Feb 08 12:06

Record Cold Grips Weyburn

When the mercury dropped to -38.2° Thursday morning, it became the coldest February 7th in Weyburn’s history, beating the previous record of -37.5°, set back in 1994.

The cold forcing Environment and Climate Change Canada to issue an extreme cold warning early Thursday morning, as wind chill exaggerated the temperature to -52.

The ambient temperature at 10:00 a.m. was colder than Alert, Nunavut, the northernmost settlement in the world, and colder than Yakutsk, Russia, known as the coldest city in the world. It was even colder in Weyburn than it was at the south pole.

The entire province is shivering in this cold spell. Prince Albert was reported as the coldest part of the province with a temperature of -42.5°, while Rockglen is the warmest part of Saskatchewan at -28.5°.

Feb 08 12:05

Saskatchewan smashes cold record during extreme weather snap

Saskatchewan’s record-smashing cold has caught the attention of a senior climatologist at Environment Canada.

David Phillips said it’s tough to break records when temperature statistics date back to the 1880s, but that’s exactly what happened in Saskatoon on Wednesday.

Feb 08 12:05

Annual Polar Walk to School sets new record cold and participation

Students from eight Moscow schools took part in the Polar Walk to school Wednesday morning.

The Polar Walk is part of the National Safe Routes to School program.

The West Park Elementary had 75% participation, a record-breaking Polar Walk for the school.

The temperature also set a record for the walk’s history.

"This is the coldest Polar Walk that we've done,” said Erin Bacon, coordinator.

Feb 08 12:04

Incredible, Record Cold in Montana

A WIND CHILL ADVISORY remains in effect for much of Montana from now through Sunday afternoon. A WIND CHILL WARNING is in effect for northeast Montana into Friday morning. A WINTER STORM WARNING has been issued for the Rocky Mountain Front from 5am Friday until 11pm Saturday. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY has been issued for central and northern Montana for Friday and Saturday.

Feb 08 12:04

Hokkaido freezes in record cold spell, large snowfall expected in Tokyo, surroundings

The northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido was gripped by a record cold spell on Feb. 8 with temperatures plummeting below minus 10 degrees Celsius as Tokyo and its environs in the eastern part of the nation braced for a major snowfall expected on Feb. 9.

Feb 08 10:44

Winter storm puts West in deep freeze

Snow, ice and shivering cold blasted normally mild cities from Seattle to Las Vegas to San Francisco on Tuesday as winter weather sweeping across the U.S. West shuttered schools, made travel treacherous and closed all roads in Yosemite National Park.

Winter storms have been hitting the West for several days and brought a surprise dusting to peaks overlooking San Francisco — the city’s first notable snow in eight years. Snow also piled higher at ski resorts, closing runs in Lake Tahoe and the California mountains as snow reached 7 to 10 feet since Saturday.

Feb 08 10:43

Residents Digging Out Of Snow After 4 Days Of Winter Advisory

Four days of winter advisory has blanketed the Sierra leaving folks stranded in some areas and without power in others. Snow fell as low as Placerville around 1,800 feet.

From there, the scenic overlook on Highway 50 in Pollock Pines is picturesque, as is the drive through the town, but what you’ll also see people digging out their cars just about everywhere you look.

“It’s pretty crazy up here. Last night it started snowing and it kind of tapered off and then it started again and we were like oh no oh no,” said Wade Burmley of Pollock Pines.

He says this latest dumping of snow is unbelievable and it was still snowing Tuesday night.

Feb 08 10:43

Snow Catches Palmdale Residents Off Guard

High desert residents are accustomed to extreme weather, like back-to-back triple-digit heat waves in the summer and bone-chilling temperatures in the winter – but they are not used to snow.

Nonetheless, it was snow they got in Palmdale Tuesday night.

Feb 08 10:42

How much snow has fallen? Colorado snow totals for Feb. 6, 2019

A strong cold front is moving through the state and it brought wind, snow and much colder temperatures to the Wednesday.

Here are the snow totals reported to the National Weather Service during the Feb. 6, 2019 snowstorm. These numbers show the latest reported snow accumulation for that specific area.

Feb 08 10:21

Snow in San Francisco? Mild cities don’t escape winter storm

Snow, ice and shivering cold blasted normally mild cities from Seattle to Las Vegas to San Francisco on Tuesday as winter weather sweeping across the U.S. West shuttered schools, made travel treacherous and closed all roads in Yosemite National Park.

Winter storms have been hitting the West for several days and brought a surprise dusting to peaks overlooking San Francisco – the city’s first notable snow in eight years. Snow also piled higher at ski resorts, closing runs in Lake Tahoe and the California mountains as snow reached 7 to 10 feet since Saturday.

Feb 08 10:12

Green New Deal: ‘Upgrade or Replace Every Building in U.S.’ Within 10 Years

Progressive Democrats will call for every building in the United States to be upgraded or replaced as part of its soon-to-be-unveiled “Green New Deal,” an outline of the proposal reads.

In a press conference Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) will detail their ten-year plan to tackle “climate change,” which they claim would require the elimination “pollution and greenhouse gas emissions” to meet “100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.”

The plan calls for the “national mobilization” of the economy through 14 “infrastructure and industrial” projects. To meet the country’s power demands through “clean and renewable energy sources,” an FAQ says the country will need to “upgrade or replace every building in US for state-of-the-art energy efficiency.”

Feb 08 10:12

Nancy Pelosi Slights Green New Deal: ‘Green Dream or Whatever’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wednesday mocked the “New Green Deal” just hours before its outline was unveiled — the latest example of the Democrat Party’s widening split between establishment lawmakers and its progressive wing on how to tackle “climate change.”

Democrats including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are calling for a Green New Deal intended to transform the United States economy to combat climate change and create thousands of jobs in renewable energy.

The freshman lawmaker and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) are teaming up on the plan, which aims to eliminate all carbon emissions in U.S. energy production by 2030. A joint resolution drafted by Ocasio-Cortez and Markey sets a goal to meet “100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable and zero-emission energy sources,” including dramatic increases in wind and solar power.

Feb 08 08:48

Snowed-in Russian driver rescued by CAMEL in hilarious road VIDEO

A bizarre video showing a camel towing a car stuck on a snow-covered Russian road is making the rounds on social media.

When your 4x4 off-road vehicle fails you in the fierce Russian winter, and even a tractor can’t pull you out, you may still hope for a miracle to happen – at least if you’re in Saratov, where this viral video was shot.

Uploaded to social media, the footage shows a camel trying to pull the car out of snow on a dual-carriage road. The animal, controlled by its cameleer, succeeds at the third attempt as cheering voices are heard in the background. At the end of the video a tractor is seen on the roadside standing still – apparently after failing to dig out the car.

Feb 07 18:19

Snow in San Francisco? Mild cities don’t escape winter storm

Snow, ice and shivering cold blasted normally mild cities from Seattle to Las Vegas to San Francisco on Tuesday as winter weather sweeping across the U.S. West shuttered schools, made travel treacherous and closed all roads in Yosemite National Park.

Winter storms have been hitting the West for several days and brought a surprise dusting to peaks overlooking San Francisco – the city’s first notable snow in eight years. Snow also piled higher at ski resorts, closing runs in Lake Tahoe and the California mountains as snow reached 7 to 10 feet since Saturday.

“We don’t get snow up here in the area,” said Jess Moseley, who traveled from the San Francisco Bay Area to snowy Mount Diablo State Park 40 miles (64 kilometers) away. “You have to go to Tahoe or wherever to play in the snow. So we just came up to see if it was still here, and it is.”

Feb 07 12:20

AOC And Broken Clocks. Right Twice A Day

“The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

That was not one of the two times she was right. What amazes me is the number of trendy people who suffered through 45 degree below zero temperatures (-42.8 C) and still are listening to Al Gore and the 20 plus Democrats running for President. We are entering the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum in 2019 so we ought to see lots of Global Freezing for at least the next 20 years and possibly the next 40 to 60 years. Voters will soon rebel at paying higher taxes to subsidize obvious idiots and grafters even some of AOC’s 2.46 million Twitter followers will see the light.

Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post and his fact checker awarded 4 Pinnochios for AOC’s claim that $21 trillion had gone missing from the Pentagon and HUD from 1998 to 2015. Bezos is a CIA business partner through his computing services so you might expect him to side with the Deep State.

Feb 07 11:50

‘Cooling Is Warming’: Climate Hoaxters Panic As US Freezes, Media Provides Cover

America enjoys a winter filled with tons of snow and frigid cold weather and out pops the Climate Hoaxsters to assure this kind of weather only further proves our planet is getting, um… warmer.

Feb 06 13:39

2018 was the 4th hottest year on record, NASA says

Surface temperatures on the planet in 2018 were the fourth hottest since 1880. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) crunched the numbers.

“2018 is yet again an extremely warm year on top of a long-term global warming trend,” said Gavin Schmidt, the director at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York.

“The impacts of long-term global warming are already being felt — in coastal flooding, heat waves, intense precipitation and ecosystem change.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NASA = Never A Straight Answer.

Still pushing human-caused global warming even during the record-setting winter.

Feb 06 11:11

Rare Snowfall Creates Winter Wonderland On Bay Area Peaks

Some wild and unusually cold weather on Monday night was turning many Bay Area peaks white as a rare snowfall hit the region.

The latest storm system accompanied by a blast of frosty Canadian air found snow falling Mount Diablo, Mount St. Helena and Mount Hamilton earlier in the day. By nightfall, measurable snow was dusting trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The chilly weather also lead to widespread hailstorms across the Bay Area, with reports of hail in San Francisco, the North Bay and several parts of the East Bay.

Feb 06 10:27

What You Need In Your Car Winter Safety Kit & A Printable Checklist

Winter weather causes many problems for drivers from snow and ice, to enduring those freezing temperatures! Have you ever been trekking to work in the snow and find yourself stuck in a slushy mix of snow and mud on the side of the road? Or maybe you were in Atlanta, GA earlier this year when the snow caused so much traffic you spent the night on the highway in your car? Either way, you must have learned your lesson and plan to prepare yourself for winter weather driving this year! We’ve put together some car safety necessities you should always keep in your car during the cooler months.

Print out the downloadable list at the bottom to take to to your local store and stock up on these winter car safety kit essentials!

Feb 06 10:26

What's Your Winter Damage? And How to Fix It

With the winter season winding down, it’s time to take stock of what kind of damage the weather may have inflicted on your home.

Winter Storm Jonas dropped record snow on several states in January, but that’s not the only kind of winter weather that can wreak havoc on a home. Everything from high winds to freezing temperatures can have some kind of impact on your roof, pipes and more.

Feb 06 10:26

Home Winterizing Checklist

As cold weather approaches, it is important to take a few preventative measures to protect your home through the chilly months. Winterizing is generally a task that can be done relatively inexpensively, but will make a big difference in how comfortable your home is, and could end up saving you money on energy bills, too. In fact, many very effective home weatherproofing jobs are something that homeowners can complete without professional help.

Easy Home Weatherproofing

Some small weatherproofing jobs require little to no “handiness”, but can make a real difference once cold weather hits. By doing these things before the snow flies, you’ll be saving yourself some hassle (and possibly some money, too!):

Feb 06 10:25

Before, during, and after: dealing with a power outage on a chilly winter day

A wintertime power outage can be a pretty frigid affair. Whether a storm damages your power lines or they’re blown down by harsh winter winds, there’s no telling how long it’ll take for the power to come back on. Take a little time now to learn what you can do before, during, and after a power outage to keep your family safe and warm until the lights (and heat) return.

Feb 06 09:58


Governor Brown is at it again. In the works is another new, monstrous tax. A new $600 million dollar per year tax to grow even larger in subsequent years. (Quick calculation: that is $150 per year for each man woman and child in Oregon) It will be sold as a “Cap and Trade” carbon tax.

A straight tax on Carbon would apply across the board to all emissions and could come with an offsetting check back to the public who for paying higher prices because of the tax. No such luck here. The administration would pass out the carbon limits to individual companies and tax them for any excess over the limits. In effect decide who pays how much, which is expected to be $600 million the first year. It could be a repeat of the Energy Tax Credits disaster but on steroids and the taxpayer would pay through the nose, again.

Feb 06 09:06

Talking About the Weather

It is cold in the Midwest, so cold that Rachel Maddow already ascribed it to evil Putin (“Russia will freeze you and your family to death.”) It is extremely cold in England, too. I’d think this frost spell should put paid to the silly notion of Global Warming. But no, the adepts of Al Gore sect are not so easily dissuaded. Like the Flat Earth Society, they are impervious to arguments. These enlightened people keep struggling against global warming.

They decided to overturn Mark Twain’s adage Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it – and do something. There is a new popular hero, a pleasantly old-fashioned-looking 16-year old Swedish girl with braids, Greta Thunberg, who had sat down in a snowdrift and said she wouldn’t budge until somebody would do something against global warming. She has led a school kids demo for the same purpose, and the European MSM is rapturous.

Feb 05 13:07

50 Photos That Show Just How Insanely Cold It Is In America Right Now

Extreme weather events are becoming more and more common, with records shattered down under during Australia's recent heatwave, and now, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the 'polar vortex' bearing down on Midwestern U.S.

The polar vortex is a band of strong winds, high up in the atmosphere that keeps bitterly cold air locked around the Arctic region. Sometimes, like this year, it can drift further south than usual and envelop highly populated areas of North America. Chigaco has been particularly hard hit, with its notoriously windy location on Lake Michigan bringing wind-chill temperatures down to record-breaking lows.

With much of the Midwest on lockdown and people urged to stay indoors, some people have been braving the plunging temperatures to take incredible images of the effects that the vortex is having on their daily lives. From exploding toilets to icy hairstyles, this list compiled by Bored Panda will give you chills just from looking at it!

Feb 04 11:45

New Jersey Nuclear Reactor Shut Down By Polar Vortex

After the Arctic polar vortex brought temperatures in parts of Canada to record lows that, in some places, rivaled the temperatures on the surface of Mars (not to mention leaving nine people dead), the infamous Arctic air has notched another milestone: It has shut down a nuclear reactor due to an extremely rare phenomenon called 'frazil ice'.

Never heard of frazil ice? Neither had we.

According to Bloomberg, Public Service Enterprise Group, shut a reactor early Thursday at unit at its Salem nuclear plant in southern New Jersey after screens on its intake froze over, restricting the flow of water needed to cool off the reactor, according to spokesman Joe Delmar.

A second unit at a station on the Delaware river was temporarily closed for the same reason.

Feb 04 11:38

Thirteen dead after historic deep freeze blasts the Midwest and record-breaking -30F temperatures linger as the cold snap moves into the Northeast, causing travel chaos with 2,300 canceled flights

The deadly polar vortex that paralyzed the U.S. Midwest has killed at least 13 people and left tens of millions of Americans shivering for a second day as temperatures plunged to record-breaking lows and the cold snap moved over towards the East Coast.

The painfully cold weather system that put much of the Midwest into a historic deep freeze lingered on Thursday and continued to break historic records with parts of Illinois and Iowa recording temperatures of -38F and -30F respectively.

The frigid conditions canceled more than 2,300 flights and over 1,500 delays on Thursday, while the number of deaths blamed on the cold climbed to 13.

Feb 04 11:19

Expensive coats are being stolen right off people’s backs in Chicago, police say

People wearing luxury, down-filled Canada Goose coats this frigid winter are being robbed of their pricey outerwear by thieves in Chicago.

The robbers really want the status coats — they’re using guns to get them, according to CBS Chicago.

The “power parkas” sell for $495 to $1,695, Fortune reports.

Feb 04 11:05

Delingpole: The Frozen Hell Outside Your Window Is What Global Warming Looks Like

The Midwest and Northeast are being ravaged by the Polar Vortex. Illinois has recorded its coldest temperature on record. Aurora, Illinois has recorded the coldest afternoon on record. Mail deliveries and flights have been cancelled. Governors in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan have declared emergencies.

Feb 04 10:32

Drivers stranded for 12 hours as heavy snow hit Cornwall

Drivers were stranded for 12 and a half hours, a bus carrying 26 school children was rescued and hundreds of cars were abandoned on Thursday night as heavy snow hit Cornwall.

Six inches of snow reportedly fell in 45 minutes, causing travel disruption on the A30 and A39 near Bodmin, Cornwall.

A school bus which became stuck on the A39 was rescued by local police and fire brigade crews, who ferried the children to safety in 4x4s.

Feb 04 10:32

Travellers warned of more extreme cold weather amid heavy snow

The big freeze will continue over the weekend, with the Met Office warning of the coldest night of the winter as snow caused further transport disruption.

Scotland could see lows of minus 16C (3.2F) over Saturday night into Sunday as the cold snap continues, the Met Office said.

A low of minus 15.4C (4.3F) was recorded just before midnight on Thursday at Braemar in the Scottish Highlands.

It is set to be less chilly over Friday night and into Saturday morning – with temperatures around minus 7C (19.4F) or minus 8C (17.6F) – but likely to dip right back down again by Saturday evening.

Feb 04 10:31

Winter storm means big business for snow removal companies

Cars, homes and driveways were covered in several inches of snow on Friday.

For some, the work is just too much and they depend on professionals to clear it out of the way.

Most people complain about snow, but for workers with shovels that means big business for them.

Derek Johnson, owner of Glory to Glory Landscaping and More, knows this first hand.

“They call it white gold. Money falling from the sky. You can't, it don’t get no better than this winter snow if you have the equipment,” said Johnson.

Johnson and his crew took on a massive project at this Columbus apartment complex.

It will take hours more to get each driveway cleared.

Feb 04 10:13

If You Are Warm Right Now, Thank Capitalism

Last night the temperature fell 3 degrees an hour. As I write this, it is negative 10 degrees outside. A “once in a generation” polar vortex has swept into the American Midwest from the Arctic.

I am lucky to be alive. It would take me just a couple of hours to die from hypothermia if I were outside in such weather. But I am not just alive, I am comfortable. It is a balmy 73 degrees in my home. I am relaxing by my gas fireplace that gives off a warm heat as gentle flames dance about and please my eye. I can hear the gentle whir of fans blowing heat around my living room, generated by my furnace. I write this on my comfortable sofa with a computer on my lap powered by electricity and fed information via the Internet, itself powered by electricity and glass-fiber conduits that carry information to me from computers and minds from across the earth.

Feb 04 08:34

BEX ALERT - A third of Himalayan ice cap doomed, finds report

At least a third of the huge ice fields in Asia’s towering mountain chain are doomed to melt due to climate change, according to a landmark report, with serious consequences for almost 2 billion people.

Even if carbon emissions are dramatically and rapidly cut and succeed in limiting global warming to 1.5C, 36% of the glaciers along in the Hindu Kush and Himalaya range will have gone by 2100. If emissions are not cut, the loss soars to two-thirds, the report found.

The glaciers are a critical water store for the 250 million people who live in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya (HKH) region, and 1.65 billion people rely on the great rivers that flow from the peaks into India, Pakistan, China and other nations.

Feb 04 08:08

Winter Is Wreaking Havoc On Electric Vehicles

If there’s one thing electric vehicle owners are learning, it is that extremely cold temperatures are likely going to lead to frustration if they don’t take extra special care of their battery powered vehicles. Look at it as just another added benefit to "saving the world".

As we push through the cold that automakers are using as an excuse for poor sales this winter, customers of some companies – notably Tesla – are starting to realize that things are a little bit different with electric vehicles in the winter. Disgruntled owners of Model 3s have been widespread on social media and online forums, talking about numerous issues they’ve had with cold weather on their vehicles. People have complained about battery range draining and Model 3 door handles freezing up.

Feb 03 12:29

NOWHERE TO GO What to do if you see a homeless person sleeping rough in the cold and snow

WITH a snow bomb and temperatures plummeting below zero, there are plenty feeling the freeze.

But no one will be feeling it quite as hard as the rough sleepers who face it with just a sleeping bag and cardboard for a shelter. Here's what you can do to help...

Feb 03 12:28

Brooklyn detainees bang on prison windows for help during cold weather blackout

Shocking footage filmed outside a federal prison in Brooklyn, New York, shows inmates apparently banging on the walls and windows of their cells to draw attention to their freezing conditions.

The Metropolitan Detention Center, which holds pre-trial detainees, has been without any heat or hot water since January 21, and a small electrical fire on January 27 means inmates and workers are now without any lighting.

Feb 02 09:17

Coldest Temperatures of Your Lifetime Descend on the U.S (782)

Feb 01 14:28

Terence Corcoran: CBC admits it wrongly reported hyped-up insurance 'climate risks'

The Insurance Bureau of Canada’s decades-long campaign to raise alarms about the ravages of floods continued last week with an appearance by Blair Feltmate, a favourite star climate-change witness for the biggest insurers, at the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s annual meeting. Feltmate heads the industry-funded Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at Waterloo University, which claims climate change has triggered a surge in flood events in recent years. As Feltmate put it during his comments at the meeting: “The elephant in the room, from a climate-change perspective, is… too much water in the wrong places.”

Not quite. The real elephant sharing the room with Feltmate turned out to be a detailed report from Guy Gendron, a CBC/Radio Canada International ombudsman, outlining how such distorted flood claims led the news network to publish stories last fall that contained “inaccurate and irrelevant” information.

Feb 01 13:22

The Polar Vortex Might Be Causing 'Frost Quakes' in Chicago

It might be cold enough in Chicago right now to make the ground shake.

Local news station WGN reported today (Jan. 30) that its viewers had heard "frost quakes" in the city overnight. And though the reports in Chicago are still unconfirmed, frost quakes are indeed a real thing.

Frost quakes, or "cryoseisms," occur when water trapped underground freezes suddenly as the temperature drops, causing it to expand. (Water expands as it freezes.) All that rapidly expanding water underground can split rocks and put stress on the soil, causing loud booms. Frost quakes are fairly rare events and difficult to positively identify. A huge blast that shook northwest Calgary, Canada, in 2014 was widely attributed to a loud cryoseism, but researchers never confirmed that as the cause. [9 Tips for Exercising in Winter Weather]

Feb 01 09:36

700,000 Square Kilometers Of Added Green Vegetation, Climate Change Shrinks Sahara Desert By Whopping 8%!

the living world. Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne here

Recently, CO2 Science brought up a paper in Nature Communications.

Using satellite images, Venter et al. 2018 found an eight percent increase in woody vegetation in sub-Saharan Africa over the last three decades, underscoring the global “greening trend”.

Jan 31 12:04

Coldest Afternoon On Record At Aurora, Illinois

As I have been predicting, today was the coldest afternoon on record at Aurora, Illinois. The maximum temperature today was -15F, beating their previous coldest day by three degrees. Aurora has had forty-four days since 1895 which never made it to 0F, with the previous record of -11F set on Christmas Eve, 1983.

Jan 31 11:43

Hell freezes over: At least 12 people die as temperatures as low as -42F wreak havoc across the Midwest with more than 2,500 flights cancelled, postal services halted and hitting a Michigan town named Hell

The deadly arctic deep freeze wreaking havoc across the United States has left at least 12 people dead with record-breaking low temperatures halting postal services in the Midwest and cancelling more than 2,600 flights.

Two people died in Detroit, Michigan after temperatures started plummeting late Tuesday as forecasters issued grave warnings that one of the coldest spells in history would be life-threatening.

Police found a man's body across the street from his home in the Detroit area on Wednesday. He was not wearing a hat or gloves and wasn't dressed for below-zero temperatures. A 70-year-old man was also found dead in Detroit in front of a neighbor's home on Wednesday.

University of Iowa student, Gerald Belz, 18, was found outside an academic building around 3am Wednesday. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 31 11:27

Nolte: Experts Claim Every Kind of Weather Proves Global Warming Is Fer’ Real

America enjoys a winter filled with tons of snow and frigid cold weather and out pops the Climate Hoaxsters to assure this kind of weather only further proves our planet is getting, uhm… warmer.

This current Climate Hoaxster freak out is largely in reaction to President Trump’s tweet earlier this week mocking the Climate Hoaxsters.

“In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded,” he tweeted. “What the hell is going on with Global Warming? Please come back fast, we need you!”

Jan 31 11:13

2019 polar vortex tracker — live updates

The polar vortex hitting the U.S. is leading to severely cold temperatures that have led to canceled flights, closed schools and dangerous conditions around the country.

Jan 31 11:08

Beer deliveries in Minnesota are halted due to kegs FREEZING inside trucks during record low temperatures brought on by deadly winter storm

A deadly arctic deep freeze enveloping the Midwest is so severe beer distributors have been forced to halt deliveries.

'Most of the folks up north are not delivering,' Mike Madigan, president of Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association, told CNN.

'Most distributors are not delivering in the Twin Cities, down south and out west.'

This comes after kegged beer froze while out for delivery on Tuesday, and temperatures fell as low as -26F, with a wind chill of 53 below zero, in Minneapolis.

Jan 31 10:50

Drive-Bys Blame Record Cold on Global Warming

Go to the audio sound bites, just to show you what we’re up against here. We have lifetime, record-breaking cold because of a polar vortex in the upper Midwest. There is no question we have record-breaking cold. I’m gonna tell you, we’ve had sunspot activity that’s been declining. We’ve been reporting on this for the last the eight years. Democrats, media, leftists do not allow any discussion of the sun whenever there is a discussion on climate change.

Jan 31 10:48

Record Cold Forces Rethink on Global Warming

Headlines around the world are reporting exceptionally frigid conditions and unusually high levels of snowfall in recent weeks. They tout these events as records, but few people understand how short the record actually is -- usually less than 50 years, a mere instant in Earth’s 4.6-billion year history. The reality is that, when viewed in a wider context, there is nothing unusual about current weather patterns.

Despite this fact, the media -- directly, indirectly, or by inference -- often attribute the current weather to global warming. Yes, they now call it climate change. But that is because activists realized, around 2004, that the warming predicted by the computer models on which the scare is based was not actually happening. Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels continued to increase, but the temperature stopped increasing. So, the evidence no longer fit the theory. English biologist Thomas Huxley commented on this dilemma over a century ago:

Jan 31 09:33

I'm not even joking. I have so much work to do and I can't stop watching this. MSNBC often removes its most embarrassing debacles from the internet. Someone please do that here so I can get to work

Jan 31 09:19

Brace Yourselves: DANGEROUSLY Cold Weather is Coming

If you live in the Midwest, you surely already know that dangerously cold weather is heading your way. Some parts of the region are experiencing heavy snowfall and powerful winds, and the worst is yet to come.

Here’s what has already happened.
Officials have already canceled nearly 1,600 flights so far, most at Chicago’s airports. Hundreds of schools have been closed. In Michigan, non-essential government offices, including the Capitol, are closed.

Winter Storm Jayden has already pummeled parts of the Plains and Midwest with snow and wind and is now heading for parts of the South and the East.

In Wisconsin and Minnesota, snowplow drivers are having trouble keeping up. Those states are expecting up to 14 inches of snow in some areas.

Jan 30 16:12

Near-Record Cold Expected Across the Northland Thursday Morning

When talking about extreme cold, it's natural to recall previous severe cold snaps, such as that of 2014 and 1996. As temperatures continue to drop toward record lows tonight, 2019 could become the next winter we use to define "extreme cold".

“This late January 2019 cold snap is gonna go in the record books,” National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Moore said, "some areas of Northern Minnesota are going to be as cold as they were back in the 1996 cold snap."

That 1996 cold snap is what was responsible for all-time record cold in the Northland. The air temperautre in Tower, MN, was recorded to be -60 on February 2, 1996, which is the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state of Minnesota. Just two days later on Febraury 4, the coldest Wisconsin temperature was recorded to be -55 in Couderay.

"Even though in a few locations we might not break the records, we're still going to be some of the coldest all-time lows," Moore said.

Jan 30 16:02

Polar Vortex of Stupidity

A few years ago, the Washington Post said global warming would cause cherry trees to start blooming in January.

That didn’t work out for them, so now they are blaming the record cold on global warming.

If the Polar Vortex is caused by global warming, why does it mimic the pattern of the last ice age?

Jan 30 16:00

The Methane Big Lie

It is also impossible to build up large amounts of methane in an atmosphere which contains oxygen, because it quickly oxidizes in the presence of oxygen into H2O and CO2. That is why we use it for a fuel. The concentration of methane during mid-latitude summer is a tiny 1.7 PPM, but planets (including Earth) emit a lot of methane. Saturn’s moon Titan has methane seas. The reason Titan is able to hold its methane is because it has almost no oxygen.

Earth is nothing like Titan, because we have oxygen. The global warming potential of methane on Earth is thus very small, and is nearly inconsequential compared to water vapor. So why is the IPCC lying about methane? The reason is very simple. They are attempting to restrict meat production by blaming methane emissions on livestock, and scaring people into thinking their cheeseburger will cause hurricanes and rising seas.

Jan 30 15:56

Collapse Of The Polar Melting Scam

Arctic sea ice volume last spring was the highest of the past decade, and this year is well ahead of last year.

There are only about 90 days a year when ice can melt near the pole, and summer temperatures near the pole have been consistently below normal for the past 20 years.

The really bad news for climate alarmists is that Arctic winter temperatures have also turned cold.

Meanwhile, in Antarctica it is the hottest month of the year – and temperatures are below freezing across almost the entire continent. How is ice supposed to melt below freezing?

Jan 30 14:55

Nolte: Experts Claim Every Kind of Weather Proves Global Warming Is Fer’ Real

America enjoys a winter filled with tons of snow and frigid cold weather and out pops the Climate Hoaxsters to assure this kind of weather only further proves our planet is getting, uhm… warmer.

This current Climate Hoaxster freak out is largely in reaction to President Trump’s tweet earlier this week mocking the Climate Hoaxsters.

“In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded,” he tweeted. “What the hell is going on with Global Warming? Please come back fast, we need you!”

Jan 30 13:55

The Polar Vortex Will Bring A Brutal Cold Spell To Large Part Of U.S.

A large lob of a Polar vortex is set to snap off and ice a large area around the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest by the beginning of next week. This will be the most extreme cold that the area has faced in a generation.

The prolonged and life-threatening cold spell will see temperatures plunge to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit below average. Parts of Minnesota could see temperatures plummet to -60 degrees Fahrenheit, while large areas will see -50 or -40, according to The National Weather Services Twitter post.

Jan 30 11:54

Chicago train tracks have to be literally set on fire to keep the trains running amid record-breaking cold

As historically-low temperatures sweep through much of the country, Chicago train tracks are literally being set on fire to keep the trains operating.

ABC News on Tuesday night posted a stunning video of commuter rail tracks in the city set aflame so the trains can keep running while the temperature dropped well below zero.

Jan 30 11:29

Polar vortex by the numbers: 6 states in US record temperatures lower than South Pole

Records are being shattered and communities are enduring the harshest cold in years as the polar vortex tightens its grip on the midwestern United States.

After the polar vortex plunged southward, temperatures plummeted under 20 below zero F from North Dakota to northern Illinois on Wednesday morning.

Biting winds made the extreme cold more life-threatening as AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures dropped under 50 below zero. Frostbite can occur in mere minutes on exposed skin in these conditions.

Among the deaths from the snow and cold that struck the Midwest was a man found frozen to death in a garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, according to the Associated Press.

The cold has also led to widespread school closures, major travel disruptions and even the suspension of mail service.

Jan 30 11:28

Extreme Cold Straining Xcel Energy’s Natural Gas System, Residents Urged To Turn Down Thermostat

Xcel Energy is advising residents in parts of central Minnesota north of the metro to turn down their thermostats and reduce their natural gas use.

According to the energy provider, the extreme weather conditions have resulted in a “significant” strain on Xcel Energy’s natural gas system.

“We need those in Becker, Big Lake, Chisago City, Lindstrom, Princeton, and Isanti to reduce use of natural gas. Until further notice, you are urged to turn down your thermostat to 60 degrees or lower and avoid the use of other natural gas appliances including hot water,” Xcel Energy said.

Jan 30 11:25

Chicago train tracks have to be literally set on fire to keep the trains running amid record-breaking cold

As historically-low temperatures sweep through much of the country, Chicago train tracks are literally being set on fire to keep the trains operating.

ABC News on Tuesday night posted a stunning video of commuter rail tracks in the city set aflame so the trains can keep running while the temperature dropped well below zero.

Jan 30 11:10

Ice Age Farmer Report: "Fatal Cold" incoming - Your food is under attack - Major shortages

The powers that be seek to make profane all that we ingest, and that agenda is in overdrive as we enter the Grand Solar Minimum.

As we experience record cold temperatures this week, Christian puts together the pieces, stressing the importance of growing your own food in order to stay healthy and thrive in the future.

Jan 30 10:07

Too cold for mail: Polar vortex brings subzero temps to Midwest, prompts USPS to suspend service

A deadly arctic deep freeze enveloped the Midwest with record-breaking temperatures on Wednesday, triggering widespread closures of schools and businesses, and the canceling of more than 1,500 flights from Chicago's airports. The cold even prompted the U.S. Postal Service to suspend mail delivery to a wide swath of the region.

Many normal activities shut down and residents huddled inside as the National Weather Service forecast plunging temperatures from one of the coldest air masses in years. The bitter cold is the result of a split in the polar vortex that allowed temperatures to drop much farther south than normal.

Jan 30 08:48

Get used to the polar vortex: Experts warn the weather phenomenon is set to become more common (and say the current chill could last another EIGHT weeks)

It all started with misplaced Moroccan heat.

Last month, the normally super chilly air temperatures 20 miles above the North Pole rapidly rose by about 125 degrees (70 degrees Celsius), thanks to air flowing in from the south.

Jan 29 12:32

Scott Adams: Creepy Kamala, Healthcare, Manchin’s Brilliance, Climate Change

The Howard Schultz advantage of…coffee!
People calling Kamala’s demeanor and laugh “creepy”
Kamala and Willie Brown’s past won’t hurt her candidacy
CNN and now MSNBC have both anointed Kamala
Universal healthcare has moved from nutty Bernie idea to inevitable
Can taxes be raised enough to cover the astronomical costs?
Can we lower costs enough to make it possible?
Startups are focusing on lower cost for high profit things
Did Kamala invoke the Charlottesville conspiracy theory?
Senator Manchin says turn this over to the engineers and experts
“SMART WALL” is a smart persuasive phrase
Climate change has BS on both sides of the topic
One side is correct, we don’t know which
The marketing of the science looks like a hoax
The marketing of the skeptics is mostly unconvincing
The “Research Well”, what happens when you reach a point where…
You don’t understand the claim being made

Jan 29 10:05

‘Come back, global waming!’ Trump tweet on cold snap causes Twitter meltdown

US President Donald Trump has caused a meltdown on Twitter with a post asking where "global waming” had gone, in response to a vicious cold snap hitting the Midwest.

“What the hell is going on with Global Wa[r]ming? Please come back fast, we need you!” Trump tweeted on Monday evening, talking about record-setting chill in the “beautiful Midwest.”

Jan 29 09:34

Climate collapse: Wind chill temperatures will hit -60 in the midwest this week as global weather patterns shift

The experts are telling us that the Midwest could experience the coldest weather that it has ever seen this week. Wind chill temperatures of -40 and -50 degrees will be common throughout the region, and it is being projected that some spots will actually get hit by wind chill temperatures of up to -60 degrees.

Jan 29 07:22

Get used to the polar vortex: Experts warn the weather phenomenon is set to become more common (and say the current chill could last another EIGHT weeks)

It might seem counterintuitive, but the dreaded polar vortex is bringing its icy grip to the Midwest thanks to a sudden blast of warm air in the Arctic.

Get used to it. The polar vortex has been wandering more often in recent years.

It all started with misplaced Moroccan heat.

Last month, the normally super chilly air temperatures 20 miles above the North Pole rapidly rose by about 125 degrees (70 degrees Celsius), thanks to air flowing in from the south.

It's called 'sudden stratospheric warming.'

Jan 28 10:45

'Life-Threatening' Arctic Blast To Freeze Nearly 200 Million As Polar Vortex Slams Midwest

A massive blast of Arctic air will hit the Midwest and Northeast by the middle of this week, bringing temperatures to their lowest levels in years.

Using words such as "life-threatening," "dangerous," "brutal," and "unprecedented," the National Weather Service is preparing us for the extreme cold that's forecast to roar into the U.S. next week. -USA Today

"The coldest air of the season will plunge the upper Midwest and Great Lakes into life-threatening conditions," noted the National Weather Service.

Jan 28 07:22

United States Midwest braces for record-breaking cold blast

A deep freeze is forecast to hit the US Midwest this week, with snow, brutally cold temperatures and potentially life-threatening wind chill across northern Illinois and northwest Indiana by midweek, the National Weather Service said.
In the Chicago area, snow will begin on Sunday night. Then the "coldest air mass in years" will hit the region on Tuesday with extreme cold lasting through Friday, the weather service said. Record low temperatures are likely by midweek.

Jan 27 09:47

BEX ALERT - Arctic Summers Now Hottest in 115,000 Years Says New Research

New evidence has led researchers to detail that the Arctic is experiencing its hottest temperatures in 115,000 years, according to a new report.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, I know you are all up to your neck in snow and record cold, but trust me; it is really hot in places you can't get to to see for yourself!" -- Saint Al of the Gore

Jan 27 09:27

Major storm bringing up to a foot of snow and dangerously frigid temps

A major winter storm could drop a foot of snow across southeastern Wisconsin Sunday and Monday, ushering in a dangerously frigid mass of arctic air that is expected to plunge temperatures well below zero Tuesday through Friday morning, according to the National Weather Service in Sullivan.

Wind chills of 35 to 50 degrees below zero are also possible, making even quick trips to the supermarket potentially hazardous, meteorologist Ben Miller of the National Weather Service in Sullivan said Friday.

"If for whatever reason, your car slides into ditch, you have car trouble, bad things can happen," Miller said.

"If you're not properly dressed in warm clothing and you get caught outside, you can put yourself in a pinch pretty easy."

Jan 27 09:27

Accumulating snow possible and the coldest air of the season

The snow will continue into early afternoon before moving out of our area. It does look like all of us could see accumulating snow, but the question is how much. Right now, there is an indication that a secondary low will develop along the cold front to the south of us and if this happens this would help enhance our snow totals.

Right now, areas north of I-40 have the best bet of seeing the highest totals, but this could all change so stay tuned to the Weather Authority Forecast.

Whatever snow we do see, it will stick around because it will be followed by the coldest air of the season! Temps on Wednesday will start in the teens and only warm into the 20s for highs. A few areas may also fall into the single digits.

Jan 27 09:08


Former Vice President Al Gore said the Central American migrant caravan seeking asylum in the U.S. is a “recent, startling example” of global warming forcing people from their homes.

“People from all over the world are being forced to migrate because the climate crisis is affecting their livelihood. The migrant caravan from Central America is a recent, startling example,” Gore tweeted Monday.

Jan 26 12:23

When Science Isn't Science

The Earth’s climate is extraordinarily complex. Unlike dinosaur fossils or organic chemistry or primate behavior, climate is always in flux, with countless factors influencing one another in an endless unfolding of diachronic stochastics. Given this complexity, one might presume that scientists who study planetary climate would be endowed with exceptional patience, scholarly integrity, and intellectual humility. After all, it takes a long time to learn even a little bit about such an intricate system, so part of the job description of climate scientist would seem to be acknowledging that there is only so much that is known about the 1.09 x 1044 or so molecules swirling about in the atmosphere. Even more complex than all that, though, is navigating the public’s interest in the field. Climate is contentious, and a climate scientist will have to keep his cool, sticking to the facts amidst even the most heated rhetorical environments.

Jan 25 12:30

Delingpole: Thank You, NewsGuard, for Celebrating My Wisdom on Climate Change

Thank you, thank you, thank you, NewsGuard, for treating all your new subscribers — both of them! — to one of the cleverest, truest things I ever wrote about climate change.

NewsGuard quotes me as saying (in the course of its danger warning to readers thinking of flirting with Breitbart News):

“When amateurs on a blog know more about science than the guys on multi-million dollar grants at U.S. academic institutions informing global energy and environment policy, you know that the time has come to drain the swamp,” Delingpole wrote.

And it presents it as though this were a bad thing to have written.

Jan 25 11:31

US THUNDERSNOW vortex strikes east coast as alligators are FROZEN solid

The reptiles, found in a frozen swamp in North Carolina, are jammed solid with only the tips of their snouts poking out from beneath the ice. Temperatures dropped to minus 3 Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius) overnight on January 21 when the alligators froze. Found in Swamp Park, the move is “a survival technique, that they have acquired over a long time,” the park said on Facebook.

Jan 25 11:24

Flashback 2017: Analysis: UK carbon emissions in 2017 fell to levels last seen in 1890

Carbon Brief analysis shows the UK’s CO2 emissions from fossil fuels fell by 2.6% in 2017, driven by a 19% decline in coal use.

This follows on the heels of a larger 5.8% drop in CO2 in 2016, which saw a record 52% drop in coal use. The UK’s total CO2 emissions are currently 38% below 1990 levels and are now as low as emissions were back in 1890 – the year the Forth Bridge opened in Scotland and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray was published.

Jan 25 09:58

Graham zings Ocasio-Cortez, says she's 'hell-bent' on making Americans live as ‘Venezuelan socialists'

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., zinged Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., on Thursday for claiming climate change will end the world in 12 years -- and accused her of wanting to make Americans live as “Venezuelan socialists.”

“Let’s bury the hatchet and enjoy the next 12 years because they are going to be our last, right?” he tweeted.

Jan 25 09:32

Trust ‘scientists’? Really?

Does anyone remember when we trusted “scientists”? We might not have understood them, but we understood their goals and purpose and saw both as noble at least in intent.

And now? As a group, they include too many politicized, lying fools. Part of the great “control the people” scheme — the one that is trying to re-establish a ruling class that died along with serfdom and great landed estates.

This morning, CNN (yes, I know, “boo,” “hiss”) had this glaring headline: “The world is two minutes from doom.”

Jan 24 18:31

UK weather forecast: ENTIRE COUNTRY to be BLANKETED in up to 13 inches of snow next week

THE UK is set to be blanketed in snow by the end of next week, with some parts of the country to be submerged in up to 13 inches.

Jan 24 17:45

Dog and hare freeze to death while WALKING as temperatures drop to -56C

PICTURES of a dog and hare that froze to death in exceptionally cold weather in Kazakhstan have caused a storm from animal rights activists.

Jan 24 10:55

Snow RADAR: Is the Beast from the East back? Where is it snowing NOW?

SNOW and ice has sparked disruption across the country, as temperatures plummet and the Met Office has warned of continuing freezing conditions tonight, but does the change in conditions mark the return of the Beast from the East?

Jan 24 08:55

Ocasio-Cortez References The Bible On Climate Change

Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet was in response to statements made by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

“I don’t think that we are going to listen to [Ocasio-Cortez] on much of anything, particularly anything that we will leave into the hands of a much, much higher authority,” Sanders said during a Tuesday night interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity. “And certainly not listen to the freshman congresswoman on when the world may end.”

The press secretary was panning Ocasio-Cortez’s recent doomsday warnings about climate change. The 29-year-old lawmaker recently claimed the world would end in 12 years unless it dramatically addressed climate changed. She also compared fighting global warming to World War II.

Jan 23 12:11

Climate change HOAX has literally convinced a member of Congress that “the world is going to end in 12 years”

You want to really save the world in the next 12 years? Vote all Democrats out of power and send them packing. Turn off all left-wing media. Denounce and reject the lunacy of the Left. If enough people do that, human civilization might actually have a chance of making it through this insane chapter of left-wing lunacy that represents the real threat to sustainable life on Earth.

Jan 23 11:29

Snow WAVES as ICE solidifies Niagara Falls in –40C US DEEP FREEZE

THE NIAGARA Falls have frozen over producing a magnificent ice-scape as the northeastern United States is locked into a biting deep freeze - with wind chill temperatures almost reaching -40C.