Jan 09 12:29

Scott Adams: President Trump’s Speech, Pelosi and Schumer’s Taxidermist, CNN Mind Reading, and CO2

Our government is dysfunctional because the press is broken
Business model of the press today is different than in the past
Press today invokes “hair on fire” viewer responses
President Trump failed to persuade effectively
Schumer and Pelosi failed to persuade effectively
Everyone was arguing about the definition of a word
Don’t we need border control, even if Mexico doesn’t pay for it?
CNN’s S.E.Cupp demonstrates her mind reading powers
She knows President Trump’s secret intentions
S.E.Cupp knows what the President “really thinks”
CNN fake news making strategies
Whiteboard discussion of CNN’s fake news techniques
No evidence that CO2 makes a difference in climate change?
What is the counter argument?
Is CO2 a logarithmic factor in climate change?

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Jan 09 12:27

Social media wastes no time erupting with Chuck and Nancy 'disappointed parent' memes, after their instant rebuttal of Trump's border security speech

Twitter was flooded with memes Tuesday night comparing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer to 'disappointed parents' as they responded to President Trump's Oval Office address.

Pelosi and Schumer used their allotted time after Trump's prime-time speech to rip his 'obsession' with the border wall and castigate him for 'throwing a tantrum'.

Schumer and Pelosi, who both served in office during the shutdowns of the Clinton administration where House Republicans ended up getting most of the blame, blamed the president for a 'senseless shutdown' and called the wall 'cruel' and unnecessary.

Meanwhile, Twitter users wasted no time pointing out their stone-cold sober appearance.

Jan 09 12:16

Pelosi Slams Trump After Threat To Pull California FEMA Funds

President Trump on Wednesday announced over Twitter that he has ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to stop sending money to California "unless they get their act together, which is unlikely."

"Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forrest fires that, with proper Forrest Management, would never happen," Trump tweeted just one day after California Governor Gavin Newsom was sworn in, adding "It is a disgraceful situation in lives & money!"

Jan 09 11:41


Quiet preparations are underway within conservative legal circles and the White House counsel’s office in the event that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires, two sources familiar with the process tell The Daily Caller.

The 85-year-old Ginsburg did not appear for oral arguments at the Supreme Court on Monday, missing the first session in her 25 years on the court for reasons of ill health. Ginsburg is currently recuperating from recent surgery to remove cancerous nodules from her lungs, marking her third bout with the disease.

Jan 09 11:16

CA Governor Gavin Newsom’s Wife Will Be Known As “First Partner” To Advance ‘Gender Equality’ Agenda

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, will be addressed as “First Partner” rather than “First Lady” in order to advance ‘gender equality,’ according to The Gateway Pundit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is nothing to be equal about. He is the governor. She is not.

Jan 09 11:15

Parents of Florida Teen Killed in Tesla Crash Sue the Company, Alleging Battery Is Defective and Prone to Catching Fire

The parents of a Florida teenager killed when a Telsa sedan crashed and caught fire last year are suing the electric car company alleging that the battery pack on its electric Model S is defective and can erupt into intense fires.

Edgar Monserratt and Esperanza Martinez de Monserratt allege in the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Broward County Circuit Court that the car’s battery was inadequately protected, making the whole vehicle defective.

Jan 09 11:12

Second Suspect Charged in Killing of 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes

Authorities say a second black man has been charged in the fatal drive-by shooting of a 7-year-old Houston black girl, whose death her family had initially believed was racially motivated.

Jan 09 10:58

Is anyone in the White House serious about making sure that Trump's agenda and decisions get faithfully implemented

Former John Bolton deputy Mira Ricardel, a Mattis rival, is reportedly being considered for a top Pentagon job,

Jan 09 10:49

Planned Parenthood finally drops the charade (which journalists helped them push)

Planned Parenthood finally drops the charade (which journalists helped them push) that abortion is only a small part of what they do. It is in fact their “core mission.”

Jan 09 10:49

Libertarian Party organizes Yosemite cleanup

Reports of trash piling up and human feces littering the state’s most beautiful national parkland have surfaced amidst the government shutdown, which is why the Libertarian Party of Kings County is taking measures into its own hands.

The Libertarian Party of Kings County has taken it upon itself to pick up the slack and members are organizing trash pick-up days at national parks in Central California and are asking for help from every community member willing to do what the government can’t during a shutdown.

“It is up to us to look out for and maintain our community,” Kalish Morrow, chair of Libertarian Party of Kings County, said in an email. “We can't let our national treasures look like a trash heap, not if there's something we can do about it.”

Jan 09 10:28

Paul Manafort is being tortured and killed — slowly and painfully — in solitary confinement

POWELL: Manafort’s Torture Shows The Character Of Mueller’s Goon Squad

Jan 09 10:04

Saudis blast 'guardianship' laws after woman's escape

A Saudi teen's live-tweeted asylum plea has cast a renewed spotlight on women's rights just months after women won the right to drive, and sparked rare criticism of restrictive "guardianship" laws -- from men.

Jan 09 10:03

Teens allegedly start fight with 28-year-old mother for being told they're too old for McDonald's PlayPlace

Teenage girls are accused of throwing large objects at McDonald’s employees in Moreno Valley, Tenn., after they were asked to leave the children’s play area. According to police, the damage cost thousands of dollars.

Jan 09 10:03

'Stay far away if you value your health!' California pizza joint is blasted online after viral photos reveal unkempt and unsanitary working conditions, including the manager sleeping on the BATHROOM FLOOR

Customers at a California pizza joint are warning others to steer clear of the restaurant after sharing their poor experiences as well as photos of its unkempt working conditions.

Jan 09 09:46

The 'most famous' coin made in error: Penny accidentally made of copper by US Mint in 1943 and found by a teen in his school lunch change in 1947 is expected to fetch $1.65 MILLION at auction

A penny found by a Massachusetts teen and which was mistakenly made from copper in 1943 is considered so rare that it is likely to fetch up to $1.7million at auction.

Jan 09 09:45

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO worth $137 billion, to divorce wife of 25 years

?TRUMP CURSE IS REAL!!!! Jeff Bezos getting divorced

Jan 09 09:45

'Hold on, I need to take care of this f****t': Mother goes on vile homophobic rant after being asked to take her phone off speaker mode while at a nail salon getting a pedicure

A woman getting a pedicure at a Seattle nail salon went on a homophobic rant after a man after asked her to take her loud FaceTime call off speakerphone.

Jan 09 09:45

Man Tries Robbing Woman At Chicago Bus Stop. She Fatally Shoots Him.

A woman with a concealed carry license fatally shot an armed man who attempted to rob her while at a bus stop in the Fernwood neighborhood in Chicago Tuesday morning.

Jan 09 09:44

New American Psychological Association guidelines declare 'traditional masculinity'? harmful to boys and men (3 Pics)

The American Psychological Association has issued new professional guidelines for mental health professionals that claim "traditional masculinity" is "harmful" to boys and men.

Jan 09 09:27

6 False Claims Made by Media About Assange & WikiLeaks in Relation to Mueller’s Russia Investigation

Julian Assange has published the largest leaks in the history of the CIA, State Department, Pentagon, the U.S. Democratic Party, and the government of Saudi Arabia, among many others, as well as saving Edward Snowden from arrest. Predictably, numerous falsehoods have been subsequently spread about WikiLeaks and its publisher.

Falsehoods have also been spread by third parties: media competitors, click-bait sites, political party loyalists, and by those linked to the governments WikiLeaks or Julian Assange are litigating or have litigated (U.K., U.S., Ecuador, Sweden), which seek his arrest (U.S., U.K.), expulsion (Ecuador), or who have formal criminal investigations (U.S., Saudi Arabia, Australia), or who have banned or censored WikiLeaks (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China).

Jan 09 09:25

Millennial woman who lives at home allegedly beat up 'elderly and frail' parents after they wouldn't take her out to eat

A 28-year-old woman who lives with her parents in their Florida home allegedly got a little steamed after Mom and Dad refused to take her out to eat, ABC News reported, citing police documents.

Jan 09 09:25

Creep tries to Rob Woman who turns out to be UFC fighter. He should have stayed Home.

A woman was waiting in front of her Rio de Janeiro apartment complex Saturday night for an Uber when she said a man sneaked up and sat down next to her.

Jan 09 09:20

'You're such a smart ass!' Kellyanne Conway tears into Jim Acosta and says lots of White House reporters 'don't like you' after CNN reporter who was once banned from the building demands to know if Trump will tell the truth in border speech

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway slammed Jim Acosta as 'a smart ass' on Tuesday after the CNN reporter asked her if President Donald Trump will 'tell the truth' in his Oval Office address on the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Jan 09 09:20

Chaotic moment teenage girls begin violent brawl at a McDonald's restaurant in LA after a mother-of-two asks them to leave a children's play area

Disturbing video footage shows teenage girls throwing objects at staff at a McDonald's outlet after being asked to leave a children's' play area.

Jan 09 09:01

SHOCK POLL: Record Number Of Americans Want To Leave America For Good

It turns out that Trump Derangement Syndrome has increased the number of people who desire to leave the United States in pursuit of greener pastures in places like Canada.

Jan 09 09:01

Police officers under investigation after man who was denied water in precinct dies of mysterious injuries within 48 hours

A father of three in Paterson, N.J., was captured on video early Saturday morning entering police headquarters hysterical, paranoid and begging for water. Within 48 hours, he had died of injuries from a severe beating. Police officers deny touching him, but several are now under investigation.

Jan 09 08:59

Reasons To Believe In Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Are Vanishing

(*So lets get back to talking about THE WALL !)

Jan 09 08:43

WikiLeaks' Assange issues official denial of Trump election contacts

WikiLeaks director Julian Assange said on Monday that his anti-secrecy organization never provided election information to Donald Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone or to Jerome Corsi, a conservative author and conspiracy advocate.

He made the claims in a paper posted on his official Twitter account.

Wikileaks during the campaign posted thousands of emails the U.S. said were stolen by Russian intelligence officers who now stand indicted by a grand jury on evidence presented by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Jan 09 08:36

Mairead Maguire Nominates Julian Assange for Nobel Peace Prize

Mairead Maguire, has today written to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo to nominate Julian Assange, Editor-in-Chief of Wikileaks, for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

In her letter to the Nobel Peace Committee, Ms. Maguire said:

“Julian Assange and his colleagues in Wikileaks have shown on numerous occasions that they are one of the last outlets of true democracy and their work for our freedom and speech. Their work for true peace by making public our governments’ actions at home and abroad has enlightened us to their atrocities carried out in the name of so-called democracy around the world. This included footage of inhumanity carried out by NATO/Military, the release of email correspondence revealing the plotting of regime change in Eastern Middle countries, and the parts our elected officials paid in deceiving the public. This is a huge step in our work for disarmament and nonviolence worldwide.

Jan 09 08:27

—Even USA Today has to acknowledge Meme Magic is real

Fuck No Meme Chuck:

Democratic leaders become instant memes responding to Trump speech

Jan 09 08:20

“Zombie Drug” - The Truth About Flakka (2018)

- A few years ago, a new synthetic drug called Flakka appeared in Florida. It wasn’t long before viral videos and sensationalized news reports of alleged Flakka overdoses started to spread across the internet, and people began comparing its effects...

Jan 09 08:17

Fall of Empires: London, Washington & Paris on brink of collapse, by George Galloway

Despite the thrashing around of the NATO disinformation apparat, the imperial heartland has entered 2019 in a state of complete chaos.

Washington, London, and Paris – the three capitals of the Empire – are today effectively ungoverned, shutdown, tottering on the brink of collapse or under siege by their own people.

Their self-chosen Nemeses – Moscow and Beijing – meanwhile toast the New Year in a state of considerable optimism and self-confidence. These are the facts, this is the news.

We should start at the top of the Empire. The United States government has closed down amid stasis and a barrage of inter-governmental howitzers.

Jan 09 08:10

Planned Parenthood President Acknowledges The Truth: Abortion Is Indeed Their Core Mission

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen finally admitted what Planned Parenthood has seemingly tried for years to deny: the main mission of the organization is to perform abortions.

Jan 09 08:09

Shocking moment an Uber driver calls his passenger the N-word and makes monkey noises at her, after she told him he was going the WRONG way

A black woman recorded a racist N-word laden tirade by her Uber driver in Iowa after she says the driver went down two one-ways the wrong way and a vicious argument ensued.

Jan 09 08:09

Inside Facebook's 'cult-like' workplace: 12 whistleblowers reveal how staff are 'ranked using cutthroat evaluations that mean dissent is discouraged, leaving workers wandering around feigning happiness'

A new report has revealed the complaints of some former Facebook employees who accuse the company of having a 'cult-like' workplace culture.

Jan 09 07:15

'Please don't shoot me!' Dramatic moment female cop struggled with 'wanted murderer who killed 88-year-old' after he pulled a gun on her when she went to investigate reports of a 'suspicious' man in vehicle

This is the moment an alleged wanted killer pulled a gun on a cop when she went to investigate reports of a 'suspicious' man loitering in a vehicle.

Jan 09 07:14

Are you SURE you have the flu? Or is it just a common cold? Two doctors explain how to spot the difference

The common cold and flu share multiple symptoms that can make it nearly impossible to identify which one you're suffering from until it is too late.

Jan 09 04:58

The Ongoing Mystery Of Who Really Built the Newport Tower

In Newport, Rhode Island, there stands a curious ancient structure. Known as the Newport Tower, the structure stands on eight legs linked by arches and all constructed of uncut native stone that was carefully and masterfully mortared together. Holes in the stone seem to indicate that wooden beams were once used to create a second floor inside the building but the wood is long gone. There are also four windows and a fireplace build into the east wall.

Jan 09 04:56

1940s Guide on How to Kiss Correctly

Back in 1942, LIFE magazine published a “How to kiss” guide, intended to educate actors.
The photo guide shows a “wrong” and “right” way of kissing in a true 1940s fashion. It covers the key elements of the romantic activity (this is the moment where you put your science hat on) like how to kiss on an armchair or how to choose the right distance between you and your partner.

Jan 09 04:49

30 Vintage Ads So Unbelievably Sexist They'd NEVER Be Printed Today

The fact that these ads were blatantly displayed in mainstream media and were once considered acceptable, should make women happy that things aren't this bad for women in most societies today.

Jan 08 23:49

The Nautical Mystery of the SS Waratah

It may come as a surprise to some that the Bermuda Triangle is not the only area where ships can disappear without a trace. There are many reasons why ships sink and usually parts of them are found eventually. However, this is a case in which nothing has been found for over 100 years and she didn’t go down in the Bermuda Triangle. Although it’s been over 100 years, the SS Waratah remains lost but definitely not forgotten.

Jan 08 23:45

The Construction of the Hoover Dam (25 Photos)

Comparable to a 60-story building with a base is as thick as two football fields are long, the Hoover Dam was regarded as the highest dam in the world when it was completely built in 1935. With both spillways designed to let floodwaters pass through without damaging the dam, each can handle the voluminous water that flows over Niagara Falls. Also, the amount of concrete that was used in building it was definitely enough to pave a road from San Francisco extending to New York City.

Jan 08 23:41

King Island: Alaska’s Inuit Ghost Village on Stilts

For thousands of years, a community of Inupiat people lived, survived and thrived in one of the harshest environments in the world - King Island.
And these are the improbable cliff-hanging houses of Ukivok that a displaced community still calls home more than 50 years after its abandonment.

Jan 08 16:21

When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns — Paul Craig Roberts

Clearly, gun ban advocates are insincere about the few deaths of strangers that they so greatly deplore and use their insincerity to disguise an undeclared agenda. -- Their agenda is the disarming of the American people, a people already disarmed of the protections of the US Constitution by the fake “war on terror.” The only remaining barrier to tyrannized Americans is the large percentage of the population that is armed and skilled in the use of “gun violence.”

Jan 08 15:53

Scott Adams: Wears a Pope Hat and Evaluates the Morality of Your Walls

Pope Scott the Last, speaks out on the morality of walls

Comments at:

Scott's 'Pope hat' broadcasts are a rare treat.

Jan 08 15:46

Hollywood Elite Enjoy Security While They Want You Disarmed

The same people who can afford private security and to live in gated communities then go and have millions of dollars worth of security provided at taxpayers’ expense, all while advocating that you be completely disarmed.

Jan 08 15:33

California Concealed Carrier Stops Pair From Stabbing Security Guard In Parking Lot

An armed citizen stopped a potential life-threatening event from happening when he sprung into action as a security guard was being overpowered by a couple he had stopped for alleged shoplifting.

Jan 08 15:29

Democrats Unveil New Universal Background Check Bill

Democrats have wasted no time in introducing new control bills in the new Congressional session. -- Freshman Democrat Representatives have made gun-control a high priority for this session of Congress. Nancy Pelosi pledged to make gun control an express concern in exchange for the support of some of the farther left Democratic representatives. In the previous session Republicans controlled the House of Representatives and prevented anti-gun bills from making it to the floor.

Jan 08 14:37

It begins: President Trump likely to declare national emergency at 9pm today

President Trump plans to address the nation tonight in a 9pm Eastern broadcast that will be carried by all the major news networks. During this broadcast, he is widely expected to invoke a national emergency over the continued illegal invasion and occupation of America by foreign nationals.

Jan 08 13:36

Scott Adams: Brandon Darby Talks About Border Situation

Border expert Brandon Darby discusses border issues
Cartels are promoting illegal immigration in vast stretches
Impact of walls on smuggling and illegal immigration
Walls shifted smugglers to legal ports of entry
Existing walls placed in urban border areas, reduced crime
illegal activity shifted to isolated rural areas
Marijuana legalization in US took away a huge chunk of cartel profits
Cartels shifted to illegal immigration and making heroin
Declaring cartels to be terror groups as an enforcement strategy
US pays cartels for ratting on “watch list” Middle Easterners
70% of illegal immigrant women are raped along the journey
Multiple rapes of the women are common
Half-Measures are the real border security problem
It’s immoral to have a partial border
US State Department is biggest obstacle to border control
US State Department prioritizes diplomacy over law enforcement

Jan 08 12:04


Sandra Botello moved to Chicago five years ago for what she called “the opportunities.”

Now 41, she and her children had been evicted from her home in Idaho when her landlord’s property was foreclosed.

The move to Chicago indeed delivered opportunities. She earned an associates degree and then enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and now works as an executive administrative assistant downtown. And, two of her four kids snagged scholarships to private schools.

But her time in Chicago has also been mired with a major hurdle. It started with citations for the city road tax collected through “city stickers.” After failing to keep up with ticket payments, the city seized her car and sold it to a private towing company, only to have none of the sale price applied to her debt.

Botello is not alone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a shakedown for money, because the City of Chicago seems to be impotent to hang on the money its got, or spend it wisely.

I cannot imagine having this done to you, and not want greatly to "vote with your feet". and get out of there.

Jan 08 11:59


A recent article in the Mohave Valley Daily News revealed that DHS is using grant money to equip Arizona police departments with military-grade sound cannons or Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD).

A Washington Times article from 2009, titled "DHS helps local police buy military-style sonic devices" warned everyone that military-grade sound cannons are being used against Americans.

"With the help of Homeland Security grants, police departments nationwide looking to subdue unruly crowds and political protesters are purchasing a high-tech device originally used by the military to repel battlefield insurgents and Somali pirates with piercing noise capable of damaging hearing." (Click here & here to learn how the NYPD has been using LRAD's since 2004.)

Last year a New York Appeals court ruled that LRAD's can cause “auditory pain, migraines, tinnitus, and hearing loss.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I will tell you where this is going, folks; this use of the LRAD will ultimately be turned against American citizens, causing mass physical damage, even in the process of peaceful protest.

Jan 08 11:51


The Taliban said on Tuesday they had canceled planned peace talks with U.S. officials in Qatar this week over an agenda disagreement.

"Both sides have agreed to not meet in Qatar," senior Taliban members based in Afghanistan told Reuters.

Talks had been planned for two days starting Wednesday in Qatar, senior Taliban members earlier told Reuters. The Taliban had rejected requests from regional powers to allow Afghan officials to take part in the discussion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only solution here, ultimately, will have to be a negotiated solution, period, end of discussion.

Jan 08 11:49


The propaganda war between rivals in the Middle East is set to become more heated with Saudi Arabia, which owns the largest video streaming service in the region, deciding to expand its media assets to challenge Netflix.

With 140 million viewers every day across the Middle East, the Dubai based Saudi controlled MBC Group has revealed plans to launch a series of initiatives that will see an increase in productions; global content acquisitions; product and technology investments; and partnerships with leading eco-system participants.

The initiative is seen to be part of Riyadh’s efforts to wage fierce propaganda wars against rivals Iran and Qatar. MBC is hoping that its pre-eminence in Arabic TV entertainment will help it catch up with Netflix and fend off other on-demand streaming services, such as Starz Play, Wavo and Amazon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This very much reminds me of what Hitler made certain he accomplished before he invaded Poland ; he made sure he was controlling every bit of media, to be certain that every thing said, about the war and beyond, was utterly under his control.

it appears the lesson has not been lost on The Butcher of Yemen, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Jan 08 11:35


Just as the second day of mid-level trade talks between US and Chinese delegations in Beijing was beginning, a surprising report crossed the wire: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had been invited to travel to China for the first time since June to meet with President Xi Jinping. News of the visit immediately provoked speculation that Beijing was trying to send a message: If the US wants peace on the Korean peninsula, China will need to be involved.

Underscoring that point, President Trump affirmed last week that Washington and Pyongyang are planning a second diplomatic summit (though Trump claimed that North Korea was showing some reluctance) to continue negotiations about denuclearizing the peninsula.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to hope that the point is not lost on either the President or his Cabinet.

Jan 08 11:33


The UN is examining the asylum appeal of a young Saudi woman who fled her family and is afraid of getting killed if sent home. She earlier barricaded herself in a Thai hotel room, refusing to leave until the UN intervened.
It will take the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) “several days” to determine whether Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, needs international protection, the organization’s representative in Thailand said. The woman earlier claimed asylum, fearing that she will be killed if expelled to her home country. UNHCR staff is expected to continue interviewing her on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF these stories are true, it is not an uncommon thing for Women to be treated by their families like this, in Saudi Arabia.

But of course, that is NOT the image the Saudi monarchs want to be shown in the West, hence their desperate attempts to get her back home, where she will most likely be tried and sentenced to death by a kangaroo court, for no longer following the Wahabbi-"flavor" of Islam.

And here, surprisingly, is a companion piece which appeared in What to Know About Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, the Saudi Teen Fleeing Her Family

One cannot but wish this lady safe passage to a country where behaviour like this will not be both tolerated, and encouraged, against women.

And please remember: this country's leader, Saudi Arabia's Butcher of Yemen, AKA Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the guy to whose country the US is now selling $195 million of weaponry upgrades, is one of President Trump's BFFs in the Middle East.

Missile Defense Upgrades for Saudi Arabia, despite Khashoggi Assassination.

Jan 08 11:07


Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, abruptly announced that he will be leaving his post on February 1, more than three years ahead of the end of his term as the development lender grapples with turbulence in emerging markets and U.S. doubts about the usefulness of multilateral institutions.

“It has been a great honor to serve as President of this remarkable institution, full of passionate individuals dedicated to the mission of ending extreme poverty in our lifetime,” Kim said in a statement on Monday.

“The work of the World Bank Group is more important now than ever as the aspirations of the poor rise all over the world, and problems like climate change, pandemics, famine and refugees continue to grow in both their scale and complexity,” he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, I have to ask; what in the world forced Kim out as President, and who will be elected or appointed, in his place, and what will THEIR agenda be, once in office?!?

Jan 08 11:05


Protests have broken out outside the California home of wealthy Democratic donor and LGBT activist Ed Buck, after the second dead body of a black man was found inside in less than two years.

The dead man – an unidentified man in his 50s – was a “longtime friend” of Buck, Attorney Seymour Amster told Fox News. He apparently turned up at Buck’s door on Sunday night and began acting “in a bizarre way,” before dying in the Los Angeles apartment.

“As far as we're concerned, this is an accidental death,” Amster told Fox.

Neighbors aren’t convinced. Shortly after the discovery on Monday, they began turning up outside Buck’s Los Angeles residence. The protesters blame Buck for the man’s death, and say they have called the police on the wealthy donor before.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My bet is, even if he IS guilty, that this guy will most probably skate; the rich rarely eat their own.

Jan 08 11:03

Man Finds £2 Million Worth of Gold Bars Hidden In An Old Tank

Given the fact that tanks are primarily designed for front-line combat, it's hard to imagine why a private citizen would buy a 36-tonne tank.

Jan 08 11:00

The Interesting Life of Erik Weisz, Famously Known as the 'The Great Harry Houdini'

Erik Weisz, famoulsy known as The Great Harry Houdini is one the most famous illusionists and stunt performers that ever lived. He is celebrated for his sensational escape acts that earned him the title “Harry Handcuffs Houdini”. As an illusionist, Houdini first attracted public attention while touring through Europe and performing as an exquisite escape artist, challenging police officers to detain him as overtures to his escapes.

Jan 08 10:55

The GPS of the 1920s: The Plus Fours Routefinder

It doesn't speak to you or give live traffic updates, but the Plus Fours Routefinder is the world's first satellite navigation - invented in the 1920s.
It was designed to be worn on the wrist - relying on good old-fashioned paper maps wound around wooden rollers, which the driver turned en route.