Oct 30 13:53

The Mainstream, Corporately Owned Media is Anything but Honest

Fox, also, promoted the man-made global warming scam with its popular TV shows the Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Prison Break. Dana Walden, Fox chairman said, “The most powerful way we could communicate the commitment on behalf of our company, was to change the practices within production, as well as work in a message about global warming, about environmental changes, about empowering people to take responsibilities.”

Oct 30 10:55


Not reporting or investigating, folks.


In other words: news content aired which was zero per cent journalism, one hundred per cent ad. Broadcasting innocently as if, were it to notice my reaction, it would be surprised that any citizen would find fault.

Oct 30 06:53

The New York Times’ Coming Jihad Against The Huffington Post

The copyright and fair use laws may be too ill-defined for old media to make a strong case. Worse, the laws may protect and further the cause of the aggregators. There is clearly no substantial precedent to help old media companies or they would have taken advantage of it long ago.

Oct 29 15:16

No, really, this is a new photo of Osama! HONEST!!!!!!!

Oct 28 18:07

FLASHBACK - Bush bribed reporters to ask specific questions

The Wall Street Journal editorialized today about the revelation that Obama was looking for specific reporters to call on in the White House press corps:


Former President Bush not only pre-screened his questioners, at least one of them was offered a ride on Air Force One if he asked the question the White House wanted asked.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told ya, selling their honor and their soul for a ride on Air Force One.

Oct 28 14:44

A Graphic History of Newspaper Circulation Over the Last Two Decades

Every six months, the Audit Bureau of Circulations releases data about newspapers and how many people subscribe to them. And then everyone writes a story about how some newspapers declined some amount over the year previous. Well, that's no way to look at data! It's confusing—and it obscures larger trends. So we've taken chunks of data for the major newspapers, going back to 1990, and graphed it, so you can see what's actually happened to newspaper circulation.

Oct 28 08:44

News gets worse for the mainstream media

At the same time, there’s a large appetite for the new media world where the MSM gatekeepers no longer hold as much clout, and “he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That is the first time any MSM observer has even approached the real issue.

The corporate media; radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines, all stood shoulder to shoulder with the US Government when it lied us all into a pointless war of conquest in Iraq.

Everybody knows the government did it.

And everybody knows the corporate media helped them do it.

And THAT is why the public has turned away from the corporate media.

The Corporate media could easily win back their audience simply by reporting the truth, but just the last few days I noticed History Channel re-selling the "Lone Assassin" cover story for the JFK assassination, and NatGeo bashing alternative theories of what brought down the World Trade Towers (and like the official 9-11 report, no mention of why WTC-7 could have come down the way it did). So, the corporate media is not only perceived as liars, but unrepentant and shameless ones at that.

I have no sympathy for the newspapers and TV newsrooms having to shed staff and close their doors. They did it to themselves. They betrayed the public trust and sold their honor and their souls for a free ride on Air Force One.

Oct 27 14:18

CNBC Viewership Plunges 50% In October

If anyone wants to know why CNBC anchors are so pale and nervous these days, look no further. As Comcast CEO Brian Edwards considers what to keep and what to, well, cut, post his digestion of NBC Universal (assuming deal rumors are true naturally) his eyes likely cast casual nervous glances at Nielsen reports of CNBC viewership.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody likes a liar!

Oct 27 07:28

Newspapers Cut To Black

Business executives and scientists, unlike theologians and psychologists, believe that every problem has a solution. Unfortunately, that is not true. The best minds in the media industry have been working on the newspaper puzzle for years. Not a single person has come up with a workable solution to the industry’s problems, probably because there isn’t one.

Newspapers can buy time by cutting circulation and people to save costs. An economic recovery may buy the industry even more time. It has been said far too often, but, with the new September 30 circulation figures in hand, it is worth saying again. For the newspaper industry a huge success on the Internet is all that is left. All the other options are gone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The newspapers did it to themselves. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the government as it lied us all into pointless and apparently unwinnable wars of conquest against nations that had not actually done anything to deserve being attacked.

This created the phenomenon of the blogs who analyzed the news in an honest and objective way absent from the corporate media and pointed out where the obvious lies were to be found.

If the newspapers had told the TRUTH and only the TRUTH, they would still be profitable and I would happily be doing visual effects for movies. But the corporate media bartered their honor and soul for a free ride on Air Force One, got caught, and now are paying the price.

Oct 26 10:11

U.S. newspaper circulation plunge accelerates

Oct 25 18:51

Hiroshima, Nagasaki mayors invite nuclear powers

Wonder if they will invite Israel?

Oct 25 11:42

The FBI Tells Americans to Watch Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh for REAL NEWS

Oct 23 19:45

PBS - Were War Crimes Committed in Gaza?

From the comments: Gee Bill - could you make your pro-Israeli bias any more obvious? How bizarre! This is what happens when Christians take the Bible literally. Sorry; if Israel commits war crimes and crimes against humanity, it can't be excused by religious nuttiness. It's one standard for all nations and all armies. The Palestinians are human beings. A true Christian would know that! Have you noticed that Israel never takes responsibility for anything? The excuse always comes down to Israel being exempt from participation in world values.

When one says that Israël has the right to defend itself, I'm not sure how this applies in a case where they are occupying another nation's, the Palestinian's, territory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's play "Spot the paid Israeli shills!"

Oct 23 13:09

Facebook Labels Fall Of The Republic “Abusive,” Blocks Links

The social networking giant has labeled Alex Jones’ new documentary film Fall Of The Republic to be “abusive” and is blocking some links to the film from its website, preventing the movie from spreading virally like the Obama Deception, which received tens of millions of viewers despite a Facebook policy to block it too.

A You Tube video illustrates that when a Facebook user attempts to ’share’ a link to the video, that is post it as a status update on their Facebook page, they get a message telling them the function has been blocked because the video is “abusive”.

The full message reads, “Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content – Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Twitter is not blocking it as far as I can see, so share the video links there.

Oct 23 09:44

Cocaine use 'rife in the media'

A former BBC employee has blown the whistle on cocaine use among the corporation’s TV and radio producers and star performers.

Sarah Graham told a Home Affairs Select Committee hearing into the cocaine trade, that it is seen as “part of your creative genius or part of your extraordinary personality”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Oct 23 07:48

Iran fails to accept U.N.-drafted nuclear deal

Iran has repeatedly rejected U.N. and IAEA calls on it to curb enrichment or grant unfettered U.N. inspections, meant to verify that it is not trying to develop nuclear weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This story feels like a plant to scuttle the reports of a successful deal coming from other sources, primarily because of the line quoted above, which is a fabrication. Iran allows all inspections required by the IAIA under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

It is Israel that refuses to allow inspections.

Oct 21 18:19

Chris Matthews on Disobeying Illegal Orders

To think the president might violate the Constitution is the same as thinking UN black helicopters will kidnap you. And forget about Japanese Internment, the Patriot Act and the Bush administration’s abuses, and all other historical reasons to be wary of political power – to worry about liberty now is purely partisan, and only fueled by anti-Obama hysteria.

Oct 21 17:54

Tampa Tribune owner Media General announces third quarter net loss of $62.5-million

Media General is a mid-sized mass media conglomerate which owns over 20 daily newspapers including the Tampa Tribune along with 250 weekly papers. The company also owns 18 network affiliated TV stations. Today the company reported one of its biggest quarterly losses on record...

Oct 21 08:40

Flu Vaccine Brainwashing In Prime Time ABC Show

A prime time ABC drama show that aired last week featured an almost subliminal example of brainwashing that encouraged people to take the swine flu shot, proving that the propaganda campaign to sell people on the government’s health agenda is widespread and not just confined to this week’s admitted campaign to implant suggestive messages in network TV broadcasts.

Oct 21 07:56

Well, we can;t stretch "Balloon Boy" any further, so what do we report on so we DON'T have to report on Israel war crimes?????

Oct 20 19:38 now requires registration for comments on stories

The website is the online version of the St. Petersburg Times newspaper. The paper says the move is to try to stem the flow of “abusive” comments which “violate the company’s standards”.

The way I interpret this latest move by the paper is that they want an easier system to control comments which clash with the Times’ philosophy. The left leaning paper has been called a “Communist rag” by many of its opponents for stories it’s published supporting Marxist ideology...

Oct 20 14:07

Denver Westword To Hire Marijuana Critic

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh man, I keep forgetting where I left my resumes!!!!!!!!

Oct 20 12:07

Must be a reeeeeeeeally slow news day in Hudson, NY

Oct 20 08:59

The New York Times (NYT) newsroom is reeling from today's announcement that the company plans to cut the staff by 100.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The New York Times stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the government as it lied us into wars of conquest in Afghanistan and Iraq. In past ages where there really was no alternative the people would swallow down their indignation at being treated like idiots, pretend to accept the apologies of the media, and go back to clipping store coupons.

But that was then and this is now and the people do have an alternative to turn to when the corporate media is caught lying again and again and again.
Now, I don't like to see anyone out of work in these very difficult times, but in truth one of the reasons that we are in such difficult times is that the corporate media abandoned their self-professed role as watchdog on corporate and government malfeasance. They bartered their souls for a ride on Air Force One, betrayed the public trust, and now the public is exacting their revenge by turning away.

Oct 19 20:59

Donofrio afraid of Holocaust truth, dumps on-air Rense interview

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009
Source: Correspondence By Permission Of Jeff Rense
As a favor to a fellow journalist, Rense recently extended an invitation to an ex-attorney, Leo Donofrio, who has been chasing the spectre of Obama’s true birth place on the Internet and in court. However, just over ten minutes before Donofrio was to present his work on the Rense program, he emailed the host and canceled his guest visit on October 8, 2009, scheduled for 9 PM Pacific Time. Fortunately Mr. Rense happened to glance at his computer screen and saw the email. In any case, Donofrio stated in his email to the show host and on his Blog, that he was canceling his appearance due to his “Holocaust” sensitivities.

Oct 19 09:03

White House boasts: We 'control' news media

President Obama's presidential campaign focused on "making" the news media cover certain issues while rarely communicating anything to the press unless it was "controlled," White House Communications Director Anita Dunn disclosed to the Dominican government at a videotaped conference.

"Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control," said Dunn.

Oct 19 07:21

Mao and Rockefeller: Beck Fails to Call Out the Real Monsters

Beck wants you to believe the people surrounding Obama are communists. That’s why he has the Soviet symbol on his blackboard. In fact, the people surrounding Obama — not minor and peripheral figures like Anita Dunn — are bankster operatives, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. The really important figures behind Obama are one-world globalists who admire the sort of authoritarianism put into practice by Mao.

Oct 19 07:06

Corporate Supremacy and the Rape of a Human Girl

We are fast approaching the time of the next great battle over evolution. The Neo-creationists will be corporations, and they will argue that they could not possibly be descended from human beings.

This isn’t science fiction. Just the other day 30 Republicans voted in the U.S. Senate to deny justice to a human victim of rape in order to protect the so-called sovereign rights of corporations

Oct 18 08:55


Webmaster's Commentary: 

As the Iranian suspicions fly amid US denials regarding the recent assassination of top Iranian commanders, I wanted to relink this to remind everyone that as war with Iran looms close, to expect distortions of the truth from the corporate media.

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Oct 17 17:34

Fox News isn't even pretending anymore

“Doublethink,” Orwell called it: the ability to “hold simultaneously two opinions which canceled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them.” So it is with “Fox Nation” and “fair and balanced.”

Oct 16 19:31

Obama National Security Adviser to Speak at Anti-Israel Conference

James Jones, President Obama's National Security Advisor, has agreed to be the keynote speaker at the anti-Israel group J Street's first annual conference in Washington next week. While the group bills itself as the "pro Israel" and "pro peace" alternative to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, in reality it is a liberal organization actively campaigning against Israel's right to defend itself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, I guess we know American Spectator's editorial bias now, don't we?

Oct 16 16:38

Public Radio Censoring Announcement on Palestine event

Oct 15 17:02

Government Propaganda To Infest Network TV Shows

An insidious brainwashing program set to be launched next week will “organically” weave the government’s political propaganda into prime time network television shows, with positive talking points about Obama’s environmental, bailout, health care and “servitude” agenda being seamlessly integrated into the content of dramas, reality shows and comedies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good thing nobody watches that crap! :)

Oct 15 07:37

Carter-Ruck Takes On The Internet, and Loses

Rapidly the story of the gagging of the Guardian went inter-stellar on-line. Twitter is full of it (it’s the number one trending topic), blog-posts fizz with indignation. Bloggers are planning to stage a protest demonstration outside Carter -Ruck’s office, if they can be bothered to change out of their PJs and get dressed. There is the possibility of a fresh court hearing.

Ultimately, a story that might have amounted to a boring page lead in the Guardian after the question was answered in the Commons has turned into an internet sensation and potentially a constitutional mini-crisis. Well done Carter-Ruck. Good work.

Update: Carter-Ruck caved in and the Guardian is ungagged. I wonder if the law firm will have the cheek to bill its client for all of its brilliant advice on this matter?

Oct 15 07:13

OKay, Israel is looking bad at the UN for war crimes. I know! Let's run a story that mentions the Nazis again!!!!!!

Oct 14 12:07

Former BBC Director General On The Media-Political Opposition To Radical Change

Dyke was also candid about political interference with the BBC. He discussed an internal review of the BBC's political coverage carried out at the beginning of the decade, to which all political parties were asked to contribute. He said: "there was a lot of pressure from the government of the day not to change anything... A lot of the governors were what I call semi-politicians and they liked the present system and.... maybe they were right - it's not the job of the BBC to change the political system and to start questioning the political system. I happen to not agree with that but, you know, we didn't get anywhere."

If these comments were extraordinary, the media response to them was predictable - close to zero coverage in the national UK press. Dyke's speech was covered in three sentences in the Belfast Telegraph on September 21. A longer piece appeared in the Herald (Glasgow) on the same day. In response to our prompting, the website covered the story on September 22. They then contacted Roy Greenslade, who covered the story on his Guardian website blog a day later - the sole national mainstream mention.

Oct 13 18:12

Video: Jon Stewart blasts CNN for not fact-checking the news: "We'll have to leave it there."

Jon Stewart took CNN apart over their insipid fact-checking of a SNL skit about President Obama while never having the time to give
Oct 12 15:57

Iran "news" 2009 = Iraq "news" 2002

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will inspect Iran’s under-construction nuclear energy refinement facility on Sunday, October 25. The US public has been subjected to war-mongering propaganda from both parties’ “leadership” and the media oligarchy over this issue, which has a simple legal basis. This article will serve as a hub for my legal and political analysis to date regarding rhetoric for war with Iran. Below are linked titles with one-paragraph summaries. Most articles have helpful video. Following is an outstanding 3-minute analysis from John Perry.

Oct 12 07:41

Young, fearless and feisty – the new face of Russian TV news

So RT covered the mass protests in Georgia that preceded by a year the Russian invasion of 2008. "There were tens of thousands of people gathered around the parliament. They were roughly dispersed with tear gas, rubber bullets and sound machines." She says the story was at that stage ignored by other global broadcasters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No kidding.

Oct 12 07:19

U.N. official admits Afghan vote fraud

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do you recall how ABCNNBBCBS ranted and railed about possible vote fraud in Iran (despite the lack of any evidence), and how they promoted the attempted coup as some kind of heroic attempt at freedom from the evil Ahmadinejad?

Well, now we have the elections in Afghanistan which restored US puppet Hamid Karzai (El Presidente from UNOCAL) to power an admitted fraud (with plenty of hard evidence to back it up) and I am waiting to see if ABCNNBBCBS makes the same big deal out of that vote fraud.

Probably not, but let's at least rub their noses in it.

Oct 11 14:05

9-11 banned at "Mythbusters."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, at least we got them to admit they cannot touch the topic.

Oct 11 07:50

Israeli`s bid to buy Al-Jazeera from Qatar

An Israeli media tycoon has offered to buy the pan-Arab Al-Jazeera satellite television
network from the government of Qatar

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Killing the messenger.

Oct 10 14:36

The Internet ate my nephew!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Salon goes after Alex Jones!

Oct 10 07:57

Nothing is real

I beg you to stick with this clip until the very end. The last minute of this video is mind-blowing. This is not an exercise in evidence-free paranoia-mongering.
Oct 09 14:20

Bilderberg Media Front Smears Alex Jones In Feeble Hit Piece

The New Republic, owned by the ultra-rich Asper family through their behemoth CanWest media corporation, attacks Jones as an anti-semite extremist for daring to expose the move towards global government

Oct 09 13:08

'USA Today' Will Show 17% Circulation Decline in Next Report, As Single Copy Sales Sink -- But Revenue Flat

When the Audit Bureau of Circulations releases the latest numbers on Oct. 26, it will show that USA Today's circulation fell 17% to 1.88 million for the six months ending September 2009, a drop of about 390,000 copies. The decline could also threaten USA Today’s position as the No. 1 newspaper in the country by circulation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

USA Today stood shoulder to shoulder with those people who lied us into the war in Iraq and are lying us into a new war in Iran.

And now they are paying the price for that deception.

Oct 09 08:35


Webmaster's Commentary: 

With all that is going on here in the 21sdt Century, the Telegraph panders to Israel about Hitler's teeth.

Oct 09 07:10

The surprising real story about this year’s Northeast passage transit: The media botched it

The Times has liberally papered London underground carriages with a fascinating new ad campaign. One poster shows a ship navigating some treacherous icy waters, with the accompanying copy reading:

Climate change has allowed the Northeast Passage to be used as a commercial shipping route for the first time.

Impressive – if only it were true.

According to the ad copy:

To help you navigate the changing world we have more dedicated science and environment correspondents than the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail or Independent.

Only one problem: The Northeast Passage has been opened for commerce since 1934 – and never ‘closed’.

Oct 08 14:04

‘The Times’ lets everyone off the hook on Goldstone

The New York Times is covering the Goldstone Report. Where is it covering it? Well: the furor over the report among Palestinians. We’re pretty sure this is a good story. Neil MacFarquhar is on it. But it’s really not The Story, it’s just an angle of a hugely-important international story, and the only angle the Times is covering.

Here’s what the Times refuses to cover:

–the furor over the Goldstone report on the part of the Israel lobby in the U.S., and the pressure it’s put on the Obama administration, number one. Even J Street has been quiet about the Goldstone report, while it puts out a statement applauding an Israeli Nobelist.

Oct 08 09:57

Are you Westword's new pot critic?

Oct 08 09:44

New Jobless Claims Fall to 521,000, Lowest Since January

The Labor Department says first-time claims for unemployment insurance dropped last week to a seasonally adjusted 521,000, from the previous week's upwardly revised total of 554,000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read that carefully. This week's totals are a drop because they revised last week's numbers UPWARD!

The "seasonally adjusted" is the clue. These are not real numbers.

Oct 08 09:16

A Media Failure Compounds The Financial Failure:

The Press Is Still Missing The Story Of Fraud and Economic Decline Ahead

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media's job is to keep you spending until the last penny is extracted from the last pocket.

Oct 08 09:05

Why Is Goldman Advising CanWest On Its Programming Line Up?

When a few weeks ago we presented the concept of certain banks stealthy encroachment into the media world we were half joking. After all, the FCC would never allow Wall Street entities, even with equity control, to have a say in program line up and content, right? Needless to say, the potential for abuse (call it brain washing, or what you will) is simply staggering. Separately, two days ago, we highlighted the bankruptcy of Canada's biggest media company, CanWest, whose bankruptcy filings we are still combing through, looking for some of the usual suspects. Which is why we read with great interest Andrew Willis' article in today's Globe and Mail "Inside Goldman's deal with CanWest" which may have helped us, and our readers, elegantly put some of the pieces together.

Oct 07 07:29

FLASHBACK - BBC says it "lost" tapes of WTC-7 reports

Oct 06 14:58

[Pic} Phew! The bullet survived!

Oct 06 11:50

BBC Attack Piece Promotes Cottage Industry Of Debunkers

The BBC cannot resist attacking anyone who questions the establishment line and counters mainstream accounts of events, especially if they make up part of the new and exciting alternative media that is contributing to the corporation’s ongoing fossilization.

That is why in a feature article today, the corporation is promoting a group of “scientists and skeptics” whose declared mission is to vigorously debunk those who are questioning the “accepted versions” of events.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, can you debunk the fact that the BBC reported the collapse of WTC-7 BEFORE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED?

Here is my email to James "The Amazing" Randi


Aloha from fellow member of the Castle


I am sure you will not remember me, but you and I used to chat from time to time at the Magic Castle back in the 1980s when I still worked as a professional magician.

I am somewhat puzzled by your willingness to participate in the BBC's attempt to discredit those who ask questions regarding the official story of 9-11, since it is the BBC itself which created one of the greatest puzzles of all; how were they able to report on the collapse of WTC-7 almost a half hour before it actually happened.

Given that no steel-framed building had ever collapsed from fire in the entire history of skyscrapers, there was no way to "guess" ahead of time that this would happen.


Michael Rivero


Feel free to send along your own comments to Randi.

Oct 06 04:59

Greenwald Film on Afghanistan Destroys the Logic of the War, Leading the New York Times to Whine

Anyone who has actually seen the film knows that a string of former top intelligence officials, perhaps most significant among them the former head of the CIA's Counter-terrorism Center, Robert Grenier, are heard meticulously deconstructing the dominant justifications for the continued U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. What does Grenier know? Oh, he was just the CIA station chief in Islamabad, Pakistan, where he was one of the Agency’s top officials planning the U.S. invasion. Grenier, along with former CIA operative Robert Baer and other former intelligence officials, rebut in detail the claim that the war in Afghanistan is about fighting al Qaeda or making America safer, which Baer says bluntly in the film is “just complete bullshit.” The film also features Graham Fuller, the former CIA station chief in Kabul. (Click here to watch this part of the film)

Oct 05 14:08


The tabloids lied…. We were taken for a bunch of fools!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It doesn't matter of Ahmadinejad (or yours truly) has Jewish ancestry. We are past one tribe bashing the other tribe on the skulls with large wooden sticks.

Opposition to Israel is based on the obvious double-standard of allowing Israel to have nuclear weapons while denying them to everyone else.

Opposition to Israel is based on the obvious double-standard of allowing Israel to commit war crimes with impunity.

It has nothing to do with being Jewish of Jewish descent or not.

UPDATE: After thinking about the call we got from Susan in Arizona on today's radio show I finally realized that the reason for this story about Ahmadinejad being from Jewish ancestry is to blame his anti-Israel rhetoric on being a converted Muslin, aka self-hating Jew, which is to foster the illusion that Ahmadinejad does not and could not have any legitimate complaints against Israel.

In other words, this is just another Israeli propaganda stunt and a continuation of their attempt to spin away recent embarrassments.

Oct 05 08:04

McCain, Obama back law shielding reporters

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The important question is whether online journalists are also covered by this law. The issue of whether bloggers are journalists has flip-flopped in the courts several times.

Oct 04 08:49

IAEA responds to NY Times allegations of a secret report on Iran.

With respect to a recent media report, the IAEA reiterates that it has no concrete proof that there is or has been a nuclear weapon programme in Iran.

At the Board of Governors´ meeting on 9 September 2009, Director General Mohamed ElBaradei warned that continuing allegations that the IAEA was withholding information on Iran are politically motivated and totally baseless.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: The New York Times is full of shit.

Here is a little bit of history about the NY Times.

Back in 1912, the New York Times was just another New York paper, fighting for circulation with sensational stories about the how the canals on Mars had actually been photographed and revealed in the August 27th issue the construction of 2 new canals by the Martians in 1911.

As part of their attempts to lure more readers, the New York Times had invested in a Marconi wireless set, a radio receiver whose antenna was atop the building that housed the New York Times, but whose operators were featured in a street level room with large windows, not unlike a department store showcase window. Passers-by could gaze through the window at the Marconi operators playing with this latest high-tech gizmo.

But on the night of April 14th, the wireless operators at the New York Times picked up second and third hand reports of a ship in trouble out at sea. Details were sketchy, but the night editor of the Times knew that a story about a ship sinking was going to sell more newspapers than a ship that was saved, so in the absence of any real information the New York Times rolled a special late-night edition. The editor had guessed right, and the next morning the New York Times was the only newspaper on the street reporting that RMS Titanic had sunk the night before. That one story transformed the New York Times overnight from just another tabloid into New York's top newspaper; a position they have held ever since.

Oct 04 07:52

Goldman Sachs & J.P. Morgan Quietly Buying Up the Media

The 'propaganda' corporate machine that rules the airwaves now, is nothing more than a tool to control the message/masses, and at all costs, whatever 'they' do 'they' will make certain that stories like the one on Sibel Edmonds (on the diary recommended list) never, ever see the light of day. God forbid, America should hear the 'truth' about America and England planning to divide up Iraq months prior to 9/11.

Oct 03 16:30

Iran’s nuclear threat is a lie

Obama's "showdown" with Iran has another agenda. The media have been tasked with preparing the public for endless war.

Oct 03 06:56

Lazy Journalists are the Darlings of the Corporations

It is like during the McCarthy era, when the witch-hunts were on, when hysteria and misinformation reigned. We look back now and cheer those who stood firm, found a way to produce their craft when they lost everything, finances, careers and even loved ones. There were writers who never gave up. They moved to Mexico and changed their names, but they did not give up.

Perhaps that is how the future will judge us, whether we give up when we lose everything, whether we sell out for a paycheck.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Oct 02 14:27

Devastating Report Documents Israeli Crimes Against Civilians in Gaza: Where's the Outrage?

The Goldstone report has been denounced in Israeli and ignored by the U.S. press, unless you count the NY Daily News, which called it a "blood libel against Israel."

Oct 02 11:50

Obama Regime Transgressions Censored by Most Media

After promising not to politicize intelligence and to keep lobbyists out of top government posts, Obama appointed many "former lobbyists or former board members of companies directly doing business with the Pentagon" and retained Robert Gates as Defense Secretary despite his history at CIA of having cooked the books for political reasons.

Oct 01 19:37

Publishers prepare for U-turn as 70% plan to charge for online content

As newspapers and magazines look to boost revenues in the recession, nearly 70 per cent will continue or plan to charge for their online content.

The prediction by the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) marks an extraordinary U-turn by the industry; just two years ago, 53 per cent of the AOP's members said they had "no plans to charge for content".

Oct 01 11:13

CQ Fires Editor Over E-Mail

Congressional Quarterly fired editor Brian Nutting for sending an e-mail questioning the layoffs at the publication.

Oct 01 08:10

Our View: Why talk? Iran already has spoken

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While this pro-war screed carries no name, one only need to look at the emphasis placed on Yom Kippur inside the text to understand where this propagandist's point of view comes from.

Oct 01 07:41

LA Times, Washington Post breaking up news service

The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post are breaking up their news service after 47 years, making it the latest casualty of the media upheaval driven by the array of alternative information and entertainment sources on the Internet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody likes a liar.



Oct 01 07:18

Was the Iranian Election 'Rigged'?

It is conventional wisdom in the U.S. press corps that Iran’s June 12 presidential election was rigged, with the word “fraud” now sometimes appearing without the qualifier “alleged.” But a new poll of Iranians uncovered a different opinion, an overwhelming judgment that the election was legitimate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is conventional wisdom in the U.S. press corps that the recent election in Afghanistan, which returned the highly unpopular US/Unocal Puppet Karzai to power, was honest, despite massive evidence ot the contrary!

I think the primary test to work in the US Corporate media is the ability to stand there with your hair on fire and convince the audience you cannot smell any smoke.

Oct 01 07:16

Fox News Has a Van Jones Problem

With good reason, the Fox News Channel (FNC) led by Glenn Beck spent many hours exploring the far-left radical views of White House official Van Jones. The scrutiny resulted in Jones being forced out. But officials and hosts of the cable channel clearly failed to "vet" Marc Lamont Hill, who is being presented to the FNC viewing audience on a regular basis as just "a Columbia University professor" with expertise on a wide range of domestic and foreign policy issues.

Oct 01 06:33

Allegory Of The Cave: Meet Your Puppet-Handlers

Similarly to the Plato’s engulfing allegory is the current state of todays world wherein humans believe exactly what they are told by the oligarchy (i.e puppet-handlers), refusing to question what their eyes behold.We are brutally fooled by the political masquerades thus easily allowing ourselves to believe what we hear within the limited scope of society (i.e the cave). Furthermore, we accept what our senses tell us – that what we are experiencing,seeing and hearing through the mainstream media is all that really exists – nothing more.

The puppet-handlers, as Plato calls them in his allegory, represent the prominent, authoritarian members of society (i.e the Government) who live inside the artificial paradigm that they have created for the rest of us.

Oct 01 04:16

John Pilger: The Lying Game (about the US/Israel lead psyop against Iran)

Iran’s crime is its independence. Having thrown out America’s favourite tyrant, Shah Reza Pahlavi, Iran remains the only resource-rich Muslim state beyond US control. As only Israel has a “right to exist”in the Middle East, the US goal is to cripple the Islamic Republic. This will allow Israel to divide and dominate the region on Washington’s behalf, undeterred by a confident neighbour. If any country in the world has been handed urgent cause to develop a nuclear “deterrence”, it is Iran.

As one of the original signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has been a consistent advocate of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East. In contrast, Israel has never agreed to an IAEA inspection, and its nuclear weapons plant at Dimona remains an open secret. Armed with as many as 200 active nuclear warheads, Israel “deplores” UN resolutions calling on it to sign the NPT, just as it deplored the recent UN report charging it with crimes against humanity in Gaza, just as it maintains a world record for violations of international law. It gets away with this because great power grants it immunity.

Sep 30 14:48

Empire State Building Goes Red for Communist China, Sparking Protest

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It's just a colored light, people. Get a life.

Sep 30 12:07

British intelligence believes Iran has resumed work on nuclear warhead

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Note the story is credited to "Our Foreign Staff", meaning nobody wanted to glue their name to this latest pile of manure.

Okay Rangers; Remember where I said we all need to scream "LIAR!" to shake their confidence and make them doubt their ability to lie us into a new war?

HERE is your first opportunity to practice!

SIC 'EM!!!!!

Sep 30 09:50

Jim Traficant interviewed by Sean Hannity - Fox News

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Game, set, and match to Jim Traficant.

Sep 30 09:35

Transportation Chief: Distracted Driving a 'Menace'

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Looks like the obvious push for a war in Iran triggered a public backlash, so bad texting habits are the new headline issue today!

Sep 30 09:20

Arianna’s friends

Does this help explain the fact that Huffington reporting from Israel/Palestine was almost entirely uncritical of the occupation? Perhaps. It does seem that the time with Grinstein may already be paying dividends, as Huffington is now appearing on cable news saying Iran is "challenging the existential presence of Israel." So much for the liberal media.

Sep 30 07:12

Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To Forget

The corporate media have been given their orders to throw the focus back on to Iran.

Here is a recap of what they are trying to make you forget, all on one page so you cam email it to family and friends.

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Sep 29 19:37

Amazing: a Voice for Peace on MSNBC

The heroic Glenn Greenwald smashes warmongers Arianna Huffington and Jonathan Capehart, and speaks a profound truth virtually never heard in the American media, that the US and Israel are threats to Iran, and not vice versa.

Sep 29 19:14

CIA Vet: FBI Whistleblower Edmonds 'Very Credible'

Giraldi, a long time counterterrorism specialist with the CIA commented on the confirmation by 18-year FBI counterintelligence vet John Cole, who, in a published claim yesterday, acknowledged the existence of a "decade-long investigation" targeting the former third-highest ranking official in the Bush State Department, Marc Grossman, as Edmonds has long maintained. Citing Cole's first-hand experience with the espionage investigations in question, Giraldi told Collins during the interview:

This is something that, presumably, if the mainstream media were interested in it, would be a line of inquiry that would lead to a major investigation. ... I'm a former intelligence officer, I find her very credible. And of course, as a former intelligence officer, I'm normally suspicious of these kinds of stories. In this case, John Cole, who obviously had direct access to the investigations going on, is confirming her story.

Sep 29 11:29

Obama making Guantanamo off-limits to press

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"Hey, you seen one torture chamber, you've seen them all! Let's talk about Iraq's nooks! I meant Iran. Iran is who we were told to invade, right? Right. Iran. Let's talk about Iran's nooks!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 29 08:12


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"Ooooh, she is so blond, and so sexy and maybe if you go kill Iranians she'll sleep with you!!!!"


It is clear that FOX news is following in the footsteps of William Randolph Hearst who sent an artist to Cuba to cover the war. When the artist pointed out that there was no war, Hearst reportedly replied, "You take care of the pictures, and I will provide the war!" He did. Hearst's newspapers transformed an explosion triggered by a coal-bunker fire into an attack by a Spanish Mine on the USS Maine, and ignited the Spanish-American war.

FOX clearly sees itself fulfilling the same role in the 21st Century.

Sep 29 07:52

Nuclear Debate Brews: Is Iran Designing Warheads?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media have been given their orders to throw the focus back on to Iran.

Here is a recap of what they are trying to make you forget.

1. Last Spring, Rose Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington's chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel refused.

2. The United Nations passed a resolution calling on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

3. The IAEA asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

4. Iran's formal notification to the IAEA of the planned construction of the backup fuel-rod facility underscores that Iran is playing by the rules of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has signed.

5. Iran allows IAEA inspections of all its facilities.

6. Contrary to face-saving claims, it appears that the US and Israel were both caught off guard by Iran's announcement. The reasoning is simple. Had the US or Israel announced the existence of he new facility before Iran's notified the IAEA, it would have put Iran on the defensive. As it is now, the US and Israel seem to be playing catch up, casting doubt on the veracity of Israel's claims to "know" that Iran is a nuclear threat.

7. The IAEA and all 16 United States Intelligence Agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons.

8. In 1986, Mordachai Vanunu blew the whistle and provided photographs showing Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons factory underneath the reactor at Dimona.

9. Israel made the same accusations against Iraq that it is making against Iran, leading up to Israel's bombing of the power station at Osirik. Following the invasion of 2003, international experts examined the ruins of the power station at Osirik and found no evidence of a clandestine weapons factory in the rubble.

10. The United Nations has just released the Goldstone Report, a scathing report which accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza earlier this year. Israel has denounced the report as "Anti-Semitic (even though Judge Goldstone is himself Jewish), and the United States will block the report from being referred to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, thereby making the US Government an accessory after-the-fact.

We all need to be Joe Wilson right now. We need to stand up and scream, "LIAR!" at every politician and every talking media moron that is pushing this war in Iran. And we need to keep dong it until they get the message that we will not be deceived any more.

Israel wants to send your kids off to die in Iran, and YOU are the only one that can stop them.

Please forward this comment to your social networks.

Sep 29 07:30

Bill O'Reilly: "Obama Should Provoke A Military Incident With Iran"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I find it appalling that Bill O'Rielly accuses Iran and North Korea of ignoring the United Nations just one week after Israel refused a United Nations resolution calling for Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and submit to the same nuclear inspections Iran now allows.

If you agree, please boycott FOX News, O'Reilly, and his advertisers.

Don;t waste your time sending emails to Bill O'Reilly; he could care less if you know he is pegging the Bovine Excrement Meter. Instead, send an email to FOX's advertising department and tell THEM you are boycotting Bill's advertisers! Explain exactly WHY!

Then forward this to all your social networks.

Sep 29 03:57


Today's mass media is tomorrow's fossil fuel. Michael Crichton is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore.

Sep 28 15:27

The Media: Israel and Nuclear Weapons

It is quite surprising to me that nearly all the Main Stream Media have been on the bandwagon on Iran and nuclear weapons. Not one media person had shown their independent thinking or having the guts to ask about the nuclear program in Israel. We know that Israel has nuclear weapons but they are not informing us about the nuclear weapons in Israel. How do we look to the outside world?

Sep 28 14:00

National Geographic vs Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whatever the National Geographic used on this experiment, it does not appear to be as energetic as thermite I have used myself.

Doesn't National Geographic still insist that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing John F. Kennedy?

Sep 28 09:41

CNN calls Obama "president of the world"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As a side note, Obama's call for "all nations" to conform to international guidelines on nuclear technology clearly does not include Israel.

Sep 27 07:21

The Liberty Hour Radio Program Cancelled From Republic Broadcasting Network

After 18 months on the air, RBN chief John Stadtmiller has cancelled the one and only radio program–”The Liberty Hour”–dedicated to discussing and exposing Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty 42 years ago. The program featured as one of the hosts Phil Tourney, survivor of that attack.

Shortly after its debut, the program quickly moved up the ranks in popularity. As characterized by RBN chief John Stadtmiller in a recent conversation, it ranked up there “near the top” in terms of ratings.

Sep 26 14:24

HOAX ALERT - Navy ship docking in CA with onboard fatalities

Much of the wording of the story being circulated now as if it is current news (starting on September 24th) was stolen verbatim from a true CBS news story dated July 21st. The base true story was radically altered, with dramatic fictional elements added, and "rebranded" to make it appear it's happening now. It isn't.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, before you flood my email box with stories like this one, please remember that the US Government, corporate media, and Israel are desperate to destroy the credibility of the blogs.

They know they have wrecked theirt own credibility with all the lies about Iraq, Iran, WW2, JFK, etc. etc. etc. etc.

They cannot start telling the truth, so the only way to win the info war is to plant bogus nonsense in the blogs to make the playing field equal, as in pulling the credibility of the blogs down to the same level as ABCNNBBCBS.

So, US Government, corporate media, and Israel are trying to "poison the well" by flooding bloggers with junk stories.


Sep 26 12:36

Blitzer’s ‘Hypocrisy' Charge: How Moore SHOULD Have Responded (Video)

Blitzer is at it again (see video below) badgering Michael Moore about the apparent ‘Hypocrisy’ of a successful film maker who, in his new film, challenges the “Capitalist” system which allowed for his success. Moore responded by defending his morality but stopped short of pointing out the obvious hypocrisy that is Wolf Blitzer.

Wolf Blitzer is the TV news host of “The Situation Room” on CNN. Millions of Americans tune into his show to get the latest news on issues such as the Iraq War, Afghanistan, Iran and Israel-Palestine. I would guess that most of his viewers no idea who Wolf Blitzer is. If they did, they may question the objectivity of his mid-east reporting.

Sep 26 10:15

The Liberty Hour Radio Program Cancelled From Republic Broadcasting Network

After 18 months on the air, RBN chief John Stadtmiller has cancelled the one and only radio program–”The Liberty Hour”–dedicated to discussing and exposing Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty 42 years ago. The program featured as one of the hosts Phil Tourney, survivor of that attack.

Shortly after its debut, the program quickly moved up the ranks in popularity. As characterized by RBN chief John Stadtmiller in a recent conversation, it ranked up there “near the top” in terms of ratings.

Yesterday, September 25, 2009, Stadtmiller called me, one of the hosts of the program to announce it had been cancelled and replaced with another program to be hosted by an ex-Dallas Cowboys football player who will be discussing “money issues.”

Sep 26 09:29

Fox News ratings are rising, so are its anchors’ skirts

Well, pardon us for being slow. We had never noticed how short the skirts are on the Fox News babes until someone sent us this video. (In the interest of full disclosure, we should also reveal that we used to buy Playboy just for the articles).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is FOX trying to catch up to Naked News?

Sep 26 08:09

Daniel McGowan – What Does Holocaust Denial Really Mean?

Sep 25 11:27

Do The Jews Own Hollywood And The Media?

Do the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media? Are they using the media to mold and shape American opinion by constantly injecting Zionist propaganda and bias into news programs, movies, television shows, even children's cartoons and entertainment?

Sep 25 08:23

Obama open to newspaper bailout bill

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had played down the possibility of government assistance for news organizations, which have been hit by an economic downturn and dwindling ad revenue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They lied, they died. The corporate media's troubles are being blamed on the economy, but the truth is that the public saw the media stand shoulder to shoulder with the government and lie us all onto pointless wars of conquest.

They probably figured that after the victory, nobody would care how the war got started, but the best laid plans "gang aft agley, nn' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain" etc. The wars are disasters; quaqmires that are sucking down money and our children's lives, and the public rightly places much of the blame on a corporate media that abandoned their self-professed role as watchdogs on government abuse.

The corporate media has lost the trust of the public. Lost? Indeed they deliberately cast it away in exchange for a ride on Air Force One. They will not get that public trust back any time soon.

They SHOULD go out of business, as punishment for betraying the public trust.

So of course the government, whose water the media carries, will bail them out with your tax money.

Sep 24 14:00

Suicide Not Ruled Out For Dead Census Worker; He Was In Contact With The Ground

Trosper said the initial AP story on the death contains “flaws and errors.” That means it’s possible that the AP’s claim, based on an anonymous source, that he had the word “fed” scrawled on his chest could be false. Asked if that were the case, Trosper declined to comment.