Jun 21 10:00

White CNN anchor tries educating black Democrat who voted for President Trump that racism has increased. It doesn't work.

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota isn't shy about venting her left-wing views — particularly her bias against President Donald Trump.
It seemed little changed on Thursday's edition of "New Day," which featured a panel of six Democratic voters. Four of the panelists — two black men and two white men — voted for Trump in 2016.

Jun 21 09:57

Chick-fil-A is poised to become the third-biggest US restaurant chain by sales

Chick-fil-A is set to become the third-biggest restaurant chain in the United States, only surpassed by McDonald's and Starbucks.

Jun 21 09:54

Black Democratic House leader accuses Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer of 'tokenism'

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) for purportedly not hiring on a more diverse level within their congressional offices.

Jun 21 09:51

Second aide to Democratic senator charged with trying to dox Republicans during Kavanaugh hearing

A second aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) has been charged with trying to publish the personal contact information of Republican politicians, known as "doxxing."

Jun 21 09:46

Reparations Is A Great Idea. Here's How We Can Make Sure That Everyone Pays For The Sins Of Their Ancestors.

Now, a few questions must be addressed: Namely, how do we know who is descended from slaves and who is descended from slaveholders? Surely, a black person whose family arrived on these shores in 1970 can't claim any historical entitlement to slavery reparations. And a white person whose family came here after abolition — perhaps as Irish indentured servants — cannot be said to carry any guilt for North American slavery in his blood. It seems odd to think that anyone could carry the guilt for slavery in their blood, but that is the premise we must accept in order to get this ball rolling.

How can we sort this all out? Well, it seems that we would need mandatory DNA testing. Perhaps can be contracted by the government to help in the effort. We simply need to force 327 million people to send in samples of their DNA so that we can trace their bloodlines and figure out who owes and who receives. This would probably be unconstitutional, but never mind that.

Jun 21 09:24

9th Circuit judges OK Trump rule blocking funds to abortion providers ... for now

Judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Thursday that a pro-life Trump administration rule blocking abortion providers from getting federal Title X dollars can go into effect for now.

Jun 21 09:22

ADL Slams SCOTUS Decision to Allow WWI Memorial Cross to Stay on Public Land

The Anti-Defamation League announced Thursday they found it "deeply disappointing" that the Supreme Court decided not to tear down a nearly 100-year-old memorial cross in Bladensburg, Maryland honoring soldiers who died in World War I.

Jun 21 09:22

Dominican Republic officials claim all recent US tourist deaths were due to natural causes, say contrary reports are manufactured 'hysteria'

Officials representing the Dominican Republic claim all the American tourists who have died in the country over the past year passed away from natural causes, and say reports to the contrary are nothing more than manufactured "hysteria."

Jun 21 09:07

Jerry Nadler kept calling Hope Hicks 'Ms. Lewandowski' during her congressional testimony: 'I'm preoccupied'

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler seemed on multiple occasions to forget who he was talking to while questioning former White House communications director Hope Hicks on Wednesday.

Jun 21 09:06

Gillibrand's bill would block Ben Carson from kicking illegal aliens out of gov't subsidized housing

Presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) announcedlegislation Thursday that would block a plan by the Trump administration to kick illegal aliens out of government-subsidized housing.

Jun 21 08:59

Massive Fireball Rises Into the Sky as Blaze and Explosion Rock Philadelphia Refinery

The facility is the largest oil refining complex on the Eastern seaboard and the 10th largest refinery in the United States. More than 1,000 people are employed at the complex which refines 335,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

A huge conflagration followed by a blast ravaged a 150-year-old Philadelphia Energy Solutions refining complex in the early hours of Friday, according to the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Jun 21 08:54

Facebook moderator dies after viewing horrific videos, others share disturbing incidents: report

The night of March 9, 2018, Utley slumped over at this desk. His colleagues reportedly performed CPR, but by the time the ambulance arrived at the office complex, which is set back from the main road, the 42-year-old had already begun to turn blue. According to the tech news site, he died shortly thereafter at the hospital, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.

“The stress they put on him — it’s unworldly,” one of Utley’s managers told The Verge. “I did a lot of coaching. I spent some time talking with him about things he was having issues seeing. And he was always worried about getting fired.”

Utley's death is one of several horror stories current and former moderators shared with The Verge; at least three broke their non-disclosure agreements in order to do so.

Jun 21 08:24

Laid-off reporters launch ad campaign to 'save journalism' from big tech

A group founded by laid-off reporters has launched an initiative to "save journalism" from giant tech firms like Google, Apple, and Facebook, who they say have destroyed newsrooms with their "monopolistic control" of digital revenue streams. The first ad will run on Twitter.

Jun 21 08:23

Whoopi Goldberg suggests Mitch McConnell pay reparations to Obama during heated segment on ‘The View’

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) during Thursday's episode of "The View," suggesting that he pay reparations to former President Barack Obama.

Jun 21 07:32

Abortionists Love To Bring Up 1 Horrible Birth Defect… Doctors Just Shattered Their Narrative

The pro-abortion movement suffered a massive blow recently after the Cleveland Clinic announced Wednesday that a 23-week-old unborn baby with a birth defect called “spina bifida” was operated on successfully.

Jun 21 07:31

Condoleezza Rice Fires Back After NBC Host Tries To Pin Race Divisions on Trump

Condoleezza Rice’s life has changed quite a bit since her days in the White House, but one thing that hasn’t changed is her blunt approach to speaking her mind.

Jun 21 03:13

Remember When Prince Changed His Name?

It is hard to believe that 26 years have passed since the singer Prince officially changed his name to a mash-up of symbols that no one knew how to pronounce. Prince Rogers Nelson was already a groundbreaking and innovated musician who blurred gender lines when he decided to change his name to a symbol he created that was a blend of the classic symbols for man and woman. Let’s look back at this pivotal moment in Prince’s career and how this move was ahead of his time.

Jun 21 03:11

Istanbul's Hagia Sophia: The History Of Its Architecture

The Hagia Sophia is one of the most historically and architecturally significant buildings in all of human civilization. Originally built as a Christian basilica by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in 537 CE, the structure was then converted to a mosque by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II after the fall of Constantinople, and became a secular museum in 1935 under the administration of President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Jun 21 03:04

Conquering Everest: What You Didn’t Know About Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, and the First Trip to the Top of the World

In case you haven’t seen the news recently, let’s catch you up on the news for Nepal. This climbing season, more climbers than ever before are attempting to summit Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. This is creating a log jam of people near the summit…

Jun 20 18:45

The Drone Iran Shot Down Was a $220M Surveillance Monster

Global Hawks are massive surveillance platforms, in operation since 2001, with a wingspan of more than 130 feet and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 16 tons, equivalent to roughly seven shipping containers of cocaine. They have a range of more than 12,000 nautical miles, can fly at strikingly high altitudes of 60,000 feet, and can stay aloft for 34 hours straight. They have no offensive capabilities; their value lies in their ability to combine range, vantage point, and persistence with powerful surveillance sensors to monitor ground or maritime activity in great detail.

I wonder how much US infrastructure could be repaired with $220 million.

Jun 20 18:41

Fintech CEO claims Facebook ‘ripped off’ his bank start-up’s logo for cryptocurrency project

Facebook used the same San Francisco-based design firm for its crypto project unveiled this week as online bank Current, according to CEO Stuart Sopp.

The results are two extremely similar logos for the two brands.

“This is a funny way to try and create trust in a new global financial system – by ripping off another fintech firm,” Sopp told CNBC.

Jun 20 14:57

Chuck Schumer Filmed Cheering After Leaving WH Meeting On Iran

Senator Chuck Schumer was filmed cheering along with Nancy Pelosi on Thursday after leaving a meeting with the White House on Iran shooting down a US drone in the Gulf of Oman.

Schumer has consistently agitated against Iran and opposed Obama's Iran nuclear deal.

Jun 20 11:12

St. Louis' top prosecutor adds 22 cops to list of officers who are not allowed to bring cases for arrest warrants after they were accused of sharing racist and anti-Muslim posts on social media

St. Louis' top prosecutor has added 22 more names to a list of city police officers who are not allowed to bring cases to her office, after a national group accused the police of posting racist and anti-Muslim comments on social media.

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner first introduced her 'exclusion list' in August, and these new names which stem from reports from the Philadelphia-based Plain View Project now bring the total total number of officers on it to 59.

Gardner has said the original list included officers with credibility concerns who would not be permitted to serve as primary witnesses in criminal cases, but declined to elaborate.

Jun 20 10:39

18 Years Later, The House Finally Repeals The President's 9/11 War Authority

House Democrats passed a nearly $1 trillion appropriations bill on Wednesday, complete with funding for the military, health programs and the Energy Department. But 11 lines in the 667-page bill could literally be the difference between war and peace, life and death: a repeal of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force.

Jun 20 10:38

14 Pics From The Massive Protests In Hong Kong That Illustrate The Discipline And Respect Of The People

The semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong has been rocked by protests recently after a controversial extradition bill, one that allows 'suspects' to be taken back to mainland China for questioning, has reopened old wounds and grievances.

Jun 20 10:37

Trump Rally, Sarah Sanders, Illegal Migrants. Michael Rivero - June 19, 2019

Jun 20 10:27

Democrats should pay reparations to slavery descendants, former NFL star Burgess Owens suggests at hearing

During a congressional hearing about potential reparations to descendants of slavery Wednesday, former NFL player and Fox News contributor Burgess Owens suggested that if anyone was responsible for paying reparations, it was the Democratic Party.

Jun 20 10:26

'Apologize for what? Cory should apologize!' — Joe Biden fires back at Booker over segregationist gaffe

Vice President Joe Biden angrily responded at Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) after facing deep criticism from comments he made about his past negotiations with racist segregationists.
"How does it feel that your Democratic rivals are implicitly saying that you have issues talking about race?" asked one reporter.

Jun 20 10:18

Greystones primary school to allow boys to wear skirts in new gender-neutral measures put forward by students

A Wicklow primary school is to allow boys to wear skirts under a new gender-neutral uniform policy.

Kids can now dress in line with the gender they identify as with the school hoping the new measure will help everyone feel welcome and accepted.

The measure is being put in place in St Brigid's National School in Greystones after the student council put forward the idea and parents and management gave it the nod.

Jun 20 10:14

Boss Calls Woman ‘Slutty’ After Seeing Her Linkedin Profile Pic Where She’s Wearing A Basic T-Shirt, Employee Calls Him Out

Women have had to protect themselves against the inappropriate advances of men since the beginning of time, and the internet has not only given them a platform to bring light to these issues (i.e #MeToo) but given men another way to harass them.

Jun 20 10:13

Sex Toy Company Sues New York Subway for Screwing With Its First Amendment Rights

Subway riders in New York City will see ads for condoms, erectile dysfunction pills, breast enhancement surgery, and sexually suggestive imagery hawking everything from the Museum of Sex to upcoming film releases.

Jun 20 10:07

This is How Ancient Egyptians Mummify a Body

Different mummification methods were used by Egyptian embalmers at different times. Here are some details of a classic method also used on Tutankhamun.

Jun 20 10:07

MSNBC's Chuck Todd dismantles AOC for comparing immigrant detention facilities to concentration camps

MSNBC host Chuck Todd chastised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for comparing illegal immigrant detention facilities to concentration camps on Wednesday.

Jun 20 10:06

Democrats should pay reparations to slavery descendants, former NFL star Burgess Owens suggests at hearing

During a congressional hearing about potential reparations to descendants of slavery Wednesday, former NFL player and Fox News contributor Burgess Owens suggested that if anyone was responsible for paying reparations, it was the Democratic Party.