Dec 20 08:55

Insurance, mobile and broadband companies that rip off their loyal customers by £4billion through 'stealth price rises' face crackdown

Companies that rip off their loyal customers by more than £4bn every year are facing a major crackdown.

The competition watchdog says there should be powers to cap prices, impose fines and name and shame firms that penalise households that do not shop around.

It follows a three-month investigation into five markets – home insurance, mobile, broadband, cash savings and mortgages – where existing customers are routinely charged more than new ones.

Dec 20 08:53

Juncker warns of no deal 'catastrophe' amid fears of grounded British flights and the worst border chaos 'since wartime' as EU reveals its plans for Brexit doomsday

Brussels today threatened to curb British flights and kick out UK ex-pats if there is no Brexit deal.

As the bitter standoff deepened, the EU released details of its plans for what happens if negotiations fail.

According to the plans, British airlines would be allowed to operate flights between the UK and the continent.

However, they would be barred from flying between EU airports, or operating services from Europe to the US.

EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said a disorderly British exit would be a 'catastrophe', while one EU official warned of the worst border disruption 'since wartime'.

Dec 20 08:36

#ICYMI: May & Macron. Crisis at Christmas!

Dec 20 07:08

Low-skilled EU migrants free to travel to UK until 2025, Sajid Javid's post-Brexit immigration plans reveal

Tens of thousands of low-skilled migrants from the EU will be free to travel to the UK to look for work until at least 2025, the government has announced.

Under plans revealed in the immigration white paper, a new scheme will allow migrants to continue coming to the UK amid concerns that ending freedom of movement would have a damaging impact on British businesses.

The scheme will be open to all EU states and workers will be free to live and work in Britain for a year before being asked to leave for 12 months before applying again.

Dec 20 07:01

The Battle On Britain

Islington Council has decided to prevent me from performing with the Blockheads at our annual London Christmas concert on 21 December. This ludicrous decision by the Council was in response to pressure from a single pro-Israel campaigner who said he would not attend the concert if I were on stage.

The Blockheads have twice written to the Council demanding its decision be reversed. I have played with the Blockheads for 25 years, we’ve performed more than a thousand concerts, including at least two in Islington, without incident. I appealed to the Council to reconsider, submitting two detailed letters that countered each claim made against me. In return the council shifted its claimed rationale for banning me and answered my appeals with a blitz of misquotes from my work and claims about me that were at best insulting and at worst slanderous, all of which were suspiciously similar to Zionist sources.

Dec 19 10:50

No-deal Brexit plans put 3,500 troops on standby

Emergency no-deal Brexit contingency plans must now be implemented across government, cabinet ministers have agreed, including reserving ferry space for supplies and putting 3,500 armed forces personnel on standby to deal with any disruption.

No 10 confirmed on Tuesday that ministers would “ramp up” no-deal planning, and that the departments would be expected to make it their main priority.

Downing Street said it would send advice on preparing for no-deal to all UK businesses and suggested they should begin implementing their own contingency plans as they saw fit.

Theresa May’s spokesman said the cabinet “agreed that delivering the deal that the prime minister agreed with Brussels remains the government’s top priority and our best no-deal mitigation”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the British government is calling up 3,500 armed troops to be on standby, is very frightening indeed.

Dec 19 08:29

'REAL people voted!' FURIOUS backlash as Gina Miller claims referendum ignored real people

A PROMINENT campaigner for a second referendum received a powerful backlash when she voiced her objectives on a national TV show.

Gina Miller appeared on France 24 as a proponent of a ‘people’s vote’ explaining that, in the event of a second referendum, the vote would need to be “about the lives of real people.” But many people were not happy and took to the internet to vent their fury. One YouTube user said: “Real people did vote already and real people were given a choice about the future of Britain and real people want to save their nation and their sovereignty.”

Dec 19 08:27

Verhofstadt sparks furious row with MPs - 'DON'T tell Britain what to do!'

Tory Brexiteer MP Steve Double lashed out at the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator telling him “its not your job to tell UK MPs what to do”. Mr Double warned the Brussels chief it will be “as much the responsibility of the EU” if Britain leaves without a deal because it had backed the UK into an “untenable position”. He tweeted: “Dear Mr Verhofstast (sic). It's not your job to tell UK MPs what to do in representing our constituents. No one here is glorifying no deal but neither are we afraid.

Dec 19 08:07

Have British Spies Been Hacking the EU?

For those who cannot get past the Telegraph paywall, the gist is that that the European Union has accused the British intelligence agencies of hacking the EU’s side of the Brexit negotiations. Apparently, some highly sensitive and negative EU slides about British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for Brexit, the Chequers Plan, had landed in the lap of the British government, which then lobbied the EU to suppress publication.

Of course, this could be a genuine leak from the Brussels sieve, as British sources are claiming (well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?). However, it is plausible that this is the work of the spies, either by recruiting a paid-up agent well placed within the Brussels bureaucracy, or through electronic surveillance.

Dec 19 08:04

Drivel hosed out of him like mud from an elephant's trunk: QUENTIN LETTS on Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson (aka 'Private Pike')

Gavin Williamson, or ‘Private Pike’ as Philip Hammond is said to call him, has been Defence Secretary for a year. One word you might think he had learned to pronounce was ‘adversaries’. But no. Out it comes with the emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble.

A Defence Secretary is meant to fill people with trepidation, so in some ways Mr Williamson is superb at his job. Trouble is, he frightens us loyal British subjects. Pointing in the wrong direction, old bean. It’s the enemy you’re meant to terrify. Or en-EM-y, as he would possibly say.

Yesterday he gave a Commons Statement on the ‘MDP’. Everything in the military world is reduced to acronyms. The MDP is the Modernising Defence Programme, but it may equally stand for Minister Deploys Prattle.

Jeepers, what pseudo-business drivel we heard. It came hosing out of him like mud from an elephant’s trunk.

Dec 19 08:04

Theresa May 'tears up manifesto pledges on social care and education' so the UK can prepare for No Deal doomsday as Health Secretary charters the NHS's own PLANE to fly in cancer treatments

Tory manifesto commitments could be torn up as the government ramps up preparations for no deal Brexit, it emerged today.

Pledges on social care and new technical qualifications are in the firing line for 'reprioritisation' amid the desperate scramble to get ready for crashing out of the EU.

The PM's de facto deputy, David Lidington, has been tasked with identifying which policies cannot be delivered while the Government is tackling Brexit.

The shredding of promises made at last year's election comes after the Cabinet agreed yesterday to activate all no deal contingency plans with just 100 days until Brexit.

Dec 19 08:03

UK Peers Warn of 'Longer-Lasting' Damage to US Ties if Trump Stays President

A Lords select committee that scrutinises the country's international relations has spoken out on recent geopolitical shifts and Britain's place in the tumultuous global community. Specifically, it stressed that the Trump administration's policies have been negatively influencing US-UK relations.

The House of Lords Select Committee on International Relations issued a 117-page report on Tuesday focused on wide-ranging issues, from international relations to cybersecurity, and from the rise of China to the "Russian threat".

The paper in large part is dedicated to London's ties with Washington, its closest and biggest ally, and says that the UK should "continue to resist US challenges to the multilateral system" and seek to boost key international institutions such as the UN, NATO and the WTO.

Dec 19 07:55

The 'Russian Threat' and the Politics of Mass Distraction

With mounting problems at home, the UK Establishment is stepping up its campaign to divert our attention on to non-existent dangers from abroad. The so-called 'Russian threat,' is not only good for the arms industry, and defense budgets, but for politicians who have no answers to the very real threats the British public face in their daily lives.

A knife crime epidemic. A significant rise in the murder rate. The NHS at breaking point. A 60% rise in homelessness since 2010/11 and a sharp rise in child and pensioner poverty. A hideously expensive and unreliable public transport system that is not fit for purpose.

Dec 19 07:48

NO DEAL? NO WORRIES The European Union has more to lose from a No Deal Brexit than a well-prepared UK

While negotiating a deal with the EU is preferable, the No Deal scenarios of food shortages and lack of medicines, put forward by Project Fear doom-mongers, are preposterous

Dec 19 07:47

Our political system is bankrupt. It needs reform.

The last twelve months have revealed massive structural flaws in the current political model. The Tory Party has, just like the Labour Party, always been a coalition of different views. At different moments, different factions were in the ascendancy, but the glue that held the party together was a set of core beliefs based around the role of the individual, liberty and freedom plus a respect for other people’s views. In essence, there was a basic level of tolerance …

The modern Tory Party is a fractured political organisation – not just over Brexit – but around beliefs that in the past would have been taken for granted. Unlike Thatcher, the current PM has no discernible ideology or vision. As a result, the government reacts to events. In these turbulent times, the result is a shambolic chaos. What makes this difficult situation almost terminal is the absence of tolerance. The different Tory factions hate each other.

Dec 19 07:38

Do it CIA style: What you need to know about latest leak on UK-funded psyop

It’s been over a month since hackers began exposing the Scotland-based 'Integrity Initiative' as a UK government-funded propaganda outfit — and gradually new details of the organization's clandestine activities have come to light.

The documents were leaked by a group which claims to be associated with the Anonymous hackers. The first batch of leaks revealed the Integrity Initiative (II) was stealthily operating “clusters” of influencers across Europe working to ensure pro-UK narratives dominate the media. The second batch showed that the organization was also running disinformation campaigns domestically — specifically a smear campaign against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn; all done under the guise of combatting “Russian propaganda.”

Dec 19 07:37

Hundreds of British Troops on Standby for No-Deal Brexit - Reports

The defence secretary also revealed his ministry had not yet received any formal requests from other government departments about using armed forced in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced 3,500 service personnel will be on standby "for any no-deal Brexit disruption."

As Williamson explained during an exchange with Tory MP Will Quince in the House of Commons, the Ministry of Defence had not received "any formal requests from any government departments" about using military personnel in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Dec 19 07:30

'Unraided crack houses and people patrolling their own streets': The stark reality of police cuts

He said: "In the last few months in Thornaby we have seen a notable rise in crime and anti-social behaviour and it has really angered our residents.

"Unfortunately, the way I see things is there are far too many individuals out there who see the lack of police presence on our streets as an opportunity to commit crime, and secondly, do what they want because they get away with it and they won't get caught."

The Labour councillor said he'd been told there were just three police officers patrolling Thornaby , Yarm , Ingleby Barwick and Eaglescliffe at one time.

Cllr Rowling added: "It's not going to work.

Dec 19 03:57

Regulatory bodies should evaluate BBC’s coverage of disorder in Paris - Russian embassy

"We have to state that the British media, which were justly regarded as one of the most independent ones in the past, have considerably spoilt their reputation. It is no surprise that many readers switched to other sources of information: internet media, social networks or alternative media outlets, such as RT"... The UK’s regulatory bodies should evaluate the way BBC covered the disorder in Paris, the press secretary of the Russian Embassy in London told journalists on Tuesday, commenting on the corporation’s recognition that its reporter had been intentionally looking for a "Russian trace" during the disturbances in the French capital. "It is a remarkable fact that instead of conducting independent journalistic work for the sake of objectivity employees have to gain at any cost information that would confirm the interpretation of the events dictated by the administration. As they say, if facts do not correspond to the editorial policy, so much the worse for the facts.

Dec 18 15:34

London’s Islington Council bans pro-Palestinian musician from performing in response to one Israel flag waver

Islington Council has caved in to Zionist pressure and banned musician and writer Gilad Atzmon – a fierce campaigner for justice for the Palestinians – from performing with the Blockheads at a Christmas concert, in response to pressure from a single pro-Israel campaigner.>>

Dec 18 11:41

The Battle On Britain

Islington Council has decided to prevent me from performing with the Blockheads at our annual London Christmas concert on 21 December. This ludicrous decision by the Council was in response to pressure from a single pro-Israel campaigner who said he would not attend the concert if I were on stage.

Dec 18 11:40

British Jews claim right to German citizenship before Brexit

Britons whose ancestors' nationality was stripped away by the Nazis reconcile their roots and gain EU passport.

Dec 18 11:01

Russian cargo ship runs aground off SW England – coastguard

Rescue vessels were heading to assist a Russian bulk cargo ship after it ran aground off beaches in southwest England, Britain’s coastguard said on Tuesday. The 180-meter long ship ‘Kuzma Minin,’ with 18 Russian crew on board, dragged its anchor in strong winds and grounded between the Swanpool and Gyllyngvase beaches near Falmouth in Cornwall, Reuters reports. “There is no cargo on board… There is no report of any pollution,” the coastguard said.

Dec 18 10:58

Allegations of Physical and Sexual Child Abuse Point to UK Charities

Three of Britain's largest childcare charities have been accused of child abuse, with detectives investigating allegations that children were abused while in the care of Barnardo's, Quarriers, and the Aberlour Child Care Trust.

Police Scotland was reported to announce it was investigating claims of historic abuse relating to all of the organisations.

The childcare organizations came into spotlight amid scrutiny by the ongoing Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI), which has heard a catalogue of abuse claims from survivors formerly in charities' care.

Dec 18 10:25


The UK has negotiated an agreement to stay in the Common Transit Convention (CTC) even if there is no Brexit deal between the two sides. This means that goods can continue to be transported freely between the UK and the EEA with customs declarations and import duties only being paid when the goods arrive at their final destination. It is particularly important for the Republic of Ireland which transports the majority of its exports to the EU across the UK “land bridge”.

Dec 18 10:15

‘The Irish should know their place’: Brexit exposes Britain’s colonial mindset towards Ireland

Brexit watchers who are not informed on Irish history might recently have been fooled into believing that the ‘Irish Question’ is something new; some strictly Brexit-related conundrum. Nothing could be further from the truth.
In fact, the ‘Irish question’ is a phrase that has been bandied about by the British ruling elite for hundreds of years to refer to the political challenges posed by its colonial entanglement on the island and the ‘problem’ of Irish nationalism and republicanism. In reality then, it is not so much an ‘Irish’ question as a British one.

Dec 18 09:56

How Britain profits from Yemen’s pain

Since 2015, Taiz has been one of the major front lines in a complicated civil war that turned into a proxy war between regional rivals of Iran and Saudi Arabia. Tens of thousands of people have been killed. And it’s not just Taiz, the whole of Yemen has been on the edge of collapse, with food supplies so disrupted that an estimated 14 million people are close to starvation. It is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. Death is everywhere.

Earlier this year, the UK government announced a £170 million aid package to Yemen, to address this growing humanitarian catastrophe. Sounds quite a lot of money, I suppose. But there is something more than a little ridiculous about the UK giving aid to Yemen, when so many of the bombs and weapons that have destroyed it have originated in our country. According to a new Christian Aid report, over the last five years, the UK has sold over two thirds of its major arms exports to Gulf states, 49% of these to Saudi Arabia.

Dec 18 09:32

Blair: a no vote means no

Tony Blair today suggested that he would not seek another referendum on the EU constitution if it was rejected by the British people.

Under repeated questioning from reporters on whether the poll would be rerun if the answer came back negative, Mr Blair responded: "If the British people vote no, they vote no. You can't then start bringing it back until they vote yes.

"Once the British people make their decision, they make their decision."

This would appear to unambiguously reject a second vote - or futher referendums - although several reporters at the hour-long press conference appeared unconvinced.

Dec 18 06:44

As Brexit nears, UK Jews reclaim German citizenship

(*The Most Infamous World Wide Migrants in history , The Wandering Jews ! )

Dec 17 12:48

London Begins Testing Facial Recognition In Public Despite Being “Staggeringly Inaccurate”

By Nicholas West

It appears that London is ready to roll out the gift of surveillance to its citizens this holiday season. The Met has announced that several areas around central London will be part of a field trial to be conducted today and tomorrow, despite previous reports that the tech is “staggeringly inaccurate.”...

Dec 17 10:21

British Spies Infiltrated Bernie Sanders' Campaign?

The Integrity Initiative, a British pseudo-NGO tasked with running anti-Russian propaganda operation, was recently exposed. Further digging into it revealed a much wider operation. It seems to involve a mole British spies inserted into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Three weeks ago internal budget proposals and member lists of the Integrity Initiative were posted anonymously on some website. We discussed those in detail under the headline: British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns:

In 2015 the government of Britain launched a secret operation to insert anti-Russia propaganda into the western media stream.
We have already seen many consequences of this and similar programs which are designed to smear anyone who does not follow the anti-Russian government lines. The 'Russian collusion' smear campaign against Donald Trump based on the Steele dossier was also a largely British operation but seems to be part of a different project.

Dec 17 10:00

How Britain stole $45 trillion from India

There is a story that is commonly told in Britain that the colonisation of India - as horrible as it may have been - was not of any major economic benefit to Britain itself. If anything, the administration of India was a cost to Britain. So the fact that the empire was sustained for so long - the story goes - was a gesture of Britain's benevolence.

New research by the renowned economist Utsa Patnaik - just published by Columbia University Press - deals a crushing blow to this narrative. Drawing on nearly two centuries of detailed data on tax and trade, Patnaik calculated that Britain drained a total of nearly $45 trillion from India during the period 1765 to 1938.

Dec 17 09:57

Jaguar Land Rover to 'axe up to 5,000 jobs'

Jaguar Land Rover is planning to announce thousands of job cuts in the new year as part of a £2.5bn savings plan to ward off the threat from Brexit, falling sales in China and a drop in demand for diesel cars.

Britain’s biggest carmaker employs 40,000 in the UK and has already cut 1,000 temporary contract workers at its plant in Solihull, which builds Range Rovers and the Land Rover Discovery SUV. It has also reduced working hours for some workers, including at its Wolverhampton factory in the run-up to Christmas.

Plans for further job cuts come after the firm, which is owned by the Indian conglomerate Tata and is a major employer in the West Midlands, made a £90m loss in the three months to September, hit by falling sales in China and Europe.

Dec 17 09:56

BREXIT LIVE: Furious May delivers ultimatum to MPs - ‘It’s either my deal or no deal’

THERESA May has told MPs that the only options for Brexit are either her deal or no deal as she warned a second referendum would cause “irreparable damage” to the country.

Dec 17 09:55

NO DEAL WARNING: Brussels to unveil NEW PLANS to avoid chaos as May's Brexit deal falters

On Wednesday, the European Commission, Brussels’ powerful executive arm, will release more new contingency plans covering up to 13 areas that will be plunged into chaos if Britain leaves the bloc without a deal. understands the plans will include an offer to Britain to ensure that both parties’ planes can continue land and takeoff in each other’s airports. The Brussels' offer would only be made under the same strict reciprocal terms offered as part of a bid to keep the UK off of the bloc’s ‘visa-required’ list of third countries.

Dec 17 08:17

BBC Poirot Drama to Reinvent Agatha Christie Tale as Anti-Brexit Parable

The BBC are reinventing Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot story The ABC Murders as a morality tale comparing Brexit to the rise of fascism.

Showrunner Sarah Phelps, previously a writer for the long-running EastEnders soap opera, will shift the story from 1935 to 1933 for her three-part Christmas drama, and “bring Brexit into the mix, inviting audiences to draw parallels between the rise of fascism in 1930s Britain and the state of the nation today,” according to the Telegraph.

Dec 17 08:13

BBC Looks For Russian Interference In French Protests! Zakharova Hits Back With OSCE Suit

The correspondence of the journalist of the BBC Russian Service, Olga Ivshina, in which she asked to find any evidence of “Moscow’s interference” in the mass protests of the yellow vests in France, is an example of propaganda in which the Western media are “most closely” involved. This was announced by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, on Sunday, December 16.

Dec 17 08:11

Check Your Ethics: EU Chief Delivers Stinging Rebuke to 'Authors of Brexit'

European Union Cheif, Donald Tusk, has delivered perhaps his most stinging rebuke yet of Brexit supporters, calling upon them to consider their "ethics."

Speaking at an event in Dortmund, Germany, over the weekend, Mr. Tusk said that he wanted to remind world leaders that political decisions have potentially cataclysmic consequences, pointing to Brexit as an example of a situation where leaders need to consider their choices and actions clearly.

Dec 17 08:00

Nigel Farage just gave an OUTSTANDING Speech on Brexit, Gets a Standing Ovation

Dec 17 07:59

The EU-Irish Conspiracy Against Brexit Exposed in revealing speech

Dec 17 07:58

"She Needs to Resign" Nigel Farage DESTROYS Theresa May over brexit handling

Dec 17 07:57

Run-down Britain and how we can fix it

Neoliberalism and a decade of austerity have left many parts of Britain looking very shabby. Only a return to the more dirigiste post-war economic model and a major program of public investment will reverse the decline.

Unlike 'Inside the Tent' members of the ‘punditocracy,’ most of whom show no evidence of ever straying beyond London and the big metropolitan centers, I travel a lot around the UK.

I have never seen the country in such bad shape.

Once prosperous market towns are full of boarded-up shops and businesses. Seaside resorts that used to be thriving places have a distinct down-at-heel feel. The trains we travel on are overcrowded, overpriced and unreliable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds a lot like here!

Dec 17 07:55

Dead end: UK's Theresa May has led her party & country into an impasse

British Prime Minister Theresa May is a politician who holds on to power through defeats. Even though she survived a no-confidence vote held within her own Conservative Party this week, it was also a sort of defeat.

She achieved high office (Home Secretary) thanks to David Cameron, who failed to gain a majority in Parliament at the 2010 election, in spite of the fact that Labour had been in power since 1997 and that the outgoing prime minister, Gordon Brown, was deeply unpopular. Cameron had to govern in coalition with the Liberals.

Theresa May then became Prime Minister in 2016, after Cameron resigned having been defeated, like her, in the referendum on Brexit. She and her boss had campaigned for Remain.

Dec 17 07:54

Iraqi president drops British citizenship

Iraqi President Barham Salih has renounced his British citizenship in adherence to the country’s Constitution, according to the Iraqi presidency on Sunday.

The Iraqi Constitution bans dual nationality for officials.

“All legal measures to give up the British citizenship have been completed,” presidential spokesman Luqman al-Feili said in a statement.

Salih was elected president of Iraq on October 2.

Dec 17 07:19

Who the hell does Blair think he is? DOMINIC LAWSON on the former PM's outrageous one-man mission to Brussels as he pushes for a second referendum

A recent poll showed that only two per cent of the British population have a 'very favourable' opinion of Mr Blair.

It is the sort of approval rating a mass-murderer might be expected to get — which happens to be how many members of his own party describe him, in the wake of the Iraq war.

Dec 17 07:14

Albanian illegal immigrant, 25, who led police on 100mph chase before crashing into a family's home and sending bricks and debris flying into their young son's bedroom is jailed for a year

An illegal immigrant who led police on a 100mph chase before crashing into a family home has been jailed for a year.

Eljado Prendaj, 25, struck the family's cars so hard that one was forced into the property, sending bricks and debris flying into their young son's room.

Both cars were written off and the home - which suffered £40,000 worth of damage - was deemed unsafe.

Dec 17 06:56

Happy Christmas! Bloodhound SSC refuelled by Yorkshire business chap

In news that will bring festive cheer to fans of plucky Brit engineering efforts, the Bloodhound 1,000mph car project has been lobbed a lifeline by Yorkshire-based entrepreneur Ian Warhurst.

Warhurst, who sold his Barnsley-based company, Melett, for an undisclosed sum to US outfit Wabtec this time last year, snapped up the business and assets of Bloodhound after the thing went TITSUP* on 7 December.

The deal was signed off on 14 December, and Warhurst will be meeting the team in the New Year, once their Christmas hangovers have subsided.

Dec 17 06:47

Why are people spending less this Christmas?

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that wages are continuing to rise at their highest level for nearly a decade.

Yet an analysis done for the BBC by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in September shows that on average, people's real annual wages are £800 lower than ten years ago.

Some of the young adults the BBC spoke to said that they were living on less income in 2018 than they did previously, so they don't have much money for Christmas this year.

But wages are not the only reason for this. Many British consumers are also feeling the pinch due to the rising price of groceries and other essentials like energy bills, thanks to inflation and the fall in the pound.

Dec 16 18:09

November shopper footfall 'worst since recession'

The number of people out shopping in the UK in November dropped to its lowest level since the 2008 recession, retail researchers say.

Dec 16 18:08

Bad weather hits Christmas shopping on the High Street

Bad weather and the lure of online shopping saw consumers shun UK High Streets on one of the busiest days before Christmas.

Retail experts Springboard estimate numbers were 9% lower on Saturday, compared with the same time last year.

Including shopping centres and retail parks, footfall was 7.3% lower.

Dec 16 18:07

Retailers shut 2,700 shops in first half of the year

About 14 shops are closing every day as UK High Streets face their toughest trading climate in five years, a report has found.

A net 1,123 stores disappeared from Britain's top 500 high streets in the first six months of the year, according to the accountancy firm PwC.

It said fashion and electrical stores had suffered most as customers did more shopping online.

Restaurants and pubs also floundered as fewer people go out to eat or drink.

Dec 16 08:59

BBC Stringer Admits Channel Craving Any Proof of Russian "Role" in Paris Rallies

A BBC stringer has admitted that the broadcaster is in the search of any proof of Russia’s alleged role in the "Yellow Vests" protests in Paris, demanding that its journalists seek any leads that would point to Moscow, a correspondence obtained by Sputnik showed.

Sputnik has obtained the correspondence of the BBC journalist, who wrote a message to one of the stringers covering Yellow Vest demonstrations in Paris, trying to find out whether Russia had something to do with the protests in the French capital. The stringer, in turn, explained that she had not seen any Russians at the protests.

Dec 16 08:50

REVEALED: Why Macron is scared of THIS Brexit clause – 'France’s WORST NIGHTMARE'

France has “fought for 40 years” against Britain striking a deal that would hand them frictionless trade with the EU without the laws. According to Tory MP Neil O’Brien, who voted Leave in the referendum, the contentious backstop agreement is Emmanuel Macron’s “worst nightmare”. Despite what hardline Brexiteers claim, Mr O’Brien claims that the backstop could actually hand Britain a huge economic boost while tearing at the fabric of the EU.

Speaking on BBC’s Week In Westminister, Mr O’Brien said he would have taken this deal if the EU offered Britain this before the referendum.

He explained: “The backstop is France’s worst nightmare.

“If we ended up in it, which I don’t think we will, we would have complete tariff-free access to the EU but not have to obey any new laws.

“That is what the French has been working for 40 years to try and avoid.”

Dec 16 08:49

Ignore the managed no deal fear-mongering

One of the sillier Project Fear scares has been that if we just leave the EU there will be no agreements in place to allow planes to fly to and from the EU and the UK.

The Transport Secretary has recently reported that the UK has now concluded all of the third country aviation agreements needed with non EU countries, save four small countries still to be completed. Those agreed include the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Israel.

Within the EU the Commission has made clear that in all circumstances including a so called No deal exit there will be an agreement between the UK and EU after Brexit allowing routine aviation to continue as before between the UK and EU.

Individual member states have also expressed a willingness to put in place any arrangements needed to ensure continuation of air services.

Dec 16 08:48

The BBC doesn’t fight fake news – it commissions it

BBC director general Lord Hall of Birkenhead has declared that the Corporation is on a mission to counter fake news.

He announced this in June at the Prospect annual conference – the day before the white-collar trades union announced it would be campaigning for a Brexit ‘people’s vote’. Others who addressed the conference included arch-Remainers Hilary Benn and Rain Newton-Smith, the chief economist of the CBI.

It might be a little unfair to judge Lord Hall purely on the company he keeps, but latest research by News-watch shows that under his stewardship the Corporation has morphed into a major purveyor of the commodity he allegedly so despises – and especially that which will thwart Brexit.

Dec 16 08:38

London hosts biggest Palestine festival of 2018

London has played host to the biggest Palestine festival of 2018 with over 3,000 guests attending and a variety of shows, exhibitions and stalls showcasing Palestinian art, culture and history.

The event, hosted by The Biggest Palestine Festival group, is held over a period of two days every year in an exhibition centre that holds up to 30 stalls as well as hosting musical performances, conferences, lectures and an array of art exhibitions.

“Palestine has become synonymous with politics and conflict and whenever you see Palestine being mentioned on the news, it is solely about its conflict with Israel and the illegal occupation taking place on its lands” said Sasha, a 23-year-old postgraduate student who is half Palestinian.

Dec 15 11:10


The Swiss Government have announced that a trade agreement has been reached between the UK and Switzerland to “maintain existing economic and trade relations with the country after its departure from the European Union” whether or not a deal is reached with the EU. The Swiss Federal Council announced that if the UK leaves the EU in a disorderly manner, it could sign and apply the agreement from the date on which the UK leaves the EU.

Dec 15 10:55

PETER OBORNE: Why I think the Tories' Invisible Man will be the next PM

They won’t admit it in public, of course, but several Cabinet ministers are flexing themselves to stand as the next Tory leader whenever Theresa May decides to step down.

The PM herself put them on standby after foolishly signalling that her days in No 10 are numbered by making it clear she won’t lead the party into the next General Election.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid openly covets the top job. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt would like to be PM one day but is more discreet about his ambitions.

Dec 15 10:54

Bizarre moment Jean-Claude Juncker is seen ruffling a woman's hair before claiming he had 'kissed' and made up with Theresa May following confrontation over him calling her 'nebulous' and 'imprecise'

Jean-Claude Juncker was captured ruffling a woman's hair as he arrived at the European Council summit today before claiming he had 'kissed' and made up with Theresa May following a confrontation.

Bizarre footage captured the EU commission president walking up to Pernilla Sjölin - the EU's deputy head of protocol - and erratically running his hands through her hair before kissing her cheek.

Shortly afterwards Mr Juncker brushed off his extraordinary confrontation with Theresa May - insisting they ended up 'kissing' after he explained he had not insulted her by calling her 'nebulous' and 'imprecise' .

The PM and the EU commission president had a 'robust' showdown in the full glare of cameras as she demanded to know why he had branded her with those words in a late-night press conference.

But as the summit in Brussels drew to a close this evening, Mr Juncker insisted Mrs May is a 'great friend' and the incident was down to a misunderstanding.

Dec 15 10:47

Integrity Initiative: Spanish Cluster Misled UK Parliament Over Assange, Russia

Research into members of the Integrity Initiative's Spanish 'cluster' has led to some extremely troubling conclusions.

On December 19 2017, the House of Commons' Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee convened its ‘fake news' inquiry's first oral evidence session, hearing testimony from a number of witnesses.

Among them were David Alandete, Editor of El Pais, Francisco de Borja Lasheras, Director of the European Council on Foreign Relation's Madrid Office, and Mira Milosevich-Juaristi, Senior Fellow for Russia and Euroasia at Elcano Institute.They'd been invited to discuss an alleged Kremlin effort to interfere in the October 2017 Catalan independence referendum via a dastardly nexus of social media, bots, trolls, Sputnik News and RT — and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Dec 15 10:33

'Mayhem' & 'Revolution' If Brexit Not Delivered - Yellow Vests UK Tell Sputnik

Yellow vest-wearing activists took to the streets of London on Friday, blocking traffic and chanting pro-Brexit slogans. They spoke to Sputnik about their mistrust in politicians and hopes for a clean exit from the European Union.

An activist told Sputnik they voted for Brexit because they wanted to reclaim control of their own country.

"We don't want to be part of the federal European superstate that's going to erode our rights and take away democracy. This is Britain. We are not European. We have never been European. This is our land and we are taking it back. If the political class don't like it, they will see a revolution like they've never seen before. It is time to take up the spirit of Oliver Cromwell, rise up and reclaim what's rightfully ours," a protester told Sputnik.

Dec 14 10:54

British Spies Infiltrated Bernie Sanders' Campaign?

The Integrity Initiative, a British pseudo-NGO tasked with running anti-Russian propaganda operation, was recently exposed. Further digging into it revealed a much wider operation. It seems to involve a mole British spies inserted into the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Dec 14 10:52

BREXIT LIVE: How Merkel FURIOUSLY interrupted May - secret talks REVEALED

German news website said the mood in the meeting “was very bad” as EU leaders gave Theresa May an ultimatum to explain exactly what Britain wants. EU patience is wearing out with the Prime Minister as Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said after last night’s meeting the discussions “did not get much further” because the bloc still did not know what Theresa May’s exact demands were. Meanwhiel Jean-Claude Juncker said it was unacceptable for the UK to expect the EU to offer solutions and put the onus on the Prime Minister to make suggestions about what she wants for the EU to decide.

Dec 14 10:17

Recession risk leaves EU acutely vulnerable to a British Brexit walk-out

The balance of economic terror over Brexit has shifted over the last year.

The eurozone is more vulnerable to the shock of no-deal rupture on punitive Macronesque terms than it was at the point of peak hubris in December 2017, when EU negotiators set the trap of the Irish backstop.

Europe’s QE boomlet has since deflated. The underlying pathologies of monetary union are again in evidence. The bloc is stuck with a North-South chasm in competitiveness that has left a string of countries in near permanent malaise, starved of public investment and left with no way out other than internal devaluations. This has led to the Gilets Jaunes in France, and Lega-Five Star revolt in Italy.

Dec 14 10:11


May’s survival in the vote last night has not changed her fundamental predicament that there is no Parliamentary majority for her deal in its current form. May’s civil servants should be paying attention to an alternative proposal published yesterday with the support of Arlene Foster and her two former Brexit Secretaries, which proposes sensible limited amendments to the Withdrawal Agreement and a legally operable alternative text to the backstop. No unicorns, just concrete proposals.

Nor have the proposals come out of nowhere, the report was written specifically in response to the meeting in October between Michael Barnier and two of the reports’ co-authors, Shanker Singham and Hans Maessen, alongside senior Tory MPs.

Dec 14 10:08

Homicides in Sadiq Khan’s London Hit Ten-Year High

Homicides in London have reached their highest point in a decade under the mayoralty of Labour’s Sadiq Khan, despite huge strides in trauma care and lifesaving infrastructure.

The number of deaths in the British and English capital has hit 130 since January 1st, according to the BBC — a figure that a spokesman for Mr Khan admitted was “shameful” — including some 73 victims who were stabbed to death and 14 victims who were fatally shot.

“The causes of violent crime are deeply complex and made far worse by huge government cuts over the last eight years to the police, youth services, councils and charities,” the spokesman wheedled, putting little if any responsibility on either the criminals as free agents or the Mayor.

Dec 14 09:37

Police spy infiltrated Palestine activists

For four years, police infiltrated the London chapter of the International Solidarity Movement, an activist group focused on Palestine.

Using the cover name Rob Harrison, one ISM activist was actually a member of the Special Demonstration Squad, information released by a UK government inquiry this week shows.

ISM volunteers, mostly from European and North American countries, join non-violent solidarity activities in Palestine, such as protests, accompaniment and olive picking.

ISM volunteers Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall were both killed after being fatally wounded by Israeli occupation forces in 2003.

ISM London ran sessions around the UK training volunteers on what to expect in Palestine and how to join the group there.

Dec 14 09:25

Pro-Brexit Protesters in Yellow Vests Block Westminster Bridge

The Yellow Vest demonstration is underway as British Prime Minister Theresa May is holding negotiations with EU leaders in a bid to improve the contentious Withdrawal Deal.

Yellow vest pro-Brexit protesters, similar to those who took recently to French streets, have blocked Westminster Bridge this morning, paralysing traffic.

Dec 14 09:19

The Brexit Mess Planned All Along To Thwart The Will Of The People - David Icke

Dec 13 10:16

Theresa May’s Brexit Blood in Water as UK Tories Circle

UK Prime Minister Theresa May wins a no-confidence vote, but the Conservatives remain split on the Brexit deal, says Jeremy Smith, Co-director of Prime Economics

Dec 13 09:46

EXPRESS POLL: This is who readers want as the next leader of the Conservative Party

THERESA May came through the biggest fight of her political life after she won the vote of no confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party. But who did you vote for as your choice to lead the Tories prior to tonight’s crunch ballot?

Dec 13 09:15

BBC is accused of 'outrageous overspend' after splurging £87million of TAXPAYER cash to build a new EastEnders set just a few hundred yards from the old one

The BBC has been accused of 'outrageously overspending' licence fee cash after it emerged that EastEnders' new set will cost £86.7million.
That is £27million over the original budget – and the project is expected to be nearly five years late.
Work to rebuild and extend Albert Square was due to be completed in August at a cost of £59.7million.
But a damning National Audit Office report published today finds that the BBC's poor planning and lack of expertise means it will cost 45 per cent more, and will not be completed until May 2023.

Dec 13 08:20

Delingpole: Ding Dong the Witch Isn’t Dead. May Lives to Ruin Brexit

Against all reason, Theresa May – the worst Prime Minister in British history – has yet again survived an attempt to boot her out of office.

This has nothing to do with her merits: she has none.

Dec 13 08:16

Integrity Initiative 'a Cheapjack British Troll Factory' – Commentator

Not everyone in Britain is enamoured with the government-funded Integrity Initiative (II) psy-op run by the Institute for Statecraft, political commentator David William Norris told Sputnik. According to Norris, this operation is likely to invoke sharp opposition from Britons who are tired of the anti-Russian propaganda in the media.

"Accusing Russia of meddling in the affairs of others, the UK is actively seeking to do precisely that and not even trying to hide the fact!" David William Norris, political commentator and former college lecturer, told Sputnik, commenting on the UK-funded Integrity Initiative (II) psy-op orchestrated by the Institute for Statecraft.

Dec 13 08:14

A very British coup: The spies who went out to the cold – by George Galloway

It’s cold in Auchtermuchty. Few people know it exists except as a Scottish tongue-twister involving Ecclefechan and Milngavie. It’s particularly cold in a derelict mill there around Christmas time, but this year it’s hotting up.

The British spies hiding out there have been brought in from the cold by good old-fashioned journalism. Or rather “ex-spies” if their legend is to be believed. Ex-military intelligence men who now work in the charity sector. Except their declared purposes are not charitable at all, however worthy some might think them to be.

Dec 12 12:22

Brexit: Conservative rebels renew push to oust May as she tries to save deal from collapse

Theresa May’s embattled leadership is under fresh pressure after Tory rebels claimed enough letters calling for her resignation have been collected to trigger a no-confidence vote.

The attempt to force Ms May from power has flared up again as anger grows over her refusal to allow parliament a vote on her Brexit plans, amid fears it would result in a humiliating defeat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The no-confidence vote is currently underway.

Dec 12 12:11

Authoritarian UK Government Is Funding Military Grade Psyops to Smear and Calumniate Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

On page X of the document, it says: “NATO definition of PSYOPS. Allied Administrative Publication (AAP)-06 defines psychological operations as: planned activities using methods of communication and other means directed at approved audiences in order to influence perceptions, attitudes and behaviour, affecting the achievement of political and military objectives.”

On page IX, this footnote – “The term information strategy (its concept and definition) is not yet endorsed through official NATO policy. Its use here [in the UK], however, reflects current thinking on this subject and is coherent with current policy and doctrine initiatives in areas such as the effects-based approach, strategic communications and information operations.”

Dec 12 10:53

I will stand down before the next general election, May tells Tory MPs ahead of no-confidence vote

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has told Tory MPs that she will stand down before the next general election, in a bid to win their support ahead of a no-confidence vote later this evening.

Dec 12 09:22

Three hours to save her job: May tries to quell revolt by hinting she WON'T lead Tories into next election after Brexit - amid claims a majority of MPs WILL back her in tonight's no confidence vote

Theresa May tried to quell the Tory revolt today by delivering a broad hint that she won't be in charge at the next general election. Acknowledging widespread unhappiness among MPs, the Prime Minister (pictured in Downing Street today) insisted the no confidence vote tonight is 'not about who leads the party into the next election'. The signal from Mrs May that she is ready to step down once Brexit is delivered came after she vowed to fight with 'everything I've got' to beat the Eurosceptic coup bid.

Dec 12 09:21

UK MUST prepare for ALL OUT WAR against Russia, China and Iran military chief warns

General Sir Nick Carter warned Russia, China, Iran and sadistic terrorist organisations like ISIS are a colossal threat towards the UK. He said Britain’s security, stability and prosperity are being challenged by the “ambitious” superstates. He admitted, “the multilateral system that has assured our stability since 1945 is threatened” and mass migration was “arguably an existential threat to Europe”.

Mr Carter said, in his first lecture as Chief of the Defence Staff at the Royal United Services Institute, that Russia and China had “studied our strengths and invested carefully in new methods and capabilities that are designed to exploit weaknesses”.

These included ballistic and cruise missiles, low-yield nuclear weapons, cyberweapons, space and counter space weapons, and electronic warfare.

Dec 12 08:54

‘We Have Chaos’: May’s Cancelled Brexit Vote Produces ‘Vacuum of Authority’

British Prime Minister Theresa May called off Tuesday's parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal after a conference call with cabinet ministers, an indication that she believes she would have faced a crushing defeat.

Dec 12 08:41

Corbyn’s Latest Sin: Ignoring Summons to Visit Holocaust Museum in Israel

Poor Jeremy Corbyn. He’s in hot water again. His latest offense? Ignoring an invitation from the leader of the Israeli Labor Party to journey to Israel to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.

And the Israeli Laborites are incensed at the absence of a reply, while the Blairite centrists in Corbyn’s own party are reportedly in “shock” at the news.

“You’re a lying racist,” shouted Labour MP John Mann at former London Mayor Ken Livingstone last month after the latter pointed out–accurately, by the way–that Hitler had supported Zionist goals of having Jews immigrate to Palestine. But it seems the philo-semitic witch hunters out for Corbyn’s blood can’t be bothered with historical facts.

Dec 12 08:32

'My brain cannot grasp it!' Baffled star Chrissy Teigen sums up how the world - and most of Britain – feels about Brexit turmoil as she tries to get her head around UK politics by asking Twitter for help… with hilarious results

The turmoil surrounding Brexit has left many feeling utterly baffled about the state of British politics - and it appears Chrissy Teigen is no exception.
The American star, 33, prompted a hilarious discussion on the goings-on of Parliament when she revealed her 'brain cannot grasp' how the system works.
Hoping for clarity, the model and celebrity author turned to her 10.7million Twitterfollowers - only to be told that many of them are equally as confused.

Dec 11 13:54


This is an expanding collection of declassified government documents on UK foreign policy. It includes: original government documents and transcripts, mainly from the National Archives in London; articles by Mark that analyse these declassified files; and online articles that cover such files.

What do these files and articles reveal?

These files highlight a range of British foreign policies since 1945, notably the UK involvement in coups, wars, covert operations, human rights abuses, arms exports, propaganda operations, and support for repressive regimes. They highlight much of the true nature of the UK’s role in the world, and especially reveal the actual interests and priorities of UK policy-makers – Prime Ministers, Ministers, ambassadors and civil servants. Click on the countries and themes below to view the files and articles.

Dec 11 12:06

Brexit Britain Is Facing a Deep Crisis of Self-Confidence

The UK has long been divided by class, region and race, but these divisions have been masked by political and economic success. This has meant the English, as the dominant nation in the UK, are not good at coping with a sense of failure and a loss of self-confidence.

The current focus is on parliamentary turmoil and the acceptance or rejection of Theresa May’s muted version of Brexit but, whatever happens in the coming weeks, there will be no resolution of the overall crisis. On the contrary, the divisions exacerbated by Brexit will only get deeper and more toxic, dominating the national agenda to the exclusion of everything else.

Dec 11 11:58

'Chaos is complete': what the European papers say about Brexit

Europe’s commentators have not been kind to Theresa May after she delayed the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal and dashed to the continent in search of further concessions.

“It’s like a long, slow agony,” wrote Sonia Delesalle-Stolper, the London correspondent for the French daily Libération. “You know the end is near, you expect the worst, then there’s a small flicker of light – before another collapse. And it always ends badly.”

May “blew her last bet”, failing miserably to convince parliament to vote for the withdrawal agreement sealed barely two weeks ago. “Rather than suffer the humiliation, she suspended the vote,” the paper said: “The latest plot twist in the infernal Brexit saga. Chaos is complete.”

Dec 11 11:55

NICK TIMOTHY Theresa May’s delay of the Brexit vote shows what a mess she finds herself in says former chief of staff

The Prime Minister is surrounded by pro-EU campaigners, staunch Leavers, MPs who want to renegotiate her current deal, others who want to negotiate a totally different deal but the upshot of all this is that we're in for massive constitutional mayhem

Dec 11 11:54

Boris: Brexit Deal "Utterly Unacceptable"

Dec 11 11:53

They gawped like viewers of a TV wildlife show watching the slow demise of a baby hippo: QUENTIN LETTS watches Theresa May announce her Brexit crunch vote delay

ON she staggered, bruised and beggarly, dragging the rest of us along her personal Via Dolorosa.

Theresa May stepped to the despatch box at the precise moment the Commons digital clock clicked 3.33.33 – thirty-three seconds past three thirty-three in the afternoon, yet still an age before voters can be sure their decision to leave the EU will be honoured by a wriggling Parliament.

If there was something Harry Potterish about the hour, there was something weirdly timeless about watching such epic inertia unfold.

Has indecision ever been so dramatic? 'I have listened very carefully,' Mrs May told a packed, quivering Chamber. This won her ripe mockery. She said she had finally decided to 'defer the vote'.

Dec 11 11:53

"I would invest in yellow vests in Britain if I were you" | George Galloway's monologue