Dec 31 09:43

Foreign Hackers "Cripple" US Newspapers, Cause Widespread Delivery Disruptions

The attacks, which began late Thursday night, appear "to have originated from outside the United States," according to the Times, and resulted in distribution delays in the Saturday edition of The Times, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and several other major newspapers which share the same production platform.

West coast editions of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times were also affected, as they are all printed at the LA Times' Olympic printing plant in downtown Los Angeles.

The hackers were able to disable several crucial software systems which store news stories, photographs and administrative information - which complicated efforts to make the physical plates used to print the papers at The Times' downtown plant.

"We believe the intention of the attack was to disable infrastructure, more specifically servers, as opposed to looking to steal information," according to the source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Dec 31 09:42

Robots With Sticky Feet Can Really Climb

Researchers have created a micro-robot whose electroadhesive foot pads, inspired by the pads on a gecko's feet, allow it to climb on vertical and upside-down conductive surfaces, like the inside walls of a commercial jet engine. Groups of them could one day be used to inspect complicated machinery and detect safety issues sooner, while reducing maintenance costs.

Dec 31 09:00

UN Blames Facebook, WhatsApp For Enabling Human Trafficking; Charities Call BS

The UN has resorted to blaming big tech for failing to crack down on human traffickers who use their platforms to lure migrants "to their deaths" with false promises of safe passage into Europe, according to the Independent.

Companies such as Facebook and WhatsApp are “enabling criminal activity” by traffickers who entrap victims who are unaware of the dangers they face, according to the UN’s migration agency.

The warning comes amid a surge in migrants attempting to reach the UK by crossing the Channel in small boats, with almost 100 people intercepted by both British and French authorities while attempting to reach the UK from France since Christmas Day. -Independent

Dec 31 08:56

Paranoid Of Russian Espionage, Belgium Bans Military Use Of Personal Smartphones

The Belgian military involved in NATO missions in the Baltic states will soon be banned from using personal smartphones because of concerns about possible spying activities, especially from Russia, VRT reported.

VRT has quoted General Carl Gillis, Chief of Operations Division of the Belgian Defense Department, as saying that the Belgian Defense has decided to tighten the rules on the use of smartphones by the military, since the geolocation services of some mobile applications may give out confidential information on military bases or soldiers.

Dec 31 08:24

Poor people should get slower internet speeds, American ISPs tell FCC

Analysis ISPs should be paid to provide slower internet speeds to poor people.

That's the extraordinary upshot of a meeting between an ISP industry group and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US.

In a letter [PDF] recording a meeting between the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) and the legal advisors to two FCC commissioners, the industry group "emphasized that the Commission’s goals would be better served by directing support to areas that lack any service at all and those that have access only below 10/1 Mbps."

The current definition of broadband is 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up. That was introduced in 2015 and replaced an older, outdated definition of 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

Dec 30 10:06

Israeli Firm Caught Up in US-China Rivalry Over Advanced Military Robots

The US Army is apparently searching for cutting-edge technologies to be used in its military service, and new players in the field seem to be popping up, along with an established Chinese manufacturer.

Israeli firm Roboteam is competing with Massachusetts-based Endeavor Robotics over a series of major contracts to build the US army’s top-notch generation of ground robots. Those machines will be designed to be smarter and easier to run than the remote-controlled rovers that have helped troops disable bombs for more than 15 years.

Dec 30 07:51


Step inside China’s “social credit laboratory” and imagine your life and liberties being controlled and severely limited exactly this way if the Democrats and Globalists, who currently control all of social media, Google, YouTube, and Apple, take complete control of the U.S. Government in 2020. Communist-controlled China has already begun their massive experiment in monitoring and ranking their citizens by what they post on social media. Got some negative things to say about your government and how the system is run? If so, you will be banned from traveling, and that’s just the beginning (think of “hate speech” on social media here).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A note to the Chinese Government; George Orwell's 1984 was a cautionary tale; not a how-to book!!!

And those in the US who are too dim to think this is not already happening here at home, you need to think again, please.

Dec 28 18:13


911 emergency services in several states across the U.S. remain down after a massive outage at a CenturyLink data center.

Dec 28 15:09

Chinese click farm

Dec 28 10:51


For years, we've noted how popular TV ratings firm Nielsen has turned a bit of a blind eye to cord cutting and the Internet video revolution, on one hand declaring that the idea of cord cutting was "pure fiction," while on the other hand admitting it wasn't actually bothering to track TV viewing on mobile devices. It's not surprising; Nielsen's bread and butter is paid for by traditional cable executives, and really, who wants to take the time to pull all those collective heads of out of the sand to inform them that their precious pay TV cash cow is dying?

Eventually, the cord cutting trend became too big to ignore, forcing Nielsen to change its tune and start acknowledging the very real trend (though they called it "zero TV households" instead of cordcutters).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to love the smell of irony in the morning.

Dec 28 09:12

India Wants Tech Platforms To Break Encryption, Scrub "Unlawful" Content

The government of India wants tech platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google to remove content it deems "unlawful" within 24 hours of official notice, and develop "automated tools" which would "proactively identify and remove such material," reports BuzzFeed, citing the publication of the proposed rules by India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
The rules would also require companies to break end-to-end encryption to allow the government to snoop on communications.

India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) published the proposed rules on its website following a report on Monday by the Indian Express revealing the government’s proposal to modify the country’s primary IT law to work them in. The report comes days after India’s government seemingly authorized 10 federal agencies to snoop into every computer in the country last week.

Dec 28 08:52

IBM's AI predictions: Trusted AI, quantum computing take center stage in 2019

Major breakthroughs will lead enterprises to increasingly advance, scale, and trust artificial intelligence, according to IBM.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


At least around here, The Weather Channel, which boasts of using IBM's Watson, is worse than useless. Yesterday they were forecasting overnight thunderstorms.

No thunder.

No rain.

Sky clear.

Can see the stars.

AI is just another useless sales pitch, if you ask me.

Dec 28 08:46

From changing rooms to public toilets: The dark trend of hidden spy cameras filming women

Increasing numbers of women are being secretly filmed on spy cameras as covert recording technology becomes cheaper and more readily available, experts have warned.

Peeping toms are installing clandestine cameras in rental and student properties or public spaces including toilets, swimming pool cubicles, changing rooms and tanning salons, in an attempt to capture explicit photos of women without their consent.

This material is then being uploaded to porn websites where there is said to be a growing market for voyeuristic material.

Dec 28 07:20

Experts call bitcoin this year's worst investment

Once hailed as the future of money, bitcoin has lost more than 80 percent of its value since last year's all-time high of $20,000.

Currently trading below $3,700, the cryptocurrency is likely to extend its losses to below $3,000, experts say.

Dec 28 07:17

“Everything is fake”: Ex-Reddit CEO confirms Internet traffic metrics are bullshit

“It’s all true: Everything is fake,” tweeted Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao regarding a Wednesday New York Magazine article which reveals that internet traffic metrics from some of the largest tech companies are overstated or fabricated. In other words; they’re bullshit.

Dec 27 11:30 Doesn't Believe In Free Speech

Here is the response from,why they will not post Breitbart or many of the websites here on WRH.

Daniel from Mix Support
1:57 AM (8 hours ago)
to me
As per our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to exclude any content form our service at our discretion, and without explanation.
Kind regards

Frank Marion

10:19 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Daniel
In other words you are deepstate and you are censoring Free Speech. Pathetic.I don't agree with much on Breitbart but they unlike you believe in the Bill of Rights!

Dec 27 09:53

Grassroots Networks Mobilize From Coast to Coast to Promote Digital Rights: 2018 Year in Review

By Shahid Buttar

The digital rights movement showed its strength this year by projecting influence in jurisdictions across the United States. Community organizations on both coasts, as well as the Midwest and the South, took action, promoting issues from net neutrality and civilian oversight of local police surveillance to the right to repair and digital security...

Dec 27 09:47

WikiLeaks Releases U.S. Embassy Shopping List, Further Exposing Surveillance By The Special Collection Service

By Aaron Kesel

The international whistleblowing organization, WikiLeaks, has published a Christmas-themed searchable database of more than 16,000 acquisition requests posted by United States embassies around the world for various job listings, revealing covert activities like spying...

Dec 27 08:09

Seven Cryptocurrency Trends to Look out for in 2019

By Kai Sedgwick

Another year is coming, filled with fresh optimism and newfound determination to make 2019 the year when cryptocurrencies take over. Having gotten their calls badly wrong for 2018, so-called experts will be hesitant to make bullish price predictions for 2019. That’s probably for the best since there are far more interesting things to focus on than price action. Here are seven trends that should dominate the cryptosphere over the next 12 months...

Dec 27 07:57

Facebook is not equipped to stop the spread of authoritarianism

Whether by accident or design, Facebook makes it easy for even low-tech governments to silence dissent

Dec 27 07:45

Saudi Arabia’s first robot gets its first job at government entity

Saudi Arabia’s first robot employee started work at one of the Kingdom’s government entities and has been handed its job ID as well as his required functions, SPA reported.

The robot attended its first meeting on Sunday morning at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), in the presence of the Kingdom’s Minister of Education Ahmed Al-Issa, and the governor of TVTC Ahmed Al Fahaid.

The robot will contribute to serving customers through an electronic evaluation system, and the delivery of messages to visitors to exhibitions and activities of the TVTC.

Dec 27 07:39

Busted! Enterprising boy, 6, gets caught on camera using Alexa to cheat on his winter break homework in adorable video 

A kid in New Jersey was busted when his mother caught him asking Alexa for the answers to his home work, and she recorded it on her cellphone before yelling at him.

New Jersey mom Yerelyn Cueva, 24, took to Twitter to share the short clip of her son, posted a short clip on Twitter of her son, six-year-old Jariel, who was supposed to be doing his math homework without help.

Jariel asks, 'Alexa, what's five minus three?' The Amazon Echo quickly replies with the right answer, before you hear Cueva burst into the room saying 'BOY!'

The clip, which she posted to Twitter, has received more than 8.2million views.

Dec 26 12:15

Shine a Light’: ACLU Sues 7 US Federal Agencies to Expose Government Hacking

On Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Privacy International and Civil Liberties and Transparency Clinic at the University of Buffalo filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against seven federal criminal and immigration enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

According to a press release by the ACLU, the lawsuit demands that the agencies reveal "which hacking tools and methods they [these agencies] use, how often they use them, the legal basis for employing these methods and any internal rules that govern them." It also calls for internal audits or investigations of the agencies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I must confess that I have a "hug and a punch" relationship with the ACLU; this morning, it's hug time!! :-)

Dec 25 09:49

When Santa Gives Your Little Ones a Personal Digital Spy

The increasing popularity of internet-connected interactive toys is a reminder that there are only two kinds of databases: those that have been hacked, and those that haven’t been hacked, yet

Dec 24 13:43

Hackers Steal Thousands Of Files From M&A Giant Evercore

We break from tonight's episode of "Powell in turmoil" to let you know that an "unknown" hacker appears to have inside info on a substantial portion of the global pipeline of upcoming M&A deals. According to The Times, thousands of "sensitive documents" have been stolen by hackers in a cyber-attack on M&A and restructuring giant Evercore.

According to the report, one of the boutique bank’s junior administrators in London was the victim of a “phishing” attack - similar to the way in which John Podesta allegedly handed over control of his inbox to an unknown hacker - in which a recipient is lured into clicking on a corrupt link in an email. The hackers gained access to her inbox, leading to the theft of 160,000 “data objects” such as diary invitations, documents and emails. It is likely that among the tens of thousands of stolen objects was confidential data on the countless merger deals the company is currently working on.

Dec 24 11:27

video -- Tim Pool - "Thank You Patreon For Destroying My Income -$5,219.75"

Patreon's Actions have led to my income falling over $5,000 per month and they know it.

Dec 24 06:38

Before and After: What We Learned About the “Hemisphere” Program After Suing the DEA

By Dave Maass

As the year draws to a close, so has EFF’s long-running Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Agency about the mass phone surveillance program infamously known as “Hemisphere.”

We won our case and freed up tons of records. (So did the Electronic Privacy Information Center.) The government, on the other hand, only succeeded in dragging out the fake secrecy...

Dec 23 22:43

Virtual Internet Prison?

Dec 23 11:04

Apple's latest transparency report reveals a steep rise in government demands for user data

Apple said it received 32,342 device requests from the government, which is a 9 percent increase from the last reporting period.

Those requests sought to access 163,823 devices in the second half of the year.

Germany issued the most device requests, making 13,704 requests for data on 26,160 devices.

The U.S. followed it in second place, with 4,570 requests for data on 14,911 devices.

Dec 23 10:32


The Indian government has authorized 10 central agencies to intercept, monitor, and decrypt data on any computer, sending a shock wave through citizens and privacy watchdogs.

Narendra Modi’s government late Thursday broadened the scope of Section 69 of the nation’s IT Act, 2000 to require a subscriber, service provider, or any person in charge of a computer to “extend all facilities and technical assistance to the agencies.” Failure to comply with the agencies could result in seven years of imprisonment and an unspecified fine.

In a clarification posted today, the Ministry of Home Affairs said each case of interception, monitoring, and decryption is to be approved by the competent authority, which is the Union Home Secretary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to the citizens of India; your government has now declared that you have utterly no right to internet privacy, no matter how "vanilla" your messages, and documents sent and received may be.

Dec 23 10:01


Facebook has suspended the account of Jonathon Morgan, the researcher behind a disinformation campaign against an Alabama Republican candidate who ended up losing the race for a Senate seat. Morgan claimed it was “research.”
Morgan, the CEO of New Knowledge, a social media research firm that published a major report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections, has confirmed to The Washington Post that his Facebook account was suspended.

In a statement, Facebook said it had yanked "five accounts run by multiple individuals for engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior" and was investigating them.

"We've removed thousands of Pages, Groups and accounts for this kind of behavior, as well as accounts that were violating our policies on spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior during the Alabama special election last year,"Facebook said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable.

And remember, originally Facebook fell for this codswallop, hook, line and sinker.!!!

Dec 23 09:46


As the year draws to a close, so has EFF’s long-running Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Agency about the mass phone surveillance program infamously known as “Hemisphere.”

Dec 23 09:44

The Amazonian tribe defending their land with technology

While the Amazonian basin is most often touted for its biodiversity, there are also hundreds of indigenous tribes that live in the rainforest. Many of these tribes are under direct threat of displacement by resource extraction and deforestation. To this day, 70 percent of the Ecuadorian Amazon has been leased to oil companies, and plans have been set to auction off more land.

One of these areas includes a large swath of Waorani territory, labelled Block 22 by the Ecuadorian government. The territory is home to 18 roadless Waorani communities, including hundreds of medicinal plants, hunting routes, cemeteries, battlegrounds, watering holes, and a huge diversity of flora and fauna.

Dec 22 09:45

Parents are warned to avoid buying 'smart toys' this Christmas amid fears they could be used to spy on children

Smart toys such as furbys and microphone dolls were found to spy on children

60 per cent of manufacturers shared data to third parties, investigation reveals
Toys that connect to internet or sync to phones are often vulnerable to hackers

Parents have been warned to avoid to buying 'smart toys' for Christmas over fears they could be used by hackers to spy on children and share data.

Gifts and toys that connect to the internet or sync to a smartphone are part of a £4.8 million market.

But toys including robots, drones, dolls, games consoles and watches have been found to spy on children, the Times revealed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is scary/creepy in ways I cannot begin to describe!!

Dec 22 09:39

China Tracks Workers’ Brains; Now Tracking Children With “Smart” Tech Uniforms

By Nicholas West

If there is any country on Earth that is most emblematic of the rising governance model that is Technocracy, it is China. The many pieces to this structure have included much of what we see emerging in the U.S. with pervasive surveillance, biometrics and a notion of protecting the public by instituting pre-crime algorithms in police departments and travel. So, in many ways, China is the very large canary in the coal mine for anyone who wishes to attempt to slow the rapidity of our slide down the slippery slope toward scientific totalitarianism...

Dec 22 09:30

Scott Adams: The Steel Slat Barrier, Google Images Update, and Syria

Chuck Schumer now stuck in a great trap by President Trump
President wants strong border security…like everyone
Chuck wants to deny a President Trump “win”
Google offending images update
As of this morning, they are all gone, thank you!
Leaving Syria, possibly the greatest example of leadership ever seen
How is it that suddenly everyone became a Syria expert?
Weighing options, managing risk, creative solutions

Read and leave comments at:

Dec 22 06:59


Malaysia is seeking a massive financial penalty from Goldman Sachs after filing criminal charges against the bank alleging that it lied in deal documents and knowing enabled Malaysian government officials and one corrupt financier to steal billions of dollars from the Malaysian people through 1MDB, the sovereign wealth fund that is at the center of one of the biggest financial frauds in history.

In comments to the Financial Times published Friday, Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said Goldman should pay reparations in excess of $7.5 billion in connection with three bond deals it underwrote for 1MDB (deals that netted the bank a staggering $600 million in fees, well above the typical 1% to 2% fees that are typically collected in these types of deals). The $7.5 billion figure is the largest floated so far by Malaysia, which has charged three of the bank's Asian subsidiaries, as well as two Goldman bankers, in its criminal probe into 1MDB.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I a betting woman, I would bet that there will be some sort of compensation to the Malaysian government, but that the number they are demanding will ultimately be considered "too extreme".

Time will solve that mystery.

Dec 22 06:56


A public records lawsuit has unearthed new details on the efforts government agents made to keep secret a spying tool that accessed decades of phone records.

To settle a lawsuit with civil liberties watchdog the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Justice Department surrendered hundreds of files on its Hemisphere spying project, which pairs AT&T employees with law enforcement agents to track trillions of phone records dating back to 1987.

After settling the lawsuit last month, EFF released a massive trove of files Wednesday.

“The government has worked with AT&T to create this database where there are almost no barriers to law enforcement’s ability to access the information,” EFF attorney Aaron Mackey said in a phone interview Wednesday. “Retention is forever.”

The files show that AT&T urged the government in 2007 not to include the use of Hemisphere information in court filings so the program would stay hidden from the public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the 4th Amendment, protecting Americans from unreasonable electronic search and seizure, has been thoroughly eviscerated by this practice.

Dec 21 11:33

Latest Amazon Privacy Invasion Granted User Access to 1,700 Audio Files From Another Account

By Nicholas West

Artificial intelligence is not in full control just yet. Lurking behind the algorithms contained in Amazon’s smart home tech device, Alexa, are humans capable of making mistakes. One user in Germany found out the hard way ...

Dec 21 09:37

Caribou Coffee chain announces card breach impacting 239 stores

US coffee store chain Caribou Coffee announced a security breach today after it discovered unauthorized access of its point of sale (POS) systems.

The company listed 239 stores of its total 603 locations as impacted, which roughly amounts to 40 percent of all its sites.

All customers who used a credit or debit card at one of the affected stores between August 28, 2018, and December 3, 2018, should consider their card details compromised and take precautions such as asking for a card replacement, reviewing credit card reports, and enrolling in identity protection programs.

Users can consult the list of impacted stores via the company's data breach notice, posted on its homepage.

Dec 21 09:33

You’re not quitting Facebook if you still use Instagram and WhatsApp

So you’ve decided you’ve had enough with Facebook and its continuing antics, or all the times it’s been hacked this year, or perhaps you’re just sick of how much time you spend on it. You’ve finally made the plunge to delete it from your life. And after all, between apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, you’ve got all the social media you need.

Sadly, I am here to burst your bubble, if you weren’t already aware: Instagram and WhatsApp are both run by Facebook.

Dec 21 08:55

BEX ALERT - Britain blames China's secret service for campaign of 'significant' cyber attacks that tried to steal business secrets by hacking into global firms based in Europe, Asia and the US

Britain today sensationally blamed China for a campaign of global cyber attacks aimed at stealing business secrets from the UK and allied countries.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt blamed Beijing for the 'one of the most significant' cyber attacks ever made against the UK and its allies.

The 'sustained' campaign has tried to steal secrets from global companies based in Europe, Asia and the United States.

British spies have assessed 'with the highest level of probability' that China is to blame for the hacking of corporate giants - warning the attempts to breach security are 'almost certainly' continuing.

Mr Hunt demanded the Chinese offensive action 'stop', warning they breach international agreements made at the G20.