Aug 19 06:44

Police hit organic farm with massive SWAT raid for no reason, taxpayers to be held liable

In an effort to protect the citizens of Texas, a massive military-style raid was conducted on the Garden of Eden organic farm and commune.

Aug 18 22:39

'Independent' GMO researcher received $25K grant from Monsanto

This is why when people say 'the science supports' something, you need to look into who is funding the research.


Aug 18 18:44

James Boyd: New Mexico officers to stand trial for murder in homeless man's death

Prosecutors filed murder charges against the two officers in the killing of 38-year-old James Boyd, who authorities say had schizophrenia. He was shot during an hours-long standoff in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, where police accused him of camping illegally. He died at a hospital after his arm was amputated. Seven police officers around the country have faced murder charges for on-duty incidents since 2010. One was convicted of manslaughter and assault after a second-degree murder count was dropped. The rest are still in court proceedings.

Aug 18 18:39

Who Wins in a Currency Devaluation War?

The paradox in the question of who wins in a currency war presupposes that any participating combatant can actually claim victory. If winning means ending up with the most cash, when the value of the money as a store of tangible wealth is debased, it is doubtful anyone can be declared the victor. The absurdity of lowering the purchasing power of a countries currency to enable exports to be more competitive is economic sacrilege that the heretical “Free Trade” mythos is based upon. Without a reliable standard of objective comparison, floating currencies maneuver their exchange rates to disguise internal imbalances in their own political and economic expenditures.

Aug 18 18:38

Bangkok Bomber Captured?:They say he is American!


Aug 18 17:53

Massive Western blazes drain firefighting resources

CHELAN, Wash. — Wildfires are putting such a strain on the nation’s firefighting resources that authorities have activated the military and sought international help to beat back scores of blazes burning uncontrolled throughout the dry West.

Aug 18 16:03

APD officers will stand trial for murder in shooting of James Boyd

Judge Neil Candelaria on Tuesday ruled there is probable cause for two Albuquerque police officers to stand trial in the 2014 shooting death of a homeless man.

Retired officer Keith Sandy and officer Dominique Perez will face charges of 2nd-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and battery in court. The officers fatally shot James Boyd during a standoff in the foothills.



Aug 18 14:58

Full Alex Jones Show – Alex Debates David Duke on Jewish/Zionist Power!

Breakthrough interview, highly entertaining to watch Alex Jones squirm when David Duke talks about Zionists controlling banks, media, and government and killing innocent Palestinians.

Aug 18 14:54

Yuan Devaluation, More QE?






Aug 18 13:15

This December, Agenda 21 is Getting an “Update”

By Rusticus

From November 30th to December 11th of 2015, a consortium of world “leaders” from 190 countries will gather in Paris, France as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The occasion? The much maligned Neomalthusian “environmental” program, known as “Agenda 21” by its original visionaries as well as its opponents, will be of drinking age, its “sustainable” protocols having been officially adopted in 1994.

So, too, is this UN Convention in Paris a celebration of the Kyoto Protocol’s numerological accomplishments, as COP21/CPM11 marks the 11th year of the emission regulation’s force as “International Law” (as of 2004).

The purpose of these festivities, however, is hardly mere ceremony; as Agenda 21 comes of age, the burdens it places upon those living beneath its yoke are also maturing...

Aug 18 12:51


The US Commerce Department has announced it would keep its hold on the global internet domain system for at least another year. Assistant Commerce Secretary Lawrence Strickling wrote in a blog post Monday that the US government would renew its contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) until September 30, 2016.

Aug 18 12:45


Discharging a firearm in circumstances that endanger innocent persons or hostages, is prohibited by police departments. So why on Earth would 32 cops chase down a car full of hostages, fire into that car killing a hostage, and even fire directly over their colleagues in the process? The answer to that question, according to a detailed report released Monday by the Police Foundation, is because of a “lack of planning.”

Aug 18 12:36

Economists Brace for September: “Building Up to Catastrophe of Historic Proportions”

An outright panic has taken hold over many who see September 2015 as a convergence of ominous events. RT profiled several who are bracing for next month’s signposts of doom:

Jeff Berwick, Canadian entrepreneur and editor of The Dollar Vigilante, recently told Gordon T. Long in an interview: “There’s enough going on in September to have me incredibly curious and concerned about what’s going to happen.”


Doug Casey, [head of Casey Research said] “With these stupid governments printing trillions and trillions of new currency units,” Casey, describing the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program, “it’s building up to a catastrophe of historic proportions.”


Aug 18 11:22

Watergate journalist compares Hillary Clinton's emails to Nixon's tapes

Watergate journalist Bob Woodward thinks Hillary Clinton's private email account controversy shares some similarities with Richard Nixon's infamous Watergate scandal. Woodward, who was one of the Washington Post reporters who helped break the story that eventually led to President Nixon's resignation, compared Clinton's emails to the Nixon tapes in an interview Monday, as Nixon thought that the tapes he kept documenting conversations were "exclusively his."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 18 10:41

US Military Prepares Drastic Escalation of Global Drone Program

Citing exclusive interviews with senior U.S. officials, the WSJ's Gordon Lubold reports that the number of daily flights by aircraft such as MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper drones will surge an estimated 50 percent. Further, the expanded drone program will "draw on the Army, as well as Special Operations Command and government contractors," in addition to the U.S. Air Force, which currently carries out most of the operations for the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency.

Lobuld reports: "The Pentagon envisions a combined effort that by 2019 would have the Air Force continue flying 60 drone flights a day, the Army contributing as many as 16 and the military’s Special Forces Command pitching in with as many as four. Government contractors would be hired to fly older Predator drones on as many as 10 flights a day, none of them strike missions."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder; how much of this increase in drones will be domestic, as well as international?

And how far a stretch is it for this President to have his legal eagles determine that extrajudicial assassinations in this country are just as legal as they are overseas?!?

Unfortunately, in light of the fact that Obama has already decided he is capable of being judge, jury, and (proxy) executioner, not much.

Aug 18 10:36


The cost of cleaning up a major toxic waste spill in the West caused by an Environmental Protection Agency contractor could soar as high as $27.7 billion. That’s the conclusion of study released Tuesday morning by the right-leaning American Action Forum. The group is one of the first to attempt to estimate the clean-up cost of what will likely be remembered as one of the biggest environmental disasters of 2015.

Aug 18 10:35

Thailand thunders: New blast in Bangkok centre

One more explosion has taken place in the Thai city of Bangkok.
According to the local police, there was an explosive low-power device.
This time there are no reports of victims, as an unidentified man who noticed the device, managed to throw it in the canal from the bridge in the city centre.
"If it did not fall in the water then it certainly would have caused injuries," Colonel Natakit Siriwongtawan, deputy police chief of Klongsan district said.
Pravda.Ru reported, that the Muang Thai Marathon should take place in Bangkok August, 23. Now, the marathon is under the threat of failure because of a string of blasts during the last two days.

Aug 18 10:34

All Is Not Well In Hillaryland

Things are getting weird when even Al Gore is thinking of getting into the Democratic presidential race, which is turning into a last hurrah for the Baby Boomers and their tad-older camp counselors.

Hillary Clinton, permanently punctilious, has done everything right: She put her HQ in Brooklyn, hired savvy digital/social/big data nerds, raised a ton of dough, gave substantive, well-thought-out speeches and flooded early primary and caucus states with organizers. She's still the default bet for the Democratic nomination: national polls show her with a fat 36 percent lead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This woman is absolutely no different than the woman who so resolutely "cleaned up" after her philandering husband, making sure that the women with whom he slept were as utterly destroyed as she could possibly make them.

For her, the rules do not exist; they're only for "the little people", not for someone of her wealth and stature. And the Emailgate scandal is more of a symptom than the problem itself, which is a completely sociopathic personality. She can take no responsibility for anything wrong she has ever done, including the debacle which was Benghazi.

The truth of the business is, she is just as bought as any other politician by the major corporations which fund her covertly and overtly.

At the end of the day, you utterly cannot trust her at all; she has the morals of a trout.

And yes, I would love for a woman to become president, and soon; just, please Heaven, not THIS woman.


Aug 18 10:15

Carson’s claim that Planned Parenthood targets blacks to ‘control that population’: Four Pinocchios.

“Well, maybe I’m not objective when it comes to Planned Parenthood. But you know, I know who Margaret Sanger is, and I know that she believed in eugenics, and that she was not particularly enamored with black people. And one of the reasons that you find most of their clinics in black neighborhoods is so that you can find way to control that population. And I think people should go back and read about Margaret Sanger, who founded this place — a woman who Hillary Clinton by the way says she admires. Look and see what many people in Nazi Germany thought about her.”

Aug 18 10:14

Things you should never have in your home after you turn 30

Do you consider yourself an adult? I bet your home says otherwise. According to Urban Dictionary an adult is any person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle. I'm a little harsher in my definition, especially about your middle. Earn yourself a diploma in adult living at Domain University. Leave your "sorry the place is a mess" excuses at the front door.

Aug 18 10:14

One-Quarter Of Mothers Return To Work Less Than 2 Weeks After Giving Birth, Report Finds

While high-end firms that employ the most well-educated and well-paid U.S. workers compete in a benefits arms race, too many working women are forced to skimp or skip out on maternity leave because of the United States’ lack of paid leave policy, a new analysis of data from the Department of Labor makes clear.

Nearly 1 in 4 new mothers surveyed by the department in 2012 were back at work within just two weeks of having a new baby, according to an analysis conducted by researchers at Abt Associates for an investigative feature in In These Times, published Tuesday morning.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think that one of the greatest measures of how well a society is really working is how it treats new moms and their infants.

But having to go back to work after only two weeks off is wrong for both moms and their newborns up in ways I cannot begin to articulate.

Scandinavian and European countries leave the US in the dust in the way they structure their maternity leave programs; I think we need to learn something from them on this issue.

Aug 18 10:07

Israel-West Bank 'Separation Barrier' Project Continues Despite Court Ruling To Halt Construction

Ultimately, the barrier would separate the city of Beit Jala from the Israeli settlement of Har Gilo and village of Walaja, much to the dismay of the Walaja Town Council, which filed a petition against the barrier nine years ago along with landowners and the Roman Catholic Cremisan Monastery. The High Court of Justice only took the case this year.
Note: We are God's chosen and will do whatever we want whenever we want to!!

Aug 18 10:05


This weekend the world lost one of the greatest heroes of our time, Julian Bond. In an obituary that appeared in the New York Times yesterday it was reported that ‘Julian Bond’s great-grandmother Jane Bond was the slave mistress of a Kentucky farmer.’ Twitter was overloaded with comments yesterday that he wasn’t a farmer but a slave master, and there is no such thing as a slave mistress. Being a mistress is voluntary, she was a raped slave. Interesting that a writer at the Times didn’t use language properly, and great that so many people spotted it. Also interesting that there was no correction for this at the Times.

Aug 18 09:32


More evidence has surfaced showing local law enforcement agencies are using high-powered surveillance equipment -- equipment originally designed for the military and highly-recommended by the NSA. Ali Winston and the Center for Investigative Reporting have obtained documents showing both Chicago and Los Angeles have used "dirt boxes"(DRT -- Digital Receiver Technology "boxes:" high-powered cell site simulators) since 2005.

In Chicago, the Digital Receiver Technology equipment was purchased in 2005 with funds collected in asset forfeiture cases. In Los Angeles, the police department purchased a package of Digital Receiver Technology equipment with $260,000 in homeland security grant funding. The sole-source purchase was approved unanimously by the Los Angeles City Council in 2005. Both departments also use StingRays, a more commonly known cell-site simulator manufactured by the Florida-based Harris Corp.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, police departments can now surveille to their hearts' content; but does this technology make the citizens living in LA or Chicago actually more safe?!?

I would tend to doubt that completely.

Aug 18 09:29


You can stop waiting for a global financial crisis to happen. The truth is that one is happening right now. All over the world, stock markets are already crashing. Most of these stock market crashes are occurring in nations that are known as “emerging markets”. In recent years, developing countries in Asia, South America and Africa loaded up on lots of cheap loans that were denominated in U.S. dollars. But now that the U.S. dollar has been surging, those borrowers are finding that it takes much more of their own local currencies to service those loans. At the same time, prices are crashing for many of the commodities that those countries export. The exact same kind of double whammy caused the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s and the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s.

Aug 18 09:24


Vaccines are a very imperfect science, despite the good intentions of healthcare providers and parents seeking to protect their children from disease. Adverse, life-changing and deadly effects of vaccines are more common than ever. In fact, the US government has had to pay out over $3 billion to vaccine-injured families since 1986. Still think vaccines are safe?

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) lists several negative outcomes of vaccines. Many of these side effects are worse than the diseases these vaccines are for! VAERS reports that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is “linked to febrile seizures, which are a type of seizure that occurs in infants and young children in association with fever.” While these seizures hold no long-term consequences, they can be a frightening experience.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am not a rabid "antivaxxer"; when Mike had his bout with pneumonia last year, I did have the pneumovax vaccine, which doesn't prevent you from catching pneumonia, but does keep it from killing you.

But all the vaccines mandated for kids before they ever see the inside of a classroom in kindergarten at age 5: YIKES!!

A very smart mom locally made sure her kids were vaccinated, but never with combinations of vaccines, which have never been tested as to adverse reactions from the combinations of vaccines into one shot.

Aug 18 09:23

Kentucky couple shaken by false child-abuse calls originating from social worker neighbor

The first time it happened, on April 1, the young couple thought it must be an April Fool’s joke.
Several Elizabethtown Police officers appeared at the door around 10 p.m. to check on them and their baby — asleep in her crib — following an anonymous report the couple, one of them holding the girl, had engaged in a drunken fight outside.

Aug 18 09:23

Detroit on pace to sell 3,000 vacant lots to neighboring homeowners this year for $100 each

Linda Gadsden spent years living next door to an overgrown and weed-filled dumping ground.
By next summer, the 63-year-old Detroiter says it will be a lush garden with pumpkins, watermelon, tomatoes, lettuce and greens.
It cost Gadsden less than two hours and $100 to snap up the property next to her corner lot home on Indiana Avenue during a Detroit Land Bank Authority side lot sale fair last month.

Aug 18 09:03

Watch Native American Activists Literally Chase John McCain Off Navajo Land

On Friday, August 14, Arizona Senator John McCain was confronted several times by Native activists and elders while visiting the Navajo Nation. McCain and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey were meeting with the Navajo at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock for an event honoring the Navajo Code Talkers of World War 2.



Aug 18 08:33

Hillary Clinton Should be in Jail. Michael Rivero

Aug 18 08:15

What the Latest Currency ‘War’ is All About

When the US embarks on perennial quantitative easing, that’s OK. When the EU does QE as well, that’s OK. But when the Bank of China decides it’s in the best interest of the nation to let the yuan go down a bit instead of infinitely up, that’s Armageddon.

An internationalized yuan established as a global reserve currency implies a "market-determined" exchange rate policy.

It took the Bank of China to devaluate the yuan on two consecutive days — moving within the 2 percent band that it’s allowed to — for the proverbial global financial banshees to go completely bonkers.

Forget the hysteria. The heart of the matter is that Beijing has stepped on the gas in a quite complex long game; to liberalize the yuan exchange rate; allow it to free float against the US dollar; and establish the yuan as a global reserve currency.

Aug 18 08:11

The Social Costs of Capitalism

The public subsidies provided to miners, loggers, and ranchers are as extravagant and as harmful to the public interest as the subsidies that the Federal Reserve and Treasury provide to the "banks too big to fail."

Few, if any, corporations absorb the full cost of their operations. Corporations shove many of their costs onto the environment, the public sector, and distant third parties.

Economists call these costs “external costs” or “social costs.” The mine made its profits by creating pollutants, the cost of which is borne by those who had no share in the profits.

Aug 18 08:07

British petition calls for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes

The petition, filed on the U.K. parliament petition website, was apparently inspired by an upcoming visit to London by Netanyahu for meetings with the government.

Thousands of U.K. residents have signed a petitiondemanding the arrest of Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu for his war crimes against Gaza during last summer’s brutal offensive.

Given the large scale of support and attention, the U.K. government may be forced to publicly respond in the near future.

Aug 18 08:02

Israel “Drills” Ground Incursion In Syria; Pretext Fighting Terror Israel Helped Create

By Brandon Turbeville

According to reports coming from both Israel and Europe, the Israeli Defense Forces appear to be preparing for a ground incursion of Syrian territory in the Golan Heights area.

Whatever the plans of the IDF, the Israeli military clearly engaged in wide-scale maneuvers on the border with Syria on Sunday which simulated an incursion into Syrian territory and the evacuation of Israelis currently residing in border towns...

Aug 18 07:53

Bangkok bomb: CCTV video shows man leave backpack

Video footage has emerged of a key suspect police want to question in connection with the deadly bomb blast in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And THIS time the backpacks match exactly! :)

Aug 18 07:15

Crimes Against Humanity: .01% poverty-murder over 400 million people since 1995, more than all wars in recorded history

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

“Crimes against humanity” include any of the following acts committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:
the crime of apartheid;
other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or serious bodily or mental injury.
– International Criminal Court (ICC)

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) (1), the hunger-ending organizations RESULTS (2), and Bread for the World (3) estimate that 15 million people die each year from preventable poverty, of whom 11 million are children under the age of five. Jeffrey Sachs says the total deaths are closer to 8 million (4). Either way, poverty causes more human destruction every year than those claimed in the Holocaust.

Aug 18 07:11

23 Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening

You can stop waiting for a global financial crisis to happen. The truth is that one is happening right now. All over the world, stock markets are already crashing. Most of these stock market crashes are occurring in nations that are known as “emerging markets”.

Aug 18 07:02

Newport Tennessee teen arrested for calling cops pigs

William G. Reece, 19, was arrested near Newport, Tennessee on Friday August 14, 2015 after opening his door and yelling “PIGS!” at Newport and State Patrol officers who were just finishing up a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 131 near a business called Zoomers.


Aug 18 06:56

The Russian Media Is Talking About What Is Coming In September, But The U.S. Media Has Been Strangely Silent

Why does the Russian media seem to be far more on the ball than the mainstream media in the United States much of the time? Could it be possible that Russian reporters have more freedom to talk about important issues than reporters that work for the major corporate conglomerates in the United States do?