Dec 10 10:58

Reports: Over 500 accidents reported in North Carolina as snowstorm produces hazardous travel conditions

A major snowstorm, which has already buried parts of North Carolina with over a foot of snow, will continue to cause travel disruptions and power outages into Sunday evening.

AccuWeather meteorologists say the heaviest snowfall with this storm is expected from the southern Appalachians into the western piedmont of North Carolina and southwest Virginia. Snowfall amounts of 12-18 inches are expected, especially in the mountains of North Carolina, with an AccuWeather Local storm™ of 24 inches. Travel will likely be completely halted in these regions until roads have been cleared.

Dec 10 10:25

Live updates: Over 200,000 without power as heavy snow, ice pounds Carolinas and Virginia

A major, travel-disrupting storm is unleashing snow and ice from Tennessee to North Carolina and Virginia.

AccuWeather meteorologists say the heaviest snowfall with this storm is expected from the southern Appalachians into the western Piedmont of North Carolina and southern Virginia. Snowfall amounts of 12-18 inches are expected, especially in the mountains of North Carolina with an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 24 inches.

Travel will likely be completely halted in these regions until roads have been cleared.

Dec 10 09:48

Planning for climate change to the sound of ‘ka-ching’

One constant in our city is that money always seems to excuse absurdity.

We saw it when Mayor Kirk Caldwell ripped the Trump administration for denying the dire warnings of its National Climate Assessment, only to practice his own climate denial when it came to Honolulu rail and the development around it.

It would be unthinkable, he said, to take advantage of new climate knowledge and stop rail at Middle Street or reroute it along Beretania Street to the University of Hawaii instead of continuing to aim it at a future swamp in Kakaako and Ala Moana.

“The investment, the infrastructure, the real property values are just too tremendous to do that,” he said. Even if all the money ends up underwater, apparently.

Dec 10 09:47

Snow totals: Raleigh-Durham area sees 'entire winter average in one day'

Snow started falling early Sunday morning, blanketing much of North Carolina by the time the sun rose.

Before winter has officially started (winter officially starts Dec. 21), many areas in North Carolina have already exceeded their average snowfall for the entire winter season.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 10 09:37

Wintry storm ices roads across much of US Southeast

Forecast calls for 9 inches of snow in Lynchburg

Sunday snowstorm dumping inches quickly in Roanoke, likely reaching 10+ for many

As snow piles up, Danville crews work on main roads. Best advice for residents: just stay home.

MONDAY UPDATE: Richmond's snowstorm was one for the books. Here's how much fell in your county.

Sunday's snowstorm leaves bad road conditions and leads to lots of car crashes, grounded flights

SCHOOL CLOSINGS: Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, Petersburg and Richmond schools closed Tuesday

Richmond restaurants open or closed Sunday for snow

Dec 10 08:42

Keep It In The Ground Activists Stormed Trump Administration’s Event At UN Meeting

Environmental activists took over a pro-fossil fuel event at the United Nations climate conference, storming onto the stage and chanting “keep it in the ground.”

The Trump administration is maintaining a presence in the weeklong climate conference that’s being held in Katowice, Poland this year. While the conference centers around how to transition to clean energy and reduce the world’s green house gas emissions, the U.S. delegation has used it as an opportunity to extoll the benefits of fossil fuels.

The U.S. government hosted a panel on Monday titled “U.S. Innovative Technologies Spur Economic Dynamism.” The event was intended to “showcase ways to use fossil fuels as cleanly and efficiently as possible, as well as the use of emission-free nuclear energy,” according to a statement from the State Department.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Emission-free nuclear energy?!? What do you call all that radioactive waste?

Dec 10 08:28

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claims Stopping Climate Change Will End Racism

Since becoming the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, millennial "Democratic Socialist" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has repeatedly demonstrated her tenuous grasp on economics, statistics and basic civics in a seemingly endless stream of gaffes.

And just when you thought she'd never be able to top that time she insisted that the unemployment rate is so low because everybody is working two jobs (that's not how that works), or the time she insisted that "predatory" health insurance companies should pay for the funerals of people who were denied coverage (inadvertently implying that her "Medicare-for-all" plan would stop people from dying), the self-styled "champion of the working class" has handed her conservative critics another gift.

Shortly after she threatened to use her subpoena power to harass Donald Trump Jr. after he tweeted an 'mean meme' making fun of Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow socialists (provoking an uproar on twitter)...

Dec 10 08:27

Drivers call for protests at City Hall amid fury over Sadiq Khan's 'ultra-low emission zone' covering the whole of London that will charge motorists with cars that are just three years old £12.50 a day 'and raise SIX times more than the congestion charge'

Motorists have reacted with fury at a new London pollution charge covering large swathes of London which is expected to hit one million drivers.

Mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed that ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) - being introduced in Central London next year - will stretch to cover an area surrounded by the North and South Circular roads from October 2021.

The £12.50 per day fee means cash-strapped Transport for London will collect up to £1.5billion a year - six times as much as the £230million from the congestion charge.

Dec 09 09:16

NSIDC: Arctic freeze-up well underway, November snow cover over North America most extensive since 1966

The Arctic freeze-up season is well underway, with ice extent increasing faster than average for most regions in November. Exceptions were in the Chukchi and Barents Seas, where the ice has been slow to form. Meanwhile, November snow cover over North America was the most extensive since 1966, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) reported in their analysis released December 4, 2018.

Arctic sea ice extent for November averaged 9.80 million km2 (3.78 million mi2), the center reports. This was the 9th lowest November in the 1979 to 2018 satellite record, falling 900 000 km2 (347 000 mi2) below the 1981 to 2010 average, yet 1.14 million km2 (440 000 mi2) above the record November low in 2016.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 07 10:48

It's snowing at the New Jersey shore

Beach season is officially over (unless you like sand and snow).

Images on Wednesday afternoon showed snow falling in and around New Jersey beach towns such as Ocean City.

Dec 07 10:48

Global Warming Enthusiasts are really believe the Malthusian Trap – Modern Witch Doctor Analysis

You have pointed out several times that the agenda behind the global warming crowd is, besides taxes, also the reduction of the global population. Initially, I had difficulties believing in this “crazy conspiracy theory”, but I start to believe you could be right. Where I live, The Netherlands, the brainwashing machine to convince people that CO2 is THE problem, is on overdrive and very effective. More and more people are believing this non-sense and regularly start to claim that the world population should decrease because we are one of the main sources of the increase of CO2 concentrations. When you ask them how that should be accomplished they reply “birth control”. But how this should be done they don´t know, but most probably (as usual) rely on the government to come up with a solution.

Dec 07 10:45

"Historic Storm" To Bury Southern Appalachians In Snow; Expect Massive Travel Disruptions 

Ed Vallee, head meteorologist at Vallee Weather Consulting, has certainly been on his weather game this year. Last month, his forecasts correctly pointed to a number of cross-country storms and unprecedented cold weather that punished the East Coast.

Now, his forecasts point to a new danger. Winter Storm Diego will travel through the southern US with a swath of snow, sleet and freezing rain from the southern Plains to the Ozarks, southern Appalachians, and parts of the Mid Atlantic late this week into early next week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 06 14:32

Can the Democrats Really Win 2020 with a New Green Deal?

"This is going to be the New Deal, the Great Society, the moon shot, the civil rights movement of our generation," declaimed Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) at a "Solving Our Climate Crisis" townhall this week. She was referring to the idea of a Green New Deal, which Mother Jones describes as "a complete realignment of the U.S. economy for a carbon-free future." Not wanting for ambition, Ocasio-Cortez added this goal: "We can use the transition to 100 percent renewable energy as the vehicle to establish economic, racial and social justice in America."

Dec 06 10:44

Barack Obama’s Secret Plan To Impose A New World Order Just Blew Up In His Face

Donald Trump recognized the threat this anti-American agreement posed and withdrew the United States from the deal in a May 2017 Rose Garden ceremony.

Trump’s decision incensed French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron styles himself as the leader of the “liberal world order” that Donald Trump was elected to shake up.

The French President received plaudits from so-called “mainstream” media journalists when he insulted Trump to his face by attacking nationalism as the exact opposite of patriotism.

But Macron is about to be brought down by Obama’s climate change agenda.

The streets of Paris devolved into scenes out of a third world war zone as neighborhoods burned and French citizens rose up in protest over Macron’s plan to raise eight billion Euros through increased carbon taxes.

Dec 05 11:06

Will Paris Riots Scuttle Climate Accord?

Yet, though confidence may abound in Katowice that the world will meet the goals set down in Paris in 2015, the global environmentalists seem to be losing momentum and losing ground.

Consider what happened this weekend in France.

Saturday, rage over a fuel tax President Emmanuel Macron has proposed to cut carbon emissions brought mobs into the heart of Paris, where they battled police, burned cars, looted, smashed show windows of elite stores such as Dior and Chanel, and desecrated the Arc de Triomphe.

In solidarity with the Paris rioters, protests in other French cities erupted.

Virulently anti-elite, the protesters say they cannot make ends meet with the present burdens on the working and middle class.

Specifically, what the rioters seem to be saying is this:

We cannot see the benefits you are promising to future generations from cutting carbon emissions. And we cannot survive the taxes you are imposing on us in the here and now.

Dec 05 10:26

Nobel Laureate in Physics; "Global Warming is Pseudoscience"

Dec 04 16:12

TERRAFORMING has begun: “Global dimming” is a plot to EXTERMINATE humanity by terraforming the atmosphere with SMOG pollution, killing Earth’s food crops and unleashing ecological collapse

Now we come to the end game for humanity. This is it, folks: They have a plan to collapse global food production, kill off over 90% of the human race, devastate natural ecosystems and pollute the Earth’s atmosphere… and it’s all being sold to you under the banner of “environmentalism.”

The scheme is called “global dimming,” and it’s a dangerous geoengineering plot to spray billions of tons of smog into the atmosphere so that pollution levels would block sunlight and halt global warming. This is literally what the mad environmental scientists are now proposing — the very same people who have, for years, claimed that “chemtrails” are a conspiracy theory and don’t exist. Now, all of a sudden, they want to chemtrail the entire planet in order to “save” us all from global warming.

Dec 03 10:45

FLASHBACK - Global warming data FAKED by government to fit climate change fictions

When drug companies are caught faking clinical trial data, no one is surprised anymore. When vaccine manufacturers spike their human trial samples with animal antibodies to make sure their vaccines appear to work, we all just figure that's how they do business: lying, cheating, deceiving and violating the law.

Now, in what might be the largest scientific fraud ever uncovered, NASA and the NOAA have been caught red-handed altering historical temperature data to produce a "climate change narrative" that defies reality. This finding, originally documented on the Real Science website, is detailed here.

We now know that historical temperature data for the continental United States were deliberately altered by NASA and NOAA scientists in a politically-motivated attempt to rewrite history and claim global warming is causing U.S. temperatures to trend upward. The data actually show that we are in a cooling trend, not a warming trend (see charts below).

Dec 03 10:32

UK weather SNOW forecast: 12 DAYS of HEAVY SNOW this Christmas as COLD POLAR blast hits

BRITAIN will be blanketed under 12 days of Christmas snow as an ‘astonishingly cold’ Nordic blast sends temperatures plummeting into the New Year.

Dec 03 08:35

Scientists will copy effects of a huge volcano eruption to block the sun's rays and fight global warming in £2.3m study funded by Bill Gates

As part of a £2.3million ($3million) experiment partly-funded by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, a team from Harvard University will spray tiny chalk particles into the atmosphere 12 miles above the Earth to reflect some of the Sun’s rays back into space.

They hope this will have a similar effect to an erupting volcano releasing sulphur dioxide. In 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines, releasing 20million tons of sulphur dioxide. That cooled the planet by 0.5C for 18 months.


The team hopes to launch a steerable balloon over the southwest United States before next July. It will release jets of calcium carbonate: chalk dust. Scientists will measure how this affects the Sun’s light.


Nov 29 17:43

The Coldest And Snowiest November Ever? Here Is Why America’s Freakish Weather Is Only Going To Get Worse…

Considering the fact that we have been struggling to feed the planet while the weather has been good, what are things going to look like if the climate suddenly makes it much more difficult to grow crops during the years ahead?

Nov 29 10:15

Weather Channel: "It's Been One Of The Most Miserable Starts To Winter On Record" 

Across the Northeast, Midwest, and Plains, it has been one of the coldest and snowiest starts to the winter season on record.

"Winter has gotten off to a fast start across a majority of the United States, particularly across the Northeast. Early season snow plagued I-95 in mid-November, bringing New York City it’s earliest 6” snowfall on record. Record cold blanketed the region on Thanksgiving, partly causing a rapid spike in natural gas prices. Cold also likely played a role in retail performance over the holiday weekend. While most see a reprieve from cold over the next 7 days, another blast of arctic air is expected later in the first week of December across the eastern U.S., which may further complicate energy market movement going forward," said Ed Vallee, head meteorologist at Vallee Weather Consulting.

Nov 28 14:52

Winter Storm Bruce leaves thousands in Vermont without power

Heavy snow spurred by Winter Storm Bruce and cold overnight temperatures caused nearly 90,000 outages to Green Mountain Power customers across Vermont.

The utility provided that updated figure in a news release Wednesday morning, after estimating 76,000 outages at the end of Tuesday. Crews worked overnight to restore power to more than 63,000 customers, according to a news release issued Wednesday morning, but the process of restoring power to everyone could take until Sunday.

"The damage is widespread, the conditions are still hazardous, we are still getting new outages," utility President and CEO Mary Powell stated in the Wednesday release. "We want our customers to know we are working hard, but given the severe damage over hundreds of miles, getting the job done could take days.”

Nov 28 12:20

Macron Slams ‘Thugs’ Protesting Against His Green Agenda, Offers No Concessions

In a speech addressing the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron stuck to his green agenda, promising to close 50 per cent of nuclear plants and make France carbon-free by 2050.

The French president addressed the Yellow Vest movement, which has the support of around 77 per cent of the French, directly saying that there had been “unacceptable violence” but differentiated that from those “who want to get out a message,” BFMTV reports.

“We must hear the protests of social alarm,” Macron said but added that France should not give up on its “responsibilities” saying, “there is also an environmental alarm.”

Macron said he wouldn’t be forced into changing his policies by the widespread protests he said were led by “thugs”.

Nov 28 12:19

U.N. Urges ‘Unprecedented and Urgent Action’ to Stop Climate Change

In its report, the United Nations suggested that the world is on the path to climate disaster if drastic measures are not implemented in the near future.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Give us your money and obedience OR DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS!!!!!!!!!" -- United Nonsense

Nov 28 11:58

Global Cooling is Real – Major Temperature Low 2046?

While NASA has now confirmed that the outer atmosphere is getting cooler, it seems desperately insane for people to keep denying the possibility the Global Cooling is taking place rather than Global Warming when the former brings famine and the latter brings economic expansion as civilizations rise. The rise of Rome was due to global warming as was the case after the Dark Age when they call that the Medieval Warming Period which was 950 to 1300AD.

Nov 26 16:30

Stop global warming by dimming the SUN! UV-blocking aerosols could be sprayed into the stratosphere by 2033 (but some warn the results will be 'catastrophic')

The idea would involve spraying large amounts of sulphate particles into the Earth's lower stratosphere at altitudes as high as 12 miles.

The scientists say they will deliver the sulphates with specially designed high-altitude aircraft, balloons or large naval-style guns.

The report does, however, acknowledge that the technique is purely hypothetical right now.

There is no existing technology or aircraft suitable for adaptation but the team say the system could be created in 15 years time.

Nov 26 12:34

Luongo: Jumping The Global Warming Shark

There’s a moment near the end of Ayn Rand’s mostly brilliant Atlas Shrugged where she details the unveiling of various government-funded boondoggles whose development we track as the story unfolds.

All of them end in tragedy and mass death.

From trains asphyxiating their passengers to sonic weapons killing spectators, the hubris and ineptitude of the rentier class which took over the U.S. government was on display in all its glory.

So, every time I see some hare-brained idea in service of a politically-motivated lie I just look at my wife, shake my head and say, “Act III, Atlas Shrugged, hon.”

Nov 26 12:07

Heavy snow across Midwest, including Chicago, complicates post-Thanksgiving travel

Holiday travelers in the Upper Midwest scrambled Sunday to make it home ahead of a major winter storm bringing heavy snow, strong winds and travel headaches to a wide swath of the region, including Chicago's O'Hare and Midway airports.

The storm produced blizzard conditions in the hardest-hit areas Sunday, forecast to be the busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Widespread snow of 6 to 12 inches was expected from the Middle Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes, the National Weather Service warned. Parts of Illinois experienced whiteout conditions, 45 mph gusts and up to 2 inches of snow per hour.

Heavy snow hit the Chicago Metro area later Sunday, triggering nearly 800 flight cancellations and at least 446 flight delays at O'Hare International Airport, a major hub. Airline delays in or out of Chicago had a ripple effect throughout the nationwide system.

Nov 26 10:51

Winter storm to bring 'hazardous' conditions during busy post-Thanksgiving travel rush

A vigorous winter storm across the nation's midsection may throw a wrench in plans for millions of Americans making their way home on Sunday on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

The National Weather Service said that the winter storm is expected to bring near-blizzard conditions from the Central Plains into the Great Lakes, impacting the Kansas City and Chicago metro areas the hardest.

"It's going to impact many going home after this long holiday weekend," Fox News' Chief Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth said Sunday on "Fox & Friends."

Heavy snow is expected to fall throughout the day on Sunday, with many areas seeing between 6 to 12 inches from eastern Kansas, Iowa, Northern Missouri and into Illinois. Some places may see up to 18 inches and strong winds, according to the NWS.

Nov 26 10:45

Don't Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling

Writing in Real Clear Markets, Aaron Brown looked at the official NASA global temperature data and noticed something surprising. From February 2016 to February 2018, "global average temperatures dropped by 0.56 degrees Celsius." That, he notes, is the biggest two-year drop in the past century.

"The 2016-2018 Big Chill," he writes, "was composed of two Little Chills, the biggest five month drop ever (February to June 2016) and the fourth biggest (February to June 2017). A similar event from February to June 2018 would bring global average temperatures below the 1980s average."

Isn't this just the sort of man-bites-dog story that the mainstream media always says is newsworthy?

Nov 26 09:30

Jumping the Global Warming Shark

So it’s truly time to put this global warming nonsense to bed. -- It is, like so many other cultural issues we are dealing with right now, just another aspect of a mass solipsistic descent into madness induced by a century of Marxism decrying the wealth created by access to cheap, abundant energy and the dislocation we experienced thanks to rapid industrialization a century ago. -- This is just more Original Sin doctrine to control people by their ‘betters’ who live lives of such wealth the term ‘conspicuous consumption’ seems the grossest of understatement.

Nov 23 11:15

How carbon dioxide benefits the planet with accelerated reforestation, improved crop growth and re-greening

Contrary to what the global warming fanatics often claim, rising CO2 levels have been helping our planet, not hurting it – affirming what our own Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote about in his own in-depth article on the subject last summer.

What Goklany and Adams both agree on, as does empirical science, is the fact that rising CO2 levels have actually boosted the productivity of the biosphere by some 14 percent since 1982. Crops are growing more easily as a result of this, and the overall amount of farmable land throughout the world has similarly increased by as much as 17 percent.

“Satellite evidence confirms that increasing carbon dioxide concentrations have also resulted in greater productivity of wild terrestrial ecosystems in all vegetation types,” Goklany’s eye-opening report explains.

“Increasing carbon dioxide concentrations have also increased the productivity of many marine ecosystems.”

Nov 22 11:25

Ice queen: Diana Ross braves the freezing temperatures at the coldest Macy's Thanksgiving parade EVER as almost a million revelers shiver in temperatures of 19F on the streets after fears some floats would be canceled because of the weather

New Yorkers bundled up as they watched iconic floats and performances in Thursday's Macy's Thanksgiving Parade - proving that the cold never bothered them anyway.

Millions cozied up as they watched fantastic musical numbers kick off the parade as it made its way through Manhattan's streets.

Dozens of marching bands and performances are making the 92nd annual parade one to remember, with special appearances from Diana Ross, John Legend, Bad Bunny, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ella Mai, Martina McBride, Sugarland, Bare Naked Ladies, Pentatonix, Rita Ora, Anika Noni Rose, Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Tisdale, Kane Brown, Fifth Harmony, Tina Fey, the Muppets from 'Sesame Street and more.
The parade features 16 massive balloons and 26 large floats. It also includes a dozen marching bands and more than 20 music acts.

Nov 21 12:08

UN environment head resigns after spending almost $500,000 on air travel in less than 2 years

The head of United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) has stepped down after racking up $488,518 in air travel and hotel costs. An audit has called his globe-trotting extravaganza a “reputation risk.”

Erik Solheim, Norway’s former environment minister and the head of UNEP since 2016, found himself in the midst of a controversy in September, when it was revealed that he was away from UNEP’s headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, some 80 percent of the time. A preliminary report on him prepared by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) was leaked to The Guardian, detailing the official’s exorbitant traveling spend, which accounted for 529 days out of 668 that had been audited.

Nov 21 11:39

Obama blames climate change on 'mommy issues' without naming Trump

Former President Barack Obama cattily ripped on his successor in a long-winded speech to a room full of his young acolytes Monday night as a part of a two-day "leadership summit" named in honor of himself.

Obama slammed President Trump during an onstage conversation with writer Dave Eggers, opining that "the reason we don't" address climate change "is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism – mommy issues." While Obama has conspicuously avoided using the president's name since Trump took over as Commander in Chief, there was little question as to the target of his remarks.

Nov 20 10:54

Six inches of snow nearly paralyzed the New York area. What went wrong?

Drivers were trapped on gridlocked, snowy roads for hours.

Middle schoolers in New Jersey had to spend the night at school.

The upper level of the George Washington Bridge — one of the busiest bridges in the world — came to a standstill with drivers abandoning their cars.

The New York region was all but paralyzed by an early winter storm that led to recriminations and second-guessing on Friday about what exactly went wrong.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city was caught off guard by the ferocity of the storm after early forecasts predicted a light dusting.

At Central Park, there were 6.4 inches of snow as of 5 a.m. Friday — the biggest one-day November snowfall in at least 136 years.

“We’re going to do a full review,” de Blasio said in an interview on NY1 on Friday morning. “I’m not happy with the end result. It’s unacceptable.”

Nov 20 10:12

France Suffers Anti-Carbon Revolt: Massive Road Blocks Against Macron's Diesel Tax

In stunning irony, the French protest against Macron's diesel tax, while Macron insists the UK abide by climate accord.

Nov 20 09:33

Global Warming “science” discovered to be founded on glaring math error that renders thousands of news reports false

When the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN and other fact-challenged news outlets reported a few months ago that the oceans were warming at a catastrophic rate due to climate change, they all missed a glaring math error in the original science paper.

The paper, co-authored by Ralph Keeling of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, was published in the science journal Nature. It erroneously claimed that ocean temperatures were skyrocketing at a rate that was 60 percent higher than the IPCC’s known rate of ocean temperature trends. But the paper suffered from a glaring mathematical error that has since been exposed.

This erroneous conclusion was immediately seized upon by the left-wing media to claim that Trump was destroying the world by promoting fossil fuels which were causing so much warming that the world would soon come to an end.

Nov 19 10:33

"Brutally Cold Temperatures" Threaten To Devastate Black Friday Sales 

As investors eagerly await channel check reports on this upcoming Black Friday shopping bonanza to confirm the US consumer is still propping up the economy, there could be some unexpectedly bad news that may disappoint Wall Street.

First, the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has released new weather models that indicate a massive blast of arctic air could spread across the mid-Atlantic and North East regions during the upcoming holiday week, crippling shopping intentions and keeping millions of Americans away from their favorite retail outlet of choice.

Nov 19 09:42

"Brutally Cold Temperatures" Threaten To Devastate Black Friday Sales 

(*here comes the excuse for the Strong Trump Economy being a No Show throughout the Holiday Shopping Season !)

Nov 16 13:55

South Park ‘Apologizes’ to Al Gore for ‘ManBearPig Episodes’

South Park has “apologized” for mocking super serial Al Gore in its ManBearPig episodes. Naturally, the liberal media is going wild with righteous jubilation.

According to one sanctimonious commentary in the Guardian, it’s a sign that South Park has finally seen the error of its ways – part of a growing recognition by TV that politically correct snark has no place in this more enlightened, caring, woke modern world of ours.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As we head into yet another hard winter...

Nov 15 22:22


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is catching heat from all corners as several inches of November snow has virtually crippled one of America’s major cities.

Nov 15 14:32

Travel chaos as deadly Winter Storm Avery prepares to dump up to six inches of snow on the East Coast from DC to Boston, closing schools and snarling airports with 80 million in its path

Winter Storm Avery has struck New York City, continuing up the East Coast and causing travel chaos and school closures after killing at least five.

More than 80 million people braced for the Arctic blast on Thursday as winter storm alerts were issued from St Louis through the Appalachian Mountains to New York and New England.

Nearly half a million people across the Midwest, mid-Atlantic and Northeast were left without power after the storm struck last night.

The storm was forecast to dump as much as six inches on parts of New England, while in the Midwest the St Louis area saw the highest accumulation with up to eight inches of snow on Thursday morning.

The storm has already wreaked havoc on roads in the South, where icy roads led to fatal crashes in Mississippi and Arkansas on Wednesday night.

Nov 15 12:13

STUPID GLOBAL WARMING! November Snow In Texas? Experts Warn Decreased Solar Activity Will Shatter All Global Climate Models

Our sun has been behaving very strangely, and this unusual behavior is really starting to affect our weather patterns. There have been virtually no sunspots in 2018 as solar activity has dropped to alarmingly low levels. As a result, our atmosphere has been cooling and shrinking, and experts are warning that we are heading for a bitterly, bitterly cold winter. And even though the official start of winter is well over a month away, winter weather is already sweeping the nation. As you will see below, a giant winter storm is about to slam into the east coast, but what is happening in Texas is even more unnerving. On Wednesday morning, the temperature in San Antonio plummeted to just 23 degrees, and that absolutely shattered the old record…

Nov 15 10:55

It’s snowing in Shreveport. See video.

It’s snowing in Shreveport, according to a video posted early Tuesday morning (Nov. 13) from the National Weather Service. It’s just a light dusting so far, but, hey, it’s still snow. Or should we say sneaux?

Here’s the video from the National Weather Service’s Shreveport office.

Nov 15 10:09

Climate Scientists Admit To Major Math Error After Global Warming Study Debunked

The co-author of a widely-cited global warming study has owned up to a major math error uncovered six days after its Oct. 31 publication by an independent scientist.

The study used a new method of measuring the ocean's absorption of heat, and concluded - through incorrect math - that 60% more heat had been absorbed than previously thought.

The report was covered or referenced by MSM outlets worldwide, including the Washington Post, New York Times, BBC, Reuters and others.

Shortly after the article was published, however, independent UK-based researcher Nicholas Lewis published a comprehensive blog post, claiming he had found a "major problem" with the research.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is likely where the "Earth is warming and the reason you don't feel it is the heat is 'hiding' in the ocean" propaganda the carbonazis put out to not have to deal with the fact that the Earth was not warming up the way their predictions said it would.

Nov 15 09:48


FRN has confirmed reports that there is a serious and impending heating crisis facing upwards of hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine. This means that the people will have to flee, somehow, or those unable for any number of reasons, will freeze to death.

There is no heat presently for millions of Ukrainians, a crisis that has an economic and political dimension. It snowed in eastern Ukraine yesterday, and in the Donbass, with temperatures dropping by the day.

People have turned to street protests in any number of locations, in some cases they have turned to rioting.

Nov 14 23:39

Polar bear numbers are so HIGH they threaten native Inuit populations, claims controversial Canadian government report bitterly contested by environmentalists who have made creature the icon of global warming

Wildlife experts often use images of emaciated polar bears to show how habitats are coming under threat due to ice shrinking and sea levels rising.

For example just a few months ago footage emerged of a polar bear prowling around on thin ice in the Nunavut territory in the northernmost region in Canada.

Wildlife experts said that the photos showed how the polar bears' habitat is coming under threat due to human-induced global warming.

However, a new report, drafted by the Nunavut government completely contracts these widely-held claims about declining populations.

The draft report, which is set to be published by the end of this year, claims that polar bear populations are much higher than scientists estimated - and are actually increasing.

Nov 14 08:29

Neil Young Blasts Trump After He Loses Home To Wildfire

>>>the conflagrations in Southern California are urban interface fires, meaning they have nothing to do with forest management, as a local fire association pointed out.


Nov 14 08:28

Polar bear numbers are so HIGH they threaten native Inuit populations, claims controversial Canadian government report bitterly contested by environmentalists who have made creature the icon of global warming

Polar bear numbers are so high they threaten native Inuit populations, a controversial Canadian government report has found.

The animals, which have become one of the enduring symbols of the environmental cause, are growing in such numbers that they cannot currently safely co-exist with humans in northern Canada, the report suggested.

But the findings have been bitterly contested by environmental scientists who say that climate change has simply pushed the bears closer to humans as they search for food.

Nov 13 14:57

California's Gov. Brown Again Blames Fires On Global Warming — He Couldn't Be More Wrong

California once again is burning, with hundreds of thousands of tinder-dry acres going up in flames. Gov. Jerry Brown says it's global warming. President Trump blames forest mismanagement. Who's right?

On Saturday, Trump tweeted: "There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"

Brown's take was, well, different: "Managing all the forests in everywhere we can does not stop climate change," he said. "And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we're now witnessing, and will continue to witness in the coming years."

Nov 13 12:42

NASA Scientist Warns: The Lack Of Sunspots Could Bring Record Cold

“The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age,” wrote Dr. Tony Phillips just six weeks ago, on September 27, 2018. The lack of sunspots on our sun could bring about record cold temperatures, and perhaps even a mini ice age.

Sunspots have been absent for most of 2018 and Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding, says Phillips, the editor of “The bad news,” according to Phillips, is: “It also delays the natural decay of space junk, resulting in a more cluttered environment around Earth.”

“It could happen in a matter of months,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center on the cold snap that may be coming. “If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold,” says Mlynczak. “We’re not there quite yet,” he said. However, “months” is not all that far away.

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Nov 12 12:29

Snow and cold hit the Front Range

A winter storm snarled traffic and left more than six inches of snow in some areas of central Colorado.

We have a Pinpoint Weather Alert Day with a Winter Weather Advisory for the region until 4 p.m.

We’re expecting temperatures today will stay in the mid-20s with breezy conditions with snowfall totals range from 3-6 inches in the Denver metro area, 1-3? for the Eastern Plains, 2-4? for the northern Front Range, and 4-10? for the foothills and mountains.

The National Weather Servicer reported six inches of snow in Boulder and more in the nearby foothills.

Nov 12 12:15

Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate

Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October 2018.

Principal component analysis (PCA) of the solar background magnetic field observed from the Earth, revealed four pairs of dynamo waves, the pair with the highest eigen values are called principal components (PCs).

PCs are shown to be produced by magnetic dipoles in inner and outer layers of the Sun, while the second pair of waves is assumed produced by quadruple magnetic sources and so on.

The PC waves produced by a magnetic dipole and their summary curve were described analytically and shown to be closely related to the average sunspot number index used for description of solar activity.

Based on this correlation, the summary curve was used for the prediction of long-term solar activity on a millennial timescale.

Nov 10 13:34

PG&E Could Be to Blame For Sparking Camp Fire In Butte County

"CA legislature was busy making sure illegals had drivers licenses, Medi-Cal benefits & protection from I.C.E. No time to oversee PG&E!" ~ Ann Coulter

Nov 09 11:02

'It's too early for snow': November snow falls in parts of Kansas

Nov 09 11:02

Brace yourself: Cold temperatures, snow this weekend

Nov 09 08:55


The BBC’s left wing topical comedy ‘Mash Report’ programme this week went hard on the UN’s alarming suggestion that we just have twelve years left to save the planet. To Guido it all sounded very familiar…

Andrew Simms told us a year later that we had “only 100 months to avoid disaster.” Meaning time ran out in 2016…

Al Gore told us that we had just ten years in July of 2008 to ensure the “survival of the United States of America”. So America has been screwed for four months now…

Jim Hensen, warned in 2009 that Obama only had “four years to save Earth.” Apparently Earth was lost in 2013…

Prince Charles told us in May 2008 that we had “just eighteen months to stop climate change.” That gave us until the end of 2009…

Prince Charles by July 2009, on the other had this had been extended to “just 96 months to save the world.” Time ran out in 2017…

Nov 08 12:37

Major Math Error Puts Widely-Cited Global Warming Study On Ice

An widely-circulated study which concluded that global warming is far worse than previously thought has been called into question by a math error, reports the Daily Caller's Michael Bastasch.

Princeton scientist Laure Resplandy and researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography concluded in October that the Earth's oceans have retained 60% more heat than previously thought over the last 25 years, suggesting global warming was much worse than previously believed.

The report was covered or referenced by MSM outlets worldwide, including the Washington Post, New York Times, BBC, Reuters and others.

The Washington Post, for example, reported: "The higher-than-expected amount of heat in the oceans means more heat is being retained within Earth’s climate system each year, rather than escaping into space. In essence, more heat in the oceans signals that global warming is more advanced than scientists thought."

Nov 08 05:33

What’s Really Behind All the Plastic Bans Happening Simultaneously?

We've known that plastic was bad for us and bad for the environment for a long time now, but now there's a sudden war on plastic that is spanning the globe. Are the bans that are all happening simultaneously actually about something darker than plastic itself?

Nov 07 15:27

The Uncertainty Has Settled (Full film)

Globalisation and climate politics are causing radical changes such as farmers becoming energy suppliers. But the green ideology raises questions. The scientific topic of climate change has now become incontrovertibly a matter of world politics.

Nov 07 14:32

Early season snowstorm isolates Kashmir valley, causes massive power outage, India

Northern India has experienced violent start to winter season 2018/19 over the past couple of days with 1st snowfall of the season disrupting power supply, road links and isolating Kashmir valley. The region typically sees its first snowfall between the months of December and February

At least 700 people were evacuated from Jawhar Tunnel and Sonmarg, stranded due to inclement weather and snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir, authorities reported November 4, 2018.

Over 1 000 civilians were provided food and shelter in Banihal while Kashmir valley remains cut off from the rest of the country for the second day on November 4 after heavy snowfall led to the closure of the Srinagar-Jammu national highway.

Nov 02 23:15

Heavy snowfalls open ski resorts a month early

While much of Europe has been basking in the warm afterglow of summer, winter has arrived unexpectedly early in the Alps in this year of freakish weather. Thanks to two giant snowstorms, the tills are already ringing merrily in some ski resorts, more than a month ahead of schedule.

Yesterday Verbier in Switzerland was able to open a handful of slopes for ardent skiers in what is believed to be the earliest start to the season. More than three metres of snow has fallen in parts of the southern Swiss Alps and northern Italian Alps this week.

More than 60cm fell in Verbier. “The Indian summer has ended and [given] way to winter,” Téléverbier, the ski lift company, said.

Nov 02 09:44

Seas are rising everywhere except around Islands

This should end all the Pacific Island climate claims right here. A new study of over 700 islands for decades shows that even though seas are rising faster than any time in the last million years, somehow no islands with people on are shrinking. This means there are no climate change refugees from any vanishing island. Plus it’s more proof that highly adjusted satellite data is recording sea levels on some other planet.

Over the past decades, atoll islands exhibited no widespread sign of physical destabilization in the face of sea-level rise. A reanalysis of available data, which cover 30 Pacific and Indian Ocean atolls including 709 islands, reveals that no atoll lost land area and that 88.6% of islands were either stable or increased in area, while only 11.4% contracted.

Oct 31 11:49

Cold Snap Could Send Natural Gas To $5

The natural gas market is looking rather tight, even as U.S. production continues to set new records.

Inventories fell sharply last winter, leaving the country a little light on stocks heading into injection season. That did not concern the market much, with record-setting production expected to replenish depleted inventories.

However, the past six months has not led to surging stockpiles, and inventories replenished at a much slower rate than expected. We are about to enter the winter heating season with inventories at their lowest level in 15 years. For the week ending on October 19, the U.S. held 3,095 billion cubic feet (bcf) of natural gas in storage, or 606 bcf lower than at this point last year, and 624 bcf below the five-year average.

Oct 31 09:56


Former Vice President Al Gore waded into a fight over oil and gas drilling in Colorado, urging residents to support a ballot initiative that critics say would effectively ban hydraulic fracturing across the state.

Gore, an ardent global warming activist, is effectively calling on Colorado voters to ban fracking for a fuel, natural gas, responsible for the lion’s share of reductions in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions. Most scientists blame carbon dioxide for recent global warming.

Oct 29 11:57

It has been so cold it even snowed in Cornwall

Temperatures were so bitterly cold across the country on Saturday that even parts of Devon and Cornwall woke up to flurries of snow. After weeks of unseasonably warm weather, people were stunned to see the light dusting of snow in Truro, Bodmin and Land’s End. Locals said it was the earliest they had seen snow settle there in years after the freezing cold snap that saw temperatures across the UK drop to as low as -3°C.

Oct 26 09:08

Delingpole: Named and Shamed: Europe’s Biggest Climate Bedwetters

The following countries are Europe’s biggest climate bedwetters: Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Finland.

And the most sensible climate realists: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

But just wait till you discover the identity of the biggest climate bedwetter of the lot…

We learn this from the alarmist publication Climate Change News, which is very worried about the future of European climate policy. Apparently, it has been thrown in doubt both by Brexit and by Germany’s increasing reluctance to hamstring its economy with its disastrous Energiewende renewable energy suicide programme.

Oct 26 09:07

Canada’s ‘Climate Barbie’ Catherine McKenna Mistakes CO2 for Air Pollution

The Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change has justified the nation’s new carbon tax by suggesting that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

In a tweet Tuesday, Catherine McKenna, confused the issue of air pollution with emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2. “Canadians know that pollution isn’t free,” the minister wrote. “We see the costs in storms, floods, and wildfires — that’s why we’ve announced we’re putting a price on pollution. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for the economy.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

McKenna is not entirely to blame here. In the US, the EPA declared carbon dioxide a pollutant to support the global warming/carbon tax agenda. Of course, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; it is an indispensable component for the chain of life on Earth.

Oct 25 12:05

Warning: Parts Of Quebec Will Be Hit By 30cm Of Snow This Week

It's pretty obvious that Canada's weather hasn't been in its prime since autumn began. It started out with some cooler temperatures and beautiful fall foliage, but it's quickly turned into a full-fledged winter over some areas of Quebec.