:38

Obama Vows To Finish Job After "successful" Afghan Vote

President Barack Obama said the U.S.-led forces must "focus on finishing the job" in Afghanistan after what he said appeared to have been a successful election in the country, Reuters reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This vote was simply cosmetic, a bit of kabuki theatre, played large; many of the ethnic minority candidates representing a huge load of Afghan voters, were simply banished from ballot cards.

And it doesn't matter which American puppet wins, Abdullah Abdullah or Karzai: the people of Afghanistan are still stuck with an American puppet running the show.

And precisely what Obama means when he talks about "... U.S.-led forces must "focus on finishing the job" in Afghanistan, one has to wonder how he expects to build the pipelines to control Eurasian oil, with such seething anger of the Afghan people against US and NATO forces, understanding that, for them, the American/NATO occupation of Afghanistan has only changed their lives for the worse.

Aug 20 08:43

Taliban's attacks threatens to keep turnout low in Afghanistan elections

There have been at least five explosions in Afghanistan's capital as Afghans head to the polls to elect their new president.

The Taliban's threat to scupper the country's second presidential and provincial elections seems to be paying off, with voter turnout apparently running low due to fears of violence and reprisals.

Incidents in Kabul include a rocket landing close to voters, a suicide attack, and a stand-off between Afghan police and five suspected Taliban suicide bombers.

Some polling stations have been closed due to scattered rocket and bomb attacks, affecting the vote for Afghanistan's new President.

Aug 20 08:40

British Chinook helicopter brought down 'by enemy fire' in Afghanistan on election day

A British helicopter crew escaped injury after their Chinook was forced to make an emergency landing in Afghanistan following an engine fire, the Ministry of Defence said today.

The Chinook, one of only a few of the valuable machines at the Army's disposal in Afghanistan, may have been brought down by enemy fire, the MoD admitted.

Aug 20 08:28

Afghanistan’s gunpoint election

By any measure, today’s presidential election in Afghanistan is a travesty. The poll takes place under conditions of a continuing foreign military occupation to prop up a puppet government that is notorious for its human rights abuses, corruption and failure to provide for the basic needs of the vast majority of the population.

Once the election is out of the way, the Obama administration and the Pentagon will push ahead with plans for a major escalation of the war. Tens of thousands of additional US troops have been put in place, and US commanders are preparing to call for many more to be sent to kill and be killed in this brutal neo-colonial war.

Aug 20 07:56

Karzai and Warlords Mount Massive Vote Fraud Scheme

Afghanistan’s presidential election has long been viewed by U.S. officials as a key to conferring legitimacy on the Afghan government, but Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his powerful warlord allies have planned to commit large-scale electoral fraud that could have the opposite effect.

Larry Goodson of the U.S. Army College, who was on the U.S. Central Command team that worked on a detailed plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan earlier this year, told IPS, "The reality is there is going to be a lot of cheating and fraud."

Goodson said the danger for the United States in the Karzai election plan is that it "could be perceived by Afghans as promoting the legitimization of someone who is widely perceived as illegitimate."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not that the US has much to talk about in terms of vote fraud in its own elections, but this bit of Kabuki theater masquerading as an election is simply a farce, and a bad one at that.

Thinking Afghans understand that whoever wins will be whoever the US is backing, and - as stunningly crooked as this guy is - the US's man in Afghanistan is Karzai, pure and simple.

Were I a betting person, I would not bet that there will be a runoff in this election, and that Karzai will get the percentage of alleged "votes" necessary to win.

Aug 20 07:15

Majority of Americans now oppose Afghan war: poll

On the eve of Afghanistan’s historic presidential election, a newly released poll shows Americans’ support for the war is fading.

The eight year conflict, which began after the US routed the Taliban from the country in 2001, has bogged down American forces and resulted in hundreds of servicemember deaths. In recent months, the Taliban have seen resurgent success. A US effort to capture Osama Bin Laden has failed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the writer of this piece:

1. Osama Bin Laden is dead, and has been at room temperature for quite some time.

2. Thinking Americans understand that we are in Afghanistan to build the pipelines to control Eurasian oil, and protect the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

Aug 20 07:12

Afghanistan's Gunpoint Election

Demockracy in action!

Aug 19 10:17

US Is Picking & Choosing The Afghan Opium Trade Winners

Via Derrick Crowe, I see that accused war criminal and narco-warlord Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum has rejoined Karzai's government from exile in Turkey. In 2001, according to Physicians for Human Rights, he and his men stuffed thousands of prisoners into metal containers, suffocating most and shooting any who survived. Because he was on the CIA's payroll, the Bush administration discouraged any investigations even after the mass grave of the victims was discovered. Karzai trusts him to deliver more than 1 million Uzbeck votes in Thursday's election.

Yet recently the US military said it was going to hunt down fifty drug traffickers believed to be allied to the Taliban, leaving even supporters of the occupation going "wtf?".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The occupation is all about pipelines to control the flow of Eurasian oil, and protecting the drug trade.

That's what our American kids are fighting, getting permanently maimed, and dying for, plain and simple.

Aug 19 10:10

Obama lies to defend US War of Aggression in Afghanistan

One of the most important Constitutional duties of any US President is to follow the law to not unleash the world’s most powerful destructive force and to defend innocent civilians from such onslaught and misery. This is also one of the most important laws for citizens to understand and hold their political leadership accountable for ethical behavior and demand prosecution in its violation.

Aug 19 09:43

Fake Elections Won’t Bring Peace to Afghanistan

This week’s presidential election in Afghanistan will be an elaborate piece of political theater designed to show increasingly uneasy Western voters that progress is being made in the war-torn nation after seven years of US-led occupation.

Most Afghans already believe they know who will win the vote: the candidate chosen by the United States and its NATO allies.

Running phony elections is unworthy of the United States and demeans its values and traditions. The way to real peace and stability in Afghanistan can only be through a national consensus and negotiated settlement that includes Taliban and its allies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is all theatre, sound and fury, signifying nothing, and the Afghans, at the end of the day, will wind up with no more actual representation (and particularly, Afghanistan's women) than they have right now.

Aug 19 09:35

Robert Fisk: Why these deaths hit home as hard as the Somme

More than 200 soldiers dead in Afghanistan, and now Gordon Brown advises us that "the best way to honour their memory is to see the course through". I don't know which particular "course" Gordon has in mind – protecting democracy, training the Afghan army, defeating the Taliban, talking to the Taliban, or just fighting them so they don't turn up on British shores – but this is straight out of the George W Bush tear bucket.

Not so long ago, I seem to remember, Bush was telling us that we would be betraying the American dead in Iraq if we gave up the fight. We owed it to the dead to go on killing more Iraqis. And now we owe it to the dead to go on killing more Afghans. Who, of course, will go on killing us. Is there no end to this madness?

Aug 19 09:21

Just in Time for Election: Afghanistan Introduces Sweeping New Censorship

Thursday was supposed to be a busy day for journalists covering Afghanistan. The nation holds its long-delayed presidential vote in the face of an ever worsening security situation and multiple threats from militant groups to launch major attacks, which makes for a potentially explosive day.

But don’t expect to read about it. Taking a page out of the book of neighboring Iran, the Afghan government has decided to insistute massive censorship of what is allowed to be covered during Thursday’s vote, and officials have made it very clear; coverage of the various bombings which are expected will not be tolerated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You've just got to love what Karzai's vision of "democracy in Afghanistan" looks like!

As a matter of fact, for thinking people, it looks like.... the absolute antithesis of real democracy!

Of course, to believe that these alleged "elections" are anything else than a setup to keep Karzai in power for another term is sort of like believing that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary.

Aug 19 05:07

Top 50 US War Criminals

The occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have seen the United States target civilians, journalists, hospitals, and ambulances, use antipersonnel weapons including cluster bombs in densely settled urban areas, use white phosphorous as a weapon, use depleted uranium weapons, employ a new version of napalm found in Mark 77 firebombs, engage in collective punishment of Iraqi civilian populations -- including by blocking roads, cutting electricity and water, destroying fuel stations, planting bombs in farm fields, demolishing houses, and plowing down orchards -- detain people without charge or legal process without the rights of prisoners of war, imprison children, torture, and murder.

Aug 18 09:04


Aug 18 08:46

Bloodiest month for British troops as ministers defend Afghanistan campaign

Aug 18 08:40

Afghan election fraud is unearthed

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Who is behind in the polls? THAT is who has motive to cheat.

Aug 18 08:29

Obama: Afghan war secures America

US President Barack Obama says there will be no quick or easy victory over the Taliban, noting that the war in Afghanistan is crucial in protecting Americans from terrorism.

"This will not be quick, nor easy. But we must never forget this is not a war of choice, this is a war of necessity," he said. "If left unchecked, the Taliban insurgency will mean an even larger safe haven from which al-Qaeda would plot to kill more Americans," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to President Obama; sir, please stop lying to the American people.

To say that this is a war of necessity, and not a war of choice would be laughable, if so many more people, Americans and Afghan nationals didn't have to continue dying.

The Bush administration attempted to negotiate with the Taliban in August of 2001, but thought that the price was too high in terms of installing the pipelines to control the flow of oil.

They obviously thought that a war would somehow be cheaper, and American blood and money was completely expendable to secure that objective.

The US-installed puppet government, lead by former UNOCAL executive Hamid Karzai, is so crooked its membership has to collectively screw its socks on. And this "election" in Afghanistan? That again would be laughable, except for the legacy it will leave for the Afghan people, which in general will continue to be misery, poverty, and want.

This was, Mr. President, absolutely a war of choice to "pacify" the Afghan population enough to install the pipelines to control the oil, and to protect the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

You know this, Mr. President, I know this, and every thinking American knows this.

So please; stop lying to us.

Aug 18 08:25

Obama: Afghan war secures America

US President Barack Obama says there will be no quick or easy victory over the Taliban, noting that the war in Afghanistan is crucial in protecting Americans from terrorism.

Webmaster's Commentary: