Jul 05 16:16

Chinese Yuan Fall Sparks Fear A Trade War Could Turn Into A Currency War

China’s currency slid to a fresh six-month low against the dollar Wednesday, sparking speculation China could use a weakened yuan as a weapon if tensions with the U.S. turn into an out-and-out trade war.

Jul 05 14:37

Leaked Note From Chinese Think Tank Warns Of ‘Potential Financial Panic’

As trade tensions continue to skyrocket and markets around the globe are affected, a Chinese government-backed think tank had a memo leaked warning of potential financial panic. China, the world’s second-largest economy, sees the rising tensions as a cause for concern.

Jul 05 12:54

CHINA: We are not afraid of your "psychological terror"! We do not bow our heads down in front of America

The US threat to impose increased obligations on China and other trading partners is a "psychological terror", said the representative of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Hao Feng.

According to him, the introduction of increased tariffs by Washington will endanger global production chains.

"The United States opens fire all over the world, as well as itself," added Hao Fen.

He stressed that Beijing "will not drop its head against threats and blackmail, and will also be lazy in deciding to protect free trade and the international trade mechanism."

"China will work with the entire world community to resolutely resist unsuccessful protectionism and unilateral policy, and will make every effort to protect stability and the international trade environment," Feng stressed.
He also urged all countries to take decisive action on US trade policy.

Jul 05 11:39

The New Oil Cartel Threatening OPEC

When reports emerged that India and China are in talks about forming an oil buyers’ club, OPEC was probably too busy with its upcoming June 22 meeting to concern itself with that dangerous alliance. Now, it may be time for it to start worrying.

Jul 05 11:37

China's 'Dreaded' Vote Of Confidence

Chinese officials are getting nervous. Everyone knows that whenever your favorite sports team struggles and fans are calling for the head coach’s head, any owner or general manager who then issues the dreaded (from the coach’s perspective) vote of confidence is essentially sealing his fate. PBOC Governor Yi Gang issued a similar sort of statement today.

CNY is in freefall, which is dangerous in and of itself but more so given the (mistaken) political ramifications. Not only do the Chinese bear the brunt of “dollar” misfortune, they will also be blamed, just as they have been already, for engineering the stunt in the name of trade “stimulus.”

Jul 05 10:01

Exclusive: China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade

China is putting pressure on the European Union to issue a strong joint statement against President Donald Trump’s trade policies at a summit later this month but is facing resistance, European officials said.

Jul 05 09:33


With just hours left until the US officially declares trade war on China at midnight on Friday, when the Trump admin enacts tariffs on $34bn in Chinese products and Beijing retaliates instantly, China on Thursday rejected "threats and blackmail" ahead of a threatened U.S. tariff hike, once again striking a defiant stance in the dispute which companies have warned could flare into a full-blown trade war and chill the global economy.

A government spokesman said Beijing will defend itself if U.S. President Donald Trump goes ahead Friday with plans to raise duties on Chinese goods in the escalating conflict over technology policy. The Chinese government has already issued a list of U.S. goods for retaliation, but the Commerce Ministry said it will wait to see what Washington does.

“China will not bow in the face of threats and blackmail, nor will it be shaken in its resolve to defend global free trade,” said ministry spokesman Gao Feng at a news conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

THIS... is about to get ugly!!

Jul 05 06:37

Russia's Roscosmos to skip UK’s Farnborough airshow. Russia, China to hold experiment to increase satellite data accuracy

Russian state corporation Roscosmos will skip the 2018 Farnborough Airshow, scheduled to run from July 16 to July 22 in the UK, head of the corporation’s press service Vladimir Ustimenko informed TASS on Thursday...

Jul 04 12:28

China Changes Time It Starts Trade War Against US To Avoid Striking First

With the US set to launch the first salvo in the trade war against China at 12:01am on Friday when Washington imposes 25% tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese products, and with Beijing set to immediately respond, a logistical issue emerged: who gets to strike first?

Due to Beijing being 12 time zones ahead of the US, and because China also planned to launch retaliatory tariffs against the US on Friday at midnight, it would mean Beijing would technically start the trade war, because 12:01 a.m. in Beijing on Friday would mean noon Thursday in Washington. So upon reflection, and realizing that the earth's curvature could make China appears as the aggressor, China said that it wouldn’t implement tariffs ahead of the U.S. on Friday, after previous arrangements put it on course to do so.

Jul 04 12:23

Europe Turns Down Chinese Offer For Grand Alliance Against The US

Publicizing its growing exasperation in dealing with president Donald Trump who refuses to halt the tit-for-tat retaliation in the growing trade war with China - which is set to officially begin on Friday when the US slaps $34 billion in Chinese exports with 25% tariffs - but has a habit of doubling down the threatened US reaction to every Chinese trade counteroffer (after all the US imports far more Chinese goods than vice versa)...

... China has proposed a novel idea: to form an alliance with the EU - the world's largest trading block - against the US, while promising to open up more of China's economy to European corporations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think that Europe, collectively, may rue the day when they opted out of China's proposed economic plan here.

Jul 04 12:14

U.S. Sidelined as Five Powers Set to Give Iran New Assurance

Top diplomats from world powers will meet on Friday in a bid to defend their landmark nuclear deal with Iran from attack by President Donald Trump.

Foreign ministers from China, France, Germany, Russia and the U.K. will convene in Vienna for the first time without the U.S. in order “to ensure the continued implementation” of the accord, which granted Iran a reprieve from sanctions in exchange for limits to its nuclear program, according to a European Union statement on Wednesday. Trump abandoned the deal in May and reimposed sanctions against countries and companies doing business with Iran.

“Austria and the European Union are ready to maintain and deepen the framework for cooperation with Iran,” Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen said following a meeting in the Austrian capital with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani. U.S. threats to impose secondary sanctions violate the rights of European companies and individuals, Van der Bellen said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These threats are sounding old, and impossible to pursue by the American government; they are going to have to change tactics, and soon.

Jul 04 10:30

China's Aircraft Carrier Fleet Poised to Expand Rapidly

There is a “considerable chance” the number of aircraft-carrying ships available in the Chinese navy will be seven instead of four by 2025 because of a “lower profile defense program” that has already taken shape, a new report indicates.

The People's Liberation Army-Navy has plans to build three large aircraft carriers in addition to the Liaoning, a carrier whose frame was built in the former Soviet Union before being purchased and retrofitted by the Chinese. Each follow-on carrier to join the Liaoning in the Chinese carrier fleet is at various stages of development and construction, with the Type 001A, the country's first domestically built carrier, already past its first sea trials.

In addition to the heavy duty carriers, though, the Chinese navy has several smaller aircraft carriers in development similar to the America-class and Wasp-class ships operated by US Marines and the US Navy, military analyst Abraham Ait wrote in a report published by the Diplomat June 30.

Jul 04 08:57

China’s Warning to Tourists Makes America Sound Like Third-World Banana Republic

In a memo to tourists, China is warning citizens planning on traveling to the United States to keep watch over their surroundings at all times, avoid visiting U.S. hospitals without American health insurance, and to not venture out alone at night.

According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese embassy in the United States is warning tourists planning trips to the U.S. to be wary of shootings and theft, and to not get sick or injured lest a foreign visitor be gouged by the United States’ absurdly expensive healthcare system.

“Social security in the States is not satisfactory. Shootings, robbery, theft happen frequently,” a memo from the Chinese embassy read. “Be aware of suspicious people around you and avoid going out alone at night.”

Jul 03 11:59

Trump To Block Chinese Telecom Giant From Entering US Market

As Trump's trade war with China escalates, and is set to go live this Friday when $34 billion in Chinese exports are hit with a 25% tariff, exhausted traders and concerned investors are wondering where the next surprise from the Trump administration will come from: after all, after backing off on ZTE (to get China's blessing on the North Korea summit) Trump then promptly pivoted and nearly blocked all Chinese investments in the US, prompting a furious response from Beijing. Meanwhile, the White House somehow threatened to impose over $600 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports even.

Meanwhile, as part of the verbal escalations, the White House has proposed nearly $800 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports, which would cripple the global economy and unleash a global depression if fully implemented.

Jul 03 11:50

Chinese Yuan Suddenly Tumbles

Whether or not the PBOC finally decided to show the US it means business with the "weaponized" Yuan, but moments after today's PBOC yuan fixing, which dropped against the dollar by a whopping 340 pips to 6.6497 from 6.6157 - which was slightly lower (i.e. stronger) than expected - the offshore yuan tumbled with the selloff accelerating as the currency took out one large figure after another, eventually crossing what until now had been seen as a key support level at 6.70, then quickly shooting lower and dropping as low as 6.73.

Jul 03 09:03

"Shooting And Robbery Are Frequent": China Warns Its Citizens About Risks Of Travel To The US

The Chinese Embassy in Washington issued a security advisory last week, warning Chinese citizens traveling to the US that "shooting, robbery, and theft are frequent." Tourists were also warned to “be alert to suspicious people around you, avoid going out alone at night."

Jul 02 08:04

Pew, pew! China develops AK-47-sized low lethality ‘laser rifle’

Chinese Armed Police units may soon have a new weapon, a portable laser beam that can reach targets from a kilometer away and is powerful enough to set flammable things on fire.

Jul 02 00:15

The New Cold War: Russia, China And The United States Are Feverishly Preparing For Nuclear Conflict

While most of the world is focused on the World Cup and other trivial pursuits, the three global superpowers are busy jockeying for nuclear superiority. Historians will debate the extent to which the first Cold War ever really ended, but everyone pretty much agrees that a new Cold War has now begun. Russia, China and the United States are all racing to develop the next generation of nuclear weapons and delivery systems, and at this moment it is unclear who will ultimately come out on top in this arms race

Jun 30 10:05

The China housing crisis builds up steam

Jun 29 09:26

How Long Can the Federal Reserve Stave Off the Inevitable?

When are America’s global corporations and Wall Street going to sit down with President Trump and explain to him that his trade war is not with China but with them. The biggest chunk of America’s trade deficit with China is the offshored production of America’s global corporations. When the corporations bring the products that they produce in China to the US consumer market, the products are classified as imports from China.

In other words, to put it in the most simple and clear terms, millions of Americans lost their middle class jobs not because China played unfairly, but because American corporations betrayed the American people and exported their jobs. “Making America great again” means dealing with these corporations, not with China. When Trump learns this, assuming anyone will tell him, will he back off China and take on the American global corporations?

Jun 29 08:53

"This Has Become An Issue" - Beijing Denies US Request For Talks Over Airline Dispute

President Trump's trade spat with China isn't the only source of tension between the world's two largest economies. Since even before Trump's inauguration, the US's relationship with Taiwan has become an increasingly sensitive issue in Beijing - particularly after Trump publicly mused about abandoning the US's long-standing "One China" policy. Beijing has retaliated by holding a massive live-fire exercise in the Strait of Taiwan (showing off China's expanding military might). And in what looks like a test of corporate allegiance, Beijing has also instigated a mini-diplomatic crisis over its demands that foreign airlines refer to Taiwan on their websites as "Taiwan, China" - a request the White House has dismissed as "Orwellian nonsense."

Jun 29 08:52

More Countries Start Exploring Alternatives To The US World Order

There are two countries that more than others show how the Western world order is undergoing a profound change. Japan and Turkey occupy two distinct and diverse geographical areas, yet they share many of the same strategic choices about their future. Their geopolitical trajectory is increasingly drifting away from Washington and moving closer to China, Russia, India and Iran.

Jun 28 11:18

‘We’re not colonialists & don’t cause chaos’: Xi tells Mattis China won’t concede an inch of land

Beijing has no colonial ambitions but will never shy away from defending every inch of its territory, President Xi Jinping told US Defense Secretary James Mattis, amid growing tensions over the South China Sea and Taiwan.

“Regarding the issue of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, our attitude is firm and clear. The territory left behind by our ancestors must not be lost. We do not want to share anything with others,” Xi told Mattis in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Jun 28 10:53

China won’t concede an inch, Xi Jinping tells US defence chief Jim Mattis on South China Sea and Taiwan

Chinese President Xi Jinping has told visiting US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis that China will make no concession on its core interests, despite calling for stronger ties between the countries’ militaries.

“Our attitude is firm and clear in terms of Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity, that we would not lose a single inch of the lands we inherited from our ancestors, while we would not take a single penny of others’ possessions,” Xi said to Mattis on Wednesday in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Mattis’ visit comes at a time of sharp US criticism of China’s militarisation of islands in the South China Sea and tensions over Taiwan, and a trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nor should China be expected to refrain from building on these islands, which were restored to them by treaty, after World War 2.

China's moral claim to the diaoyu islands

When countries attempt to mess with treaties, after those treaties have been ratified, those countries attempting to void or reconstruct those treaties must be seen as pathologically incapable of keeping their word.

Jun 28 10:40


Not content with police body cams, Axon formerly known as Taser wants to equip police departments with Chinese made surveillance drones.

Three weeks ago, Chinese drone manufacturer DJI reported that they are partnering with Axon.

"DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, and Axon the global leader in connected law enforcement technologies, announced an exclusive partnership, to sell DJI drones directly to public safety and law enforcement agencies worldwide through the new Axon Air program."

Axon Air wants to provide police with three different types of surveillance drones; the DJI Phanton 4 Pro, DJI Inspire 1, and the DJI Matrice 210. (To find out more about Axon Air drones click here.)

How long will it take Axon and DJI to sell police bird drones to spy on citizens?

Why is Axon and DJI working together to provide law enforcement with surveillance drones you ask?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In American law enforcement, "to serve and protect" has devolved to "kill, stun, and maim with impunity"; the evolutions of drones to that effect, is something I have been seeing coming for quite some time now, interspersed with American jurisprudence devolving into Code Napoleon Law, where one is considered guilty until proven innocent.

Jun 28 09:22

China Has Quietly Implemented A 6% Across The Board 'Tariff' On All US Imports

Trump and Xi have spent much of the last few weeks tossing tariff grenades across the Pacific Ocean as retaliatory retaliations grow ever stronger in rhetoric and potential escalations.

Then this week, Trump seemed to back away from his most serious threats (direct Chinese investment restrictions).

We wonder if this is why...

Since Trump started to rattle his trade war sabre, the last three months have seen the offshore Chinese Yuan tumble over 6% (crashing almost 4% in the last two weeks alone)...

Jun 28 09:21

Paul Craig Roberts: "How Long Can The Federal Reserve Stave Off The Inevitable?"

When are America’s global corporations and Wall Street going to sit down with President Trump and explain to him that his trade war is not with China but with them? The biggest chunk of America’s trade deficit with China is the offshored production of America’s global corporations. When the corporations bring the products that they produce in China to the US consumer market, the products are classified as imports from China.

Jun 28 08:06

U.S. charges Chinese university tied to army with export scheme

U.S. prosecutors on Tuesday charged a Chinese university linked to China’s army with conspiring to violate U.S. export laws in order to obtain items from the United States that could be used in anti-submarine warfare.

An indictment filed in federal court in Boston charged China-based Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU), along with Shuren Qin, a Chinese national living in Wellesley, Massachusetts, who was arrested last week.

The indictment also charged LinkOcean Technologies, a Chinese company headed by Qin, whose clients, according to prosecutors, include Chinese research institutes and the naval warfare branch of the People’s Liberation Army.

Jun 28 07:37

Australia to pass bill against foreign interference amid tensions with China

Australia is expected to pass new legislation on Wednesday aimed at preventing interference by foreign governments. The move is likely to further stoke tensions with major trading partner China. Mirroring similar laws in the US, Australia’s Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme requires lobbyists working for foreign countries to register as foreign agents. They could also face criminal prosecution if they are deemed to be meddling in Canberra’s affairs, Reuters said. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last year referred to “disturbing reports about Chinese influence” as justification for the bill. The move has strained diplomatic and trade ties with China. China has denied allegations of meddling in Australian affairs and launched a diplomatic protest.

Jun 27 12:00

Leaked Note From Chinese Think Tank Warns Of ‘Potential Financial Panic’

As trade tensions continue to skyrocket and markets around the globe are affected, a Chinese government-backed think tank had a memo leaked warning of potential financial panic. China, the world’s second-largest economy, sees the rising tensions as a cause for concern.

Political elitists don’t care about the effects of their policies on the masses, as long as those masses continue to comply with the demands of the rulers. And now that’s evident by a Chinese think tank leaked memo warning of the potential for financial panic of the peasants they rule over. The warning is that leveraged purchases of shares have reached levels last seen in 2015 when a market crash erased $5 trillion of value. “We failed to clean up the leveraged funds after the 2015 market rout; they have staged a comeback in a new guise,” NIFD said.

Jun 27 09:03

China Just Blew The US Navy’s Electromagnetic Railgun Out Of The Water

While the United States spent years dithering over the future of its much-hyped electromagnetic railgun project, China ate its lunch. The Chinese navy plans to field its own secretive version of the electromagnetic railgun on naval vessels as early as 2025, according to a U.S. intelligence assessment first reported by CNBC.

China’s interpretation of the long-theoretical supergun, which utilizes a massive amount of power to create electromagnetic fields to accelerate projectiles to hypersonic velocities, is reportedly capable of “striking a target 124 miles away at speeds of up to 1.6 miles per second,” according to CNBC — fast enough to strike Philadelphia from New York in just under a minute.

If the U.S. intelligence assessment is accurate, this is a major strategic coup for the Chinese.

Jun 26 11:38

China Blocks HBO After John Oliver Compares Xi To Pooh

?China has blocked HBO after host John Oliver devoted a considerable amount of time criticizing President Xi Jinping and China's notorious crackdowns on dissent, at a time when Xi is trying to rebrand himself.

In addition to calling out China over human rights violations and various forms of propaganda, Oliver pointed out that Xi is very sensitive Winnie the Pooh comparisons, which Xi has censored due to Chinese social media users using Pooh memes to mock him over the removal of presidential term limits.

Jun 26 11:35

Peter Schiff: ‘The US Dollar Will Crash And Burn’ Because Of Trade War With China

According to investor Peter Schiff, the dollar will only depreciate in the ongoing trade war with China. Schiff claims the notion of a “dollar shortage” because of the tariffs on Chinese goods is “complete nonsense.”

“The thinking is – at least when it comes to trade – is that the dollar is going to benefit from a trade war, which I think is wrong. I think it’s just as wrongheaded as the concept that the dollar is going to benefit from larger budget deficits,” Schiff said, according to Seeking Alpha.

Jun 25 14:53

"No More Turning The Other Cheek": Chinese President Vows He'll Strike Back At The U.S.

Update: The Dow has extended its losses after Xi's threats and is now down 450 points as VIX spikes above 19...

Jun 25 13:22

Things Just Went Nuclear In Our Trade War With China, And A Giant Shockwave Is About To Hit The U.S. Economy

It is difficult to find the words to describe just how serious America’s trade war with China is becoming. As you will see below, the two largest economies on the entire planet are on a self-destructive course that almost seems irreversible at this point. The only way that this trade war is going to come to a rapid conclusion is if one side is willing to totally submit and accept an extremely bitter and humiliating defeat on the global stage, and that is not likely to happen. So in the short-term, and probably beyond that, we are going to experience a tremendous amount of economic pain. In fact, if one wanted to create a recipe for economic disaster, it would be hard to beat having the Federal Reserve dramatically raise interest rates at the exact same time that the U.S. government is starting trade wars with all of the other major economic powers simultaneously. Unless something drastically changes in the very near future, there is no way that the U.S.

Jun 25 09:58

US Futures Slump As Trump Drops New Bomb In Trade War; China Continues To "Weaponize" Yuan

While most analysis has been focused on the non-tit-for-tat trade tariff responses to Trump's $450 billion tariff threats against China, it is the Trump administration that is preparing to fire the next salvo in the trade war, and as The FT notes, this move could have even greater long-term consequences for the economic relationship between the US and China than tariffs.

Jun 25 09:32

China taking over Cambodia by buying everything

Jun 25 08:41

China takes surveillance to new heights with flock of robotic Doves, but do they come in peace?

If you’ve ever looked up to the sky and enjoyed the sight of a bird gliding above, be warned: it could be a Chinese drone monitoring your every move.

The idea might seem far fetched, but robotic birds are very much a reality, and China has been using them to surveil people across the country.

Sources told the South China Morning Post that more than 30 military and government agencies have deployed the birdlike drones and related devices in at least five provinces in recent years.

One part of the country that has seen the new technology used extensively is the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in China’s far west. The vast area, which borders Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, is home to a large Muslim population and has long been viewed by Beijing as a hotbed for separatism. As a result, the region and its people have been subjected to heavy surveillance from the central government.

Jun 25 08:04

Is another Chinese space station about to plunge back to Earth? Nation’s Tiangong-2 craft drops 60 miles to orbit strangely close to our planet, and the government won't reveal why

Three months after Tiangong-1 made a fiery re-entry into our atmosphere, it's sister craft, Tiangong-2, looks like it's about to do the same.

But unlike Tiangong-1, Tiangong-2 could have a more controlled descent.

The spacecraft was observed plummeting around 60 miles (95 km) toward the surface of the planet.

It has since returned to its normal orbital height, sparking speculation that China may be preparing to decommission the vessel in the near future.

Jun 25 07:19

Beijing signals yuan devaluation to protect its exports from Trump’s tariffs

Chinese authorities have reportedly deployed the country’s central bank to resist intense trade pressure from Washington as nearly 85 percent of China’s sales to the US were hit with export tariffs amid an escalating trade war.

The People's Bank of China has announced first steps towards easing monetary policy, pledging to boost demand for the national currency. The regulator said it would cut the amount of cash reserves for some banks by 0.5 basis points and unleash some 700 billion yuan ($108 billion) of liquidity to accelerate the pace of debt-for-equity swaps and support smaller companies.

The measure, which takes effect July 5, is expected to weaken the national currency and consequently make Chinese goods taxed by the US cheaper.

Jun 24 09:41

Trump's goal to keep China from using 'nuclear option' of dumping US debt – Max Keiser

President Donald Trump is cutting US military spending to be less exposed to the skyrocketing interest rates that would become unavoidable when China opts to dump US Treasury bonds, Max Keiser has told RT.

“To understand US trade policies – and in particular Trump’s policies on China – from Trump’s point of view you have to think like Trump,” the host of RT's Keiser Report explained. “When Trump took office, he inherited the biggest debt load that any country had ever accumulated. He also inherited a military budget that eats up 50 percent of America’s annual tax revenues of $1.5 trillion.”

Jun 24 09:32

China Hides Real Trade War Retaliation In Plain Sight - Stealth Devaluation

While headlines distract the world's investors with headlines of Trump and Xi exchanging trade-war shots - with Trump going big with tariff threats ($450bn) and China trying to play 'good cop' - something notable has been happening in the FX markets that few are paying attention to.

Jun 24 08:31

Beijing ‘Won’t Target’ US Firms To Hit Back At U.S. President Donald Trump’s Trade Threats

(*They don't have his charismatic Chutzpah!)

Jun 23 10:58


Pilots of American military aircraft operating over the western Pacific Ocean have been targeted by lasers more than 20 times in recent months, US officials told The Wall Street Journal, following similar incidents in which Chinese nationals used lasersagainst American fighter pilots operating over Djibouti.

In April, the Pentagon issued a NOTAM, or “Notice to Airmen” warning of “unauthorized laser activity” resulting in minor injuries to an unspecified number of pilots over Djibouti. The lasers originated from a Chinese military base in the African country, just 8.3 miles from the American base.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What were these injuries, and to whom did they occur, if in fact, they existed?!?

Is this real... or more demonisation of the Chinese ahead of a war against it?!?

I noticed a companion piece in this morning:

China Steps up Cyber attacks as trede tensions worsen.

And I am reminded of a Paul Craig Roberts story, presented last year:

Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China

Just because such an action on the part of the US government would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing it could do, is utterly no guarantee that this government will not do it.

IF the US government understands what CIA Director Haspel is doing in Yemen, courtesy of her UAE minions (torture, actually, and BTW, they do), any horrifically idiotic decisions the US government could possibly make, may well happen, and soon.

Jun 22 12:23

The Most Important Theory In The World

and yet MSM still talking about Russia, Russia 24/7

Jun 22 10:06

The US-China Trade War Summarized In One Chart

With the US and China now actively engaged in several rounds of tit-for-tat tariffs and retaliations, it is easy to lose track of a) where we currently are in the escalating trade standoff and b) what has actually been implemented.

As a handy guide, Goldman reminds us that in the latest overture by the US on June 18, the White House announced that it would impose 10% tariffs on an additional $400 billion of products from China if intellectual property policies and related issues are not addressed or if China retaliates; China vowed to retaliated immediately.

Put in context, this would potentially involve tariffs on two successive rounds of $200 billion each. And since previously, President Trump had previously proposed a 25% tariff on a second round of $100bn in imports from China, this latest proposal amounts to a net $300bn increase in products affected.

Jun 21 19:34

‘The US CANNOT make itself great again’ - China LAMBASTS Donald Trump’s military spending

CHINA has lambasted the military spending of US President Donald Trump by insisting America “cannot ‘make itself great again’” by investing whopping amounts of cash into defence spending, it has emerged.

Jun 21 19:28

‘Sovereign & independent ’: Congressman proposes US recognition of Taiwan

A California congressman has put forth a resolution proposing that the US recognize the island of Taiwan as a “sovereign and independent country.” The move is sure to anger China, which considers Taiwan to be a rogue province.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) submitted a ‘sense of Congress’ resolution to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday, urging the US to declare the ‘One China’ policy “effectively obsolete” and recognize the “obvious reality” that Taiwan has been an independent country for over 50 years.

The US should also “aggressively support Taiwan's full participation in the United Nations and any other international organizations of which the United States is a member, and for which statehood is a requirement for membership,” says the resolution, which was posted on the website of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA).

Jun 21 19:27

The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance

Millions of people have been separated from families by death inflicted by Washington, and for almost two decades protests have been almost nonexistent. No public outcry stopped George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump from clear and indisputable illegal acts defined in international law established by the US itself as war crimes against the inhabitants of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. We can add to this an eighth example: The military attacks by the US armed and supported neo-Nazi puppet state of Ukraine against the breakaway Russian provinces.

The massive deaths, destruction of towns, cities, infrastructure, the maiming, physical and mental, the dislocation that has sent millions of refugees fleeing Washington’s wars to overrun Europe, where governments consist of a collection of idiot stooges who supported Washington’s massive war crimes in the Middle East and North Africa, produced no outcry comparable to Trump’s immigration policy.

Jun 21 11:15

US Aims to Drive Foreign Investments Out of China Through Trade War - Analysts

The United States is likely trying to force foreign companies to move their production away from China, by introducing excessive tariffs on Chinese-made products amid the escalation of trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies, experts told Sputnik.

After slapping 25 percent tariffs on Chinese products valued at $50 billion last week, US President Donald Trump said he has instructed the United States Trade Representative to identify $200 billion worth of Chinese goods for additional tariffs at a rate of 10 percent, according to a statement released by the White House on Monday.

China responded with 25 percent tariffs on major US exports to the country, including agricultural products, automobiles and energy products with a matching value of $50 billion. Beijing vowed to take "quantitative and qualitative" measures against further "blackmail and irrational actions" from the United States, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on Tuesday

Jun 21 08:11

Trump’s Trade War with China: A Great Miscalculation

Trump and his advisors seem to be extremely ill-informed about the ways in which China can retaliate, even though the US can impose tariffs on more Chinese goods, than China can impose on the US, says CEPR’s Dean Baker

Jun 20 16:49

News Alert - French And British Ships To Sail Through South China Sea, Supporting U.S.

The 'freedom of navigation' the US wants is the freedom to blockade China's vital supply lines for food, energy etc for China's 1.4 Billion people. These supply routes our also vital for countries like Australia who moved their industrial base to China.

"British and French warships will sail to the disputed South China Sea in a display of naval strength that may satisfy domestic audiences but ruffle the waterway’s major stakeholder, China, and lead to more militarization, analysts say.

Vessels from the two European naval powers, which have no South China Sea claims of their own, will use the event to justify military spending at home, experts say. Their voyage would also prove the mettle of French defense technology and help the United States keep the sea open internationally, despite China’s increasing control.

Jun 20 16:19

Looming crisis: China won't accept world's plastic anymore

China's decision to stop accepting plastic waste from other countries is causing plastic to stockpile around the globe, and wealthy countries must find a way to slow the accumulation of one of the most ubiquitous materials on the planet, a group of scientists said.

The scientists sought to quantify the impact of the Chinese import ban on the worldwide trade in plastic waste, and found that other nations might need to find a home for more than 110 million tonnes of plastic by 2030.

The ban went into effect on December 31, 2017, and the stockpiling trend figures to worsen, the scientists said.

Jun 20 12:43


In what Bloomberg billed as the White House's "latest salvo in the trade war between the world's two largest economies", the Trump administration released a 35-page report late last night fleshing out its national security concerns emanating from China's theft of intellectual properties as well as economic policies that shield domestic Chinese companies from competition.

The report, titled "How China's Economic Aggression Threatens the Technologies and Intellectual Property of the United States and the World", accuses China of achieving its brisk economic growth through "aggressive acts, policies, and practices that fall outside of global norms and rules (collectively, 'economic aggression')" (surprisingly, not through nosebleed levels of debt issuance), before it lists two categories of said "economic aggression" that are the focus of the report; they are:

Acquire Key Technologies and Intellectual Property From Other Countries, Including the United States.

Jun 20 11:45

Is a War With China on the Horizon?

It’s a vision that should take your breath away and, as TomDispatch regular Michael Klare writes today, it has indeed done so in at least one key precinct of this world of ours: the Pentagon. There, China’s One Belt, One Road vision is being greeted not with enthusiasm but with anxiety and consternation. The military of the reigning superpower, the last one, the only one, is increasingly unnerved by the latest version of a Chinese dynasty and responding in ways that should make all of us anxious. Klare describes the obvious dangers that could flow from an American urge to militarily contain the latest version of the Middle Kingdom, as a new great power rivalry rises on a planet that’s been bereft of them for more than a quarter of a century.

Jun 20 09:26

China cuts US investments by 92% amid escalating trade war

The US market saw a significant plunge in investment from China in the first five months of the year amid a growing trade row between the world's two largest economies.

Chinese investments totaled $1.8 billion from January through May, representing a 92-percent drop against the same period a year ago. That’s the lowest level in seven years, according to the latest report by Rhodium Group, a research provider that tracks Chinese foreign investment.

Chinese corporations that had been pumping cash into the US to cement ties over a long period have cut their investments in recent years. In 2017, investments declined by 36 percent to $29.7 billion from $46.5 billion during the previous year.

Jun 20 07:51

Analysis: Trade War With China Could Trigger US Recession As Early As 2019

Direct damages to China and the US due to the trade war will be similar, analysts estimate. For the American and Chinese economies, consequences would result in the loss of 0.2 to 0.3% of annual GDP, and although this is not so serious, the US economy could collapse as early as the first half of 2019, believes a Russian expert.

Analysts have estimated economic consequences in light of recent US and Chinese actions: in response to Trump’s statements about imposing 25% tariffs on Chinese imports, China has announced symmetrical measures in relation to US goods.

“The situation is extremely tense, markets are in a nervous state, even though the scenario of the US-China trade war has been calculated,” said financial analyst Nikita Maslennikov.

Jun 20 02:40

The West Really Hates China!

It appears that the Western public, both relatively ‘educated’ and thoroughly ignorant, could, after some persuasion, agree on certain very basic facts - for instance that Russia has historically been a victim of countless European aggressions, or that countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Iran or North Korea (DPRK) have never in modern history crossed the borders of foreign nations in order to attack, plunder or to overthrow governments.

OK, certainly, it would take some ‘persuasion’, but at least in specific circles of the otherwise hopelessly indoctrinated Western society, certain limited dialogue is still occasionally possible.

China is different. There is no ‘mercy’ for China, in the West. >>>

Jun 20 02:36

Xi to Counter Trump Blow for Blow

Jun 20 02:34

Trump Escalates US-China Trade War

Jun 19 12:05

China eyes role as world’s power supplier

Jun 19 11:21

Why America’s Trade War With China Will Be Absolutely Crippling For The U.S. Economy: Mike Snyder, THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE

Most Americans didn’t even notice, but Donald Trump fired a shot that was very clearly heard all the way over in China on Friday when he slapped a tariff of 25 percent on 50 billion dollars worth of Chinese products…

China accused the United States of firing the first shot on Friday when the White House said that it would impose tariffs of 25% on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods.

The announcement confirms a threat first made by President Donald Trump in March and follows months of trade talks between the two sides. A truce was announced in May, but it proved short-lived.

“The United States has kept changing its mind and now launched a trade war,” China’s Commerce Ministry said in a statement.

The Chinese retaliated almost immediately by slapping a 25 percent tariff on 50 billion dollars worth of our goods…

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This simply cannot end well, for either economy...

Jun 19 11:16

Canada: Prepare for a bloody trade war!

In late May 2018, the U.S announced its decision (previously telegraphed and widely expected) to forge ahead with tariffs on steel (25 percent) and aluminum (10 percent) imported from Canada (and other countries too!). The mere fact that these tough, yet highly anticipated, tariffs were looming, sent the Canadian economy in a tizzy:

The S&P/TSX Composite Index dipped by 43.87 points, losing 0.27% intra-day
The stock price of Canada’s lone publicly-traded steel company, Stelco Holdings Inc., saw a 3.1% decline
The Loonie dipped by 0.7%; and
The yields on 10-year government of Canada bonds lost 4-basis points, dropping to 2.23%
If just the mere announcing of tariffs can have this type of impact, imagine what kind of ripple-effect the actual imposition and counter-imposition of more duties will have globally!

Jun 19 10:45

Here Are The Six Ways China Could Retaliate In Trade War With The U.S.

There are 6 possible things that China can do at this time, in order of escalating severity:

1. China could de-escalate tensions by presenting a list of actions it will follow to reduce its significant trade deficits in services with the US.

2. China will likely launch an economic subsidy for its economy in the form of further easing in financial conditions to offset any potential trade-drag.

3. China could unleash differential treatment of local enterprises: as some have suggested, Beijing could simply opt not apply its "market access liberalization" policy recently announced.

4. China could also choose a diplomatic retaliation, and order Kim Jong Un to scuttle the recent agreement North Korea signed with the US, humiliating Trump by showing that it was Beijing all along who made the US-N. Korea summit possible and successful.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What really concerns me here, is how trade wars can morph into currency wars, then into actual shooting wars.

Jun 19 07:37

Hush-hush meet: North Korea's Kim Jong-Un lands in Beijing for two-day visit, reports Chinese media

North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-Un is currently in Beijing for a two-day confidential meeting with top Chinese officials from June 19 to 20 (Tuesday and Wednesday), reported Chinese state media. This unexpected trip comes days after the historic US-Korea Summit, where the North Korean met President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12.

Jun 18 09:01

BEX ALERT - Eco-Terrorist Activists Weaponize Legal System, Damage Defense Ability

Sometimes, it seems that enemies use American ‘protections’ to stop national defense. Liberals are stunned that Congress has finally taken notice of the dangerously negative impact on national security that “environmental litigation by U.S. based 501(c) organizations” has had against the Department of Defense. In fact, it’s so bad, that they are actually launching a formal investigation.

Last week, two powerful GOP congressional watchdog group leaders demanded that eco-nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council cough up any and all “documents about its relationship with the Chinese government.” It looks suspiciously like the NRDC is “being influenced or coerced by foreign interests.”

Jun 17 21:14

Trump to Europoodles: “Roll Over. Bark. Beg…Crawl.: With a Korean Preface

I don’t get it. I know, I know, I’m just some mutt in Mexico with a computer, and easily puzzled. But…huh? Trump, we are told, pulled off a master stroke in Singapore. All the world reels at this astonishment. We see Talleyrand and Metternich rolled into one gorgeous taco. But…but….

Who did the doing, and who got done?

Jun 17 08:51

Chinese Paper Says British Navy is Only Attention Seeking Over South China Plan

Plans by Britain to sail a Royal Navy warship through the disputed South China Sea later this year is merely an attention-seeking exercise, according to China's state media that could have potentially damaging trade implications between the two countries.

China has now responded to the news that the UK plans to sail its anti-submarine Type 23 frigate, HMS Sutherland, will make the passage on her return from Australia later this year to assert freedom of navigation rights and challenge Beijing‘s increasing dominance in the region.

In an article in the widely read state-run tabloid Global Times, published in its English and Chinese-language editions, it warned: "If not provocation, the Royal Navy should behave modestly when passing through the South China Sea. By acting tough against China, Britain's Ministry of Defense is trying to validate its existence and grab attention."

Jun 16 09:24


A "new" strain of deadly bird flu dubbed "Disease X" by the World Health Organization (WHO) has killed hundreds of people in China, and is just three mutations away from becoming transmissible between humans, according to experts.

The strain, H7N9, circulates in poultry and has killed 623 people out of 1,625 infected in China - a mortality rate of 38.3%. While first identified in China in 2013, H7N9 has recently emerged as a serious threat seemingly overnight.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for the UK, told The Telegraph that H7N9 could cause a global outbreak.

“[H7N9] is an example of another virus which has proven its ability to transmit from birds to humans," said Van-Tam, who added "It’s possible that it could be the cause of the next pandemic."

The WHO says N7N9 is "an unusually dangerous virus for humans," and "one of the most lethal influenza viruses that we've seen so far."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please, everyone out there, take care of yourselves, and remember to rest, and take your supplements (particularly time release Vitamin C, zinc, and colloidal silver).

This sounds both scary, and close to out of control.

Jun 15 09:03

Trump slaps China with $50 billion in trade tariffs on imports

The White House has announced a 25-percent tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods in what it calls a clampdown on unfair trade practices by Beijing.

The US trade representative’s office said it issued a revised China tariff list covering 1,102 separate product categories. The first package of revised tariffs will apply to $34 billion of Chinese imports, on 818 product lines, and will enter into effect from July 6. The second package will target the remaining $16 billion of Chinese goods, on 284 product lines.

Jun 14 18:22

Chinese e-commerce company is running a nearly autonomous warehouse with almost ZERO human employees

Chinese e-commerce giant has constructed a fulfillment center that handles as many as 200,000 orders each day - and it only has four employees.

That's because the roughly 100,000 square foot facility is run almost entirely autonomously, with human employees solely on site to tend to the robots.

Jun 14 11:32


China, the world's most populous country, continues to devise new methods of keeping tabs on its 1.4 billion citizens. And after the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week about a powerful new spy camera devised by a team of researchers at Duke University who had, incidentally, received funding from the US government, America's business newspaper of record is back Wednesday with another stunning report, this time about how China is establishing a new system to track cars using electronic tags. Indeed, WSJ describes the plan to "improve public security", which will also purportedly help ease extreme congestion in the largest Chinese cities.

The plan, which is set to be rolled out by July 1, will rely on chips that can be identified thanks to their unique radio frequency signature. Compliance will be voluntary at first, but it will become mandatory for all new vehicles by Jan. 2019.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Watch for such technology to be implemented in American cars, most probably as voluntary compliance at first, but mandatory, at a later point in time.

Jun 14 09:42

Trump To Slap China With Tens Of Billions In Tariffs As Early As Friday: WSJ

While trading desks are scrambling to goalseek the Fed's clearly hawkish statement into a dovish speech by Powell, in order to keep the Koolaid flowing at least a bit longer and stem today's bloodletting, one potential catalyst that could send the dollar even higher is a confirmation from the WSJ of what Politico and we reported earlier today, namely that the Trump administration, deepening its global trade offensive, is set to levy tariffs on tens of billions of dollars of Chinese goods in the coming week, perhaps as early as Friday—a move that is likely to spark heavy retaliation from Beijing.

What the WSJ adds to what we already knew, is that Trump's mind was already made up last week:

Jun 13 06:05

China’s New Silk Road to significantly boost global trade

Digging to China: Russia’s mega gas pipeline nears completion

Chinese President Xi and Russian President Putin takes the CRH to Tianjin
If they used these trains all the way to Europe, at 300km/hr it would take 36 hrs
to reach the English Channel

Jun 12 12:09

Senate Adds ZTE-Deal-Killing Amendment To "Must Pass" Defense Bill

As was widely expected, a group of senators have successfully attached an amendment that would effectively kill the Trump administration's deal with Chinese telecoms firm ZTE to a "must-pass" defense authorization bill, according to Axios- the latest sign that the movement to kill the deal is gaining momentum, even among Republicans who rarely oppose the president. The measure has found support among a bipartisan group of Senators who claim that the ZTE deal poses potential national security problems, according to Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen, who introduced the amendment alongside Republican Sen. Tom Cotton. In addition, Van Hollen maintains that the ZTE deal is "genuinely a bad deal" that must be overturned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump will, if it gets that far, veto the deal, and demand that Congress create another budget which does not at all mention ZTE.

Jun 12 11:51

As the G-7 Implodes, SCO Meeting Confirms the New Century of Multipolarity

At the G7 meeting in Canada in recent days, we witnessed unprecedented clashes between Trump and G7 leaders over the imposition of tariffs on trade. We must now conclude that the event has been relegated to irrelevance, as the G7 has heretofore derived its clout from speaking as one voice. Trump even went further, refusing to sign the final draft of the organization’s joint statement after Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau lashed out at Trump’s trade decisions. Trump showed how little he cares for his allies, leaving the summit a day early to arrive early for the meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore to make preparations for the long-awaited encounter between the two leaders.

Jun 12 10:55


All hell broke loose at the G6+1, aka G7, while the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) aimed at global integration and a peaceful multipolar order...

All hell broke loose at the G6+1, otherwise known as G7, in La Malbaie, Canada, while all focused on divine Eurasian integration at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in China’s Qingdao in Shandong, the home province of Confucius.

US President Donald Trump was the predictable star of the show in Canada. He came late. He left early. He skipped a working breakfast. He disagreed with everybody. He issued a “free trade proclamation”, as in no barriers and tariffs whatsoever, everywhere, after imposing steel and aluminum tariffs on Europe and Canada.

Meanwhile, over in Qingdao, the stunning takeaway was offered predictably by Chinese President Xi Jinping; “President Putin and I both think that the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership is mature, firm and stable.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia and China are thinking long-term; American politicians cannot see their way beyond the next election cycle, and that will be this country's undoing.

Jun 12 10:50


This year’s Bilderberg summit is a council of war. On the agenda: Russia and Iran. In the conference room: the secretary general of Nato, the German defence minister, and the director of the French foreign intelligence service, DGSE.

They are joined in Turin, Italy, by a slew of academic strategists and military theorists, but for those countries in geopolitical hotspots there is nothing theoretical about these talks. Not when the prime ministers of Estonia and Serbia are discussing Russia, or Turkey’s deputy PM is talking about Iran.

The clearest indication that some sort of US-led conflict is on the cards is the presence of the Pentagon’s top war-gamer, James H Baker. He is an expert in military trends, and no trend is more trendy in the world of battle strategy than artificial intelligence. Bilderberg is devoting a whole session to AI this year – and has invited military theorist Michael C Horowitz, who has written extensively on its likely impact on the future of war.

Jun 12 10:00

‘Serious violation’: China fumes as US opens new $256 million ‘de facto embassy’ in Taiwan

An NGO, which has for decades been known as the de-facto embassy for the US in Taiwan, has opened up a flashy new office in Taipei. The move was condemned by Beijing as a blatant violation of its ‘One China’ policy.

The US-funded American Institute of Taiwan (AIT) unveiled its new headquarters in Taiwan’s capital on Tuesday, amid growing tension between the US and China over the fate of the disputed island. The massive $256 million complex, complete with Chinese gardens, occupies 6.5 hectares and will house nearly 500 American and local employees.