Jun 20 10:05

Record Breaker ! (Picture)

Jun 20 10:05

Mount Etna: Europe’s Fire-Breathing Monster

In recent days, Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, has roared back to life and is spewing lava across the island of Sicily. To the people of Sicily, however, the current eruption is just one of a long line of volcanic activity that stretches back into antiquity. Myths, legends, and folklore have surrounded Mount Etna and the volcano has even played a decisive role in history.

Jun 20 10:01

Coming Full Circle: Revolutionary Ideas In Grocery Shopping

Here’s a surprising fact – the current changes occurring in the grocery store industry are not the revolutionary and modern changes that we think they are. In fact, most of these present-day innovations harken back to the early days of the grocery story …

Jun 20 09:40

USA Today nailed this (Cartoon)

Jun 20 09:39

White-Ass Joe Biden Claims Old White-Ass Segregationist Never Called Him ‘Boy’

Here’s a suggestion: If you are an old white man running for president and opponents and pundits claim that you’re out of touch and “old-fashioned,” you probably shouldn’t recall your work with segregationist senators as a fond memory of the good old days where people with differing opinions could talk to one another.

Jun 20 09:39

Janet Mock Makes History by Becoming the 1st Black Trans Woman to Sign Deal With a Major Studio

On June 19, 1865, history was made and the last enslaved black Americans gained their independence. Today, 154 years after emancipation, Janet Mock made history by becoming the first black trans woman to establish an overall deal with a major studio.

Jun 20 09:36

‘You’ll soon find out’ if US will strike Iran - Trump

US President Donald Trump has not ruled out an air strike against Iran in retaliation for the shooting down of a US Navy drone.

Jun 20 09:32

Joe Biden brags about past 'civility' with racist former Dem senators—now his 2020 opponents are on the attack

Joe Biden, while attempting to illustrate how politics were more civil in past decades, bragged about how well he was able to work with racist, segregationist senators in the Democratic caucus in the 1970s, according to NPR.

Jun 20 09:32

Breaking: Syrian refugee arrested for alleged ISIS terror plot to attack Christian church in Pittsburgh

Federal prosecutors say that a Syrian refugee was arrested for allegedly planning a terror attack on a Christian church in Pittsburgh.

Jun 20 08:37

IAAF claims Olympic champion Semenya — legally identified as female at birth — is 'biologically male'

The ongoing battle between Olympic champion Caster Semenya and the International Association of Athletics Federations continues over whether the athlete should be required to suppress her testosterone levels in order to continue competing in women's track.

Jun 20 08:35

'Deeply painful' mission bell on UC Santa Cruz campus to be removed as it symbolizes racism, dehumanization

The University of California, Santa Cruz, is removing a "deeply painful" mission bell on campus as it symbolizes racism and dehumanization, the school said last week.

Jun 20 08:31

Malaysian PM Slams MH17 Inquiry, Says It Was Designed "To Blame Russia From The Beginning"

Malaysia is expressing serious discontent about a Dutch led inquiry into the MH17 crash, which ultimately "pointed the finger at Russia before the probe began", according to RT and Malaysia's prime minister. Malaysia said it is "unhappy" and the country's prime minister said that there were "more politics than fact-finding" in the inquiry.

Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s prime minister, made the statements after the joint investigation team revealed the investigation's latest results, which were quick to implicate Moscow. Malaysia says it isn’t convinced of the probe's integrity as a result.

"We are very unhappy. From the very beginning, it became a political issue on how to accuse Russia of the wrongdoing. Even before they examined the case, they have already claimed it [the shooting down of MH17] was done by Russia,” the prime minister said to local media.

Jun 20 05:57

Priceless 17th-Century Caravaggio Painting Discovered Behind Mattresses In Old French Attic

Sometimes the most valuable treasures are hiding in plain sight, which was certainly the case with a French family when they discovered a priceless painting thought to be lost forever in their attic.

Jun 20 05:55

Listen To The Only Known Recording Of Frida Kahlo’s Voice, Uncovered 60 Years After Her Death

More than six decades after her passing, Frida Kahlo is still one of the most recognizable painters today. Her paintings are revered by art-lovers around the world, while her face has become ubiquitous on everything from tote bags and t-shirts to coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets.

Jun 20 05:53

Hunting Down an Assassin: The Manhunt for MLK’s Killer

A tragic and pivotal moment in American history was the assassination of Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968. Dr. King was standing on the balcony of his room at the Motel Lorraine in Memphis, Tennessee, when he was shot with a Remington hunting rifle that was fired from a window in a boarding house a block away.

Jun 19 21:58

Springtime Is The Time For Weddings

In the photo above: “Disney Royal Wedding: Alexis Preston poses before her wedding ceremony at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort on May 10, 2018, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.......

Jun 19 21:57

The Women Of Douglas Aircraft Company, 1942

In 1942, during World War II, thousands of women across the U.S. took on manufacturing jobs. They worked as mechanics, engineers, and often as test pilots.

Jun 19 21:55

Pres. John F. Kennedy's Letter Nominating His Cabinet

This is the letter John F. Kennedy sent Inauguration Day, 1961, nominating his Cabinet.

Jun 19 17:36

US Navy says mines used to carry out Gulf tanker attack 'bear a striking resemblance' to those used by Iran – and reveal investigators have removed fingerprints from the ship


The US Navy says mines used to carry out a Gulf tanker attack 'bear a striking resemblance' to those used by Iran, as investigators retrieve fingerprints from the ship.

The Navy today displayed limpet mine fragments and a magnet removed from a Japanese vessel, one of two oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman last Thursday.

'The limpet mine that was used in the attack is distinguishable and also strikingly bearing a resemblance to Iranian mines that have already been publicly displayed in Iranian military parades,' said Commander Sean Kido at the Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), near the Fujairah port in the UAE.

He added that fingerprints retrieved from the stricken Japanese vessel would be used to mount a criminal case.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To the author of this piece of codswallop; Mr. Ibbitson, did you actually take what Commander Kido told you as pure gospel?!?

Number one, against what data bases could the US intelligence agencies possibly compare these prints?!?

Did Commander Kido believe that Iran's President Rouhani would just open their own databases to American investigators on the case?!?

I think we have a resounding, thuddling NO coming forth as Iran's answer here.

And secondly, this issue of "bearing a striking resemblance to Iranian missiles which have already been publicly displayed in Iranian Military Parades.." Just because something "looks similar"to something people think they have seen in Iranian military parades, does not mean that the missile is the genuine article.

And 3rd, why, in the name of heaven, would Iran do something so ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid, as to try to do something menacing in the Persian Gulf, when they are desperately striving to stay away a US and/or Israeli attack against it?!?

Gentlemen, the short answer is, they would not; not in a zillion years, period, end of discussion.

And to our readers and listeners, this flim-flammery surrounding these incidents, are beginning to sound like desperation on the cusp of madness; people both inside the beltway, and many of our closes allies are having one heck of a hard time with this; and for good reason.

Jun 19 15:53

America’s First Third-World State

"Third World" is now an anachronistic geographical term of the old Cold War. But after 1989, “Third World” was reinvented from a political noun into an adjective to mean more than just Asian, African, and Latin American nations nonaligned with either the West or the Soviet bloc.

Rather, the current modifier “Third World” has come to transcend geography, politics, and ethnicity. It simply denotes poor failed states all over the globe of all races and religions.

Jun 19 12:35

Wife of man who is among the American tourists to die suddenly in the Dominican Republic says resort staff pressured her to have him cremated before returning to the U.S.

A woman whose husband is among the American tourists who have died suddenly while on vacation in the Dominican Republic says resort staff tried to pressure her to have him cremated before returning to the U.S.

David Harrison, 45, died at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana in July last year.

The Maryland man was on vacation with his wife Dawn McCoy and their son to celebrate their wedding anniversary when he woke up on July 14 struggling to breathe and covered in sweat.

Jun 19 12:34

Connecticut judge sanctions InfoWars host Alex Jones for claiming lawyers for families of Sandy Hook victims suing him for defamation tried to frame him with child pornography

InfoWars host Alex Jones has been sanctioned by a judge for claiming the lawyers for families of Sandy Hook victims currently suing him for defamation tried to frame him with child pornography.

Jones made the comments that he had been framed during his show on Friday after lawyers for the families disclosed that child pornography was found in electronic files sent by him as part of the discovery process in the ongoing defamation suit.

The conspiracy theorist accused one of the family's attorneys of planting the porn and offered his viewers a $1 million reward for information on the emails.

Jun 19 11:05


HODEIDA, YEMEN — News that a U.S. government drone was shot down over Yemen’s port city of Hodeida has provoked anger among local residents, who say it is clear evidence of direct U.S. involvement in a war which has resulted in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, according to the UN, and has left almost 25 million people in need of aid.

On Sunday, Lieutenant Colonel Earl Brown, a spokesman for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), said in a statement that on June 6 Houthi fighters shot down a U.S. government MQ-9 Reaper drone using an SA-6 surface-to-air missile, adding that the altitude at which the drone was shot down “indicated an improvement over previous Houthi capability.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For the last 4 years, the US government and military have been aiding an abetting Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

This means that Yemeni babies, toddlers, and children have been blown to smithereens, courtesy of US mid-air refueling, and "guidance."

I must warn you; I am attaching a set of "lose your lunch" images, but it is apparent that these atrocities haven't even penetrated the thinking of most Americans; but they need to.
Images: Yemeni kids killed, courtesy of US enabled Saudi bombing raids

More images: Yemeni kids getting killed, maimed for life, courtesy of US-enabled Saudi bombing:

More images; Yemeni kids killed, courtesy of US-enabled saudi bombings

Because US and Saudi military have blockaded Yemeni ports, as Yemen has to import much of its food, children are dying from starvation.

Images: Yemeni infants and children, dying of starvation

Because the water infrastructure has been totally destroyed, courtesy of US-enabled bombing, cholera and dysentery run rampant.

Yemeni kids, infected with, and many dying from, cholera

Anyone who can look at these images, and not feel at least a modicum of compassion, and sadness, at what is going on in their names, and with their tax dollars, cannot possibly be human, and have obviously had their conscience surgically removed.

It is time, brother and sister readers, for a national discussion, about the US's enabling of Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

Remember that admonition, "If you see something, say something!!" And RIGHT BLOODY NOW, PLEASE, would be a reasonable moment to express your thoughts and feelings about the US aiding Saudi war crimes in Yemen to your alleged Congressional Representatives. Please don't be loud or abusive; just present the facts as you know them. Copy this article, if you feel you need to; and let these people understand that We the People understand what is happening; it is a genocide, which deserves no more US support whatsoever, period, end of discussion.

I would like to hope that with these links, there are a couple of issues which will clear up certain false premises about what the Federal government is willing to do, to achieve a geopolitical end, which you may have entertained all your life, until just this moment.

1. The US military will never assist in the assassination of the innocent: WRONG!!

2. The US military will not assist other governments in "winning" a war against its enemies, when only true, honorable, and hard-won negotiations can resolve the issue: WRONG!!

We Americans are all, now, citizens of a war crimes-centric government, and we have been, pretty much since World War II. The question is, now that we know, what can we do?!?

As a Christian pacifist activist, I will never advocate violence; but peaceful protesting, under the protection of the First Amendment to the Constitution, is something we all need to be thinking about right now.

Remember what ultimately pulled this country out of Viet Nam?!? Thousands of protestors, marching in DC, to advocate for the ending to that despicable war.

Think about that for a moment, would you, please?!?

Jun 19 11:02

The Futility of Those Bans on Plastic Bags and Straws

Plastic bag bans have come to California and New York, and to a number of cities in the United States. The bans are typically aimed at grocery stores and other businesses that give out the bags to customers to carry out purchased items.

The bag bans are billed as a means to reduce waste and pollution by forcing Americans to bring reusable bags to stores.

Questionable Results

However, it turns out that not only are those bans an inconvenience, they also have questionable positive benefits for the environment—and may actually be making things worse.

A recent study by University of Sydney economist Rebecca Taylor in Australia established that bans on plastic shopping bags change behavior; namely, people used fewer plastic shopping bags as the sources dried up.

Jun 19 10:43

UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer Becomes One of Assange’s Most Vocal Advocates

On May 9, UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer, visited WikiLeaks founder and journalist Julian Assange at Belmarsh Prison, where he is currently serving a 50-week prison sentence for a minor bail violation. Melzer was accompanied by two medical experts who specialize in the examination of possible victims of torture as well as the documentation of symptoms, both physical and psychological. The team was able to speak with Assange and conduct a medical assessment following a set of guidelines known as “The Istanbul Protocol,” a tool designed to help UN workers and others investigate, document, and report incidents of torture and ill-treatment.

The results were shocking.

According to Melzer, the evidence is overwhelming that Assange has been “deliberately exposed, for a period of several years, to progressively [more] severe forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” the effects of which he described as psychological torture.

Jun 19 10:42


Once again, the cops from what is now becoming one of the most infamous departments in the country are in the spotlight. This time, Euclid police are in the spotlight for pepper spraying hundreds of children at an end-of-school skate party.

Tensions between police and citizens in Euclid, Ohio have come to a head in recent years after police killed an unarmed 23-year-old man over a marijuana roach, officers were seen on video pulverizing another man over a suspended license, beating the hell out of an innocent man after mistaking his colostomy bag for a weapon, and as TFTP reported in October, humiliating an innocent woman by assaulting her after she’d just gotten out of the shower, then dragging her from her apartment and refusing to let her put on clothes as they kidnapped her. Now, the Euclid police department can add children to their list of victims.

Jun 19 10:41

Black Man Rapes White Woman in the Bronx, Said She Deserved It "Because Us Minorities Have Been Through Slavery"

A black parolee arrested for raping and bashing a white woman on the roof of his Bronx apartment building allegedly told a witness that she “deserved” the brutal attack because of slavery, according to court papers.

“She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery,” Temar Bishop, 23, allegedly said to someone who witnessed the bloodied 20-year-old woman after the assaults, according to a criminal complaint.

“This is what they used to do to us. This is what they did to us during slavery. They used to beat us and whip us.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My ancestors in the 1490s were victims of The Inquisition. Does that somehow make it right for me to set Catholics on fire today?!?