May 31 05:46

Operation Northern Exposure: Over 1,000 troops to take part in Michigan dirty bomb exercise

A massive simulated dirty bomb attack exercise is set to take place at the end of June in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

May 31 05:32

Wiesenthal Centre urges Croatia to end pensions to Nazi allies

Zagreb (AFP) - The Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center on Tuesday urged Croatia to stop paying pensions to people who served in the country's World War II Nazi-allied armed forces, labelling the policy an insult to their victims.

May 31 05:22

British Jewish Woman Wins $25k in Religious Discrimination Suit

Aurelie Fhima applied to Travel Jigsaw in Manchester, but was rejected after she said at a job interview that her religious observance prevents her from working on Friday nights and Saturdays, the Telegraph reported.

Travel Jigsaw officials sent her a letter saying that they could not hire her, because “We are still looking for people who are flexible enough to work Saturdays.”

May 31 05:20

Dear World: Netanyahu Is Calling You Stupid

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is grabbing positive headlines these days: first with reports that he wants to go back to negotiations with the Palestinians, and second with reports that he has expressed support for the Arab Peace Initiative (API). Or more accurately, he told EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini that he wants negotiations with the Palestinians over settlement blocs, and he told the press that he likes the "general idea" of better relations between Israel in the Arab world. Or, in essence, twice recently Netanyahu called the world stupid.

May 31 05:17

US pension funds to divest from Israel boycotters

Last month, Illinois became the first US state to pass a bill banning the state’s five pension funds from investing in companies that boycott Israel.
The bill is widely considered an attempt to undermine the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which calls for investors to pull money from companies it believes are complicit in violating Palestinian rights.

May 31 04:50

US police shot dead almost 400 people in 5 months

At least 385 people ranging in age from 16 to 83 have died at the hands of police across the US this year, The Washington Post revealed. One in six victims were unarmed, mostly black or Hispanic, and officers were charged in less than 1% of cases.

May 30 23:10

Rand Paul Praises Bill Gates, "his amazing vaccination crusade in Africa"

Presidential hopeful Rand Paul has done it once again, never ceasing to amaze those who supported his father Ron. In his latest book 'Taking A Stand,' Rand Paul has praised Bill Gates vaccine campaign, and also said there's a chance that the Federal Reserve only has our best interests at heart.


May 30 19:52

Yet more military equipment turns up — this time in a Nevada Walmart parking lot

The above video, posted to YouTube May 24, shows some type of large military vehicle and possibly more in the background at a local Walmart store.

May 30 18:49

Pentagon Report Says West, Persian Gulf States and Turkey Created ISIS

When asked repeatedly by journalist and ex-US marine Brad Hoff to dispel claims that the West aligned itself with IS or ISIS at some point in Syria, the DIA’s official response was telling: “No comment.”





May 30 16:17

Demand Full Impeachment of Ginny Burdick and Jeff Kruse

Measure 91 aimed to end prohibition of marijuana for adults over 21 and end a war on the civil liberties of many. This was the intent of the 56% of voters. Senator Burdick and Kruse are using this monumental opportunity for the state to further unethical treatment of medical patients and perpetuate the failed War On Drugs in a manner inconsistent with their voter base. It time we take action together and stand against this tyranny.



May 30 15:48

Imprisoned Israeli human rights activist vows to fight on

Marianne Azizi describes the ordeal of human rights activist Moti Leybel who was arrested, strip-searched and imprisoned by Israeli police after exercising his right to free speech for only 30 seconds.

May 30 15:46

Hamas, Fatah must start communicating or forget dreams of freedom

Stuart Littlewood challenges Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to get a grip and reach out with news and briefings to those who are likely to use their material, including the alternative media.














May 30 11:50

Today's Salisbury Beach (*MA) Sea Temperature

Today's Salisbury Beach sea temperature is 48 °F.
Statistics for 30 May (1981–2005) – mean: 11.4 °C, range: 9.7 °C to 14.2 °C

Sunny with deceptively warm air temperatures at Salisbury Beach, yet the sea remains very cold (9 °C). Despite the weather (windchill 24 °C), surfers will need a quality winter wetsuit, a neoprene hood, gloves and boots.

(*Just back from 'The Beach' , thought I'd 'share' . )

May 30 11:33

Cashless Control Grid: 25% of Australians Would Get a Chip Implanted in Them to Pay for Stuff

Think we’re being tracked and traced now? Why would you be interested in not only taking the mark but for a cashless control grid in the modern era of corruption we find ourselves swimming in? This is not only trusting to the point of idiocy, it’s literally voting for one’s own enslavement.
(read more)

May 30 11:20

DOD Charges Millions at Casinos and Strip Clubs to Government Credit Cards

In yet another chapter from the book of how government irresponsibly wastes your money, it has now been reported that DOD employees racked up over $4 million in personal charges on government issued credit cards, including casinos and strip clubs.

May 30 10:45

Baltimore Cops Afraid Biggest Threat To Their Safety is the Mayor; Not The Criminals

Baltimore police officers feels like the Mayor and Attorney General are a greater threat to their safety than the criminals out in the street. It’s no wonder the crime rate is exploding as criminals feel empowered.

May 30 10:45

This is a Picture the Military has Never Let Anyone See Until Now

This is a picture the military has never let anyone see until now.
This is a picture behind the scenes at Dover Air Force Base where the bodies of fallen soldiers are prepared for burial.
And that includes being properly dressed, all the way down to the smallest detail.

May 30 10:22

Bank Head: Islamic banking in Russia may ease effect of sanctions and help attract capital from Arab Countries

Herman Gref, the head of Russia’s largest bank Sberbank, welcomed the introduction of Islamic banking in the country’s traditionally Muslim regions, saying it would help attract capital from Arab countries. "We will actively promote the development of such a tool as Islamic banking, as it opens up a good opportunity to work with international partners amid sanctions," said Gref on Friday at a shareholders meeting.


May 30 09:52

To Fill Budget Hole, Kansas G.O.P. Considers the Unthinkable: Raising Taxes

With the state facing a $400 million budget hole for the coming fiscal year, the conservatives who dominate the Legislature here say they are agonizing over the likelihood of doing something that did not seem to be in their DNA: raising taxes.

May 30 09:51

A TV station in the state of Tennessee has refused to show an advert – because it features a Navy veteran who remains banned from marrying his partner.

The Freedom to Marry ad features Dr Jesse Ehrenfeld – a Republican soldier who wants to marry his partner, having just returned from working in a trauma hospital in Afghanistan.
However, although the ad tells the real story of Dr Ehrenfeld and his partner, Tennessee station WRCB decided that it was inappropriate.


May 30 09:35

‘Tommorowland’ film review: Earth transformed only after .01%’s continuous doom-porn ended

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

Tommorland contrasts a future of Earth as the wonderful place we all see possible from a soul-crushing present with literally no future.

Like today, the story’s general public is in an Emperor’s New Clothes trance, blind to a hidden government continuously broadcasting doom-porn.

This .01% secret government is trans-dimensional, manipulates future timelines, and has technology capable of easily solving all economic problems. However, the “leadership” of this .01% are literal psychopaths (and here): a public face of “caring for the future” while actively killing anyone working for truth and free will.

The .01% shadow government keeps their hidden history secret with all available technology, constantly lying and manipulating the general public. The lies are meant to continue until an endgame that apparently kills most of the 99.99%.

May 30 09:31

5 facts about the minimum wage

The Los Angeles City Council this week moved to raise the city’s local minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020, joining a growing list of states, cities and other localities in moving beyond the federal minimum of $7.25. While the idea of raising the minimum wage is broadly popular, efforts to do so at the national level have stalled repeatedly in Congress, leading advocates to focus more of their efforts on cities and states.

May 30 09:31

Judge orders woman to walk 30 miles, the length of trip, for bailing on cab fare

In Lake County, Judge Michael A. Cicconetti is known for giving people a taste of their own medicine and Thursday's sentencing did not disappoint.

May 30 09:01

So. Calif Man Gets $18,741 Water Bill even after installing astroturf on his lawn

When he challenged the amount of both bills, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) told him to pay it or his water and power would be shut off. The LADWP has declined request for interview.

May 30 08:59

Greville Janner - How "People in High Places" Covered Up for a Parliamentary Pedophile

The Lord Greville Janner affair shows no signs of winding down despite the best efforts by the authorities to kick it into the long grass. Each week brings new revelations about the former President of the British Board of Jewish Deputies, who is suspected of at least 22 cases of child sexual abuse.

Up until now the scrutiny has mainly focused on how, although said to be too ill with dementia to be tried, the 86-year-old founder of the Holocaust Education Trust was able to take part in parliamentary debates, collect a hundred thousand pounds in expenses, and was compus mentus enough to sign over his property deeds to his children thereby putting them out of range of any damages litigation.

May 30 08:32

Globalists Attacking FIFA

May 30 08:19

If You're an American you should see THIS! for real

May 30 08:05

CA Senator Introduces Traffic Ticket Amnesty: "They've got to pay for food for their kids or shelter. The punishment doesn't fit the crime!"

CA State Senator Bob Hertzberg has introduced SB 405, an amnesty for unpaid infraction and misdemeanor violations. The bill has successfully moved through the state legislature. Kudos to Senator Hertzberg, who should be applauded for introducing this merciful and common-sense legislation. In Senate testimony, he stated, in part, "This is one of those bills that's personal to me. It's one of those things that really gets under my skin. Because what we've done in the government as we've faced these difficult budget choices .. is we've given authority, and I was a culprit in some of this stuff many years ago, to simply add fees to everything. ..Well what we learned from that process ..that we're really not collecting much money.. and two that we are dramatically impacting peoples lives and charging somebody $800 for a jaywalking ticket or whatever it is, and they immediately lose their license because they miss a court appearance on matters that don't relate to public safety issues.

May 30 08:01

Uncle Sam’s Personal “Terror Factory”

If someone believes that most, or all, “terrorists” are invented and created by government agents provocateurs, would, or should, they be considered a “conspiracy theorist”?

In fact, agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have been busily creating terrorists out of what had been law-abiding individuals. The system features entrapment, sting operations, provocations and denial of due process, with anonymous juries, secret evidence and extensive pretrial detentions.
- See more at:

May 30 07:37

Phd. Blows Open CIA Mind Control – Dr. Colin Ross – Psychological Trauma & Mind Control in the Intelligence Services

Dr. Colin Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders. He is the founder and President of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma and has been running a hospital-based Trauma Program in Dallas, Texas since 1991. Dr. Ross has authored over 170 professional papers and several books, including “The C.I.A. Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists” and “The Great Psychiatry Scam.”

May 30 07:32

Syria, ISIS, Shia Mosques Saudia Arabia Unstable, Blood Bonds, - Morris

We are programmed and planned everything about us is unoriginal.

May 30 07:24

CA Senator Slams Punitive Traffic Fines to Peers In State Legislature: "Why do we have to be such money grubbing legislators??!!"

A CA Republican State Senator joined Democrats in delivering a scathing bipartisan indictment of California's traffic ticket revenue schemes, during a Public safety Committee hearing last month. The hearing, which until now went largely unnoticed, had mainline Democrats and Republicans sounding shockingly like libertarians, criticizing and condemning an out of control corrupt government. Sen. Joel Anderson said "let's just reverse some of the funding that we put on the backs of hard working Californians who are trying to make a living, who are trying to do the right thing, and not just focus on the poverty-stricken, because many of these folks are just one step out of poverty and yet we're doing nothing for them. And that is not right because we should be doing this for everyone."