Dec 30 14:35

Immoral patsy – How the FBI groomed mentally disabled teen with a 51 IQ into an “ISIS terrorist”

It isn’t clear what use ISIS or the Pakistani Taliban would have for an 18-year-old American student with an estimated IQ of 51, is marginally verbal, and has little ability to perform routine tasks like tying his shoelaces.

Dec 30 14:25

Syria: It’s Not a Civil War and it Never Was

The weapons are foreign, the fighters are foreign, the agenda is foreign. As Syrian forces fight to wrest control of their country back and restore order within their borders, the myth of the “Syrian civil war” continues on.

Dec 30 13:26

New Year’s Eve: The eyes of the world are on Sydney to welcome in 2016 with a bang

NOTHING on earth can beat the party that kickstarts a global celebration.

As the world awaits midnight, Sydney will once again be the focus of ­attention as the first major city to ring in the New Year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Claire and I were on a tall ship in Sydney Harbor for New years 1999, and the Australians do it up RIGHT!!!!!!

Dec 30 12:18

French Jews: Paris Photo Exhibit Glorifies Palestinian Terror

Cukierman wrote: “We are crying still for 130 dead but for Doctors without Borders, terrorist are martyrs. Shocking.”
Note: He forgot to mention the Palestinian deaths.

Dec 30 11:11

What If Politicians Had to Wear the Corporate Logos of Their Donors?

As hilarious as that sounds, it may become a reality in California in the very near future. An advocacy group known as “California Is Not For Sale” recently submitted a potential ballot measure to the Attorney General, that would not only force lawmakers to wear the logos of their top ten sponsors when they speak in the state legislature, their political ads would also have to disclose their contributors.

Dec 30 11:09

Can Donald Trump Do No Wrong?

It appears that no matter what he says, does, or is alleged to have said or done, The Donald’s rating continue to rise.

As Bloomberg notes in the following chart of his ‘success’ so far, Trump’s controversial comments appear highly correlated with his poll standings as the latest poll shows his support is now larger than that of his next three rivals combined…

Dec 30 11:08

The Cable Industry's Response To A Banner Year For Cord Cutting? Massive Across The Board Price Increases For 2016

2015 was the year cord cutting stopped being written off as fringe behavior and truly went mainstream. 23% of consumers engaged in "cord trimming" in 2014 (reducing their overall package where they could), while 16% said they had unsubscribed from pay-TV services in the past year. Billions in stock value evaporated in a flash as Wall Street realized cord cutting wasn't a fad. in 2015, 4.9 million consumers called themselves former cable customers, a tally that's expected to jump 12.5% in 2016. Consumers are finally tired of paying an arm and a leg for bloated channel bundles, when they only watch, on average, about 17 of them.

Dec 30 11:08

The 9 dumbest things said by conservatives in 2015

Being asked to collect the dumbest things said by conservatives in 2015 is not exactly like being be asked to complete the 12 labors of Hercules, although upon completion I did feel like I had just finished mucking out a particularly disgusting stable.

Dec 30 11:06

Affluenza Teen Might Get Actual Jail Time After Authorities Catch Him Sporting Bad Dye Job With Mom in Mexico

Playing beer pong is kind of a big no-no when one is still underage and, you know, on probation for drunk driving that killed four people and brain damaged one guy so bad he is paralyzed for life.

Obviously Couch feels a lot of remorse for what he did. So much in fact that he dyed his hair and goatee and ran away to the Mexican beach resort town of Puerto Vallarta with his mommy.

Dec 30 10:35

Chicago mayor offers ‘major overhaul’ of police training program, wants more cops w/Tasers

As Chicago, Illinois faces ongoing protests over its police force, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is set to announce changes in officer training, including a new policy that calls for every cop on street duty to carry a Taser by this summer.
Police brutality
The new training program will emphasize teaching officers to try to de-escalate confrontations, rather than going in with a “shot or don’t shoot” mindset, the Chicago Tribune reported. It is unclear how the new procedures differ from current ones.

Read more
© Project NIAChicago protesters block streets, 16 arrested as calls for mayor to resign grow (VIDEO)
"The policy changes center around de-escalation tactics to reduce the intensity of a conflict or a potentially violent situation at the earliest possible moment, emphasizing that the foremost goal is to protect the safety of all involved," spokeswoman Lauren Huffman said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This all may be too little too late for Emanuel's tenure as mayor.

He most probably will not step down, but his reputation is completely in critical condition, with little to no way to get that turned around.

Dec 30 10:28


DesertPeace and Associates wishes all of our readers and friends the best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2016!

Dec 30 10:28


Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Enclave Clause of the Constitution prohibits the Federal Government from owning or controlling any lands other than those underneath Federal buildings or Federally built infrastructure such as harbors, airports, and military bases.

Dec 30 10:28

Texas GOP lawmaker: ‘Rape is non-existent in marriage, take what you want’

A Republican lawmaker in Texas reportedly joked that rape was “non-existent in marriage,” and that husbands could “take what you want” from their wives.

Dec 30 10:27

“When Wall Street greed drove this country into a major economic recession, the middle class bailed them out, now it's time for Wall Street, they're doing great right now, to help the middle class, and help our young people pay-off their student debts."

2016 Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is stumping in Southern Nevada.

On Monday Sen. Sanders sat down with News 3's Gerard Ramahlo to talk about his platform and the changes he thinks the next president must make to keep the new generation of America strong and growing.

Dec 30 10:18

I’m an American Jew. Here’s what happened when I joined the Israeli military.

After Hebrew Course I participated in a physical and mental try-out for Special Forces and was lucky enough to be selected for training with an Elite Special Forces unit named Rimon.
Note: What is an American doing serving in a foreign country! The elite group murders Palestinians!

Readers have expressed doubt about the validity of this story based on the VOX video at the bottom claiming to explain the rise if ISIS and loaded with highly inaccurate data.

Dec 30 10:08

Members of the US government with dual-citizenship to the US and Israel

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
– Marcus Cicero, to the Roman Senate, 42 BC

Dec 30 09:59


A recently announced Saudi-led “anti-terror” coalition was met with great skepticism. This is not because of doubts over Saudi Arabia’s sincerity alone, but because of the fact that much of the terrorism the “coalition” is allegedly to fight is an intentional creation of Saudi Arabian foreign policy to begin with.

In reality, decades of documented evidence reveal that the Saudis are the primary conduit through which Western cash, weapons, support, and directives flow into mercenary armies of extremists, indoctrinated by Saudi Wahhabism – a politically-motivated perversion of Islam – and sent to execute joint Western-Saudi geopolitical ambitions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and beyond.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the underlying reason for unrest in the Middle East comes down to one specific culprit: the foreign policy of the United States of America, enabling, and feeding, radical Islam for its own purposes.

I know I have become cynical, over the last 20 or so years in this struggle against madness by the US government, but DANG, sometimes I cannot keep up!!

Dec 30 09:52

Horrifying Video Shows Cops Sic K-9 on Infant Daughter of a Man they Mistook for a Suspect

Before Arenas-Alvarez could communicate to the officers that his infant daughter was in the car, the “two minutes” had passed and Sgt. Mitchell arrived with his Belgian Malinois. Almost as soon as he exited the vehicle, Mithcell released the K-9 into the SUV of an entirely innocent man and his daughter.

“My baby,” Arturo Arenas-Alvarez can be heard pleading with officers in broken English. “I’ve got my baby.”
An officer then yelled out, “There’s an infant in that car! There’s an infant in that car!”

But it was too late. By the time the cops realized that their immediate escalation to violence was unnecessary – the damage had been done.

Dec 30 09:52

Swiss Army Chief Warns Of Social Unrest, Calls Upon Citizens To Arm Themselves

Swiss army chief André Blattmann warned, in a Swiss newspaper article on Sunday, the risks of social unrest in Europe are soaring. Recalling the experience of 1939/1945, Blattman fears the increasing aggression in public discourse is an explosively hazardous situation, and advises the Swiss people to arm themselves and warns that the basis for Swiss prosperity is "being called into question."

As Deutsche Wirtschafts Christensen reports, speaking on the record for the first time since the November Paris terror attacks, Blattmann told the paper that despite a rise in security incidents over the past two years Switzerland’s means of defence were being reduced.

The situation is growing increasingly risky, Blattman begins.

"The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, it appears that Swiss Army Chief Blattman's assessment is completely correct.

Dec 30 09:48

U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress

The National Security Agency’s targeting of Israeli leaders and officials also swept up the contents of some of their private conversations with U.S. lawmakers and American-Jewish groups. That raised fears—an “Oh-s— moment,” one senior U.S. official said—that the executive branch would be accused of spying on Congress.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We should accuse Congress of selling out to a foreign government!

Dec 30 09:42

Bill Cosby Charged with Sexual Assault

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Bill Cosby was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago — the first criminal charges brought against the comedian out of the torrent of allegations that destroyed his good-guy image as America’s Dad.

The case sets the stage for perhaps the biggest Hollywood celebrity trial of the mobile-all-the-time era and could send the 78-year-old Cosby to prison in the twilight of his life and barrier-breaking career.

Dec 30 09:39

Trump’s Response to Jeb Bush Throwing Down One-on-One Debate Challenge is Just Too Funny

While Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are unlikely to duke it out in a one-on-one debate, their most recent Twitter battle got pretty heated.

Dec 30 09:39

Here’s a Ranking of the Most ‘Heavily Armed’ States in the US

Following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CBS News took a closer look at guns in America – particularly, which states had the most ‘heavy arms’ per capita.

Dec 30 09:25

Report: Obama To Campaign Overseas Against Donald Trump

President Barack Obama plans to campaign against Donald Trump’s pro-American 2016 campaign by rallying international opposition among foreigners, according to Politico.

“Going into next year, Obama will be speaking out against Trump, as he did indirectly in several pro-immigration speeches earlier this month… pushing back against Trump will be a central theme of Obama’s international engagement,” according to a Politico article.

“The nature of American politics is that all these statements are consumed around the world,” said deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes. “When there are statements that could present challenges in terms of perceptions of America’s openness to people of different faiths and America’s inclusiveness, the president is going to speak out on that.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but in President Obama's last year in office, his duty is to take care of the people of the United States of America, not indulge in character assassination of potential Presidential candidates abroad!!

IF this report is true, the DNC is making a terrible tactical error, and will simply push Trump's poll numbers further into the positive.

Dec 30 09:14

Lawsuit seeks more than $5M from Apple for slowing older iPhones with iOS 9 upgrade

A class action lawsuit lodged with a New York district court on Tuesday dredges up claims that Apple engages in planned obsolescence, saying the company knew of potential compatibility issues when it foisted its latest iOS 9 software update on iPhone 4s owners.

Dec 30 09:14

San Diegan wants politicians to display donors anytime they speak on floor

When we see race car drivers, there's no mistaking that sponsors make NASCAR's wheels go round. Imagine if our politicians had to do the same.

Dec 30 09:13

Bloomberg Business: Executive Gun Control Coming ‘Soon After New Year’s Day’

On December 28 Bloomberg Business explained what form Obama’s executive action on gun control will take and predicted it will come “soon after New Year’s Day.” Breitbart News previously reported that the executive gun control was expected to be an expansion of background checks to cover gun shows or to cover more private sales by changing the legal language relating to private gun owners who sell firearms from their “personal collection,” the way Americans have been doing since 1791.

Dec 30 09:12

Those Demanding Free Speech Limits to Fight ISIS Pose a Greater Threat to U.S. Than ISIS

The First Amendment bars the U.S. Government from banning or punishing speech even if that speech advocates “the duty, necessity, or propriety of unlawful methods of terrorism.” And that’s exactly how it should be.

There are millions of people in the world who believe and argue that the U.S. has been supporting tyranny and bringing violence to predominantly Muslim countries for decades as a means of dominating that region, and that return violence is not only justifiable but necessary to stop it (just as there are millions of westerners who believe and argue that they must bring more violence to the countries of that region). In particular, it’s astonishing to watch Americans – whose favorite political debate is deciding which country should be bombed next or which individuals should be next assassinated – propose changes to the First Amendment to make it a crime for others to justify (not engage in, but merely justify) the use of violence in what they argue is valid self-defense.

Dec 30 09:06

NSA Spied on Netanyahu’s Office - Reports

The US National Security Agency (NSA) tapped into conversations between Israeli and American officials in order to figure out how to counter the campaign of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against a deal with Iran on its nuclear program, The Wall Street Journal reports.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The NSA eavesdropped on conversations between Netanyahu and his aides, US and Israeli officials, as well as American-Jewish groups, the newspaper said on Tuesday citing former and current US intelligence and administration officials.

One tool used by the NSA was a "cyber implant in Israeli networks" that enabled the US security agency to access communications within Netanyahu’s office, The Wall Street Journal said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You can safely bet that Israeli security experts are scrambling to remove whatever the US intelligence services got into their communications equipment, and right the heck now.

You can also bet that Netanyahu isn't going to be very happy about these revelations at all, and is most probably contemplating a rather serious and spectacular revenge against President Obama to punish him for having done this, if he thinks he can "get away" with it.

Dec 30 08:51

Mele Kalikimaka: Taxpayer's gift to Obama is $470,000 a day Hawaiian vacation

The first family's Christmas vacation to Hawaii two years ago cost over $8 million, giving an indication of the price of their current 17-day winter break, according to federal documents provided to the taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Added up, their seven vacations to the island could total over $50 million, and he still has one more likely as president at the end of next year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Had this man actually been able to tell the truth about anything; had he not unveiled, and instituted the most dystopic, intelligence-industrial complex state the world has ever seen; had he actually brought this country out of its recession;had he pulled the middle class out of its misery by at least slowing the offshoring/outsourcing of jobs to companies donating to his campaigns; had he actually done something positive to ameliorate the situations in the Middle East, instead of exacerbating them; perhaps I wouldn't have minded the price tag on these vacations so badly.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that we are on a collision course toward war with Russia, thanks to his horrific green-lighting and mishandling of the Ukrainian putsch last year, and his interference in Syria?!? And did I happen to mention that the same organisation allegedly reviled by the US, ISIS, was funded, supplied, and trained by the US in order to destabilize the Al-Assad regime? I just thought I would mention it, because someone has to.

But for Obama and his family to believe, for one nano-second, that they actually deserve this taxpayer largess, because of their status and privilege, is an amazing demonstration of a complete and total disconnect from reality.

And to the Democrats who are waiting for Hillary's "coronation moment" at next year's convention, a small word of advice: do not bring this man along to "promote" her.

Without a teleprompter, he is completely, thoroughly useless in terms of public speaking.

Also, his faux populism, coupled with his ostentatious life style, is wearing very thin right now on an American population which is broke, angry, war-weary, and skeptical, and everyone knows he is no less beholden to the financial interests which got him elected than are his Republican colleagues.

Dec 30 08:44

Police officer donates a kidney to a coworker because he didn’t want his friend's children to have to grow up without a parent.

Christmas has passed but a local police officer received a gift Tuesday that will change his life forever.

La Vergne Police Sgt. Burrel “Chip” Davis, 40, is receiving a new kidney from his co-worker Officer Eric Crowder, 32.

Dec 30 08:44

Toy F-16 sold on Amazon plays Islamic prayer instead of jet noises

A toy plane for children is at the centre of controversy after it's been playing an Islamic prayer instead of plane noises.

Dec 30 08:37

Bill Ayers Slams 'Criminal Activities' of Obama Administration

Beginning of the end for Obama politically speaking!

"I think we’re sliding down a very treacherous path," Ayers says, "and I think the Democratic Party is very much a part of that. It is a war party. The criminal activities of this administration are vast. Drone strikes, continuous war."

"We [the US] are the mother of the so-called Islamic State…the mother of that entity is the Iraq Invasion and the father is Saudi Arabia, which we just gave billions of dollars of aid to."

Dec 30 08:26

‘Cash is being eradicated’: Digital payments take over western world

Did you know that the government of Denmark has a stated goal of “eradicating cash” by the year 2030?

Dec 30 08:18

Heartbreaking: Father bursts into tears telling CNN how Chicago police killed son who needed help

Antonio LeGrier, the father of a 19-year-old man killed by police over the weekend, broke down in tears during an interview with CNN on Tuesday.

On Saturday, Chicago police shot and killed LeGrier’s son, Quintonio, after the father called 911 to get help dealing with a mental issue the teen was having.

Throughout Tuesday’s interview with CNN host Brooke Baldwin, LeGrier struggled to keep his composure. But time and time again, his emotions took over.

Tears welled up in LeGrier’s eyes before Baldwin asked her first question. And at times, he sobbed uncontrollably, putting his head in his hands.

“This just doesn’t feel right,” the CNN host eventually noted before cutting to a commercial break.

When the broadcast resumed, LeGrier had regained his composure, but within minutes, he was sobbing again.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Across the country, that wonderful adage pasted on many a police car "To protect and serve" has morphed into "Assassinate and ask questions later."

I would be curious as to what the Vegas odds are of that latter phrase starting to get emblazoned on police cars in this country, as it is far closer to the truth in many cities than is the first right now.

I have to wonder if this highly toxic police culture comes from certain messages at the state and national level, which assures police officers that they can do anything they want with impunity, including killing innocent kids, and get away with it, because they believe it will scare people away from peacefully demonstrating against the very real tyrannies which have infected this country.

But the ultimate outcome to these acts will be that when people realize that calling 911 for help for any kind of an emergency can not only be hazardous, but also fatal to your health, they will cease to make those 911 calls completely.

Dec 30 08:09

Rape victim forced to call boyfriend, calls 911 instead

Police say quick thinking by the victim of a frightening abduction and assault helped them catch her attacker in the act.

Dec 30 08:08

President Barack Obama signs into law a ban on tiny plastic particles used in personal cosmetic products that scientists say are polluting U.S. lakes, rivers and the oceans.

On Monday, Dec. 28, President Barack Obama signed into law a ban on tiny plastic particles used in personal cosmetic products that scientists say are polluting U.S. lakes, rivers and the oceans.

Dec 30 04:41

Turkey: A Criminal State, a NATO State

Let’s face it, Turkey is now a mafia state ruled by a criminal regime. It is also a NATO member state. Perhaps now the pernicious illusion of NATO as military alliance defending justice, human rights, and the rule of law can finally be put to rest. While the propagandists will continue the charade, Turkey has permanently exposed the US-NATO-GCC-Israel for the warmongers they are in Syria and around the world.

Dec 30 03:55

British MP: Israel Fabricated Knife Attack Stories, Conservative Party Influenced By ‘Jewish Money’

There is now a big group of Conservative members of Parliament who are pro-Israel whatever government does and they are not interested in what Israel, in what the Israeli government does.”

Dec 30 03:52

Week Twelve of the Russian Intervention in Syria: Zag! - by THE SAKER

US leaders have their heads stuck deep up into their own delusions, the events on the ground are slowly but steadily reinforcing the Russian position and vindicating Russia’s stance

Dec 29 22:28

Largest Native American Tribe in California Bans GMOs

Waking Times

The Yurok Tribe, the largest Native American tribe in California, will join other peoples such as those from Russia, Italy, and Germany in saying NO to genetically modified organisms. The tribe has just announced that it is implementing a ban on all GM crops and GM animals.

Dec 29 19:33

British MP: Israel Fabricated Knife Attack Stories, Conservative Party Influenced By ‘Jewish Money’

“There is now a big group of Conservative members of Parliament who are pro-Israel whatever government does and they are not interested in what Israel, in what the Israeli government does.”

Dec 29 19:28

US hawks give Iran hardliners ammunition against Rouhani

A proposed US law will complicate Rouhani’s job by forcing him to quash criticism at home instead of considering rapprochement abroad

Dec 29 18:52

National security whistleblower interview: NSA spies on absolutely everything, will never stop, and will only expand

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

Kerry Cassidy’s 2013 2-hour interview of Mark Novitsky:

Statement from Mark (to me via e-mail and published with his permission):

Dec 29 17:47

Man arrested at home after walking dog off-leash, faces felony charges

Cell phone video of a man resisting arrest in his own home and having his head slammed through a wall is going viral. How the New York City police officers got inside the home is unclear, but it all stemmed from a puppy being walked without a leash.

Dec 29 17:25

Officials: 'Affluenza' Teen, Mother Planned Flight to Mexico

A teen fugitive who’s known for using an “affluenza” defense and his mother attempted to disguise themselves and disappear among the American tourists thronging a Mexican resort city for the holidays, but are now in custody and will be returned to the U.S., authorities said Tuesday.


Dec 29 15:29

Congress Passes Bill Repealing Country-Of-Origin Meat Labeling Rule

The spending bill Congress passed last Friday repealed the country-of-origin labeling (COOL) regulation that lets consumers know where their meat comes from. It’s every consumer for him/herself, apparently. On Friday, Congress passed

Dec 29 15:06

Unarmed man shot by police in Detroit, family wants answers

Relatives of a man shot and killed by a Dearborn, Michigan police officer say he was mentally ill but not violent. Protesters have called for an investigation into the death of Kevin Matthews, which the Wayne County medical examiner has ruled a homicide.





Dec 29 13:26

Freeway Sign Showing Support for Donald Trump Goes Viral

Dec 28 - A couple driving on a Southern California freeway took video of an electronic road sign touting support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The hacked sign read: “Inland Empire supports Donald Trump. Merry Xmas. Vote Donald Trump.”

The video posted by Nikki Worden has gone viral, picking up more than 440,000 views since it was uploaded Saturday.

Dec 29 12:59

Syria: Has Anyone Stepped Back from the Brink?

One cannot fault the Russians for trying to organise an anti-Jihadist alliance in Syria, but their potential allies, apart perhaps from the apparently repentant French, are all snakes in the grass. And Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, is the biggest snake of all. "Do you realise what you have done?" Putin asked at the UN in September. Not yet apparently, reports to the contrary notwithstanding. But then, as we know, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

Dec 29 12:26

The Dark Side Of A Record $5 Trillion In Mergers: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Imminent Layoffs

Yesterday afternoon, Dealogic announced the for the first time in history, global announced M&A volume in 2015 would surpass $5 trillion. This record eclipses by 9% the previous all time high of $4.6 trillion set during the previous market bubble year of 2007.

The report adds that there were 10 $50 billion M&A transactions announced in 2015 worth a combined $798.9bn. That's five deals more than the previous record high activity set in 1998, 1999, and 2014. US targeted M&A ($2.5tr) accounts for half of 2015 volume and seven of the top 10 transactions.

Breaking down by total by sector, Healthcare ($723.7bn) and Technology ($713.1bn) were the leading sectors. The biggest deals announced in 2015 were Pfizer and Allergan's pending $160bn merger, followed by Anheuser-Busch Blevins's $117.4bn bid for SABMiller, two of only eight $100bn+ transactions announced on record.

Dec 29 12:23

No Matter Who Becomes President Israel Wins

The next American president will almost certainly be bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby. Hillary Clinton has already declared that that when she is elected president she intends to take relations with Israel “to the next level” and has also promised to invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit on her very first day in office.

Dec 29 12:22

Turkish, Greek Jets Engage In Dogfight Over Mediterranean

Well don’t look now, but Turkish and Greek fighters just got into a dogfight over the Aegean.

Here’s eKathimerini:

Greek and Turkish jets engaged in a brief dogfight over the Aegean Sea on Tuesday after Turkish aircraft violated Greek national air space several times.

A formation of six Turkish jets, flanked by two CN-235 aircraft that were not in formation, violated Greek air space nine times, according to Greek defense officials.

Greek and Turkish jets engaged in a brief dogfight over the Aegean Sea on Tuesday after Turkish aircraft violated Greek national air space several times.

A formation of six Turkish jets, flanked by two CN-235 aircraft that were not in formation, violated Greek air space nine times, according to Greek defense officials.

In all cases the Turkish jets were chased off by Greek aircraft. Two of the eight Turkish aircraft were armed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It has become painfully obvious that Erdogan's "job" for NATO is to start World War III.

In spite of whatever delusions of grandeur this man may harbor, history will characterise him is one of the great villains of the 21st century for these acts.

Dec 29 11:54

The Lost Home Owner: “Soaring House Prices And Lack of Decently Paid Jobs” Affect Young

Millenials are delayed from becoming real grown-ups because economic opportunity to advance has been destroyed.

Home ownership among young people is at its lowest level since records began, according to new figures released today.


Dec 29 11:03

Obama Program That Hurt Homeowners and Helped Big Banks Is Ending

When President Obama announced the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, on February 18, 2009, in Mesa, Arizona, he promised it would assist 3 to 4 million homeowners to modify their loans to avoid foreclosure. Almost seven years later, less than 1 million have received ongoing assistance; nearly 1 in 3 re-defaulted after receiving inadequate modifications; and 6 million families lost their homes over the same time period.

Now the program is ending.

Tucked away on page 1,983 of the omnibus spending package, signed into law earlier this month, is the following language: “The Making Home Affordable initiative of the Secretary of the Treasury, as authorized under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 … shall terminate on December 31, 2016.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is yet another component to Obama's epic-fail, big government projects, which do the polar opposite from what they are supposed to do.

In spite of President Obama's faux populism, history will judge Obama's administration as one which was no less beholden to the large financial institutions which own them than were their Republican colleagues.

Dec 29 10:57

Why Engineers Can’t Stop Los Angeles' Enormous Methane Leak

One of the biggest environmental disasters in US history is happening right now, and you’ve probably never heard of it.

An enormous amount of harmful methane gas is currently erupting from an energy facility in Aliso Canyon, California, at a startling rate of 110,000 pounds per hour. The gas, which carries with it the stench of rotting eggs due to the addition of a chemical called mercaptan, has led to the evacuation 1,700 homes so far. Many residents have already filed lawsuits against the company that owns the facility, the Southern California Gas Company.

Footage taken on December 17 shows a geyser of methane gas spewing from the Earth, visible by a specialized infrared camera operated by an Earthworks ITC-certified thermographer. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) released the footage last week, calling it “one of the biggest leaks we’ve ever seen reported” and “absolutely uncontained”:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Southern California Edison cannot stop the leak because their engineers are still guessing.

There has to be someone on this planet who has dealt with this kind of problem successfully before; Southern California Edison has to collectively swallow its pride, and call in some consultants who understand how to get this leak to stop.

Otherwise, this utilities company may well get sued out of existence.

Dec 29 10:50


A battle between the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) and privacy advocates may soon claim its first victims—holders of driver’s licenses the agency deems not secure enough for boarding airliners.

A decade ago Congress adopted the Real ID Act (pdf), which was recommended by the 9/11 Commission to enhance the nation’s security and reduce identity theft and fraud. The law hasn’t been enforced, but now DHS is threatening to do just that.

Some states as well as privacy experts, civil liberty organizations and libertarian groups say the law’s requirements for secure identification would amount to something like a national identification card. More than 10 states’ motor vehicle departments are forbidden from complying with the law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if you are behind in your taxes, and trying to travel even domestically using a passport, because your driver's licence is non-compliant, according to DHS, your passport can be immediately rescinded and revoked by the IRS, courtesy of the Omnibus Spending Bill, which just got passed in Congress.

Dec 29 10:45


While the mainstream media focus on ISIS extremists, a threat that has gone virtually unreported is that your life savings could be wiped out in a massive derivatives collapse. Bank bail-ins have begun in Europe, and the infrastructure is in place in the US. Poverty also kills.

That is all happening in the EU. Is there reason for concern in the US?

According to former hedge fund manager Shah Gilani, writing for Money Morning, there is. In a November 30th article titled “Why I’m Closing My Bank Accounts While I Still Can,” he writes:

[It is] entirely possible in the next banking crisis that depositors in giant too-big-to-fail failing banks could have their money confiscated and turned into equity shares. . . .

Dec 29 10:28

Man dies after blowing up condom machine, says German police

A man died on Christmas Day in Germany after he was hit in the head by a flying piece of metal from a condom machine that he and two accomplices blew up in an apparent robbery attempt, police said on Monday.

The 29-year-old man was taken to hospital in the western town of Schoeppingen, near the Dutch border, by the two other men who fled the scene of the explosion in a car, leaving behind condoms and money scattered around the gutted vending machine.

Dec 29 10:20

Bernie Sanders: Audit the Department of Defense, contractors wasting money while soldiers are on food stamps.

At an event Monday night in Storm Lake, Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says that, "when we talk about making government more cost effective, it doesn't simply mean cutting Medicaid and food stamps."

Dec 29 10:20

Donald Trump’s Christmas Present to His Fellow Millionaires: An analysis finds that the Republican frontrunner’s tax plan reserves its greatest benefits for the wealthiest Americans

Populist resentment and economic fears have helped fuel the rise of Donald Trump in a crowded Republican presidential field. For all of Trump’s populist appeal, however, wealthy Americans stand to benefit the most from the presidential contender’s tax plan, according to an analysis released on Tuesday by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

Dec 29 10:11

Defuses Hostage Situation Only to be Fatally Shot by Cops

Bobby Daniels was a peace officer by trade – a private security guard employed at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. When he learned that his emotionally troubled 25-year-old son Bias had suffered a breakdown and was holding a fellow security guard at gunpoint in a mobile home park in Douglasville, Bobby raced to the scene. Using the skills of persuasion and patient de-escalation upon which a private peace officer must rely, Bobby persuaded his son to relinquish his handgun and place it on the hood of a car.

Just seconds later, Daniels was fatally shot – not by his mentally ill son, but by the sheriff’s deputies who had arrived on the scene.

In familiar fashion, law enforcement officials insist that the victim of this police shooting – at least the 960th to occur in 2015 – was to blame, and they have provided contradictory accounts as to how it happened.

Dec 29 09:45

Marco Rubio fires back at 'sad' Jeb Bush campaign after attack by Bush's super PAC

The new commercial, from Right to Rise USA, goes after Rubio, a Florida senator, for missing national-security hearings in the US Senate to campaign for president.

"Over the last three years, Rubio has missed important national-security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator,
Super PACs, or political action committees, which can raise and spend unlimited amounts, are legally prohibited from coordinating with candidates on strategy. Right to Rise, however, is still closely tied to Bush's operation.

Dec 29 09:42

Donald Trump: An Evaluation

Trump is popular not so much for his stance on issues as for the fact that he is not another Washington politican, and he is respected for not backing down and apologizing when he makes strong statements for which he is criticized. What people see in Trump is strength and leadership. This is what is unusual about a political candidate, and it is this strength to which voters are responding.

Recently I watched a video of a woman described as a "Trump advisor" who repeated neocon nazi William Kristol's statement: "What's the use of nuclear weapons if you can't use them?"

How did a William Kristol neocon nazi get on Trump's staff? What more proof do we need that even if Trump is elected, the establishment will prevail despite Trump.

Dec 29 09:41

Trucker Destroys Historic Bridge Because She Didn't Know How Many Pounds Six Tons Was

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thank you Common Core!

Dec 29 09:32

Those Demanding Free Speech Limits to Fight ISIS Pose a Greater Threat to U.S. Than ISIS

In 2006 – years before ISIS replaced Al Qaeda as the New and Unprecedentedly Evil Villain – Newt Gingrich gave a speech in New Hampshire in which, as he put it afterward, he “called for a serious debate about the First Amendment and how terrorists are abusing our rights–using them as they once used passenger jets–to threaten and kill Americans.”

Dec 29 09:31

North Korea's second most-powerful man sent to work in mine for "ideological reeducation"

North Korea's Choe Ryong Hae is serving a sentence in the mines of South Pyongan Province, where he is receiving "ideological re-education."