Jan 10 10:10

Khan’s London: Kids See Parents Knifed, Woman Strangled to Death, Multiple Stabbings

Police in London have seen a weekend of violence, with several knife attack victims fighting for their lives while officers opened a murder probe after a woman was found strangled to death in an apartment in the capital’s east.

On Friday evening, officers in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham were called out to two separate, and apparently unrelated, knife attacks within the space of just 20 minutes in which both victims were stabbed in the face, local media reports.

A triple stabbing in Leyton, east London, on Saturday saw three people assaulted in broad daylight, with eyewitnesses reporting that the children of two of the victims witnessed the attack.

Jan 10 10:08

British Parents Removing Children from Lessons on Islam, Report Finds

A report that found that parents in Essex are removing their children from Religion Education (RE) lessons on Islam and school trips to mosques.

The Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) has found that parents in Thurrock, South-East England, “have objected to the teaching of Islam and withdrawn children from lessons and visits to places of worship,” the Thurrock Gazette reports.

SACRE, which recommends the teaching of religion in schools, said that it would need to launch an investigation into how many parents are pulling their children from aspects of religious education teaching.

Jan 10 09:40

Greg Hands: “The power is with us.” The two EU officials who want to punish Britain, crafted the deal – and claim they are winning.

The Commission’s top German Brexit officials are clear: the Withdrawal Agreement hugely favours the EU, and was always meant to be so.

The word from these top EU officials is that: “Northern Ireland is the price that Britain must pay for Brexit;” that the Withdrawal Agreement shows Brexit “doesn’t work”; that “the power is with the EU” and that “the EU has the best negotiating position for the future relationship”.

Much attention has focused on Jean-Claude Juncker, the Luxemburger EU Commission President, and Michel Barnier, the Commission’s French chief Brexit negotiator.

Jan 10 09:11

M&S and Debenhams report falling Christmas sales

Debenhams has reported a sharp fall in sales during the crucial Christmas trading period.

Debenhams said customers had been seeking discounts and left their shopping late. It said sales fell 5.7% in the 18 weeks to 5 January.

Marks and Spencer also reported a fall in sales over Christmas, down 2.2%.

Tesco said sales were up, as did John Lewis. But John Lewis warned that staff might not receive bonuses for the first time since 1953.

Much of the focus is on Debenhams, which is closing 50 stores.

Jan 10 09:10

Worst Christmas for retailers in a decade, says BRC

Retail sales were flat in December, as UK businesses experienced their worst Christmas in a decade, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Total retail sales showed 0% year-on-year growth during the month, the worst December performance since 2008.

The BRC said price cuts appeared not to have been enough to encourage shoppers.

A separate report from Barclaycard said consumer spending grew 1.8% year-on-year in December, the lowest rate of growth seen since March 2016.

Jan 10 09:05

‘Food insecurity scandal’: UK MPs urge Theresa May to appoint ‘minister for hunger’

PM Theresa May has been urged by MPs to appoint a ‘minister of hunger’ to address the current food insecurity “scandal” in the UK, accusing the Tory government of allowing efforts to combat malnutrition to slip through the cracks.

The damning report by the cross-party Environmental Audit Committee reveals that 2.2 million British citizens are living with food insecurity, defined as having “limited access to food… due to lack of money or other resources.”

They accused the government of having “failed to recognise and respond” to the problem, claiming there was a “doughnut-shaped hole” in their efforts to meet the UN’s goal of zero hunger and malnutrition by 2030.

Jan 10 09:03

New Documents Reveal Covert UK Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In US Politics

Until now, this Integrity Initiative domestic spy scandal has been ignored in the American media, perhaps because it has mostly involved British names. But it is clear that the influence operation has already been activated in the US. Hacked documents reveal that the Integrity Initiative is cultivating powerful allies inside the State Department, top DC think tanks, the FBI and the DHS, where it has gained access to Katharine Gorka and her husband, the fascist-linked cable news pundit Sebastian Gorka.

Jan 09 12:15

In Another Embarrassing Defeat, Commons Passes Amendment To Help Kill May's Brexit Deal

It's looking increasingly likely that Commons Speaker John Bercow's impudence in defying May and her government will not go unpunished.

The BBC is reporting that a motion of no confidence in Bercow - who has been accused of ignoring Commons rules in allowing MPs to vote on the Grieve amendment - is likely.

Jan 09 09:29

REPORT: Sergei and Yulia Skripal Now ‘Working for British Security Services’

Since their improbable story broke into the headlines last March, no one has seen or heard from the Skripals, aside from one bizarre photo shoot apparently organized by British intelligence. According to earlier reports, 33 year-old Yulia was said to be living in an MI5 safe house after leaving hospital.

According to a recent report from The Telegraph, the paper’s ‘expert source’ has indicated that the Skripals are still living in the UK, and have contact with friends, and may even be employed by British security services.

“From the moment they were released from Salisbury District Hospital in April the pair disappeared, becoming invisible not only to the public but to friends and family too, with the careful help of a London-based MI5 team responsible for the security service’s secretive resettlement programme.”

Jan 09 09:28

Britain's May suffers parliament defeat as Brexit debate restarts

With less than three months before Britain is due to leave the EU, parliament began a five-day battle over May’s Brexit plan with a show of force - undermining her preferred timetable if lawmakers vote down her deal next Tuesday.

May has refused to retreat from her unpopular deal, which envisages close trading ties with the EU after leaving in March, pressing ahead with the vote that she looks set to lose after failing to win over her nominal Northern Irish allies.

Losing the vote would deepen the uncertainty over the future of Brexit, Britain’s biggest shift in foreign and trade policy for more than 40 years, and open the way for several different outcomes, ranging from a disorderly exit to another referendum.

Jan 09 09:00

British MPs Engage in New Debate on May's Brexit Plan (VIDEO)

The new discussions come after almost a month ago UK Prime Minister Theresa May postponed the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal in the House of Commons.

A new round of debates on Theresa May's Brexit plan takes place in the UK parliament on Wednesday.

The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union on March 29 with the parliament yet to vote on the final departure deal. Earlier, Theresa May said that the vote on the draft deal will be held on January 14-15.

In December, May decided not to go ahead with the Commons vote after it became clear that the deal on exit terms she had agreed with Brussels would not clear the parliament.

Jan 09 07:07

Theresa May dealt huge Brexit blow as DUP rejects compromise plan before it’s even published

The DUP has delivered a sucker punch to Prime Minister Theresa May, slamming her revised Brexit plans even before they are published on Wednesday, meaning her deal looks doomed to fail in the crucial vote in parliament next week.

Jan 08 10:57

Heathrow airport: Drone sighting halts departures

Departures at Heathrow have been stopped after a drone was sighted, the airport has said.

A Heathrow spokeswoman said they were working with police to "prevent any threat to operational safety".

She said: "As a precautionary measure, we have stopped departures while we investigate. We apologise to passengers for any inconvenience this may cause."

It comes after last month's disruption at Gatwick Airport after drones were reported.

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Jan 08 08:45

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is dubbed a 'diva' for staying in plush hotels while his travelling entourage are made to rent rooms from Airbnb on trips abroad

The Mayor of London is in charge of the capital’s travel, but for ‘Showbiz Sadiq’ it seems City Hall is his very own ticket to ride.

Montreal, Chicago, New York, Paris, Berlin, Mumbai, New Delhi, Karachi and Islamabad are some of the destinations Labour’s Sadiq Khan has chalked up since he took office in 2016.

But now his critics have dubbed him a ‘diva’ because his travelling entourage have stayed in rented Airbnb flats or borrowed beds while he is put up in luxury hotels.

Jan 07 08:40

'You won't win it' BBC host STUNS Thornberry as frontbencher claims Labour will TOPPLE May

LABOUR’S shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry clashed with a BBC presenter who insisted the Labour Party would not win a vote of no confidence in the Government.

Jan 07 07:16


The UK government staged a “fake traffic jam” in Kent on Monday morning, with lorries queuing all the way to Dover, to establish the implications of Britain leaving the EU without a deal, leading to ridicule on social media.
In the first significant test for border disruption, the UK Department for Transport’s (DfT) experiment, named ‘Operation Brock’, saw nearly 100 lorries from the disused Manston Airport, in Kent, on a 20-mile journey to Dover – Europe’s busiest roll-on roll-off ferry port – at around 8am, the Evening Standard reports.

The rehearsal has led to journalists and pundits pouring scorn on the exercise. The Independent’s sketch writer, Tom Peck, updated his Twitter followers with a rather comical running commentary on the “fake traffic jam” operation.

Peck claimed that he’d been sent to cover a variety of unusual stories for the paper, but he’d “never been on an assignment anywhere near as stupid as this.” He described the experiment as a “demented pantomime.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this is not "desperation on the cusp of madness, on the part of the British government, I don't know what is!!!

Jan 06 09:42

UK: Illegal Migrant Caught Roving Street with Axe and Meat Cleaver

An illegal migrant suspected of dealing cocaine and heroin has been caught roving the streets with an axe and meat cleaver after police lost him last year.

Arsen Spahiu, a 25-year-old Albanian, was arrested on suspicion of having cocaine and heroin with intent to supply in Southampton in April 2018, reports Portsmouth’s The News.

Police released Spahiu without charge pending investigation and promptly lost track of him, however — despite his status as an illegal migrant without leave to remain in the country.

Jan 06 09:15

Skripal spin doctors: Documents link UK govt-funded Integrity Initiative to anti-Russia narrative

The Integrity Initiative, a UK-funded group exposed in leaked files as psyop network, played a key role in monitoring and molding media narratives after the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal, newly-dumped documents reveal.

Created by the NATO-affiliated, UK-funded Institute for Statecraft in 2015, the Integrity Initiative was unmasked in November after hackers released documents detailing a web of politicians, journalists, military personnel, scientists and academics involved in purportedly fighting "Russian disinformation." The secretive, government-bankrolled "network of networks" has found itself under scrutiny for smearing UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a Kremlin stooge – ostensibly as part of its noble crusade against anti-Russian disinformation.

Jan 06 08:31

BEX ALERT - Moscow spinning new web of spies in Britain after UK 'dismantles' unit behind Salisbury attack

Russia’s foreign intelligence service is trying to set up a new spy network in Britain after the military unit behind the Salisbury nerve agent attack was dismantled in the UK, according to well placed sources.

Authorities are increasingly concerned by attempts by the SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence agency, to re-establish a foothold in Britain. Officials are confident that the GRU, the agency responsible for the attempted assassination of Colonel Sergei Skripal, has been effectively neutralised.

Jan 06 07:39


Jan 05 10:43

Syrian forces tell Britain to take back the 'filth' who fled the UK to fight for ISIS and say the war-torn country is not 'landfill' for foreign jihadis who are considered a risk in their homelands

British jihadists captured in Syria should be taken back to face trial in the UK or be put before a new international court there, the forces holding them demanded last night.

Describing British citizens who fought for Islamic State as ‘filth’, they said Syria was not a ‘landfill’ site for foreigners considered a danger to their own nations.

They also admitted jailed fighters, including two members of the notorious ‘Beatles’ gang, are being treated better than refugees fleeing war because they have TVs and warm shelter.

Jan 05 09:33

UK Renovating Embassy in Damascus, Reopening Likely

The British government is reportedly renovating its embassy building in Damascus as the likelihood of reopening the UK diplomatic mission in the Syrian capital is quite high, media sources reported.

The Arabic-language Rai al-Youm quoted informed sources as saying that the renovation process of the UK embassy in Damascus has begun on Thursday.

The sources pointed to the presence of an interior renovation team in Damascus, and said that the embassy is preparing for reopening in the near future.

In a relevant development in late December, as Arab states had rushed to resume ties with Damascus, former Britain's Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford said "Washington is not powerful enough to block restoration of Arab states' diplomatic relations" with Syria.

Jan 05 09:28

Shock Files: What Role Did Integrity Initiative Play in Sergei Skripal Affair?

Hacking syndicate Anonymous has just released its fourth tranche of documents hacked from the internal servers of the Institute for Statecraft and its subsidiary, the Integrity Initiative. Several explosive files raise serious questions about the shadowy British state and NATO-funded ‘think tank’ and its connections with the Skripal affair.

The files were released just after 2:30pm GMT on January 4 — I've barely scratched the surface of the content, but what I've seen so far contains a panoply of bombshell revelations — to say the least, the organization(s) now have serious questions to answer about what role they played in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in March, and its aftermath both nationally and internationally.

Jan 05 08:16

Will Jeremy Corbyn be able to transform Britain's Middle East policies?

Britain's political uncertainty over Brexit means that all bets are off for what might happen in the first three months of 2019. But one distinct possibility is a general election, which the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn may be in a prime place to win.

A key question is: will Corbyn transform British foreign policy in the Middle East away from supporting repressive regimes and selling them arms, and challenge the London establishment that has prioritised these concerns over all others for decades?

There are four areas where Labour's declared foreign policy is seriously worrying the British elite.

Jan 04 20:18

'Any f*****, we're desperate!': Furious soldiers take aim at Army's new £1.5m recruitment drive calling on Snowflakes and Phone Zombies

Furious soldiers have taken aim at the Army's latest recruitment drive calling on Snowflakes, Phone Zombies and selfie-addicts to sign up.

The adverts, unveiled yesterday, are inspired by the famous First World War poster featuring a pointing Lord Kitchener and the slogan ‘Your country needs you’.

But servicemen and women have begun sharing edited versions of the recruitment drive posters, mocking the Army's fresh efforts to appeal to would-be soldiers.

The £1.5 million campaign shows six soldiers with labels of modern stereotypes including 'millennials' and 'phone zombies' in a bid to appeal to a wider pool of talent.

One of the mocked up posters replaces the 'snowflakes' with 'any f*****r* adding 'we're desperate' at the end of the 'your army needs you' slogan.

Jan 04 20:13

Bloodbath on the High Street as it's revealed 125 retailers went bust in the last year

Of those that went bust, 26 were large firms with more than ten stores, such as Toys R Us, Maplin and Poundworld, the report by accountant Deloitte found.

Jan 04 20:11

Britain handing £1.5BILLION to the world's most corrupt countries - despite warnings much of it will be wasted, stolen or seized by terrorists

Analysis of official figures reveals the UK handed more than £1.53billion to the world’s 20 most corrupt countries – up from £1.36billion the previous year.

The £170million – 12 per cent –increase comes despite a string of aid money scandals. UK aid to the most corrupt nations has almost doubled in five years, rising from £814million in 2012.

Jan 04 18:59

UK credit card debt soars to a record £73bn: Fears over family finances after epic borrowing binge in the run-up to Christmas

Credit card debt hit a record high in the run-up to Christmas as British families splashed out, says the Bank of England.

Its figures show households had an outstanding bill of £72.5billion on their credit cards at the end of November – a sign that many people are living beyond their means.

That is up from £70.1billion a year earlier and from £57.2billion five years ago.

Jan 04 08:59

Fat Cat Friday: FTSE 100 executives earn more in first three days of 2019 than average worker's annual salary

Chief executives of leading UK companies are paid 133 times more than the average worker, new research for "Fat Cat Friday" reveals.

A study suggested that by 1pm today top bosses will already have been paid as much so far this year as average workers earn in 12 months.

The average chief executive of FTSE 100 firms has a pay packet of £3.9 million, an 11 per cent increase on a year ago, the report said.

The pay increase means top executives working a 12-hour day only need to work for 29 hours in 2019 to be paid the average worker's annual salary.

Jan 04 08:47

Grayling defends no-deal Brexit ferry contract

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has defended the government's choice of a UK company with no ships as one of the providers of extra ferry services in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Grayling told the BBC he would make no apologies for "supporting a new British business".

The firm, Seaborne Freight, won a £13.8m contract to run a freight service between Ramsgate and Ostend.

But a BBC investigation discovered it had never run a ferry service before.

Jan 04 08:46

Brexit ferry firm Seaborne in terms and conditions gaffe

A firm awarded a government contract to provide extra ferry services has used website terms and conditions apparently intended for a takeaway food firm.

Seaborne Freight was given the £13.8m contract to run a freight service between Ramsgate and Ostend in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Its original terms and conditions advised customers to check goods before "agreeing to pay for any meal/order".

The government said the section was "put up in error" and was now correct.

Jan 04 08:22

Northern Ireland Puts 1,000 Officers On Standby In Case Of 'No Deal' Brexit

After putting 3,500 troops on standby in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit and barges instructed to reserve place for 'emergency supplies', Theresa May and her government are taking their "Project Fear" - the campaign of doomsaying warnings and threats designed to push MPs to vote for May's Brexit withdrawal agreement - to the next level by reviving fears about violence in Northern Ireland.

According to the Guardian, some 1,000 police officers from England and Scotland are beginning preparations and training for a possible deployment to Northern Ireland in case a 'no deal' Brexit forces the return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the EU - the only land border between an EU state and the UK.

Jan 04 07:41

BBC bias risks public violence

The BBC’s biased coverage of the Brexit debate is denying the British public the comfort of knowing the fight was fair – knowledge that may prevent anger from boiling over post-Brexit, says David Hardy.

Jan 04 07:31

UK Police to Kick Off Drills Tackling Unrest in Case of No-Deal Brexit

Hundreds of police officers from Scotland and England will practice rapid deployment in Northern Ireland in the event of disorder arising from a no-deal Brexit, The Guardian newspaper reported Thursday.

According to the UK-based media outlet, the plans were put in place after Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) chiefs asked for "reinforcements to deal with any trouble that arises from a hard border." The drills for almost 1,000 officers are reportedly expected to begin this month.

Jan 03 11:08

Analyst: Brexit Deal Now So Damaged, “I Don’t Think It’s Going To Happen”

There is now less than three months until the Brexit deadline in Great Britain. (The lights go out on March 29th absent some drastic change of course.) The deal that Theresa May cut with the EU Parliament has pleased pretty much nobody and shows no signs of being able to be approved in the House of Commons. An effort by the Prime Minister’s own party to remove her from office failed, largely because nobody else really wanted the job. So we’re heading for a No Deal Brexit, right?

Jan 03 10:26

‘Gamers, snowflakes & selfie-addicts’: UK army lures recruits with bizarre ad

Much like the tobacco industry, the army is always looking for new ways to target young people to encourage them to sign up for military service.

In June 2018, it used social media to target “stressed and vulnerable” 16-year-olds facing exam results with a campaign that said the army was open to those who didn’t get good results.

Despite its best efforts, the army continues to fail to reach its recruitment targets, even after enlisting the help of private company Capita, who was awarded a £495-million (US$622 million) contract in 2012. The company has since upped its contract to £677 million, but remains short of its 2020 target of 82,500 fully trained troops and 30,000 reserves, with just 77,000 troops.

Jan 03 09:42

Brexit U–TURN: EU will agree 'alternative' Brexit deal with UK 'at last second'

Shanker Singham, the Director of the International Trade and Competition Unit for the Institute of Economic Affairs, has claimed the EU will still agree to a Brexit deal with the UK if Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement is rejected by MPs. British politicians are expected to debate the Prime Minister’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement when they return to Parliament next week before they vote on the deal on the week of the 14 January. Speaking on Sky News, the Brexit supporting economist insisted that an "alternative" deal is still possible with Brussels, even if Theresa May’s agreement is rejected.

Jan 03 08:48

Sadiq Khan’s EU Flag on the London Eye Was an Absolute Unpatriotic Disgrace

He should have cut out the middleman and just had an image of himself on the London Eye sticking two fingers up to the British public. It would have been his biggest selfie ever and would have clearly illustrated his utter contempt for the democratic will of the people.

His whole firework display was one big ego extravaganza of virtue signalling and an affront to democracy. It was another blatant example of how Remainers feel they can spend our money on EU propaganda, without a thought to us the people, do you remember the £9 million Cameron spent on his pro-EU leaflets just before the referendum!

So Sadiq’s Khan’s firework display will clearly set the tone for another year in the UK. Where the Establishment Elite will do as they wish and ignore us, the masses.

Jan 02 09:01

Brexit-backing Jeremy Hunt under fire for hailing Britain’s close 'connections' with Europe as key to future success

Jeremy Hunt is under fire for claiming Britain’s close “connections” with other EU countries will be crucial to the UK’s future success, despite his strong support for Brexit.

On a visit to Singapore on Wednesday, the foreign secretary will hail the UK’s “friendship with our neighbours in Europe” as a key reason to be optimistic for trade.

Speaking days after pointing to low-tax Singapore as a post-Brexit model, Mr Hunt will call for Britain to “act as an invisible chain linking together the democracies of the world”.

Jan 02 07:59

London is no longer an English city and that's how it got the Olympics, says John Cleese

Mass immigration has turned London into a city that is 'no longer English', John Cleese claims.

The former Monty Python star says he now feels like a foreigner walking through the capital's streets.

California-based Cleese, 71, moved to the U.S. more than two decades ago, having grown up in Somerset.

Jan 02 07:53

Brexit LIVE: Labour on verge of CIVIL WAR - Corbyn urged NOT to cave in to Remainers

LABOUR is on the verge of civil war over Brexit with almost three-quarters of members urging Jeremy Corbyn to back a People’s Vote despite his pledge to honour the 2016 referendum result and leave the European Union.

Jan 01 15:39

John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead to an Orwellian Nightmare

The essence of comedy is being critical, says Cleese, and that means causing offense sometimes. But we shouldn't protect everyone from experiencing negative emotions by enforcing political correctness, he says.

I'm offended every day. For example, the British newspapers every day offend me with their laziness, their nastiness and they're in accuracy, but I'm not going to expect someone to stop that happening I just simply speak out about it.

Jan 01 11:38

TROOPS' DEATH TRAPS Fury as MoD cover-up is exposed, revealing thousands of soldiers are living in Grenfell-style fire traps, watchdog says

SOLDIERS are living in death-trap barracks due to repeated budget cuts and a woeful decline in safety drills, the MoD watchdog warns.

Thousands of unmarried troops live in rundown quarters, including a 33-storey block taller than Grenfell Tower.

Jan 01 11:13

British Empire 2.0? Defence Sec vows to put UK bases in Caribbean & Asia in post-Brexit expansion

UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has given a wildly optimistic interview, in which he harked back to the historic influence enjoyed by Britain, and promised to build two foreign military bases “in a couple of years.”
“We have got to be so much more optimistic about our future as we exit the European Union,” the Conservative Party minister told the Sunday Telegraph.

This is our biggest moment as a nation since the end of the Second World War, when we can recast ourselves in a different way, we can actually play the role on the world stage that the world expects us to play.

Jan 01 11:08

The thought of Jeremy Corbyn as PM has Jewish investors running for the hills

The possibility that John McDonnell could soon run the economy and set taxes has prompted several Jewish businessmen to divest from the UK

Jan 01 10:24

Sky Reporter CONFRONTS Nigel Farage over money Fraud! GETS OWNED

Dec 31 08:56

To whom was Her Majesty referring in her Christmas broadcast?

Professor Carrol Quiqley in his now famous book The Anglo-American Establishment wrote in the book’s Preface, “The ability of Englishmen of this [Establishment] class and background to leave the obvious unstated, except perhaps in obituaries, is puzzling and sometimes irritating to an outsider”. One such example arose in the Queen’s broadcast to the nation on Christmas Day, in which she stated:

Even with the most deeply held differences, treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being is always a good first step towards greater understanding.”

Dec 31 08:29

Financial Collapse - Brexit Success Equals EU Collapse!

Dec 30 17:50

Flashback: Fears state students could be 'shut out of top universities' after being forced to take new tougher GCSEs - while top private schools including Eton shun them in favour of 'easier' tests

State school pupils could be shut out of top universities as they struggle with tough new GCSEs which private schools are avoiding, it is claimed.

Parents of 16-year-olds taking the new exams have reported panic attacks, sickness and exhaustion as the first batch of teenagers sit the revamped GCSEs.

Of 30 top private schools including Eton and Winchester, only one is putting all its students through the revamped GCSEs.

Most private school pupils are instead taking the 'easier' international GCSE, which has not been subject to the government's reforms, The Sunday Times reports.

Dec 30 17:49

Exam reforms boost private pupils in race for universities

Tory education reforms are giving private school pupils a huge additional advantage in the hunt for university places and jobs by allowing them to sit easier GCSEs than the more rigorous exams that are being forced upon state schools, new official figures suggest.

Data released in parliamentary answers, and research into the exams chosen by private schools, shows the extent to which the independent sector is still opting for less demanding, internationally-recognised GCSEs (IGCSEs), which state schools are progressively being barred from using.

Dec 30 11:38

No-deal Brexit ferry contract sparks concerns

Conservative Kent county councillor Paul Messenger said it was impossible for the government to have carried out sufficient checks on the firm.

"It has no ships and no trading history so how can due diligence be done?" he asked.

Mr Messenger said he didn't believe that it was possible to set up a new ferry service between Ramsgate and Ostend by 29 March - the date when the UK is due to leave the European Union.

The narrow berths for ships at the Port of Ramsgate mean there are only a few suitable commercial vessels, most of which are currently already in service, he said.


"Why choose a company that never moved a single truck in their entire history and give them £14m? I don't understand the logic of that," he said.

Dec 30 08:56

Queen Elizabeth’s Childhood Playhouse

In the garden of Windsor’s Royal Lodge in Berkshire, England, tucked away from public view stands a miniature thatched cottage with white-washed walls. For the past eighty years, the Little House or Y Bwthyn Bach, has been the play den for the Queen and generations of royal children.

Dec 29 10:00

British Man Jailed for Writing Rude Christmas Card

The rapidly spreading control of speech and thought in the UK, manifesting itself at times as extreme priggish censorship, was dramatically underlined Friday when a Scottish court jailed a man for writing a sexual Christmas card to his next-door-neighbour.

Dec 29 09:44

Why There Should Be No Exit from Brexit

Brexit has plunged British politics into a state of chaos. Will the country now choose to remain in the European Union? The odds of that happening are rising, but it wouldn't be a good idea -- neither for Britain nor for the EU.

Dec 28 11:58


Russia has finished building a high-tech security fence along annexed Crimea's border with mainland Ukraine.

The fence, more than 60km (37 miles) long, is topped with barbed wire and has hundreds of sensors.

Russian forces annexed Ukraine's Crimea peninsula in March 2014 - a move condemned internationally. Crimea has a Russian-speaking majority.

Russia's FSB security agency says the fence is necessary to prevent "infiltration attempts by saboteurs".

An FSB statement, quoted by Russia's RIA Novosti news agency, said the fence would also thwart smugglers trading in illegal weapons, drugs, alcohol and other contraband.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The BBC has gone from delivering excellence in journalism to consistently belching its putrid, foul codswallop upon the minds of its readers, constantly capitulating to the British and US government war-centric agenda over the truth, and thinking this will absolutely be received by their readers as reliable, gospel, solid-fact.

I would politely suggest that this might have been the case in the past, but is not the case at this point in the 21st century, because citizens of the UK and US are both war-weary, war-skeptical, and looking to independent resources (like WRH) to actually get the real news.

The current agenda is always sabre rattling, and the lies remain the same.

First, BBC, you lie when you use the word "annexed" in reference to Crimea; this never, ever happened.

And please note; no one at BBC, not even the night janitor, wanted to put their names to this ridiculous tale. So, in light of the fact that whoever put this up has a very severe case of SMD (Selective Memory Disorder), I will be happy to, once again, break this down for them, in small words, that even THEY can understand.

Let's set the "way-back" machine to 2014. This was the spring, which saw Yanukovich, the legitimately elected president of Ukraine, get thrown under the proverbial bus, and Poroshenko was "anointed" to replace him, as he was thought to be more "pro-western" than was Yanukovich. This election was more crooked than is a dog's hind leg, with massive vote fraud going on.

Facebook post: United States spent 5 billion on regime change in Ukraine

And no less an American icon than President Obama, himself confessed that the US had brokered a deal to effect "regime change" in Ukraine.

President Obama admits that the US brokered a deal in Support of Regime Change in Ukraine

President Obama admits US brokered a deal for regime change in Ukraine

You see, writers of this atrocious piece of tripe; I've got documentation on my side; you have absolutely no game, whatsoever.
The Crimeans knew that after this putsch, there was no legitimate representation in Kiev, so here is precisely want they did, in a fair, and transparent two-part referendum.

First, the Crimean people were asked, post putsch, if they wanted to stay with Ukraine, or ask the Russian federation to accept Crimea as a member.

Then, the Crimean people requested to become part of the Russian Federation, and Russia accepted the petition.

Crimea votes overwhelmingly to ask the Russian Federation to Join it

You see, BBC, I can back up what I say with facts; and the fact is, there was no annexation of Crimea by Russia; zero, zip, none.

Your use of the word "annexation" is a fact-free description of what happened here, as a means to demonizing Russia for what it did not do.

And we all know that demonization of a country, for what it absolutely did not do, and supporting that demonization through sanctions, again, for what it absolutely did not do, are generally a prelude to some kind of shooting war.

And I find it nearly hysterically funny (if it weren't for the oncoming war part), that you are, again, blissfully unaware of the UN Charter, to which, I believe, the UK is still a signatory)which states unequivocally, that all people are allowed the right of peaceful self-determination, which is precisely what Crimea did in this case.

So BBC thinks it can go on lying to demonize Russia, with no repercussions, but I politely beg to differ.

I would strongly suggest that those still reading this rag, cloaked in its antique, tattered reputation for truth telling, will be fact-checking in other places, and will start to ignore what you say completely, a situation you have totally brought upon yourself.

RIP, BBC: your capacity to describe anything correctly has just been broken into smithereens, big-time, by this piece, and your credibility has become a world-wide joke.

Dec 28 10:54


Irony is dead when British state media controllers accuse Russian news outlets RT and Sputnik of “imbalance” over their reporting on the Skripal alleged poisoning affair.

In the past week, Ofcom, the British media watchdog, condemned seven programs aired during March and April this year following the apparent poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury. The Russian outlets may be fined or denied future broadcasting rights in Britain. The latter suggests what the real, ulterior agenda is all about.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but purely predictable by the British press!

Dec 28 09:04

Hate speech without hate: Britain and the United States

In the wake of London’s Labour-controlled Islington Council’s banning of pro-Palestinian musician Gilad Atzmon from playing at a concert at the behest of Israel’s far-right Likud-Herut, Eve Mykytyn examines the clamp down on free speech in the UK and US.>>

Dec 28 08:42

'UK, US look at jihadist groups as useful, are they as against terrorists as they pretend to be?'

A Times' article portraying Chechen jihadists as freedom fighters because they are anti-Russian is an attempt to whitewash a connection between the Ukrainian government and terrorist groups, former US diplomat Jim Jatras told RT.
The British newspaper published a highly controversial interview with a Chechen who is fighting against anti-government forces in Eastern Ukraine. The head of his battalion earlier admitted that his fighters waged jihad in Syria and that the leader was even part of a terror group committing atrocities in Russia.

"Some of the battalion's gunmen admit to having honed their combat skills at Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) training camps in Iraq and Syria," the article says.

Dec 28 08:36

I own my Words!

Following the orchestrated vast smear campaign against me, my work, my writing and my music, I decided to tackle my most controversial quotes. As you can see, i don't back down. I own my words with pride.
To sign a petition on support of Gilad:

Dec 28 08:12

Gatwick CEO Welcomes French Billions, as Airport Majority Stake Sold Off

French concessions and construction giant, Vinci, has acquired am effective 50.01% stake in Britain's second largest and Europe's eighth busiest airport, despite overall investment and economic uncertainty surrounding UK's exit from the European Union.

On December 27, VINCI Airports, a VINCI Concessions subsidiary, signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake from current shareholders an effective in Gatwick Airport Limited, a freehold property airport.

The other 49.99% will be managed by Global Infrastructure Partners, headquartered in New York.

The freehold ownership structure appealed to Vinci, who see such a perpetual property duration regime "extremely valuable for VINCI Airports as a long term strategic investor and operator."

Dec 27 15:48

UK’s Islington Council banned pro-Palestinian musician at behest of Israel’s far-right Likud-Herut

Richard Hugus reveals how austerity-hit, Labour-controlled Islington Council hired a top legal firm that worked for Israel Premier Netanyahu’s financier Sheldon Adelson to ban pro-Palestinian musician Gilad Atzmon from playing at a local concert at the behest of Israeli Likud-Herut’s UK director. >>

Dec 27 09:39

Europeans will have to fork out billions more to fund the EU Budget if there is a No Deal Brexit and Britain does not pay £39billion divorce bill, the bloc's finance chief warns

A no deal Brexit could leave Europeans having to fork out billions more to plug the gaping hole in the EU's budget, the bloc's finance chief has warned.

Gunther Oettinger said the remaining 27 member states will face a hefty bill if the UK does not pay the £39billion divorce bill it has promised.

And he warned that Germany alone could have to cough up hundreds of millions of euros more to fund the shortfall.

Dec 27 08:19

Project Fear: Brexit Under Threat

The only way to effectively control a population without resorting to violence is to keep them subdued through fear, and this is exactly what is happening to the people of the U.K. as they try to get their democratic rights enacted.

On June 23, 2016, the British people took part in the largest ever democratic exercise in the nation’s history: They voted to leave the confines of the European Union and all of its institutions. The people voted, and the politicians acted. Unfortunately, the Westminster parliamentarians acted in none but their own interest.

Dec 27 08:01

Delingpole: Leftists Outraged by Queen’s Gold Piano

The Queen has a gold piano, a leftist newspaper has been appalled to discover – after catching sight of it in the background on TV during her annual Christmas Day message.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's not gold, it's gold leaf over wood.

Dec 27 07:20

'He's a winner' Wetherspoons boss reveals ONLY candidate to replace 'LOSER' Theresa May

Tim Martin has claimed that former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is the only candidate who can deliver Brexit for the country. The founder and chairman of Wetherspoons claimed the UK needed someone with a cross-party consensus to ensure Brexit gets over the line. Speaking to, Mr Martin branded the former Foreign Secretary as a “winner” and the Prime Minister as a “loser”.

Dec 26 08:25

UK police admit there’s a possibility there was no drone at Gatwick Airport

It led to three days of travel chaos and 1,000 flights being canceled or diverted, but police in the U.K. have said there’s a chance no actual drone infringed on Gatwick airspace last week.

Sightings of drones at the U.K’s second-largest airport led to a shutdown with 140,000 passengers being affected and many having to cancel their Christmas holiday plans. Speculation on who the perpetrators were at the weekend resulted in confusion when two people were initially arrested but then released and exonerated on Sunday morning.

Police say they had 67 reports of drone sightings, calling them credible, and had also recovered a damaged drone near the perimeter fence of the airport. However, Jason Tingley, a detective chief superintendent at Sussex Police, told reporters that wet weather could have washed away vital evidence and said there was “always a possibility that there may not have been any genuine drone activity in the first place.”

Dec 26 08:19

May Thanks Military for Keeping UK From "Russian Intrusion" in Christmas Address

The prime minister praised the Armed Forces in her Christmas speech for keeping the UK safe from Russia, defeating Daesh and “sending a message” to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May hailed the British Armed Forces in her Christmas address, praising their work on a variety of tasks, including, among other things, cleaning up the mess after the Salisbury incident and keeping UK "waters and skies" free from "Russian intrusion".

"Time and again you have stood up to aggression and those who flout the rules-based international order. You should be incredibly proud of all that you do — just as the whole country is proud of you", Theresa May said in the address.

Dec 26 07:53

Inside The Temple Of Covert Propaganda: The Integrity Initiative & UK's Scandalous Information War

The Grayzone entered the carefully concealed offices of a covert, British government-backed propaganda mill that is at the center of an international scandal the mainstream media refuses to touch.

Recent hacked documents have revealed an international network of politicians, journalists, academics, researchers and military officers, all engaged in highly deceptive covert propaganda campaigns funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), NATO, Facebook and hardline national security institutions.

This “network of networks”, as one document refers to them, centers around an ironically named outfit called the Integrity Initiative. And it is all overseen by a previously unknown England-based think tank registered in Scotland, the Institute for Statecraft, which has operated under a veil of secrecy.

Dec 26 07:31

Nuclear X-files? Academics baffled as UK govt. pulls docs from national archives

Thousands of national archive files on Britain’s atomic and nuclear weapons energy programs have been withdrawn from public view by order of the UK government without any explanation, alarming academics.

Researchers reported that the documents, dating from 1939 to the 1980s, were unexpectedly withdrawn by the National Archives last week. The files relate to, among other subjects, the creation of Britain’s first nuclear bombs and the private papers of the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who split the atomic nucleus, Sir John Cockcroft.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), who provided no explanation for the removal, was behind the withdrawal, according to the National Archives.

A spokesperson for the NDA stated that they are “absolutely committed to openness and transparency,” though no reason has been forthcoming, leading to speculation among academics that the files contained previously overlooked sensitive information, which should be withheld from public view.

Dec 26 07:28

Man thrown out of Manchester Arena for wearing UK flag waistcoat

A man was thrown out of Manchester Arena last night after having his Union Flag waistcoat confiscated.

The man, James Baxter, 39, from Nottinghamshire travelled to Manchester for the Yorkshireman Josh Warrington fighting Belfast’s Carl Frampton. James was kicked out before the main event began.

The offending item of clothing got him on TV in LA at a Tyson Fury match but in the United Kingdom, he was ejected from the Arena. The reason given was the venue’s ‘no colours’ policy. The waistcoat might offend someone.

Dec 26 07:22

'Special relationship': how a century of US presidential visits tells the temperature

Tens of thousands crammed central London’s streets. The roar of cheers was as deafening as the flypast. “We want Wilson,” chanted the crowd, packed tightly beneath a “brilliant mass of flags” stretching from Charing Cross to Buckingham Palace, the Guardian reported at the time.

In 100 years of US presidential visits, since Woodrow Wilson became the first Oval Office incumbent to visit the UK , the so-called “special relationship” has waxed and waned. And the warmth of Britain’s welcome has served as a telling gauge.

Wilson – carriage-borne in postwar jubilation along a Mall lined by 20,000 soldiers, their “bayonets bright in the December sunshine” – arrived on Boxing Day 1918 for his two-day visit and would be feted in London, Manchester and Carlisle.

One century on, and Donald Trump would also attract tens of thousand to the streets; a seething crowd united in protest beneath a huge orange baby blimp.

Dec 25 19:25

‘Shocking but hardly surprising’: Sputnik employees push back against Times hit piece

Johanna Ross, a producer at Sputnik, experienced “a bit of a shock” having seen her face printed on the pages of one of Britain’s leading papers. It was especially saddening that her profile was featured under the ‘Kremlin stooge’ headline.

“But it’s hardly surprising given the anti-Russian sentiment prevalent in all UK newspapers,” Ross told RT.

Johanna’s colleague, Daniel Powell was also “annoyed” to learn that the Times included him in the ‘stooge list.’ The paper was “being foolish and disrespectful to the staff,” Powell, said. He believes it is the controversies plaguing British domestic politics that make Russian-owned outlets easy targets.

Dec 25 09:46

After a hard BREXIT the EU, not the UK, may be suffering from the break up

Dec 25 09:43

Thousands of UK troops deployed around the world from Somalia to Ukraine prepare to spend Christmas away from their families

Thousands of British Armed Forces personnel working around the world have sent Christmas messages home to their loved ones.

UK troops are involved in 35 operations in more than 30 countries from Somalia and South Sudan to Kuwait and Ukraine.

A total of 14 naval vessels will be at sea, from Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dragon in the Gulf to Type 23 Frigate HMS Argyll in the Asia Pacific.

In the South Atlantic, more than 1,000 personnel are stationed in the Falkland Islands along with survey ship HMS Protector whilst in the Caribbean, RFA Mounts Bay has been on alert over the hurricane season.

Dec 25 09:42

Theresa May is now 'confident' she can WIN Brexit vote because she believes No Deal fears have terrified MPs

The Prime Minister's team is 'confident' it can win the Brexit vote in January even if they have to hold it twice, it has been revealed.

Rebel MPs are also said to have come under fire for undermining Theresa May and the tone from Eurosceptics is softening giving hope for a deal being done.

However some MPs are proving more difficult to get on board and a source said convincing Jacob Rees Mogg is still a 'work in progress,' reports the Sun.

The source added: 'It's now very much our expectation that we can win this vote, if not the first time then the second time around.'

It was also revealed today that Cabinet Ministers have been summoned to an emergency meeting on January 2, meaning their Christmas break will be cut short.

Dec 25 09:40

London’s Khan Demands Gang Database Overhauled as 4 in 5 Named Are Black

Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for the Metropolitan Police’s gangs matrix to be overhauled because the vast majority named are young, black men.

A review for the London mayor found that three-quarters were under the age of 25 and 80 per cent were black, with the authors saying that it was a higher proportion than were likely to be perpetrators or victims of gang violence, reports The Guardian.

Alleging potential racial discrimination, the review, published Friday, said, “We must acknowledge the possibility of conscious or unconscious bias against young black males in London – whether the term ‘gang’ is now heavily racially loaded and that this perception that a gang is often comprised of young black males, and ergo that young black males are often in a gang, either directly or unconsciously influences the enforcement focus of the police and subsequent actions of the justice service.”

Dec 25 09:39

Queen Elizabeth II Will Urge Common Decency, Respecting Differences in Run-up to Brexit

A traditional seasonal message from British and Commonwealth monarch Queen Elizabeth II will be broadcast worldwide on Christmas day, with the content of the 2018 address widely interpreted in UK media as being an appeal to civility in the run-up to the official Brexit date in March 2019.

While the full content of the speech has not been released, it was pre-recorded by Queen Elizabeth II in her London home Buckingham Palace on December 12th and some quotes were reported Monday.

With the Queen, who as well as being constitutional monarch of the United Kingdom also reigns over Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and 12 other Commonwealth Realms, is expected to say tomorrow: “Even with the most deeply held differences, treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being is always a good first step towards greater understanding.”

Dec 25 09:38

British Government's Covert Anti-Russian Propaganda & The Skripal Case

It is worth starting by noting that a high percentage of the Integrity Initiative archive has been authenticated. The scheme has been admitted by the FCO and defended as legitimate government activity. Individual items like the minutes of the meeting with David Leask are authenticated. Not one of the documents has so far been disproven, or even denied.

Which tends to obscure some of the difficulties with the material. There is no metadata showing when each document was created, as opposed to when Anonymous made it into a PDF. Anonymous have released it in tranches and made plain there is more to come. The reason for this methodology is left obscure.

Most frustratingly, Anonymous’ comments on the releases indicate that they have vital information which is not, so far, revealed. The most important document of all appears to be a simple contact list, of a particular group within the hundreds of contacts revealed in the papers overall. This is it in full:

Dec 25 09:38


Two of my section came dashing into the billet during the morning and said, ‘What do you know, the Jerries are out on the top; they’re walking about, they’re dishing out drinks and cigarettes – there’s no fighting going on!

At Christmas 1914, an event occurred that was not repeated again during the First World War. An unofficial, spontaneous truce took place along some parts of the Western Front. It often started with a ceasefire as Christmas Day approached. German Army officer Walther Stennes recalled how, initially, this caused some concern.

On Christmas Eve at noon, fire ceased completely – on both fronts. Of course it was unusual that the opposite side also ceased fire. Then my officer controlling the sentries came in and said ‘Do you expect a surprise attack? Because it’s very unusual the situation.’ I said, ‘No I don’t think so. But anyhow everyone is awake, no one is sleeping and the sentries are still on duty. So I think it’s alright.’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something to contemplate, as we look at the endless wars the American Deep State and Military Industrial complex have planned for us.

Dec 25 09:36

UK reaffirms support for Ukraine in face of Russia ‘aggression’

The UK has reaffirmed its support for Ukraine in the face of “Russian aggression,” as Moscow and Kiev continue to trade barbs over political and territorial disputes.

“The UK is a steadfast partner to Ukraine as it faces continued illegal acts of aggression against its sovereignty,” British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson said after meeting his Ukrainian counterpart, Stepan Poltorak, on a visit to Odessa on Friday.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalated earlier this year after Ukraine seized two Russian ships for port calls on Crimea, which rejoined Russia in a 2014 referendum.

The move prompted Russia to increase patrols in the Sea of Azov to guarantee free navigation for its ships.

The issue took a turn for worse last month, when Russia seized three Ukrainian navy ships off the coast of Crimea.