Feb 13 11:20


As part of the continued jostling over the contentious issue of the US intent to deliver foreign aid to Venezuela, which embattled president Nicolas Maduro has controversially banned — going so far as to post troops along potential border access points — opposition leader Juan Guaido announced on Monday that his team had received its first shipment of external humanitarian aid cargo, yet he didn't specify how it was received or which country or organization was the source.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And one could not help but notice who President Trump had as guests at the White House this morning: Columbia's President Iván Duque Márquez, and his wife, María Juliana Ruiz Sandoval.

Most likely, if in fact this aid came from the US, the supply lines are well and truly carved out in Colombia, and Marquez and President Trump will be figuring out the next political and military steps which must be taken to "regime change" Venezuela to their liking.

Of course, what the Venezuelan people have to say about this, is nothing over which they will expend any skull-sweat whatsoever.

Feb 13 11:10

Publicly supporting President Trump is becoming incredibly dangerous...

While Randal was live-streaming at the Amy Klobuchar event someone was on his farm murdering his Husky “Donald J Trump”...

Feb 13 11:06

California Governor Gavin Newsom Cancels High-speed Rail: ‘Would Cost Too Much and Take Too Long’

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday in his “State of the State” address at the California State Capitol in Sacramento that he would abandon the state’s high-speed rail system because it was too expensive.

The plan to connect San Francisco to Los Angeles by high-speed rail “would cost too much and, respectfully, would take too long,” he told legislators. He said the state would still build a portion of the system under construction in the rural Central Valley, denying that it would be a “train to nowhere.” He said the state would not send $3.5 billion back to the federal government to be spent by President Donald Trump.

But Newsom said the state could not afford the total cost — even with what he noted was a “record-breaking surplus” in the state’s coffers, thanks to the ongoing economic recovery.

Feb 13 11:02


According to the Federal Register, 58 national emergencies have been declared since the National Emergency Act of 1976 was signed into law by President Gerald Ford.

And 31 have been annually renewed and are currently still in effect, as listed in the Federal Register.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The questions I would like to ask are, why these 31 Emergency Declarations have not been removed, and what threats do these situations still create, that they have to stay renewed?!?

I am sorry, but must confess that, from my perspective, it is US Foreign policy is which is creating enemies where it should be creating friendships and alliances.

Folks, we have been trading with Vietnam for a long time Clinton presidency normalizes relations with Vietnam

So what about relations with Cuba, please?!?

Mike and I know a police officer from Canada, who, when he needed surgery to get his knees replaced, was sent to Cuba, as these doctors and medical teams here, have one of the most stellar track records for shorter recuperations, and good surgical outcomes.

Why cannot Americans take advantage of this?!?

Why cannot there be cultural, educational exchanges, so Cuban kids could get a dose of (healthy, not exploitative) capitalism, in the kind homes of good US sponsors whose own kids may be in homes in Cuba?!?

I think such exchanges would sow the seeds of mutual understanding and support between Cuba and the US, and could be an important building block to normalized relations with the country.

Or, one has to ask, does the Trump Administration WANT Russia to come back as a huge influence in this very strategically placed island, as another "reason" for invading and reconquering Cuba?!?

Folks, all we have in Cuba is Guantanamo, one leased encampment, and that is a horrible place, where people the US suspects of trying to do something awful are thrown, and frequently with no charges against them.

Inmates are still force-fed, if they elect to do a hunger strike, so they won't die quickly.

Because water-boarding is not the worst which has been done to these men, and the American military doesn't want autopsies done which would validate that this was true.

The following are very graphic images of men being force-fed; if you don't have the stomach for it, don't look.Images: inmates being force-fed (believed to be still be happening in 2019, at Guantanamo

IF we are. in fact, a nation of laws, why do we hold people indefinitely, without charges?!? Even the rankest of US criminals has that right.

Feb 13 11:01

Stephen Cohen on War with Russia and Soviet-style Censorship in the US

On stage at Busboys and Poets in Washington, D.C. this past week was Princeton University Professor Emeritus Stephen Cohen, author of the new book, War with Russia: From Putin & Ukraine to Trump & Russiagate.

Cohen has largely been banished from mainstream media.

“I had been arguing for years — very much against the American political media grain — that a new US/Russian Cold War was unfolding — driven primarily by politics in Washington, not Moscow,” Cohen writes in War with Russia. “For this perspective, I had been largely excluded from influential print, broadcast and cable outlets where I had been previously welcomed.”

Feb 13 10:47

Rutherford Institute Sues City Over 700-Police ‘Emergency’ Lockdown That Resulted in Arrest of Disabled Veteran for Canned Iced Tea & Bug Spray

Denouncing excessive, costly government security protocols lacking in common sense and intended to chill First Amendment activity, attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have filed a Fourth Amendment lawsuit against government officials who allowed a disabled war veteran to carry two firearms through a security checkpoint only to arrest him for lawfully purchasing canned iced tea, bug spray, lightbulbs and razor blades, which were banned as part of the city’s pre-emptive measures to discourage civil unrest. Incidentally, the veteran’s guns (not among the list of prohibited items) caused no alarm. A district court judge later dismissed the charges against 64-year-old John Miska, ruling that the ordinance used to justify the veteran’s arrest was overbroad and unreasonable and, therefore, unenforceable.

Feb 13 10:29

Pelosi Pulls anti-Semetic Card - as Freshman Lawmaker States The Facts

Democratic leaders also added in their statement that “legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies is protected by the values of free speech and democratic debate that the United States and Israel share.“

Pelosi moved quickly after Republicans and other high-profile Democrats, including key chairmen, criticized Omar over her comments.

House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), who leads a panel on which Omar serves,, didn’t mention her by name but said it was “shocking” to hear a fellow lawmaker “invoke the anti-Semitic trope of ‘Jewish money.’”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler of New York issued a separate statement calling Omar’s remarks “deeply hurtful and offensive,” particularly after several other controversial comments she made about Israel have come to light in recent weeks.

Feb 13 10:22

Andrew Cuomo Demands White House Meeting on Tax Reform, Trump Turns It Into Lecture on Abortion

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo requested a meeting with President Trump over tax reform that he claims is hurting his state’s revenue, but it quickly turned into a lecture on fracking and late-term abortion.

The meeting, which Law 360 described as “Cuomo return(ing) empty-handed,” did not go as planned by the extremist Democrat. The sole intent of the meeting was to discuss a$10,000 cap on federal deduction for state and local taxes (SALT). Cuomo is citing the provision for a drop in over $2 billion in tax revenue.

“I told the president myself today: SALT repeal is hurting us. And if you hurt New York, you’re harming the economic engine of the nation,” he bragged after the meeting.

White House notes suggest a different story. While the President and Cuomo did discuss the matter, Trump turned the tables and reminded the Governor that exorbitantly high taxes in his state might actually be the problem.

Feb 13 10:19

Regardless, utility “Smart” Meters are going to be installed in homes of dementia patients in the UK so they can be monitored and tracked.

Issues associated with them include fires, explosions, malfunctioning appliances, measurement errors, and inflated bills. None of that is obviously good for dementia patients or anyone else really. They also emit harmful wireless WiFi radiation. Research has determined that exposure to wireless radiation can disrupt the blood-brain barrier which may cause it to leak. This can also kill brain cells. Regardless, utility “Smart” Meters are going to be installed in homes of dementia patients in the UK so they can be monitored and tracked. As if these dementia patients didn’t already have enough problems…

They will flag up any sudden change in behaviour which could indicate an illness, a fall or a decline in their mental state. The meters will be able to send alerts to family members or carers, who can pop round to check if the patient is all right.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder, if Britain's NHS is hoping that the installation of these meters will hasten the demise of their dementia patients, rather than give them the best possible quality of life before they pass on.

And the issue of what happens to the data, after it is collected, will most probably be a real challenge for security network people, in keeping this data secure.

Feb 13 10:13

Because GOP Won’t Oppose PC Feeding Frenzies, VA Blackface Scandal Turning Into Victory for Left

President Donald Trump usually has good political instincts, but he didn’t get it when it comes to Virginia’s latest political “scandal.”

“African-Americans are very angry at the double standard on full display in Virginia,” President Trump tweeted on Sunday, after Governor Ralph Northam refused to resign after being busted for appearing in blackface in a yearbook photo. In fact, however, a new poll shows almost 60 percent of black Virginians want Northam to remain in office. [Nearly 60 percent of Virginia’s African-Americans want Gov. Northam to remain in office: poll, by Louis Casiano, Fox News, February 10, 2019] The only people who want him to resign are whites. And Northam is using the “scandal” as an opportunity to double down on far-left politics.

Feb 13 10:12


A legal battle is underway in the US state of Maryland to reverse an anti-Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) legislation denounced as “unconstitutional”. Syed Saqib Ali – a former Maryland state representative – today filed a civil rights lawsuit against an executive order denying government contracts to businesses that boycott Israel.

The suit – filed in federal court – alleges that the Maryland leaders Gov. Larry Hogan and Attorney General Brian Frosh violated Ali’s First and 14th Amendment rights when Hogan signed an executive order in October 2017 requiring all state contractors to promise they will not boycott Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It will be interesting to see how this case goes down, and to what legal appeals may apply, if any.

I frankly hope that this gets argued all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Feb 13 10:08


Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii’s democratic congresswoman and one of many entrants in the crowded 2020 presidential race, is already turning heads thanks to her anti-interventionist foreign policy approach and progressive stance on a variety of issues, making her an outlier among establishment Democrats.

If her pre-campaign messaging and campaign launch speech are any indicator, the potential presidential contender has no intention of backing down – especially when it comes to her strong advocacy of medical marijuana and harsh criticisms of the criminal justice system and pharmaceutical industry.

Declaring her formal entrance into the Democratic Party presidential primaries, Gabbard issued a rousing call to end the for-profit prison industry, which has seen private corrections corporations rake in profits while shirking prisoners’ and immigrant detainees’ food, health care, and other essential services while exploiting incarcerated people as essentially slave labor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, because of Gabbard's duel status as a Vet, and as a peace advocate, the chances of her getting the (probably totally rigged again) Democratic nomination are zilch; but it is refreshing to have someone in the running who appears to stand on principle, and not being "bought off" by the large interest groups in this country with everything they have invested in keeping the status quo.

Feb 13 10:03

The US-Backed Drug War in Mexico Has Never Been Deadlier

The Trump administration is continuing to help the Mexican government wage a war on drugs despite a recent report that more than 33,000 Mexicans were killed in 2018, a new record.

According to Mexico’s Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, there were 33,341 homicides in Mexico in 2018. The number of deaths broke the record from the previous year, when 28,866 Mexicans were killed.

Much of the violence is the result of the country’s long-running drug war. Since the Mexican government began deploying its military forces around the country in December 2006 to confront drug cartels, more than 100,000 Mexicans have died in drug-related violence.

Former U.S. official Roger Noriega has described the war as "a decade-long bloodbath."

Feb 13 09:19

'You and your children are next': Students accused of threatening teacher via 'school shooter' Instagram account

Two middle school students could be facing felony charges after being arrested for allegedly cyberstalking and threatening their teacher and her family on Sunday through an Instagram account called “Southwood School Shooter.”

Feb 13 09:19

Esquire cover featuring white, middle-class 'American boy' sparks backlash: 'How is this real?'

Esquire magazine just debuted its March 2019 issue, and the cover shines a spotlight on what it’s like for “an American boy” to grow up “white, middle class, and male in the era of social media, school shootings, toxic masculinity, #MeToo, and a divided country.”

Feb 13 09:14

Russian Spy Maria Butina Breaks Silence: 'Truth Is My Best Defender'

Maria Butina, a Russian gun-rights activist who pleaded guilty to acting as an unregistered Russian agent, has broken her silence to deny she’s a spy.

“Truth is my best defender here,” Butina told author James Bamford for The New Republic in clips that were shared with ABC Newsand CNN. If she was really a spy, she said, she would have kept her private life secret.

“I would be invisible Russian spy,” she said. “You would never see me in public. I mean, I would be the most unseen person on Earth.”

Feb 13 08:59

US Allies Japan and South Korea see Washington as ‘major threat’ to global security

In 2013, only one-quarter of people across 22 nations saw the US as a threat to their countries. That figure jumped to 38 percent in 2017 and rose further to 45 percent last year.

Feb 13 08:54

Mexican union apparatus, government scramble to suppress growing strike across Mexico

A second wave of wildcat strikes continues to expand in Matamoros, Mexico, and is beginning to spread across the country. Sparked by the tens of thousands of workers at 45 maquiladora plants who rebelled last month against the pro-corporate trade unions, tens of thousands more are launching their own struggles after workers in Matamoros won a 20 percent wage increase and a $1,700 bonus.

Inspired by the initial wave, 20 additional maquiladora plants in Matamoros that were not initially on strike began their own wildcat strike last Tuesday and were joined by workers at the Coca-Cola bottling plant, three supermarkets, trash collectors and workers from other sectors.

The wildcat wave is spreading throughout the country.

Feb 13 08:34

Hands off ‘our hemisphere’ or Venezuela pays the price: US Senator warns Russia

This is pathetic. Without Venezuela and their gold the district of criminals is finished!

The US staked a claim on half the world, as Senate Armed Services Committee chair Jim Inhofe said Washington might have to intervene in Venezuela if Russia dares set up a military base not just there, but “in our hemisphere.”
“I think that it could happen,” Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) told a group of reporters on Tuesday. “You’ve got a guy down there that is killing everybody. You could have him put together a base that Russia would have on our hemisphere. And if those things happen, it may be to the point where we’ll have to intervene with troops and respond.”

Feb 13 08:24

Trump to use Executive Order to allocate more funds to Wall, avoiding shutdown

According to WaPo, Trump will use an executive order to reallocate federal funds to finance the wall – or at least something more than the 55 miles that the compromise bill would finance.

Feb 13 08:18

Six California police officers fire shots at rapper asleep in car, killing him

California police officers fatally shot a 20-year-old rapper who was sleeping in his car outside a Taco Bell, authorities said.

Six Vallejo officers fired “multiple rounds” at the man, identified by family as Willie McCoy, police said. McCoy had a handgun on him when the officers fired out of “fear for their own safety” on Saturday night, according to the department. The family of McCoy, whose rapper name was Willie Bo, said Tuesday that police had racially profiled the young black man and that there was no justification for using deadly force against someone who was sleeping and not a threat.

Feb 13 08:09

How Western money funds overthrow-your-government classes

Revolution is the new black: How Western money funds overthrow-your-government classes
The Camp?amp 2018 forum in Yerevan was sponsored by the Prague Civil Society Centre, an organization financed by the United States under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). Section 254 of the Act allocated $250,000 for activities to “counter Russian influence” in 2018 and 2019. Capitol Hill lawmakers seem to believe that this “Russian influence” is a threat to all NATO’s actual and potential members, including Georgia, Moldova, Kosovo, Serbia, and Ukraine.

The Yerevan gathering is proving that the State Department’s money is doing its job all right.>>>

Feb 13 08:04

Glendale police offer few answers for 2017 stun gun tactics that led to federal lawsuit

The four videos and the accompanying information provided practically no new information on the 2017 traffic stop in which Glendale Officer Matt Schneider used a stun gun on Johnny Wheatcroft 11 times after he refused to show his identification to the officer.
(623) 930-3000
Glendale Police Phone

Feb 13 07:46

How Donald Trump Finally Won Over “Liberal” Media

How did Trump finally get the liberal corporate media to stop calling him a fascist? He did that by acting like a ” democracy-spreading” fascist of course.


Feb 13 07:24

Mel’s Hole: A Sensational Urban Myth of a Mysterious Bottomless Pit

On February 21, 1997, a gentleman called into the radio show, Coast to Coast AM, hosted by Art Bell, with a sensational and unbelievable tale. His name was Mel Waters. He told Bell and his listeners about a strange and mysterious bottomless pit on his rural Washington state property and the eerie qualities surrounding the pit, which became known as Mel’s Hole. Many people became fascinated with the bottomless pit…the problem was, Mel Waters refused to give its exact location and no one could find it. Was Mel’s Hole a hoax, or was it, as Waters himself claims, purposely covered up by the United States government? Let us peer into Mel’s Hole.

Feb 13 07:21

The 10,000-Bedroom Hotel That Was Never Used

Hotel Prora is a massive building complex built between 1936 and 1939 by the Nazis as part of their "Strength through Joy" programme. The complex stretches over three miles along the white sandy beach on Germany's Baltic Sea island of Ruegen. The aim was to provide leisure activities for German workers and spread Nazi propaganda. Locals call Prora the Colossus because of its monumental structure.

Feb 13 07:18

The Six Oldest Castles in the World

For centuries, castles have been included with mysteries, tales of hauntings, folklore and fairy tales of Kings and Queens. Large stone-built structures of stately homes with huge moats surrounding them conjure up images of life during medieval times. From England to Ireland to Spain, castles abound in all their glory and remain a part of world history. Some, if not most, have seen their fair share of damage from enemy attacks and weather and have since been restored. These castles still stand today and attract a high number of tourists annually.

Feb 13 05:45

ICJ to rule on Iran's legal claim to recover $2bn frozen in US

Tehran says it owns $2bn in frozen assets, but US court ruled cash must be given to victims of attacks blamed on Iran.

On Wednesday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is set to decide reach a verdict on a bid by Iran to recover $2bn in frozen assets that the United States says must be paid to victims of attacks it blamed on Tehran.

The ruling threatens to further escalate the dispute between the two former allies and comes after a decision in October when the same court ordered the US to lift sanctions on humanitarian goods for Iran.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington are already high around the anniversary of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Republic revolution as well as Wednesday's Middle East summit in Poland, which observers say is aimed at isolating Iran.


(*from Iran:) World Court to Rule on Iran-US Financial Dispute

Feb 13 05:20

Warsaw Middle East summit: A bid to isolate Iran?

Widely perceived as a US attempt to isolate Iran, Arab and European delegates will gather alongside Israel's Netanyahu.
Even if all EU countries shared the same position on the nuclear agreement, "the overall mood in Europe vis-a-vis Iran has become more critical, given Iranian assassination attempts that took place on EU soil as well as Iran's ballistic missiles that could reach Eastern Europe."
Here are five things to know about the Warsaw summit, which has a cumbersome official title: Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East.

What's the summit about and who's attending?>>>

Who won't be there?>>>

Why now?>>>

Where do Europe and Poland stand?>>>

What's expected to happen?>>>

Feb 13 04:32

Panniers: The Attention-Grabbing 18th Century Fashion Undergarment

18th Century fashion is elaborate, classy and sophisticated, but oh boy was it uncomfortable.
We've already written about Crinoline - the 19th century fashion undergarment aptly called the Woman killer ( more than 3000 women died from wearing it), and inspired by this, we stumbled upon another fashion trend from another era, the pannier.

Feb 13 04:29

Abandoned Ship Has Been Roaming the Arctic Waters for 38 Years!

The SS Baychimo, a 1,322-ton, 230-foot long cargo ship launched in 1914 was was built at the Lindholmens shipyard in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was originally called the Ångermanelfven. It was used for trade between Hamburg and Sweden until 1914.

Feb 13 04:28

Special Order No. 191: A Huge Chance-Discovery and a Wasted Opportunity

One of history’s most serendipitous moments occurred on September 13, 1862, as the Civil War raged. Two Union soldiers stumbled upon a piece of paper detailing the Confederate’s battle plans. This chance discovery could have altered the outcome of the war. It no doubt would have if the commanding officer for the Union had not hesitated too long, wasting any opportunity to capitalize on the discovered plans. Here is how this story of found plans and lost chances played out.

Feb 13 02:33

Why The City of Paris Has Virtually No Tall Buildings Like Every Other Bustling European Metropolis

If you've ever studied the skyline of Paris, you might have noticed that the central part of the city has virtually no tall buildings. Seems odd for a bustling European metropolis, right?

Feb 13 02:30

A Chapel in a Treehouse Built in 1669 and Still Being Used Today

The Chêne chapelle “chapel oak” is an oak tree located in Allouville-Bellefosse in Seine-Maritime, France. The oak tree is between 800 and 1,200 years old and its hollow trunk hosts two chapels Notre Dame de la Paix (“Our Lady of Peace”) and the Chambre de l’Ermite (“Hermit’s room”), which were built there in 1669 and are still used.

Feb 13 02:27

Thor Heyerdahl and the Voyage of the Kon-Tiki

In 1778, Captain James Cook, who had been sailing from island to island in the South Pacific, turned north and crossed the equator where he stumbled upon the previously unknown Hawaiian Islands. He was shocked to see that the Tahitian priest who accompanied him could easily converse with the Hawaiians. Cook wondered how a single culture of people could spread across the great Pacific Ocean. In fact, this question was highly debated for the next two centuries until a Norwegian explorer, naturalist, and adventurer, Thor Heyerdahl, sailed a replica of an ancient Polynesian canoe from South American to Tahiti in 1947, demonstrating that the spread of the Polynesian people happened from east to west, not vice versa. Let’s look at the incredible life of Thor Heyerdahl.

Feb 12 19:17

Women-Led Team of Mexican Scientists Develop Cure for HPV, a Leading Cause of Cancer

Researchers at Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) are celebrating a major scientific achievement: a new treatment that they claim can completely cure the human papillomavirus (HPV), helping to curb a leading cause of deadly cancer among women.

Feb 12 15:54

Fed Warns Dollar “Might Not Retain Its Dominance Forever”

Nevertheless, it concedes that "recent trends bear watching" warning that "as history suggests a currency’s dominant status is not immutable" and just in case repeating its warning that "the [US Dollar] might not retain its dominance forever."

Feb 12 15:10

U.S. national debt tops $22 trillion for the first time

The U.S. national debt topped a record $22 trillion this week, less than a year after it crossed the $21 trillion mark, indicating a further deterioration in the nation’s finances. -- The Peterson Foundation said the U.S. national debt has risen by $1 trillion in the past 11 months, calling it “the latest sign that our fiscal situation is not only unsustainable, but accelerating.”

Feb 12 14:52

Florida School Arms Up; Hires Two Former Combat Veterans To Prevent Mass Shootings

Just south of Tampa, Fla., students at the Manatee School for the Arts (MSA) roam the hallways past an armed combat veteran who is constantly looking out for threats. By the end of February, another one will be manning a guard shack at at the school's entrance.

39-year-old Harold Verdecia, a former infantryman in the US army who completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, patrols the hallways of Manatee strapped with a 9mm Glock 19X and a Kel-Tec "Bullpup" rifle, according to the Herald Tribune.

Feb 12 14:44

“Bipartisan” Firearms Background Checks Bill Is More Useless Federal Legislation

We elect politicians to improve our lives. To expand our freedoms and protect our rights. Passing the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 will do none of those things. What it will do is outlaw a perfectly legal activity, make it more difficult for honest people to protect themselves and their loved ones, and have no impact on crime. -- We didn’t send those politicians to Washington to make life easier for the bad guys. Maybe it’s time to remind them of that.

Feb 12 14:09

Majority Of Small Business Owners Think Recession Is Coming This Year

A nationwide survey of more than 10,000 Americans conducted by SurveyMonkey in January also found a high level of recession anxiety. Main Street looks like they understand just how glaringly bad things can become. 63 percent of Americans say a recession is likely in the next year and only 10 percent saying it was “very unlikely.” But are Americans prepared for a recession? Most analysts say no, as it seems no lessons were learned after the 2008 Great Recession.

Feb 12 13:30

Home Sales To Get Even Uglier In Near Future

What will home sales look like in January and February? Very, very lousy, according to pending home sales, a measure that counts how many contracts were signed. Contract signings run roughly one or two months ahead of when the sales close and are reported as sales. The measure of pending home sales for December projects actual home sales in January and February. To that tune, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) said that its Pending Home Sales Index for December fell to the lowest level since April 2014:“It’s been dripping down, down, down,” NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun said in the interview. “Frustrating that the housing market is not recovering.”

Feb 12 13:21

Sheriffs in New Mexico Vow Not to Enforce 6 Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS New Gun Control Bills

"Legally speaking, our county sheriffs are the last line of defense in the battle for gun rights." -- As we have stated before, unconstitutional gun law ideas seem to spread from one state to another like some kind of insidious virus. This is just the beginning.

Feb 12 13:07

College students are all supportive of Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” until they learn what’s actually in it

As you may have read, “Democratic Socialist” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) released her “Green New Deal” last week to immediate praise and fanfare from the Left-wing establishment media, though it was instantly panned by critics — including some from her own party — over its many unrealistic objectives.

Feb 12 12:32

Remains of Three US Airmen Who Vanished in Malayan Jungle Finally Recovered after 70 Years

Just months after the end of WWII, three United States airmen took off from Singapore, bound for a small aerodrome in Penang, in their military transport plane. They vanished for no apparent reason and, until recently, without a trace.

Feb 12 12:29

What Dinner Was Like During and Shortly After The Great Depression (10 Photos)

Times were hard, jobs were few, yet people remained positive and creative. If there's one thing we learned from The Great Depression of the 1930s, it's just how resilient we can be as a society.

Feb 12 12:27

The Vile Vortices Of Ivan T. Sanderson

In 1972, Ivan T. Sanderson, a Scottish biologist who founded the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained, published an article entitled “The Twelve Devil’s Graveyards Around The World” in an issue of Saga magazine. In this article, he explains how he came to discover twelve “equally spaced areas on the surface of Earth where ‘funny things happen.’”

Feb 12 12:21

Scott Adams: Border Funding, Weed, #40YearsofFailure, Apologies

Will Congress ignore border experts and disrespect the public?
Any diff between the experts and Congress without explanation…
…is spitting in the face of the American public
“Finish the Wall” is clever framing
“USA” hats, seen at the rally last night, smart move by campaign
President Trump’s new hashtag for Iran, support for Iranian people
AOC…every Dem candidate for President, backs her Green Deal
AOC in effect is already running the Democrat party
Virginia’s non-quitters planning to hang in there
Supporters overlooking their sins cause they were so long ago
The 20 year rule applies, if they’re better people today
A “festival of apologies” is developing, between Dems
David Duke endorses Democrat Congressperson Omar
People can like something…for completely different reasons
Kamala supports recreational weed…cause it brings people joy

Feb 12 11:45

El Chapo trial: Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán found guilty

Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán has been found guilty on all 10 counts at his drug trafficking trial at a federal court in New York.

Guzmán, 61, has yet to be sentenced but the verdict could mean life in jail.

The Mexican was accused of being behind the all-powerful Sinaloa drug cartel, which prosecutors say was the biggest supplier of drugs to the US.

He was arrested in January 2016 after escaping from a Mexican prison through a tunnel five months earlier.

Feb 12 10:34

'He's living the life in there!' Subway pedophile Jared Fogle is seen for the first time in prison receiving a culinary arts award - as ex-inmate reveals his cell is never locked and he's free to use the computer and gamble

Subway pedophile Jared Fogle is 'living the life' in prison, where he has even received his certificate in culinary arts, a former inmate has revealed to DailyMailTV.

The 41-year-old disgraced sandwich promoter is serving a 15-year sentence in Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Englewood, Colorado after pleading guilty to child pornography charges in 2015.

But Marc Brooks, 41, who served eight months alongside the former Subway spokesman, tells DailyMailTV prison life is treating Fogle well as he spends his time going to the movies, eating fancy foods, making crafts, and even gambling.

Feb 12 10:22

OK to Murder the Unborn: NY Abortion Law Has its First Vile Consequences

Before it’s all said and done with, New York’s extremist abortion law will undoubtedly be the cause of countless sick consequences. But we won’t have to wait to see these consequences manifest, because they’ve already come to life in a disturbing murder case out of Queens.

Prosecutors this week dropped a charge of criminal abortion from the list of felonies hanging over the head of 48-year-old Anthony Hobson, who is being tried for the murder of his 35-year-old pregnant girlfriend. While Hobson will still face charges of second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and criminal weapons possession for the stabbing, he cannot be charged with killing Jennifer Irigoyen’s five-month-old fetus. Why? Because New York’s abortion law now makes it perfectly legal to kill an unborn child right up until the moment of birth.

Feb 12 09:57

Why is Guantánamo seeking a wheelchair-accessible three-cell compound? Contingencies.

The Guantánamo Bay prison is shopping for a new three-cell, handicapped accessible compound — complete with a 115-foot dog run and guard house that can tap into the Pentagon’s secret internet network. Why?

“We must prepare for multiple contingencies, and modular buildings can be adapted and configured to provide us the flexibility needed to adapt to numerous circumstances,” prison spokesman Navy Cmdr. Adam Bashaw said Friday. He declined to answer specifically whether the proposed new compound was meant for the war court; the prison’s most clandestine lock-up for former CIA prisoners, Camp 7; or for a site called Camp Echo where captives meet their lawyers.

Echo has what Pentagon officials describe as “legacy issues,” meaning they have in the past been wired with listening devices and cameras that, defense attorneys say, allows for eavesdropping that violates attorney-client confidentiality.

Feb 12 09:38

Rand Paul will vote against Trump's pick for attorney general

Sen. Rand Paul said Monday that he will vote against confirming President Donald Trump's nominee for attorney general, William Barr, citing his record on privacy issues.

"I'm a no," the Kentucky Republican said in a brief interview. "He's been the chief advocate for warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens. I think that the Fourth Amendment should protect your phone calls and your bank information. People shouldn't be allowed to look at it without a warrant."

Feb 12 09:38

I guess Al Jolson is a racist too!

Feb 12 09:25

US Military Exercise Scares L.A. Michael Rivero - February 11, 2019

Feb 12 08:45

The Story Behind the Semi-nude FBI Agent Delivering $1 Million Ransom to Skyjackers, 1972

In 1972, a man held a pilot at gunpoint on a plane loaded with 86 passengers. He asked for a million dollars in cash – the largest ransom ever received by an airplane hijacker in the United States. Then forced the plane to head for Algeria and escaped. Eventually, he was caught in September 2011.

Feb 12 08:44

27 Shocking Hygiene Practices From The Past. Whoa!

Human hygiene has come a really long way since the dark ages. And to show you exactly how far we’ve come, here are some examples of horrible hygiene practices from the past.

Feb 12 08:41

11 Horrifying Dentistry Tools Used in the Past

Before the 18th century, the official denstistry profession, as well as the training, has not been practiced. In the past, as explained by the American Dental Association, people from the Middle Ages relied on two groups of barbers: “…surgeons who were educated and trained to perform complex surgical operations, and lay barbers, or barber-surgeons, who performed more routine hygienic services including shaving, bleeding and tooth extraction.”

Feb 12 08:35

Oxford University to ‘Overhaul’ Classics Department Because Men Outperform Women

Oxford University announced this week that they will overhaul its classics department because male students are outperforming female students.

According to a report from the Telegraph, Oxford University is set to redesign its Latin and Greek language department because male students are performing at a higher level than female students.

Last year, more than twice as man men than women received the top grade in the classics department. 46.8 percent of male students received the top grade, compared to only 12.5 percent of females. In response to the disparity, the university has announced that the entire department will be overhauled.

Feb 12 08:03

Valentines Volume Postal Issue

Is USPS having issues?

(*rain , sleet or snow might not stop the USPS , but their Tracking Service ?
Not so much)

February 12: Problems at USPS
USPS is having issues since 08:20 AM EST. Are you also affected?

Most Reported Problems:
Tracking (55.74%) Delivery (32.17%) Website down (7.79%) Sign in (4.30%)