Feb 08 10:01

UK: Homicides Highest for a Decade, Fatal Stabbings Highest Since Records Began

Homicides in England and Wales are at their highest rate for decade, as official statistics reveal a rise in fatal stabbings, with largest increases in the numbers of young, male, and black victims.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) data from the Home Office Homicide Index released Thursday revealed that there were 695 homicides in the year to March 2018, 15 per cent higher that in the preceding period.

Adding in fatalities from terror attacks in London and Manchester, that figure rises to 726, with the total homicides at their highest since the year ending March 2008, where 729 people were killed.

Feb 08 08:52

No-deal Brexit: UK exporters risk being locked out of world's harbours

British exporters sending goods to far-flung destinations in the coming days risk being locked out of harbours around the world as a no-deal Brexit looms, business leaders have warned.

Independent trade experts and the UK’s biggest business groups said exporters could be dispatching goods from UK ports imminently that would not arrive until after the 29 March deadline. This raised the prospect of goods being stuck in ports or facing hefty additional costs in the event of a disorderly Brexit.

The warning came as the Bank of England warned the UK economy was on course for its weakest year since the global financial crisis, as evidence suggested Brexit jitters were spreading.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I suspect this is just more fear-mongering by Eurocrats. The people who want to import from Great Britain will still want to import from Great Britain. Harbors make money off of ships that load and unload. So why would they block UK ships?

Feb 08 06:54

UK in secret plan to CUT TAX to kickstart economy in no deal Brexit

The most significant measures include tax relief to encourage business investment and cuts to VAT and corporation tax.

Feb 07 17:18

Brexit & Pi

Feb 07 12:19

BREXIT HELL: Brussels to tell May she'll get no help until MARCH - PM's vote DOOMED

THERESA May is expected to leave Brussels empty-handed today after a series crunch meetings with the EU’s most senior officials and politicians in her bid to break the Brexit impasse.

Feb 07 11:32

Pressure mounts for EU President Donald Tusk to apologise after the Eurocrat said there was 'a special place in hell' for 'no-plan' Brexiteers

EU chief Donald Tusk was under intense pressure to apologise last night after saying leading Eurosceptics deserve a ‘special place in Hell’.

The European Council president hurled a grenade into today’s talks with Theresa May, saying the EU was ‘not making any new offer’ to rescue her Brexit deal.

Mr Tusk, who has previously called for a second referendum, then attacked senior Brexiteers, saying: ‘I’ve been wondering what that special place in Hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely.’

Incredibly, he was then caught laughing on microphone after Irish premier Leo Varadkar whispered to him that the British would give him ‘terrible trouble’ over the jibe.

Feb 07 11:31

'They would divide Hell': Another Brussels boss takes aim at Brexiteers as Guy Verhofstadt follows Donald Tusk in scathing insults at vote Leavers

The EU's Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt fired further shots in a furious row between Brussels and Britain today as he joined another bloc boss to bash leave voters in comments labelled 'disgraceful'.

Donald Tusk delivered the first scathing insult to British vote leavers on Wednesday when he said there was a 'special place in Hell' for Brexiteers, sparking a furious response across the Channel.

Despite the backlash against the EU Council President, Verhofstadt from Belgium joined in, to further insult leavers in the UK, which is set to end its membership of the EU on March 29.

After Mr Tusk's comments on Twitter, which followed a press conference, Verhofstadt who heads the assembly's Brexit Steering Group, taunted: 'I doubt Lucifer would welcome them, as after what they did to Britain, they would even manage to divide Hell.'

Feb 07 11:26


It’s not just the legality of the backstop under UK law and the Good Friday Agreement that is being challenged, now a leading legal firm has said that the backstop is also illegal under EU law.

HerbertSmithFreehills state in their latest ‘View From Brussels’ briefing that:

“on the basis of the EU’s own view of what is legally allowed under Article 50 and on the basis of which the negotiations proceeded, the backstop in its present form is illegal as a matter of EU law. The Attorney-General of the UK came to a similar conclusion in paragraph 17 of his advice to the government of 13 November 2018. It could also be argued that the backstop is inconsistent with the aim of the Treaty on the European Union to promote peace (expressed in its Article 3) since it is inconsistent with the institutional provisions of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and therefore undermines it.”

Feb 07 11:24

Claim: Government to Delay Brexit by Another Two Months with ‘Grace Period’

The British government is working in private to engineer another delay to Brexit, this time a two month period pushing back the legally enshrined March 29th departure date.

Christened with another obscuring name akin to the negotiation period, transition period, and even a mooted extension to the transition period — all simply means of delaying the actual date the United Kingdom becomes free of the European Union — the new so-called “grace period” is now being discussed in “secret” meetings in Westminster by senior members of the Government.

Feb 07 11:03

Delingpole: The EU Treated Greece Like a Whipped Slave; Britain Deserves Better

As I mentioned last week, never have I seen a documentary so utterly damning of the EU project, the ruthless technocrats who run it and the complicit politicians who keep their reluctant citizens enslaved within it. Yet amazingly, it was made with these people’s full consent.

No one tricked Donald Tusk, Nicholas Sarkozy, Timothy Geithner, George Osborne, Manuel Barroso, and co into sitting down in front of a camera and revealing how self-serving and arrogant they are, how utterly contemptuous of the ordinary people they are supposed to serve. If the European Union is a conspiracy against democracy — and it is — it’s a conspiracy in plain sight in which most of the key players are more than happy to boast about their role in it.

This week’s episode focused on the brief attempt in 2010 by plucky little Greece to stand up to the EU monolith and defend its people, its traditions, and its sovereignty.

Feb 06 18:53

JACOB REES-MOGG Donald Tusk’s ‘special place in hell for Brexiteers’ comment proves exactly why we need to leave the EU

Donald Tusk’s claim that there is a “special place in hell” for Brexiteers who wanted to quit the bloc “without a plan” shows exactly why the British people rejected the EU in the first place.

Mr Tusk’s arrogant and high-handed approach assumes the public did not make an informed decision to Leave.

He is saying that 17.4million people are stupid and got it wrong primarily because they are objecting to the system that he benefits from.

Britain is implementing the will of the people. That is democracy, but Mr Tusk represents bureaucracy so is incapable of understanding the popular mood.

Considering all the problems going on elsewhere in the bloc - like the violence in France, and the devastation caused by the euro, you would expect them to have some appreciation for the discontent that many people feel with the EU.

Instead, he makes lurid comments about people who want to look after their voters’ interests, and deliver on what they wanted.

Feb 06 18:51

BREXIT LIVE: ‘Lucifer wouldn’t welcome them!’ Now Verhofstadt MOCKS UK as EU mask slips

BREXITEERS are not even welcome in hell a top European diplomat has said as EU leaders continue to insult the 17.4 million people who voted to quit the bloc.

Guy Verhofstadt, who serves as the European Parliament’s representative in Brexit negotiations, has said the devil himself would turn Brexiters away from the gates of the underworld for fear they would “divide hell” too.

Feb 06 12:08

SCOOP: UK to Demolish Skripal's Home as Evidence Mounts That He Poisoned Himself by Accident

"I think it abundantly clear that what we have been told about what took place on 4th March in the beautiful city of Salisbury is not, in fact, true. It is clear that something else happened, and much of what we have seen since then has been theatre and an attempt to cover up what actually took place.”

Feb 06 08:40

EU's Donald Tusk Promises 'Special Place in Hell' For Brexiteers

The European Union is first and foremost a peace project, said the President of the European Council Donald Tusk on Wednesday, adding that this is why the bloc insists on the Irish backstop.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar held a press conference with Mr. Tusk in Brussels, where both leaders addressed the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

During the presser, Tusk employed strong rhetoric when commenting on officials championing Brexit "without a plan."

"I've been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely."

Feb 06 08:34

Huge Psy-op in UK? Not interested. British media silent on Integrity Initiative months on

It’s been months since the Integrity Initiative was exposed as a UK-funded psyop outfit — but anyone who has been closely following the scandal will know that the British media has not joined them in that pursuit.
For reasons they don't seem interested in sharing, major media didn’t bite on the story which Scottish newspaper the Daily Record called "one of the biggest political scandals of the year.”

For anyone who (understandably) hasn’t heard, the Integrity Initiative has been masquerading as a“completely independent” charity project aiming to highlight “disinformation” online – while using its government money to run anti-Russia “influence” operations all around Europe (including interfering in the domestic politics of other countries), conspiring with fossil fuel-friendly banks to target anti-fracking activists and smearing the opposition leader as a Kremlin asset.

Feb 05 13:16

Venezuela CRISIS: Jeremy Corbyn accused of ‘MORAL BANKRUPTCY’ as pressure mounts

JEREMY Corbyn has been accused of “moral bankruptcy” over his response to the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, the socialist leadership of which key Labour Party figures previously praised.

The criticism was made by former Foreign Secretary and Tory leader William Hague. Last month Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself President, challenging the regime of Nicolas Maduro. Mr Corbyn has refused to back calls for Mr Maduro to stand down claiming: “The future of Venezuela is a matter for Venezuelans.”

Feb 05 13:15

Brussels CRACKS: Brexit breakthrough nears as EU united front IMPLODES

Brussels “monster” Martin Selmayr lashed out at Brexiteers and claimed “nobody is considering” legally binding changes to the divorce deal. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel signalled she was ready to find a compromise. The EU powerhouse insisted it was time to be “creative” and said an agreement can be reached if everyone “shows good will”. Mrs Merkel said: “There are definitely options for preserving the integrity of the single market even when Northern Ireland isn’t part of it because it is part of Britain while at the same time meeting the desire to have, if possible, no border controls.

Feb 05 12:20


A man in the United Kingdom was subjected to a thought police investigation by authorities in Humberside after he criticized transgenderism.

The individual, who goes by the name “Harry the Owl” on Twitter, previously tweeted “trans women are not women”.

In a 10 tweet threat on the incident, Harry explains how he first got a call from his boss informing him that the police wished to speak with him.

After calling the police, Harry was told by an officer “representing the LGBTQ community” that someone had reported him for hate speech and it was the duty of the police to check if he employed any trans people because they would not be in a safe working environment.

In the United Kingdom, so-called “hate incidents” are recorded as such if the offended person perceives themselves to be a victim, a standard which does not require any crime or misdemeanor to have taken place.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is apparent that no one in the UK dare have an opinion other than that which is completely politically correct, and particularly when it gets posted on line.

But having said that, I would like to hope that my brother and sister human beings can accept each other just as they are, without judgement.

And I hope to heck no one reports me to our State's "Thought Police" for having said so! :-)

Feb 05 10:26

Juncker's aide 'The Monster' says Brussels will NOT give legal guarantees on the backstop in fresh blow to May - but Merkel insists Northern Ireland border 'riddle' CAN be solved by 'compromise'

A top aide to Jean-Claude Juncker warned today the EU would not give the legal guarantees on the Irish border backstop demanded by Brexiteers.

The EU commission's top official Martin Selmayr - whose nickname in Brussels is 'The Monster' - also delivered a thinly-veiled threat by boasting that Brussels had 'done well' to start its no deal preparations in December 2017.

But in a sign of possible splits, Angela Merkel insisted the 'riddle' of the Irish border could be solved by compromise on both sides.

The German Chancellor said she was determined to do 'everything' to avoid the UK crashing out, saying it could be done if 'everyone shows goodwill'.

The latest signals from the EU came as it emerged the PM will deliver a speech in Northern Ireland tomorrow as she scrambles to find a way through the standoff.

Feb 05 10:25

Merkel says it’s still possible to agree on Irish border with Britain

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it is still possible for the EU and Britain to come to an agreement on how the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will function after Brexit, adding that London needs to come forward with a proposal. During a trip to Japan on Monday, Merkel said the already-agreed Brexit withdrawal agreement can’t be renegotiated.

Feb 05 10:24

Labour expulsion hearing set for anti-Zionist Jackie Walker

After years of suspending her membership due to false allegations of anti-Semitism, the UK’s Labour Party has finally set a hearing date for Jackie Walker, The Electronic Intifada can reveal.

A Black and Jewish anti-racist activist, Walker will face a tribunal on 26 March.

She will answer charges before a panel of the National Constitutional Committee, or NCC, Labour’s disciplinary body.

“I’m so pleased to have a date for my hearing,” Walker told The Electronic Intifada.

“Whatever the outcome, it’s been amazing to be part of an anti-racist, anti-Zionist left that has refused to be silenced by what has been the worst political witch hunt of our generation.”

Feb 04 12:36

Israel’s plan for post-Brexit Britain

“If you have been puzzled by the insane campaign against British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, spearheaded by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Chronicle, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, and others, the Ynet article raises the possibility that the campaign has not actually been about ‘anti-Semitism’. It is more likely about shekels, in that Corbyn in Number 10 Downing Street could easily interfere with ‘Israel’s plans for Britain’.” >>

Feb 04 11:39

Outrage after British Museum director says theft of Parthenon Marbles was a ‘creative act’

The British Museum is making headlines again after its director Hartwig Fischer sparked backlash for suggesting that the removal of the Elgin Marbles from Greece in the 1800s was a “creative act” and that they won’t be returned.

In an interview with the Greek daily Ta Nea, Fischer admitted that while you could be “saddened” by the fact that the famous marbles had been removed from their original environment, “this shifting is also a creative act.”

Fischer rejected the idea that Greece was the rightful owner of the Elgin Marbles, saying that the objects in the British Museum's collection “are owned by the museum’s commissioners,” and said perhaps Britain could give them to Greece on “loan” — but only if Athens recognized the museum’s ownership of them.

Feb 04 11:00


The meetings in Beijing during January 30-31 between Washington, Russia, China, France and the UK apparently failed to preserve the commitment to prohibit intermediate range nuclear weapons. Washington stuck to its determination to withdraw from the historic agreement of Reagan and Gorbachev to destroy all land-based intermediate range nuclear missiles. This US withdrawal from a nuclear weapons reduction agreement follows the George W. Bush/Cheney regime’s withdrawal from the anti-ballistic missile treaty. Indeed, since the Clinton regime, every US president has produced worsening trust between the two major nuclear powers.

No good can come of this as Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at the Beijing meeting.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By doing this, President Trump has decided to define himself, geopolitically, as some sort of unspeakable hybrid between Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort, where "bad" competes with "worse than bad", on a moment by moment basis.

Now, what to name this evil entity; Darth Trumper? Lord Trumpdemort? Well let's try Lord Darth Trumpdemort (LDT, for short, and that should make him happy; after all, one of his BFFS in the Middle East, is known by his tag of 3 initials MBS, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman).

But all kidding aside, if there was ever a time when this country absolutely, and desperately, needed a Department of Peace, which would be tasked with providing alternatives to get, or create the outcome, the US government wants to see, without resorting to war, that time is now.

And yes, I know that with weaponry, the US has a great deal of "catching up" to do with both the Russians and Chinese.

But that having been said, what I am hearing is that sweet sound of a collective financial orgasm coming from every CEO of every weapons manufacturer in this country.

Congrats, guys, you must be feeling pretty special right now; you have subsumed this President into your "War-o-Rama Killing Machine", which will make the possibility of some kind of a just and lasting peace, nearly impossible.

And were I a betting woman, one of those ramp-ups to a coming world war, will most probably be some kind of "false flag" on American assets somewhere around the world, to be used as the justification for the resurrection of the draft in this country; that's right, you read that correctly.

So I must ask this question; will walking away from this treaty, as LDT has done, mean that having the ability to murder even more people in the space of one minute, actually make this country more safe?!?

Unfortunately, the short answer here, is "HELL, no!"

What prevents wars, is both enlightened foreign and domestic policies, and unfortunately, right at this moment in history, the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika has neither.

It was rudderless, until the Neocons got LDT completely absorbed in its philosophies and to sign off on its action plan, with a huge "To Do" list, including Iran; Africa; and whatever other country on the planet has incredible natural resources, like Venezuela, which, of course, needs a "humanitarian intervention" to make sure that its government is US-centric; that those resources will only be harvested by companies that are US centric, and that those resources ... are only sold in the American collar.

Lather; rinse; repeat. How in the name of heaven, can I make this more clear to you?!?

And the most frightening, depressing, and crazy-making aspect to all of this is, that even if the American people stood up to LDT, and said, "You're Fired!", please trust me when I say that there is already another LDT in waiting, created by the the military industrial complex and the Deep State, ready to step in to continue the agenda toward a world war.

Americans are still suffering under the delusion that when it comes to national, Presidential elections, they have a choice, when the real "choices" are those vetted and approved by the military-industrial complex; the American Deep State, and the most powerful of corporations, both here, and internationally.

Feb 04 09:44

Boys left to fail at school because attempts to help them earn wrath of feminists, says ex-Ucas chief 

Britain’s education system is failing to tackle the “astonishing” underperformance of boys as feminists have made the topic “taboo”, the former head of the university admissions service has warned.

Mary Curnock Cook, who was chief executive of Ucas until last year, said the fact that boys are falling behind in education is a national scandal – yet it is such an “unfashionable” topic to discuss that it has become “normalised”.

Girls outperform boys in all aspects of education, from primary school to GCSEs and A-level results. Last year, 57 per cent of women went to university compared to 43 per cent of men, a gap that has widened significantly over the last decade.

“I just find it unacceptable to think that it’s OK to let boys fall further and further behind in education and allow the gap to get bigger,” Ms Curnock Cook said.

Feb 04 08:28

Israel, UK and Brexit

The following is a translation of the last segment of an article in Ynet yesterday on Brexit. The article explains that: the Jewish State has located itself as post Brexit Britain’s gateway to the world: “Once out of the EU, Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state, and Israel will be the first.” And that: “Israel has become Britain’s strategic ally.” And, of course, “the British government totally disregard the boycott campaign against Israel. On a political level, they boycotted the boycott.”

A few years ago we learned that back in 1982 Oded Yinon devised an Israeli ‘plan for the Middle East.’ The following Ynet’s segment provides us with a glimpse into the current ‘Israel’s plan for Britain.’

Feb 04 08:09

THE BACKSTAB Tory MPs fear Theresa May has gone back on promise to AXE Irish backstop

THERESA MAY was facing a bitter Brexit backlash last night as Tory MPs claimed she’s breaking her word on axing the Irish “backstop”.

A fragile truce with hardline Eurosceptics shattered as they said the PM appeared to no longer be willing to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU to secure a Brexit deal.

Feb 04 08:02

Does Nigel Farage have the answer to the BREXIT CRISIS?

Feb 04 07:59

A Desperate SOS from England

Feb 03 16:16

Revealed: How Afghanistan’s bloodiest summer is STILL claiming lives of British troops 10 years on as veterans are killing themselves in alarming numbers with the suicide rate in one army company a shocking 200 TIMES the average

The suicide rate for the men of C Company who were in Sangin in July 2009, approximately 80 soldiers in total, is more than 200 times higher than the average rate for men in the UK – 15.5 per 100,000 – which stands at its lowest level since records began.

At least three other servicemen who were with 2 Rifles in 2009 have also been found dead in the UK, as have two other young soldiers who served with 2 Rifles on its next Afghan tour. Others in the unit have carried out non-fatal self-harm.

The most recent veteran to die was father-of-two Corporal Jonny Cole, who made a number of suicide attempts before succeeding.

Feb 03 12:10

The most risible No Deal scare story yet: Whitehall plan to evacuate the Queen if Brexit sparks riots on the streets of London

The Queen has been dragged into an extraordinary ‘Project Fear’ row after it emerged that civil servants have drawn up plans to evacuate the Royal Family if a No Deal Brexit causes riots on the streets of London.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that Whitehall contingency planners have included among their ‘worst case’ scenarios the need to move the Royals to safe locations away from the capital.

Officials in the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, the Government department responsible for emergency planning, have ‘repurposed’ a secret operation under which the Royals could have been accommodated in various country houses to protect them from enemy forces during the Cold War.

Feb 03 10:27

BREXIT NEWS: Brussels WILL CAVE in to UK on THIS date with ‘substantial concession’

With EU elections looming, any counter-offer would have to be substantial enough to avoid any more “back and forth”, allowing members states to focus on their number one concern: immigration. The favourite option today is to support a recent Polish compromise of placing a time limit – possibly five years – on the Irish backstop, it was claimed. The mood within the European Commission is frosty, with many exasperated that Mrs May failed to deliver the deal she had promised to get through Parliament.

However, privately, many European diplomats express personal admiration for the Prime Minister’s tenacity and ability to survive.

And there is a realisation that her “Teflon” shell may well see her fend off the Cooper amendment – aimed at forcing the Government to seek an extension to Article 50 if it cannot agree a deal with the EU.

Feb 03 10:26

Cache of Weapons Found in Woods Near N Irish Border as Brexit Fast Approaches

British Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly reiterated her government's commitment to preventing the formation of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after the UK leaves the European Union. The Irish border issue has proven to be a major stumbling block in ongoing UK-EU Brexit negotiations.

Police are continuing to investigate Friday's discovery of a cache of ammunition in the Omeath area on the Cooley Peninsula near the border with Northern Ireland.

"During the searches to date Gardai [Irish police] have recovered a substantial quantity of ammunition of varied calibre along with a mortar tube [pending examination by Garda ballistics experts]. A Garda operation is currently underway in County Louth [in eastern Ireland] as part of ongoing investigations targeting the activities of dissident Republican groups," police said on Friday.

Feb 03 10:03

Totalitarianism: Buying A Hammer Now Makes You A Terrorist In The UK

If you need a hammer for any reason, the United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism policing unit will consider you a potential terrorist. They are also asking that anyone who sees someone doing something suspicious, like purchasing a hammer, to report it to the enforcers.

Buying a hammer is suspicious and is potentially an indicator of criminal activity according to the Tweet below posted by the U.K. Counter Terrorism Policing office.

Feb 02 09:43

Brexit: EU rules Gibraltar is 'colony of British crown' whose sovereignty is disputed by Spain

The EU has provocatively described Gibraltar as a "colony of the British crown" whose sovereignty is disputed by Spain.

In a move branded "completely inappropriate" by the UK government, a proposed EU regulation granting Britons visa-free access to the bloc in the case of a no-deal Brexit made a distinction beween those living in Britain and those who are citizens of the British Overseas Territory.

The row highlights strains over the territory as Britain leaves the bloc and EU states swing its policies behind Spain, which British officials believe Madrid is seeking to exploit to ramp up its claim to "The Rock".

Feb 02 09:22

Scandal: An Impoverished Labour Council Spent £136.000 to Stop Me from Playing Sax and Got Santa Claus Instead

The corrupted Islington Labour Council has disclosed that it spent the staggering amount of £136.000 on legal fees in its efforts to stop me from playing sax with the Blockheads at a Christmas concert.

Islington Labour council claims to be impoverished, as a result it has evicted disabled people, it struggles with housing and can’t find the necessary cash to feed impoverished kids in school. Instead they used the £136.000 of the taxpayers’ money to try to interfere with the arts, freedom of expression and a Christmas musical celebration. If this story doesn’t become a huge scandal, Britain is a free place no more.

Feb 01 23:33

EU laws that cost the UK a fortune and achieve nothing

DO YOU remember the lively debate in the Houses of Parliament about new laws to regulate noise from lawnmowers? Do you recall your MP seeking your views about measures to oblige homeowners to have their properties assessed for energy efficiency? Or reading the Government's consultation on the design of desk lamps? No, I don't either.

That is because they are among hundreds of laws which have been passed in the past 20 years without any meaningful public debate in this country. They have been forced upon us by EU directives which are stitched up by the European Commission, rubberstamped by the European Parliament and then ordered to be incorporated into British law.

Now, the think tank Open Europe has totted up the cost to the UK economy of the most burdensome EU laws. It comes to a staggering £27.4billion a year.

Feb 01 12:57

Farage: Britons Will Become ‘Angrier’ at ‘Arrogant, Unelected’ Eurocrats

Brexit architect Nigel Farage warned that Britons will become “even more angry” with Brussels bureaucrats over their refusal to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement.

Speaking to euronews on Thursday, the independent Member of European Parliament described the “arrogance, intransigence, no shift and no give from Brussels at all” over Prime Minister Theresa May’s attempts to remove the Irish backstop from the agreement.

“I just think these people, particularly the Junckers and the Barniers, the unelected European Commission, they are bigger, stronger, more powerful than national governments, than electorates.

Feb 01 09:53

Store Your Gold At The Bank Of England And You Might Never See It Again

In early November 2018, it first came to light that the Bank of England in London was delaying and blocking the withdrawal of 14 tonnes of gold owned by the Venezuelan central bank, Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV). At the time, Reuters and The Times of London both reported that according to unnamed British ‘public officials’, the delays were being caused by the difficulty and cost of obtaining insurance for the gold shipment back to Venezuela, and also due to “standard measures to prevent money-laundering“.

As I explained in a BullionStar article on 15 November titled ‘Bank of England refuses to return 14 tonnes of gold to Venezuela’, the explanations given to Reuters and the Times for the withdrawal delays were completely bogus, and that the real reason for blocking the BCV gold withdrawal was undoubtedly US and UK joint government interventions to stall the withdrawal. As I wrote at the time:

Feb 01 09:27

Uri Geller and Roseanne Barr to Use 'Telepathic Powers' to Stop Corbyn

Those who have appointed themselves to speak in the name of British Jews are determined to use any means to stop Corbyn. And they are not alone. Now, we learn from the rabid Zionist Jewish Chronicle that Israeli born psychic and spoon bender Uri Geller is firmly committed to stopping the Labour leader from becoming our PM.

Geller spoke in Jerusalem on a panel with Roseanne Barr at an event chaired by American rabbi, Shmuley Boteach. In answer to a question about the Labour Party leader, Mr. Geller told the Jerusalem audience: “I have no problem in saying he is an antisemite. God forbid if he takes control.”

Rabbi Boteach asked Geller if he thought his celebrity status might be harmed by speaking out and calling Mr. Corbyn an antisemite.

“With all my telepathic powers I am not going to let that happen,” Geller said. “I have charisma, if I said it, I would say it in the right way. I would have to say it live on TV in Britain and feel the Jewish people looking at me.”

Jan 31 11:25

'New IRA' Group Claims Responsibility for Londonderry Car Bombing – Statement

A group calling itself the 'New IRA' has claimed responsibility for detonating a car bomb in Londonerry on 19 January and issued a statement to the Derry Journal, stoking fears of fresh conflicts which could threaten the 1998 Good Friday agreement.

Whilst no one was injured or killed in the January attack, the incident has raised terror threats across the region and spiked fears of materialising a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, authorities in Northern Ireland and the European Union have cautioned.

Jan 31 11:20

Brits and the Holocaust

The British and Jewish press reported yesterday that a poll released to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day found that “1 in 20 British adults does not believe the Holocaust happened and 12% think the scale of the genocide has been exaggerated.”

Nearly half of those questioned said they did not know “how many Jews were murdered by the Nazis and one in five people thought fewer than two million Jews were killed.”

This is proof, once again, that the more they dogmatically insist on trumpeting the primacy of Jewish suffering, the less people are interested in the Jewish plight. The same principle applies to anti-Semitism, the more Jewish institutions bemoan the tragedy, opposition to Jewry grows in the Kingdom and beyond.

Jan 31 11:11

'This is what the EU does - no deal until the last moment': May plays hardball with the EU and will not fly to Europe until next week as Juncker flatly dismisses her new plan

Theresa May played hardball with the EU today as she put off travelling to Brussels until next week after Jean-Claude Juncker insisted the Brexit deal was the 'best possible' and could not be renegotiated.

Cabinet ministers dismissed the EU's scramble to reject Mrs May's demands on Brexit today as 'just what the EU does'.

European Commission president Mr Juncker and negotiator Michel Barnier led the 'noise' from Europe and warned last night's showdown votes in the Commons 'do not change' the divorce terms.

British ministers stayed cool in the face of the rush to condemn last night's showdown votes in Parliament that handed Mrs May a mandate to renegotiate the backstop plan for the Irish border.

They told MailOnline the EU 'never makes any kind of deal until the last moment' and today's 'blank denials' were just 'noise'.

In response, the Prime Minister is expected to hold off face-to-face talks for days as she undertakes a frantic round of phone diplomacy.

Jan 31 10:31

'I'm onto something' Nigel Farage reveals moment EU leaders gave away TRUE Brexit feelings

Nigel Farage pointed out the "odd” reaction he received from Jean-Claude Juncker, Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt in European Parliament on Wednesday, after giving a speech on why no-deal Brexit is the “only constructive” way forward. Mr Farage pointed out how none of the EU leaders “shook their heads” or “gave any forms of abuse”, but instead just “sat there and stared”. Speaking on his LBC radio show, Mr Farage speculated: “The odd thing was that Juncker, Barnier, there sitting within feet of me, Verhofstadt opposite me, none of them actually shook their heads, none of them gave me any forms of abuse at all. They all just sat there and stared, and that made me think maybe I’m onto something.

Jan 31 10:29

Britain Calls for EU Sanctions on Venezuelan President Maduro - Reports

Earlier in the day, the European Parliament announced it is planning to consider a draft resolution on recognising self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaido as head of the Latin American country.

"Targeted sanctions against the kleptocrats who have enriched themselves on the back of the rest of the population who are very poor, that is something I think can be effective", UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jeremy Hunt stated Thursday during an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Romania, according to Guardian.

Jan 31 09:59

1919-2019: UK still involved in anti-Russian campaign after 100 years

The Western powers have Russia in their sights. Propaganda is at fever pitch. Sounds familiar? No, I’m not talking about 2019, but 1919, when Churchill was supporting military intervention against the Russian government.

One hundred years ago, World War I may have ended but the world was hardly at peace.

Then, as now, Russia was a target. Bolshevik rule, only established in late 1917, was threatened by a Western-backed foreign intervention to help the anti-Bolshevik White Army regain power.

Today, the biggest hawk on the scene in Britain is Gavin Williamson, the defense secretary. In 1919, it was one Winston Churchill, secretary of state for war. At least the titles they gave government ministers were more honest in those days.

In March 1919, Churchill went over to Paris, where the Versailles Peace Conference was taking place, to push for more war.

Jan 31 09:39

Hard Brexit getting closer by day – German business association

A hard Brexit is getting closer by the day, Germany’s VDMA engineering association said on Wednesday. The statement comes after the British parliament instructed Prime Minister Theresa May to renegotiate an exit treaty that the EU says it will not change. “Unfortunately even after the vote in the British lower house, there is no new hope of avoiding a disorderly Brexit,” VDMA’s managing director Thilo Brodtmann said, as he urged Britain to make constructive and realistic proposals for a Brexit solution.

Jan 31 09:38

Britain’s agreement on leaving EU is non-negotiable, says Sweden's EU minister

Britain’s agreement on leaving the European Union is non-negotiable, Sweden’s EU minister warned on Wednesday, underlining the problems that UK Prime Minister Theresa May will face in extracting concessions from Brussels in the coming weeks. “There is no room to negotiate on the exit agreement,” Hans Dahlgren told Reuters. “The backstop is a part of the exit agreement so it is clear [renegotiating] that is not on the cards.”

Jan 31 09:36

Twitter shows no mercy as Germany mixes up Irish & Ivorian flags in Brexit tweet

Côte d’Ivoire has unexpectedly found itself in the heat of the Brexit row when the German Foreign Office mixed up its flag with that of Ireland in a tweet. The staff had to use plenty of wit to reply to the comments that followed.

“Germany and the entire EU will stand by Ireland on the backstop,” the English-language handle of the ministry tweeted, quoting FM Heiko Maas. The official was referring to the EU-backed condition of the troubled Brexit deal, which the British MPs threw away from the text in a Tuesday vote.

Jan 31 09:35

Ten years on, what can the expenses scandal teach MPs about Brexit?

Ten years ago this month, the MPs expense scandal was starting to unfold.

In January 2009, a group of MPs failed in their efforts to avoid having to reveal how they had been claiming public money. Commons authorities then had no choice but to start scanning details of those claims. Which, of course, promptly leaked. Public fury followed.

A newly elected MP at the time, what struck me was how indiscriminate that public anger was. One MP happened to have clumsily included a receipt with details of, as I recall, dog food. As I remember, there was no suggestion that they had even attempted to claim for it. Yet they were vilified almost as much as those MPs who had set out to defraud the taxpayer by claiming for non-existent mortgages.

Jan 31 09:34

BLAIR BLAST Tony Blair calls on MPs to tell ordinary Brits they don’t know enough about politics in extraordinary rant

TONY Blair has called on MPs to "stand up" and tell the British public they know more about Brexit than them.

The ex-Prime Minister risked fresh fury today when he said politicians knew best on Brexit because it's their "day job".

Jan 31 09:34

Martin Selmayr is taking over the Brexit negotiations – and that’s bad news for Britain

It’s no coincidence that the EU had already prepared a statement on Monday that ruled out any Brexit renegotiation, even before the ‘Brady amendment’, which requested the replacement of the backstop within the withdrawal agreement had been voted on. One of the reasons why, is that a certain Martin Selmayr is now very much sitting in the EU’s driving seat.

A lot of media attention in the UK is often spent on whatever the EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and his team are saying, but I am hearing in Brussels that when Theresa May’s top Brexit advisor Olly Robbins visits EU institutions, he now meets Martin Selmayr, the controversial Secretary-General of the European Commission.

Jan 31 09:31

Nigel Farage in the European Parliament - 30th January 2019

Jan 30 14:53

Spotlight on UK Zionist bullyboy Steve Silverman

Devon Nola examines the key traits of the UK’s “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s” so-called “Director of Investigations and Enforcement”, Steve Silverman, as manifested in his public pronouncements which denounce, belittle, demean and smear musicians and artists.>>

Jan 30 12:11

Brits and the Holocaust

The British and Jewish press reported yesterday that a poll released to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day found that “1 in 20 British adults does not believe the Holocaust happened and 12% think the scale of the genocide has been exaggerated.”

Nearly half of those questioned said they did not know “how many Jews were murdered by the Nazis and one in five people thought fewer than two million Jews were killed.”

This is proof, once again, that the more they dogmatically insist on trumpeting the primacy of Jewish suffering, the less people are interested in the Jewish plight. The same principle applies to anti-Semitism, the more Jewish institutions bemoan the tragedy, opposition to Jewry grows in the Kingdom and beyond.

Jan 30 11:38

UK's Jeremy Hunt: Israel is 'an 'inspiration,' 'beacon of democracy'

Speaking at the Conservative Friends of Israel's Annual Parliamentary Reception on Tuesday, UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt cited the Jewish State as a source of insipiration and a model of a successful modern country, despite the "many challenges it faces at its borders."Hunt went on to say that "UK support for Israel’s right to self defense is absolutely unconditional.""There's a historic friendship between the United Kingdom and Israel," that started with the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Hunt said, adding that the countries' shared history has been one of "strong, deep-rooted friendship based on a huge historic admiration for what the State of Israel has achieved against all the odds."

Jan 30 11:04

'This is NOT open for re-negotiation': Tusk and Macron immediately shoot down May's plan to head back to Brussels with a mandate to reopen talks (but they would say that wouldn't they?)

The EU shot down Theresa May's hopes of renegotiating Brexit tonight insisting the deal on the table is already the 'best available'.

European Council chief Donald Tusk, French president Emmanuel Macron and the Irish government moved to kill off the PM's hopes despite her emerging victorious in a series of Commons votes.

The PM won approval from MPs for her plan of returning to Brussels to demand more concessions on the Irish border backstop.

But Mr Macron warned the deal was 'not renegotiable', and Mr Tusk also underlined the challenge the premier now faces by immediately rejecting the idea.

'The backstop is part of the Withdrawal Agreement, and the Withdrawal Agreement is not open for renegotiation,' he said.

Jan 30 11:03

'Total condescension!' Farage savages Tony Blair over people's vote – 'IGNORANT PEASANT'

NIGEL Farage has savaged Tony Blair over his suggestion that MPs automatically know best on Brexit because it’s their “day job”.
The former Prime Minister made the comments in Mayfair earlier today, encouraging politicians to “stand up” to the public against accusations of elitism and push for a second referendum. Mr Farage went into meltdown on his LBC show this evening: “Dear oh dear oh dear. What utter, total condescension."

The former UKIP leader then went on to suggest that Mr Blair viewed members of the public like "ignorant peasants".

Jan 30 10:19

A Brexit no-deal: ‘Not the end’

Jan 30 10:14

MPs vote in favor of Brexit ‘Brady amendment,’ eliminating Irish backstop

The British Parliament has voted in favor of the ‘Brady amendment’ to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. The amendment removes the contentious Irish backstop from the deal, setting May up for a clash with the EU.
The amendment passed by 317 votes to 301. MPs also voted 318 to 301 in favor of a symbolic amendment rejecting a no deal Brexit.

“There is a limited appetite for change in the EU, and negotiating it won’t be easy,” May said after the vote.

Jan 30 10:05

Refusal to hand over Venezuelan gold means end of Britain as a financial center – Prof. Wolff

The freezing of Venezuelan gold by the Bank of England is a signal to all countries out of step with US interests to withdraw their money, according to economist and co-founder of Democracy at Work, Professor Richard Wolff.
He told RT America that Britain and its central bank have shown themselves to be “under the thumb of the United States.”

“That is a signal to every country that has or may have difficulties with the US, [that they had] better get their money out of England and out of London because it’s not the safe place as it once was,” he said.

Jan 28 11:41

Bank Of England Refuses To Release Venezuela's Gold After US Lobbying

With Maduro desperately clinging to power in Venezuela - albeit protected by Russian "security contractors" - The Bank of England just 'virtue-signaled' another jab in the socialist utopia's back by confirming its refusal to hand over Venezuela's gold from its vaults.

Bloomberg reports that Maduro's embattled regime, desperate to hold onto the dwindling cash pile it has abroad, was stymied in its bid to pull $1.2 billion worth of gold out of the Bank of England, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Bank of England’s (BoE) decision to deny Maduro officials’ withdrawal request comes after top U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton, lobbied their U.K. counterparts to help cut off the regime from its overseas assets, according to one of the people, who asked not to be identified.

Jan 28 10:07

MEPs scramble to BACK Britain, demanding GENEROUS no-deal Brexit aviation terms

The European Parliament group working on no-deal contingency plans have urged the EU Commission to rethink the bloc’s aviation ownership rules and scrap an automatic cap on flights between the UK and EU. The EU Parliament’s transport committee has set out amendments to EU law that will allow “limited” air traffic with the UK to be maintained, even in the event of a hard Brexit. The amendment says the EU Commission “may grant a temporary exemption from the ownership requirement” until the end of March 2020 if airlines have the valid operating licences and is less than half-owned by UK nationals.

Jan 28 10:06

BREXIT BETRAYAL: Tory MPs planning to ABANDON Theresa May and support SOFT Brexit

TORY Ministers who backed the Prime Minister’s defeated Brexit plan are ready to abandon her and push for a soft Brexit, if Parliament succeeds in blocking no deal during Tuesday's debate.

Jan 28 09:47

DONE DEAL Theresa May ‘privately told Cabinet ministers she will rule out No Deal’

The Sun has learnt that the Prime Minister will not let Britain leave the EU without a deal, but she is not ready to rule out no deal in public because it would affect key negotiations with Brussels

Jan 28 09:33

PROJECT FEAR RETURNS Brexit news latest: Fury at bizarre claims Theresa May could declare MARTIAL LAW to cope with chaos after a No Deal Brexit

WHITEHALL mandarins were today mocked after it emerged they could introduce MARTIAL LAW if there's a No Deal Brexit, it emerged today.

Theresa May could use sweeping powers to try and stop riots and uproar which some fear would occur in the event Britain left without a deal in March.

Jan 28 09:28

'Europe is coming apart before our eyes': 30 leading historians and writers including Ian McEwan and Simon Schama warn of the rise of populism ahead of Brexit

A group of leading intellectuals from 21 countries have said that liberal values in Europe face a challenge 'not seen since the 1930s' as the UK heads towards Brexit.

In a manifesto published in several newspapers, the 30 intellectuals including award-winning novelist Ian McEwan, stated that Europe is at risk of 'perishing beneath the waves of populism'.

The signatories bemoaned the Brexit process, saying that Europe has been 'abandoned from across the Channel'.

Jan 28 09:28

Elderly former IRA terrorists are being coaxed out of retirement to exploit tensions in Northern Ireland over Brexit as New IRA 'plots a six week campaign of violence and disruption'

Elderly former IRA terrorists are being brought out of 'retirement' to exploit tensions in Northern Ireland over Brexit, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

Sources say the New IRA, formed in 2012, is planning a 'five to six-week campaign of violence and disruption' across Northern Ireland immediately after March 29, when Britain is due to leave the EU.

The Ministry of Defence has put all military bases in the province on red alert. A photograph taken on January 14 at a base next to Belfast International Airport shows a sign warning military personnel they face a 'severe' terror threat level.

MI5 has more than 700 officers stationed in Belfast to combat the threat, The Times has reported.

The New IRA, already regarded as highly dangerous by police and security services, has been bolstered by veterans offering tactical expertise.

Jan 28 09:26

EU negotiators in Brussels in talks to thrash out a way to get Theresa May's Brexit deal over the line and extend Article 50 leaving date

EU negotiators have spent the past week locked behind closed doors in Brussels trying to thrash out a way to get Mrs May’s deal ‘over the line’ – without compromising their dogged insistence on a Northern Ireland ‘backstop’.

The Mail on Sunday understands that they have received detailed legal advice about the expected request from London to extend Article 50 beyond the planned Brexit Day on March 29 – including work on whether it is possible to circumvent the need for the UK to put MEPs up for election to the new European Parliament when it is formed on July 1.

A Brussels source said: ‘We want to help Mrs May but we need a stronger indication from your MPs about where we go from here and what they want.

Jan 28 09:18

MI5 Reportedly Deploys 700 Spies to N Ireland Amid Fears of Hard Border Violence

Late last week, New Irish Republican Army (IRA) hardliners detonated a car bomb outside a courthouse in Londonderry. According to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, no one was hurt in the bombing, which came amid ongoing Brexit talks.

The UK's MI5 intelligence agency has deployed more than 700 spies in Belfast as part of a massive anti-terrorist operation in the area; it comes amid concerns that the so-called New Irish Republican Army (IRA) may capitalise on the possible return of a hard Irish border after Brexit so as to fuel a fresh conflict, the Daily Mail reports.

The newspaper cited Brian Kenna, a former IRA prisoner and chairman of the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh, as saying that "Britain still rules the six counties of [Northern] Ireland and this is going to lead to renewed conflict".

Jan 28 09:18

'Disgusted' Donors Refuse to Finance Tories Until PM May Steps Down - Reports

Brexit chaos and Theresa May's besieged leadership are said to have put the Conservative Party's income in jeopardy amid fears of a snap general election in Britain.

Deep-pocketed Tory donors are refusing to dish out money for the party while Theresa May is at its helm, according to The Telegraph,

Among the donors allegedly holding back money is the Midlands Industrial Council, a group of businessmen who gave £5 million (over $6.5 million) to the Tories before the 2017 snap vote.

"With the level of confusion within Parliament at the moment, the uncertainty over a possible election, a possible change of leader, most donors are reluctant to make donations at this time," the council's secretary David Wall told the newspaper.

Jan 27 15:25

Holocaust denial in Britain a combination of ‘anti-semitism and ignorance’ – Nazi hunter tells RT

One in 20 Britons believe the Holocaust never happened, according to a poll published on Sunday. Eight percent believe that the official death count of six million is exaggerated and one in five believe less than two million Jews were murdered. 45 percent simply don’t know how many died.

Jan 27 15:17

Channel migrants: Lorries still favoured route, border officers say

A "major incident" was declared after 129 people entered by boat in December.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid vowed to re-deploy two Border Force vessels from the Mediterranean and the Royal Navy sent HMS Mersey to patrol the Channel.

Ms Moreton said: "The numbers coming over in small boats are only a small proportion compared to the number coming across in lorries.

"There is a lot of focus on small boats, but the day-to-day grind is still the lorries."

Jan 27 09:16

Propaganda – the Only Weapon that London has to Distract Humanity from its Crimes

Back in the early days of mankind, warriors would paint their faces to intimidate their enemies on the field of battle. This example serves as a clear indicator that psychological warfare is just as old as the conventional one. It’s the strategies that are changing, while basic concepts remain the same. So is it any wonder that charging ranks of men would be shouting at the top of their lungs to render the defending side weakhearted for centuries.

Jan 26 11:17

Britain joins bid to OUST Venezuelan dictator Maduro as Corbyn faces fury for refusing to condemn his hard-left friend

Britain has joined the US and Canada in throwing its weight behind moves to oust Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Jeremy Hunt lashed the regime and backed Juan Guaido, who has declared himself interim president after winning elections to the National Assembly.

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to condemn his hard-left ally Maduro and instead tore into interference in the country.

And while street riots erupted in Venezuela amid the power struggle, Mr Corbyn hosted a Venezuelan diplomat at Parliament earlier this week.

Jan 25 23:38

Germany MOCKS Brexit with new verb hinting UK will NEVER LEAVE

The revelation was made on BBC’s Brexitcast podcast yesterday. BBC Europe Editor Katya Adler explained: “I can tell you about a new German verb that apparently has made its way into at least some dictionaries - maybe just online ones. But it was someone on Twitter who pointed this out to me.

“So, ‘to Brexit’ is now translated in German or explained as ‘to say goodbye but not to leave’.

“Which is, of course, German wishful thinking there.”

Laura Kuenssberg chimed in, noting: “That's very Theresa May - we are leaving the EU but we are not leaving Europe.”

Ms Adler added: "Arch-brexiteers would say that this deal is all about saying goodbye but not actually leaving, wouldn’t they?”

Jan 25 16:08

Brexit sees UK push into China

Big Chinese trade show attracts British firms ahead of Brexit.

UK companies are still in a state of limbo about what Brexit will mean for trade with neighbouring EU countries – so there's no better time to establish trade links further afield, and China recently gave them such an opportunity.

Enterprises from all over the world were welcomed to to Shanghai to showcase their latest products at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) recently.

The UK already exports a myriad of products to China, representing a cross-section of British industry and services, mostly machinery, electrical products and road vehicles.
However, with a national pavilion themed on innovation, John Edwards, British consul-general in Shanghai, explained that the CIIE was a chance for the UK to showcase itself as a player in high-tech and smart technology.

Jan 25 11:40

Barclays was 'basically dead' without Qatari cash, London court told

The Serious Fraud Office prosecutor told the trial of Barclays’ ex-chief executive John Varley and three former senior executives that Qatar had played hardball as the British bank struggled to shore up its balance sheet during the financial crisis.

“Without 1 bln (pounds), at the very least, from Q (Qatar) we are basically dead,” Boath told his Barclays line manager on May 28, 2008, in a communication read out in Southwark Crown Court by prosecutor Edward Brown on the second day of the case.

Former CEO Varley, Roger Jenkins, Tom Kalaris and Boath deny conspiring to commit fraud by false representations when Barclays raised more than 11 billion pounds from investors in 2008, allowing it to avert a British state bailout.

Jan 25 11:24

Flashback 2017: Analysis: UK carbon emissions in 2017 fell to levels last seen in 1890

Carbon Brief analysis shows the UK’s CO2 emissions from fossil fuels fell by 2.6% in 2017, driven by a 19% decline in coal use.

This follows on the heels of a larger 5.8% drop in CO2 in 2016, which saw a record 52% drop in coal use. The UK’s total CO2 emissions are currently 38% below 1990 levels and are now as low as emissions were back in 1890 – the year the Forth Bridge opened in Scotland and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray was published.

Jan 25 10:18


The EU’s long-running duplicity over the Irish border has finally come to a head this week with the Commission wrapping itself up in knots trying to maintain its spurious position on the backstop after Commission Spokesman Margaritas Schinas caused a major fuss on Tuesday by saying that the EU would force Ireland to erect a hard border in the event of no deal. Not going to happen.

Michel Barnier then let the cat out of the bag yesterday while trying to reverse the diplomatic damage, admitting that in the event of no deal “we will have to find an operational way of carrying out checks and controls without putting back in place a border”, going on to say that “my team have worked hard to study how controls can be made paperless or decentralised, which will be useful in all circumstances.” Thus blowing apart the entire fiction that the backstop is necessary to avoid a hard border…

Jan 25 10:17

End Brexit feud, Queen tells warring politicians

The Queen has urged the country to “seek out the common ground” in a sign of royal nervousness over the divisions caused by Brexit.

Delivering a rebuke to warring politicians, she urged them to respect, not attack, one another while “never losing sight of the bigger picture”.

Her intervention came 64 days before Britain is due to leave the European Union, with no settled plan on how it will be achieved.

Jan 25 09:52


Brittany Ferries have moved to slap down Remainer scaremongering about international travel beyond March, and reassure passenmgers. The iconic ferry company accused the BBC of peddling “nonsense” and reassured potential passengers that they can book beyond March.

“The company would like to make clear that passengers can book crossings to France and Spain, and sail-and-stay holidays as normal. There is absolutely no truth in speculation that passengers are being advised not to book because all space has been allocated to freight.

The reality is that Brittany Ferries has added 19 crossings on three of its nine routes leaving the UK. The additional sailings create more space for freight, as requested by the DfT. As a consequence, there is now more choice for passengers rather than less.”

Jan 24 18:31

UK weather forecast: ENTIRE COUNTRY to be BLANKETED in up to 13 inches of snow next week

THE UK is set to be blanketed in snow by the end of next week, with some parts of the country to be submerged in up to 13 inches.

Jan 24 16:22

Airbus Threat to Quit U.K. Over Brexit Adds to Risk of Exodus

Airbus SE said it might be forced to move future investments out of the U.K. in the event of a no-deal divorce from the European Union, slamming the “madness” of Brexit supporters who assume the planemaker won’t abandon Britain.

“If there is a no-deal Brexit, we at Airbus will have to make potentially very harmful decisions for the U.K.,” said Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders, who has been among the most outspoken business leaders on the topic. “Please don’t listen to the Brexiteers’ madness which asserts that, because we have huge plants here, we will not move and we will always be here. They are wrong.”

Jan 24 11:28

Dearlove Guthrie Letter Published

Former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove and previous chief of the defence staff Lord Guthrie have written to Conservative association chairs claiming the EU withdrawal agreement threatens national security. They urge Tory constituency bosses to order their MPs to vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal. They write: “Please ensure that your MP does not vote for this bad agreement.”

In their letter, Sir Richard – ex chief of the secret intelligence staff – and Lord Guthrie claim the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal would surrender the UK’s forces and intelligence services to EU control. Also they protest that it would damage the UK’s relationship with NATO, the US, and the leading Commonwealth security and intelligence partners Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Jan 24 10:55

Snow RADAR: Is the Beast from the East back? Where is it snowing NOW?

SNOW and ice has sparked disruption across the country, as temperatures plummet and the Met Office has warned of continuing freezing conditions tonight, but does the change in conditions mark the return of the Beast from the East?

Jan 24 09:29

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Compares Yellow Vests to Brexiteers

Populist firebrand and niece of Rassemblement National (National Rally) leader Marine Le Pen, Marion Maréchal, compared the French Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) protestors to supporters of Britain leaving the European Union.

The former French MP spoke to a packed crowd of 500 people at the prestigious Oxford Union earlier this week and made a 20-minute speech calling for the formation of a new “elite” who understand the needs of regular people, saying politicians need to “reconnect with the people,” La Libre reports.

“Yellow jackets are very similar to your Brexiteers,” the 29-year-old said, adding: “We are in the midst of a populist movement. Behind the word populist, there is the word people, people who have been abandoned, people who are not represented.”