Dec 31 09:47

14 Injured As Palestinian Fleet Tries to Break Israeli Naval Blockade in Gaza

At least 14 Palestinians were injured after Israeli forces fired tear gas and live ammunition, when a Palestinian fleet of several small fishing boats attempted to sail toward waters off the Gaza Strip in an act of defiance against Israel's long-standing blockade.

Dec 31 09:41

Palestinian Students Suffocate from Israeli Teargas North of Nablus

Dozens of Palestinian students suffocated from gas inhalation on Sunday after Israeli forces fired teargas canisters outside a compound of schools in the village of Sebastia, North of Nablus in the West Bank, local sources said.
Mayor of Sebastia, Mohammad Azem, told WAFA that Israeli occupation forces raided the village, provoking clashes with local citizens, during which the forces fired teargas canisters inside the school yards, causing many students to suffocate.

He said Israeli forces recently intensified their provocative raids of the village especially during the peak hours of the schools.

Dec 31 09:16

UN Report: Israel Murdered 295 Palestinians, Injured 29,000 in 2018

The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) documented the killing of 295 Palestinians, by Israeli forces, as well as the injuring of 29,000 Palestinians in 2018.

According to the new OCHA documentation, of the 295 Palestinians killed this year by Israeli forces, 57 have been children. A total of approximately 7,000 injuries were children.

Incidents of Illegal Settler violence, have increased by 69% since 2017, bringing the total number of violent attacks on Palestinians to 265 in 2018.

The number of injuries caused, as a result of settler violence, was 115. Around 7,900 trees and 540 vehicles sustained damage, as a result of illegal settler rampages.

Dec 30 11:31

Israeli helicopter conducts fresh airstrike against blockaded Gaza Strip

An Israeli combat helicopter has carried out an overnight aerial attack on the southern parts of the besieged Gaza Strip, claiming that the airstrike was conducted in response to a purported rocket attack from the impoverished enclave.

The Israeli military said in a brief statement on its twitter account in the early hours of Saturday that an Israeli “attack helicopter targeted a Hamas military post in southern Gaza.”

There was no immediate report of possible casualties and the extent of damage inflicted in the Israeli airstrike.

The Israeli military also said its airstrike against the Palestinian resistance movement was “in response” to an alleged rocket fire from Gaza into the occupied territories on Friday night that fell in an open area and caused no casualties or damage.

Tel Aviv bombards Gaza from time to time, claiming the assaults are in response to rocket attacks of the resistance groups.

Dec 30 09:23

'It was terror': Palestinians decry rise in attacks by Israeli settlers

The identities of the Israeli settlers who frequently throw stones at cars from a cliff overlooking a highway in the West Bank are unknown, but Palestinians living in the area refer to them as the “youth of the hill”.

It was at that spot where someone dropped a jagged rock the size of a football that crashed through a windscreen and struck Aisha Rabi one Friday in October. Rabi, a mother of eight, was on her way home just after 10pm with her husband, who was driving, and their eight-year-old daughter, who was in the back seat.

“At first I lost control and swerved when the rock hit,” said Rabi’s husband, Yaqoub. “The sound was like an explosion. Blood was streaming from her nose and mouth.”

Dec 30 09:17

Elections Don’t Make Israel a Democracy

Much of the already up and running election coverage is focused on the coming indictment of Netanyahu. Will he be able to stave off the attorney general until April? If he is reelected, will he try to get his coalition partners to pass a measure forbidding the prosecution of a sitting prime minister?

Other election issues under discussion are the certain increase we will see in pandering to settlers. Netanyahu has already begun that.

Absent entirely from the election conversation is the Palestinian population living under Israeli control without voting rights.

20% of Israeli citizens are Palestinian. They can vote in all Israeli elections and have representation in Knesset. However, these Israeli Palestinians represent only about one third of the Palestinians living under Israeli rule and military occupation.

Dec 28 13:09

Israeli ex-general, polling closest to Netanyahu, joins 2019 election race

A former Israeli armed forces chief who opinion polls show poses the toughest challenge to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bid for reelection next year formally established a political party on Thursday.

Details about Benny Gantz’s Israel Resilience Party, leaked to local media after it was registered, gave little indication of its ideological tilt.

Along with preserving Israel as “a Jewish and democratic country”, the party pledged unspecified changes to priorities in national security and the economy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I an Israeli voter, I would want to know, first and foremost, what his position on the Palestinians and Palestinian statehood.

Dec 28 09:04

Hate speech without hate: Britain and the United States

In the wake of London’s Labour-controlled Islington Council’s banning of pro-Palestinian musician Gilad Atzmon from playing at a concert at the behest of Israel’s far-right Likud-Herut, Eve Mykytyn examines the clamp down on free speech in the UK and US.>>

Dec 28 08:03

Boycott Israel, Go to Jail?

A bipartisan Senate bill would make boycotting Israel punishable by up to 20 years in prison. But a new pushback from groups including the ACLU could help stop the ‘draconian’ measure, says Josh Ruebner of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This bill is an assault on the First Amendment and cannot be tolerated!

Dec 28 08:02

HSBC divests from Israeli arms maker Elbit

Banking giant HSBC is divesting from the Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems following a grassroots campaign.

“HSBC has taken a positive first step in divesting from Elbit Systems, the notorious manufacturer of drones, chemical weapons, cluster bomb artillery systems and other technology used in attacks against Palestinian civilians, and to militarize walls and borders around the world,” Ryvka Barnard of War on Want said on Thursday.

Dec 28 08:01

Nearly 300 Palestinians killed, 29,000 injured in 2018

Israeli occupation forces and settlers have killed 295 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza since the beginning of the year, according to a UN monitoring group.

Fourteen Israelis were killed by Palestinians during the same period, in addition to a baby who died days after his premature birth following the shooting and critical injury of his mother.

More than 29,000 Palestinians were injured during 2018 – the highest number of injuries in a single year since the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs began collecting data in 2005.

Nearly 60 of those Palestinians killed and 7,000 of those injured were children.

Dec 27 15:48

UK’s Islington Council banned pro-Palestinian musician at behest of Israel’s far-right Likud-Herut

Richard Hugus reveals how austerity-hit, Labour-controlled Islington Council hired a top legal firm that worked for Israel Premier Netanyahu’s financier Sheldon Adelson to ban pro-Palestinian musician Gilad Atzmon from playing at a local concert at the behest of Israeli Likud-Herut’s UK director. >>

Dec 27 09:51


When large parts of the population celebrate the birth of Jesus, a similar, sad fate is repeated. In the country where Jesus was born, the harassment and human rights crimes against Palestinians, whether Muslim or Christian, are becoming more and more cruel. It is precisely these celebrations that the Zionist system of oppression uses for ever new criminal and murderous actions. In the shadow of the supposedly peaceful Advent season, we are witnessing a wave of violence that does not shy away from the murder of children and the disabled. Since the US government under the leadership of US President Trump and Shadow Secretary of State “Jared-Koscher Kushner-Nostra-Secretary of State” has been in power, all the floodgates have been opened in order to enforce its “America and Jewish First” policy unhindered. Who is surprised that Jewish citizens who do not distance themselves from this policy are becoming more and more unpopular? And that’s not anti-Semitism!

Dec 27 09:50


More than two years ago I wrote a comment with the title “When the Israel lobby rings twice”, but today it doesn’t quite fit anymore. In fact, the lobby has infiltrated German public life. They sit in almost all forums, parties, organizations. And in the media they are constantly on the lookout and consult editorial offices and broadcasters, so that everything goes according to their wishes and criticism of Israel is immediately stopped and the critics are silenced. The influence of this lobby and its demands are unprecedented. Why did the Merkel-Gro/Ko hide until today that during the last German-Israeli government consultations Prime Minister Netanyahu handed over a paper to Chancellor Merkel urging the German government to stop support for non-governmental organizations that allegedly “promote anti-Israeli activities”? We know only too well what this means and who.

Dec 27 07:49

Fraud probe opens into EU police mission for West Bank

Is it possible to have a relaxing holiday if you are being investigated for fraud?

The European Union’s policing operation in the occupied West Bank faces exactly that challenge. A few days before many of its personnel left for a Christmas break, some less than welcome visitors came to see their new Ramallah headquarters.

Representing an anti-fraud office called OLAF, the visitors conducted a search, quizzed some staff and took various documents and electronic equipment away for further inspection.

The investigation has been unreported until now. Yet it is not the first time that the EU’s policing operation has been under suspicion.

In December 2016, the Union’s diplomatic service opened a probe into claims of nepotism and harassment at the operation’s headquarters.

Dec 27 07:49

Don’t be afraid: Tahrir’s last words

Some things fade with time. Others – often the traumatic stuff – never leaves us.

Ten years ago, Israel launched a major offensive on Gaza.

It was meticulously prepared, down to the detail of ensuring it happened over Christmas, when much of the world’s western media was away.

It happened in spite of a six-month ceasefire agreed earlier in 2008, which had begun to unravel after an Israeli raid into Gaza on 4 November – the same date as a US presidential election.

By the time it was over, the so-called Operation Cast Lead had lasted over three weeks. It left more than 1,400 Palestinians, among them some 1,200 civilians, dead.

Dec 27 07:48

The benevolent bureaucrats of military occupation

Last year, 54 patients were known to have died while awaiting Israeli permits to leave Gaza for medical treatment.

This year, some 800 Palestinians in Gaza were barred from traveling under a directive that denied patients access to medical treatment in the West Bank and Israel over alleged ties to Hamas members.

The Israeli government directive was issued in early 2017 to put pressure on Hamas to release two Israeli civilians believed to be held by the group and to return the bodies of two soldiers killed in Gaza during the 51-day military offensive in the territory in 2014.

The family of one of the slain soldiers had demanded that the government reduce the number of exit permits for Palestinians seeking to leave Gaza for humanitarian reasons.

Dec 26 15:06

Netanyahu’s Gift to Settler Movement After Snap Election Called: 2,000 New Homes

Authorities in Israel have advanced plans to have nearly 2,200 settlement homes illegally constructed in the occupied West Bank.

A committee within Israel's Defense Ministry charged with handling such projects approved the plans on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A total of 2,191 settlement homes were advanced this week, with 1,038 clearing their final hurdle in the approval process before construction can begin. The remaining homes are still being processed.

Israeli settlements in the West Bank are considered illegal under international law. Members of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement seek to pressure international governments and companies into dropping business with entities that profit off of illegal Israeli settlements.

Last week, the Israeli government aided a law firm linked to Israel's Mossad intelligence agency to pressure a US-based fundraising platform to ban BDS from using its services, Sputnik News reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Timing, on such an issue, is never accidental.

Dec 26 15:04

Israel green-lights plans for 1,300 settlement homes, hundreds more pending

The Defense Ministry committee responsible for authorizing settlement construction on Tuesday advanced plans for over 1,300 homes in the West Bank, with some 800 more slated for approval in an additional session scheduled for Wednesday.

Of the 1,352 homes green-lighted by the Civil Administration’s High Planning Subcommittee in 23 different projects, 807 gained final approval for construction while 545 homes had their plans cleared ahead of being considered for a final okay.

On Wednesday, 839 homes are slated to be okayed by the High Planning Subcommittee, with 352 gaining final approval for construction and 487 clearing the earlier planning stage.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Timing... is never accidental, on issues like this.

Dec 26 11:50


So here is the deal. Some of the people walking around Palestine, Gaza, and the West Bank are blood relatives of Jesus. Distant blood relatives, but still blood relatives. Given 2000 years, it is possible that the vast majority of present day Palestinians are remote relatives of Jesus.

Israel is killing them.

And YOU are paying for it, which means you share the guilt. YOU are paying for the weapons used to kill the modern day family of Jesus. The moment you sign that 1040 form, you sign a confession, admitting before all the world that you are an accessory in the murder.

Think you are going to get into heaven after an insult like that?

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WRH Exclusive
Dec 26 08:38

Dissolving parliament, early elections proof of Israel's great failure: Palestinian official

A Palestinian politician says Israel’s decision to dissolve its parliament and call early general elections shows that the regime is in “a big crisis.”

The decision “is a reflection of the great failure of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s government,” Palestinian lawmaker Mustafa Barghouti (seen below) told the Associated Press in Bethlehem.

Dec 26 06:55

Chris Hedges: Israel is ‘frightened’ & ‘desperate’

Dec 26 05:21

Remember: Christ was a Palestinian refugee

There is something beautifully sacred about the moment in the Quran when the angels inform Mary she is about to give birth to Jesus.>>>

Dec 25 09:38

Biblical City Of Bethlehem Boasts Largest Christmas In Years

Pilgrims from around the world flocked to Bethlehem on Monday for what was believed to be the biblical West Bank city's largest Christmas celebrations in years.

Hundreds of locals and foreign visitors milled in Manger Square as bagpipe-playing Palestinian Scouts paraded past a giant Christmas tree. Crowds flooded the Church of the Nativity, venerated as the traditional site of Jesus's birth, and waited to descend into the ancient grotto.

Palestinian Tourism Minister Rula Maaya said all Bethlehem hotels were fully booked, and the city was preparing to host an "astounding" 10,000 tourists overnight.

"We haven't seen numbers like this in years">>>

Dec 24 16:46

Open letter from Gilad Atzmon to Britain’s Labour Party: Stop slandering me!

"I note with concern that several media sources this week, including the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, have quoted a “spokesman” from the Labour Party describing me as “a vile anti-Semite.”

"I was profoundly shocked to hear this language used against me by a member of your political party. Let me be clear: I am not an anti Semite, nor have I ever uttered any hate speech, nor have I ever been charged with any matter at all..." >>

Dec 24 16:39

UK Labour Party stuck in the "Dark Ages"

Stuart Littlewood demonstrates how the Labour Party has abandoned all semblance of justice while it persecutes members who have been falsely accused of “anti-Semitism” by Israel lobbyists, pimps and flag wavers. >>

Dec 24 13:37

Russia plans to bring Fatah and Hamas together in Moscow

Senior Russian officials yesterday revealed Russia’s desire to convene a meeting between Fatah and Hamas in Moscow.

Speaking in the wake of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s invitation to visit Russia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said: “We have invited [Haniyeh] and he accepted the invitation with gratitude. [The visit] is likely to take place early next year. Now, work is ongoing to agree on a date that is convenient for both parties to form a delegation,” Sputnik News reported.

Bogdanov hopes the planned meeting between Fatah and Hamas will contribute to the promotion of national reconciliation between the two sides, which have been engaged in a fierce feud since Fatah refused to hand over control of the government in the wake of Hamas’ 2006 election victory.

Dec 24 13:37

China gives $2 million to UNRWA in Gaza

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) announced that the People’s Republic of China has provided $2.35 million in support of the Agency’s emergency appeal for the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt).

In a statement on Friday, UNRWA said that “we appreciate the generous donation of $2.35 million from the People’s Republic of China in support of the Agency’s appeal for the Palestinian territories,” adding:

This generous donation from China provides immediate and critical emergency food aid during the months of October through December 2018 to approximately 1 million Palestine refugees who are classified under absolute poverty and extreme poverty categories in Gaza as part of the agency fourth emergency food aid.

Dec 24 13:19


Three young Jews were reportedly kicked off their free trip to Israel sponsored by the pro-Israel Birthright program today because they asked questions about the separation wall Israel has erected on occupied Palestinian territory.

Dec 24 13:06

Turkey FM labels Netanyahu 'a cold-blooded killer'

Turkey has hit out at Israel's "lawless occupation" of Palestinian territory after the Israeli prime minister accused Turkey of "massacres" against Kurds in a new war of words.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu labelled Benjamin Netanyahu "a cold-blooded killer of modern times", in a Tweet on Sunday, adding that the prime minister was "responsible for massacres of thousands of innocent Palestinians".

Relations between Turkey and Israel have been tense this year over multiple issues including a controversial law passed by the Israeli parliament in July which defined the country as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Dec 24 08:30

Gideon Levy has No Sympathy for Colonists as a Group

Dec 24 08:04

He was incredibly lucky

“I was given a new life on December 21, 2018.”

That’s what Mohammed Asad wrote to me after shrapnel from an Israeli sniper’s bullet narrowly missed him as he was covering the Great March of Return protests in Gaza on Friday.

Mohammed’s camera took the bullet instead.

But just meters away from Mohammed, a Palestinian child was not so fortunate.

The same bullet whose fragments destroyed the camera, hit 16-year-old Muhammad al-Jahjouh in the neck, killing him. Shrapnel from the exploding round wounded one other person.

Dec 23 15:35

Debunking Zionist dogma

Lawrence Davidson assesses the arguments used by critics of Israel versus Zionist dogma which, he says, boil down to whether our preference is for international law and human rights or ethnocentric nationalism and religious exclusivity. >>

Dec 23 15:32

Gilad Atzmon’s Christmas Message

Following the intense smear campaign against me, my work, my writing and my livelihood, I decided to produce this short Christmas message and address the ludicrous accusations against me, and also to wish you all merry Christmas and Happy New Year. >>

Dec 22 17:49

Subverting free speech and free societies: Why it is past time to stand up to Zio-Fascism

Hafsa Kara-Mustapha says ZIonist fascists – one of whom prompted London’s Islington Council to ban pro-Palestinian musician Gilad Atzmon from performing with the Blockheads at a Christmas concert – now pose a critical risk to free societies and standing up to them is an urgent matter. >>

Dec 22 12:52

The Constitutional Right to Boycott Israel

A report by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and Palestine Legal discussed “The Palestine Exception to Speech: A Movement Under Attack in the US.”

It covers “widespread and growing suppression of Palestinian human rights advocacy in the United States” – notably on college campuses against students and teachers.

What’s going on has chilling implications for constitutionally guaranteed speech, media and academic freedoms, including an assault on “higher education to help develop critical thinking,” CCR and Palestine Legal explained.

Their report documents “event cancellations, baseless legal complaints, administrative disciplinary actions, firings, and false and inflammatory accusations of terrorism and antisemitism – that Israel advocacy organizations, universities, government actors, and other institutions have used against activists.”

Dec 21 12:12

US fundraising site blocks BDS account after Israel advocacy group’s complaints

A US software company has blocked the fundraising account of the Palestinian-led boycott movement following a complaint by a pro-Israel advocacy group, reported the Associated Press.

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement denounced the move as “McCarthyite”.

According to the report, Donorbox, “which makes fundraising management software”, confirmed that the BDS campaign’s account was temporarily blocked while it investigates allegations made by Shurat HaDin, an organisation that specialises in legal attacks on Palestine solidarity campaigning.

AP said that the complaint was “submitted in coordination with Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry”.

Dec 21 12:12

Israel’s SodaStream to open factory in Gaza

Israeli firm SodaStream is to open a manufacturing plant in the Gaza Strip.

The plan was announced yesterday at Globes’ business conference, which hosted SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum in conversation with Ramon Laguarta, the CEO of Pepsico – which bought SodaStream earlier this year for $3.2 billion. During the conversation, Birnbaum revealed:

We set up our plant in Rahat [north of Beersheba in the Negev desert], and I want to make it bigger and give more people hope, so we’re in the process of also putting a plant in Gaza, which will be operated through a subcontractor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trying to recover from the boycott over the plant in the illegal settlement in the West Bank.

Dec 21 12:11

Israel separates parents and children with Bethlehem permits for Gaza’s Christians

Palestinian Christians in the Gaza Strip have charged Israeli occupation authorities with issuing Christmas travel permits to some family members but not others.

“Last year, 300 permits were given to the Christians in Gaza to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem, but only to people over the age of 55,” said Fr Mario da Silva, Parish Priest of Gaza, speaking to Independent Catholic News.

“This year, 500 permits were approved by Israel. But until this moment, we have only received around 250 permits for people over the age of 55 and between the ages of 16 and 35. However, children under the age of 16 were not included.”

Dec 21 12:03

Senators Try to Sneak Anti-BDS Measure Into Last-Minute Spending Bill

two senators are trying to sneak legislation that would impose criminal penalties on American companies and groups that support a boycott of Israel into a spending package that would avert a government shutdown by Friday.

Sen. Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat, and Sen. Rob Portman, an Ohio Republican, are pushing a proposal that would create criminal and civil penalties for American entities that back boycotts supporting Palestinian rights, The New York Times reported. The move seeks to weaken the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, known as BDS, that seeks to economically pressure Israel to give equal rights to Palestinians, similar to the South African anti-apartheid movement.

Cardin and Portman have pushed for the legislation for months and are now trying to attach it to a package of spending bills that Congress must pass to avoid a shutdown.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US Government is on the verge of a shutdown and these clowns are still fretting about Israel!

Dec 21 11:54

Christmas in Bethlehem: ’tis the season for hasbara

Bethlehem is in the occupied Palestinian territories, not Israel, but Israel controls much of the tourism, keeping tourists from staying at Palestinian hotels, shopping in Palestinian souvenir shops, and – most importantly – hearing the Palestinian narrative.

Dec 21 11:53

A history lesson on the legitimacy of resistance

Before the birth of modern Israel, Zionist groups – newly arrived in Palestine – engaged in armed struggle against the British military, whom they labelled as “occupiers.” But now that the tables have turned (and the UN has enshrined the right of armed struggle as a vehicle of indigenous liberation) the Israeli occupation refuses to recognize the Palestinian resistance as legitimate.

Israeli military lives lost, while tragic, are sacrifices made willingly by the occupier who is fully aware that the resistance is ongoing.

Palestinians’ struggle for self-determination is a difficult, costly march; yet history teaches there is simply no other choice. Silence is surrender. To be silent is to betray all those who have come before and all those yet to follow.

Dec 21 11:42

Israeli MK: ‘Our Life More Precious Than Palestinians’ Life’

Extremist right wing Israeli Member of Knesset Bezalel Smotrich has called for illegal Jewish settlers to attack Palestinians, claiming that “life of Jews is more valuable than Palestinians’ life.”

On his twitter account, Smotrich wrote: “I call on my heroic [settler] friends and pioneers to come out tonight and close Route 60 along its entire length to the movement of Arab vehicles.

“If there are [Palestinian resistance] attacks [against illegal Jewish settlers], there will be no Arabs on the roads. Our lives precede their quality of life.”

Consequently, the Israeli human rights organisation Yesh Din demanded that an investigation be opened into the Jewish Home politician as he tweeted a call for settler violence against Palestinians.

Dec 21 08:49


The Ramallah-based BDS International Committee had its online donation account frozen on suspicion of ties to terrorism by its fundraising site Donorbox, according to a Ministry of Strategic Affairs report on Friday.

The American website, DonorBox, a popular fundraising platform for non-profits, which serves as the umbrella organization of the Palestinian Boycott Coalition, announced that it is freezing the accounts of the BDS National Committee (BNC), which operates from Ramallah and is headed by an Israeli resident, Omar Barghouti.

Dec 20 14:22


So here is the deal. Some of the people walking around Palestine, Gaza, and the West Bank are blood relatives of Jesus. Distant blood relatives, but still blood relatives. Given 2000 years, it is possible that the vast majority of present day Palestinians are remote relatives of Jesus.

Israel is killing them.

And YOU are paying for it, which means you share the guilt. YOU are paying for the weapons used to kill the modern day family of Jesus. The moment you sign that 1040 form, you sign a confession, admitting before all the world that you are an accessory in the murder.

Think you are going to get into heaven after an insult like that?

Dec 20 10:46

US Funds to Pay Palestinians to Vacate the West Bank? Israel Lobby Group Has a Plan

“A plan to redirect U.S. foreign aid from supporting Palestinian refugees through UNRWA to paying Palestinians to leave the West Bank so that Israel’s own radical religious right can annex the occupied territory is morally outrageous and destined to fail.” – Debra Shushan, Americans for Peace Now

Dec 20 10:16

54 Palestinian kids killed, 900 others arrested by Israeli forces since Jan.: Report

A report by a Palestinian human rights center reveals that Israeli forces have killed at least 54 Palestinian children and arrested over 900 others since the beginning of 2018.

The human rights center reported that 80 percent of the children were killed during demonstrations in the so-called buffer zone in the Gaza strip.

The report also condemned what it described as Israel’s systematic violation of Palestinian children’s rights.

According to the group’s investigation, conducted by the Palestinian Center for Study and Documentation, Israel's rights violation is not limited to trial of children in military courts, but it starts from the moment of arrest.

The report said Israelis carry out interrogation sessions in which children are often handcuffed, blindfolded, beaten and insulted.

The latest child victim, from Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, was only four years old.

Dec 20 09:24

Timeline of the name "Palestine"

This article presents a list of notable historical references to the name Palestine as a place name in the Middle East throughout the history of the region, including its cognates such as "Filastin" and "Palaestina".

The term "Peleset" (transliterated from hieroglyphs as P-r-s-t) is found in five inscriptions referring to a neighboring people or land starting from circa 1150 BC during the Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt. The first known mention is at the temple at Medinet Habu which refers to the Peleset among those who fought with Egypt in Ramesses III's reign,[2][3] and the last known is 300 years later on Padiiset's Statue. The Assyrians called the same region "Palashtu/Palastu" or "Pilistu", beginning with Adad-nirari III in the Nimrud Slab in c. 800 BC through to an Esarhaddon treaty more than a century later.[4][5] Neither the Egyptian nor the Assyrian sources provided clear regional boundaries for the term.[6]

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, how come Israel says Palestine never existed ?

Dec 20 07:31

To the Pitzer College President: Palestinians are beyond fed up with American inaction

I am writing you today as a Pitzer alum ‘75 in support of the Pitzer faculty’s decision to suspend the direct-enroll program at the University of Haifa in Israel. On December 1, 2018, your office emailed me a cover letter outlining the Pitzer faculty’s decision and attached your remarks, regarding this decision, to the Pitzer College Council. As cited in the Los Angeles Times’ article, the faculty’s argument for their decision is Israel’s “entry restrictions to students based on ancestry and/or political speech”, and [not]” granting visas for exchanges of Palestinian universities on a ‘fully equal basis’ to those it grants for exchanges to Israeli ones”. Your counter-argument, as delivered on November 30th to the Pitzer College Council, is that the faculty decision is a “repudiation of Pitzer’s educational mission”.

Dec 20 07:31

Israeli lawmakers advance bill to expel Palestinian attackers' kin

Members of the Israeli parliament gave preliminary approval Wednesday to controversial legislation enabling the forced displacement within the West Bank of Palestinian attackers' family members.

The bill comes after a wave of deadly Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers in the occupied West Bank, with its sponsors saying it would deter future attackers.

A statement from parliament noted the bill passed the Wednesday vote 69-38 in a stormy session, during which Arab lawmakers were expelled from the chamber for disrupting procedures.

Dec 20 07:29

Israel Tampered With Video of Strike That Killed Two Palestinian Boys, Investigators Say

A PAINSTAKING RECONSTRUCTION of a series of Israeli airstrikes that killed two Palestinian boys on the roof of a building in Gaza City this summer suggests that Israel’s military tampered with its own surveillance footage of the attack, possibly to conceal evidence that the children were visible to the drone pilots who carried out what were supposed to be nonlethal “warning strikes.”

Dec 20 07:29

UN Agency Announces Cutbacks in Food Aid to Gaza, West Bank

The World Food Program announced on Wednesday cuts in food aid affecting some 190,000 impoverished Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank - or half of all its recipients there - citing a severe funding shortfall.

The UN agency said it would, as of January 1, suspend food assistance to 27,000 people in the West Bank. In addition, food aid to 165,000 people in the territory and in the Gaza Strip would be reduced by 20 percent.

"WFP has been forced, unfortunately, to make drastic cuts to the number of people that we support across Palestine, both in Gaza and the West Bank," Stephen Kearney, WFP country director in the Palestinian Territories, told Reuters.

Dec 20 07:28

Israel stops importing West Bank fruits, vegetables: officials

Israel has decided to stop importing Palestinian-grown fruits and vegetables from the West Bank, Palestinian officials said on Wednesday.

Israel has stopped importing fruits and vegetables from the West Bank for the second day, said Abdulla Lahlouh, director general of the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture in the West Bank, in a statement.

According to the Palestinian official news agency WAFA, Israel unilaterally made the decision without informing the Palestinian Authority on the decision in advance.

The reports said that during 2017, the Palestinian exports of vegetables to the Israeli markets had reached 56 million U.S. dollars and those of fruits were five million dollars.

Dec 20 07:15

Senior Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Killing All Palestinians, “Because they are just Nazis Anyhow”

Former director of Shin Bet internal security service and Minister of Internal Security Dichter said that the Israeli army is prepared to use all means, including lethal force to deter the Palestinians protesters.

Since March 31, thousands of peaceful Palestinian protesters have been staging protests along the eastern fence of the Gaza Strip, calling for lifting the 12-year-old Israeli siege and reinforcing the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan repeatedly referred to the protesters killed in Gaza as “Nazis,” saying that there were no demonstrations, just “Nazi anger.”

He later added: “The number [of peaceful Palestinian protesters] killed does not mean anything because they are just Nazis anyhow.”

Dec 20 07:00

It isn’t anti-Semitic to be anti-Israel and its contempt for international law

Israel is determined to be both racist and extremist in the hope that the world will continue to ignore and, indeed, condone this fact. Its dictum is that attack is the best form of defence and it is trying to delegitimise Palestinian resistance to its occupation by condemning Hamas and Islamic Jihad as “terrorist groups”. Israel and the US failed in their effort to get the UN General Assembly to agree, despite intense pressure applied by the outgoing US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley.

Dec 20 07:00

Gaza’s Al-Aqsa TV to go off air after Israel bombing

The Gaza Strip’s Al-Aqsa TV is to go off air tonight, a month after its studio was destroyed by an Israeli air strike.

In a statement yesterday, the TV station announced that it would go off air today at 17:00 local time (15:00 GMT), citing a “suffocating financial crisis” caused by an Israeli air strike which left the channel with $4.5 million worth of damages, the Times of Israel reported.

Director of Al-Aqsa TV, Wisam Afifa, told Anadolu Agency that it is unclear if and when the station will be able to resume its broadcasts, saying the timescale “depends on the availability funds”.

Though the station yesterday provided an email address and phone numbers that could be used to make donations, it is unlikely enough funds will be raised to prevent the channel from ceasing its broadcast tonight.

Afifa added that some 220 people work for the channel, meaning they are likely to be left without work following the station’s closure.

Dec 20 06:57

Social media giants censor user content at Israel’s request

Social media giants are collaborating with Israeli authorities to censor user content, according to a new update by legal rights centre Adalah.

Adalah is continuing to demand that Israel’s state attorney’s office closes its “Cyber Unit”, which works with companies like Facebook and YouTube to remove posts.

According to official data, in 2016 the unit submitted 2,241 content removal requests, of which 69 per cent of posts were duly removed. In 2017, the unit submitted a massive number of 12,351 content removal requests, 85 per cent of which were removed.

Adalah maintains that there are “constitutional and legal flaws inherent in the Cyber Unit’s activities”.

“The state attorney’s authority in such issues is limited to the possibility of retroactively appealing to the courts and bringing suspects to trial,” Adalah stated.

Dec 20 06:56

Israel’s censorship regime goes global

For a government which brashly boasts of being “the only democracy in the Middle East” Israel in reality has a lot of anti-democratic tendencies.

The main one of these is the simple reality that Israel enforces a military dictatorship over millions of Palestinians.

These people – in the West Bank and Gaza Strip – cannot vote in Israeli elections. They do not have equal rights under Israeli law. They can have their property, homes and even lives taken away at a moment’s notice by Israeli soldiers or settlers.

The system of Israeli law that Palestinians in the sectors of Palestine designated under international law as the “occupied territories” is a military one. This is therefore an apartheid regime, since the Israeli settlers also living in the West Bank are subject to a different set of laws – civilian law.

Dec 20 06:55

Rights group: Israel deliberately neglicts Palestinian prisoners’ medical needs

The Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs said yesterday that the Israeli prison administration practices a policy of deliberate medical negligence against a number of ill Palestinian prisoners in Ashkelon Prison.

The commission said in a statement that as many as 12 Palestinian prisoners in the jail are ill and in need of medical care.

According to the commission, prisoner Bassam Al-Na’san, 21, from Al-Mughayyir village east of Ramallah, has been waiting for an urgent operation for many months but the prison administration is delaying his medical examinations and operation.

The commission also warned of the deterioration of the health condition of prisoner Muhammad Barash, 39, from Jalazun refugee camp north of Ramallah.

Dec 20 06:55

Marc Lamont Hill should be reinstated without delay

African-American college professor and activist Dr Marc Lamont Hill has been fired from his side-gig at CNN for the “crime” of speaking out in solidarity with Palestine. Last month, Hill spoke at the UN on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. He gave a brilliantly eloquent and moving speech in which he called for solidarity with Palestinians to go beyond sloganeering towards active participation in the non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Solidarity (BDS) movement.

Drawing historical parallels between the Palestinian liberation struggle and Black liberation struggles, Hill even backed the right of both to use arms in self-defence in pursuit of their freedom.

Dec 20 06:54

UN World Food Programme to cut back aid to 190,000 Palestinians

Move comes after UN agency for Palestinians said 'record low funding levels' would mean half a million fewer people in need receiving aid

Dec 20 06:54

Palestinians living in fear amid spike in Israeli settler 'price tag' attacks

Residents of West Bank village of Yasuf say Israeli settlers slashed their car tyres and spray-painted 'Death to Arabs' on several homes

Dec 20 06:53

A history lesson on the legitimacy of resistance

Before the birth of modern Israel, Zionist groups – newly arrived in Palestine – engaged in armed struggle against the British military, whom they labelled as “occupiers.” But now that the tables have turned (and the UN has enshrined the right of armed struggle as a vehicle of indigenous liberation) the Israeli occupation refuses to recognize the Palestinian resistance as legitimate.
Israeli military lives lost, while tragic, are sacrifices made willingly by the occupier who is fully aware that the resistance is ongoing.
Palestinians’ struggle for self-determination is a difficult, costly march; yet history teaches there is simply no other choice. Silence is surrender. To be silent is to betray all those who have come before and all those yet to follow.

Dec 20 06:51

No Vaccination for Palestinian Children, Decides the Occupying Power, Israel

Lara Hamdan had no idea, when she went to the health services center in Ramallah, to vaccinate her one-year-old daughter, that the vaccination was not available and that she had to wait until Israeli authorities allow the vaccines to enter Palestine before her daughter can be vaccinated.

Hamdan was concerned that, if her daughter does not get the right vaccination for children on time, her health might be at risk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, Israel is doing the Palestinians a favor here!

Dec 19 10:27


Christmas is meant to be a time for family to get together but not if you’re a Palestinian living in Gaza

Dec 19 10:20

West Bank Uprising: Israel’s Divide and Conquer Strategy Falls Apart

Shir Hever explains that the Israeli government’s deal with the Hamas party undermined the incentive for Palestinian security coordination, as the Israeli military is dragged in to implement colonial policing. As a result, Hamas has never been stronger

Dec 19 09:30

Kicking Palestinians Out of Refugee Camps in Lebanon

An eerie video composed of a recorded audio prayer and a photo of one "Hajj Jamal Ghalaini" occasionally pops up on Facebook. The voice is that of an alleged religious sheikh, praying for the well-being of the man in the photo for saving the Palestinian refugee youth of Lebanon, by facilitating their departure to Europe.

The video would have been just another odd social media post, were it not for the fact that Ghalaini is a real person, with his name recurring in the ongoing tragedy of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Many have credited their successful "escape" from Lebanon by citing this person, who, kindly, they say, has made the journey to Europe far cheaper than all other human smugglers.

We know little about Ghalaini, except that he seems to operate brazenly, without much legal repercussions from Lebanese authorities or the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which is, supposedly, the caretaker of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Something strange is going on.

Dec 19 09:29

Trump administration mum as Israel mulls legalizing 66 outposts

As the Knesset advanced legislation to legalize 66 outposts deep in the West Bank this week, the Trump administration remained notably silent.

Despite US President Donald Trump’s past criticisms of the settlement movement — and declarations that the settlements hurt the possibility of an Israel-Palestinian peace deal — the White House and State Department have declined to weigh in, as Israeli lawmakers push to further entrench these communities into contested territories.

Asked to comment on the bill, known as Regulation Law 2, a State Department spokesperson told The Times of Israel: “Our Near East office advises that since this is about Israeli legislation, they refer you to the Government of Israel.” A White House official also declined to comment.

Dec 19 09:28

Israel said to strongly protest Russian invite to Hamas leader

Israel has in recent weeks lodged furious protests with Russia over its recent invitation to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh to visit Moscow later this month, according to a television report on Tuesday.

The objections were raised both by Israel’s embassy in Moscow and in conversations with the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv, Channel 10 reported.

But Russian officials rejected the complaints, noting that Israel was itself talking to Hamas, albeit indirectly. The Hamas delegation is expected in Moscow in late December.

Dec 19 09:27

Arab League urges Australia, Brazil to shift stance on Jerusalem

The Arab League on Tuesday adopted a resolution calling on Australia and Brazil to "abide by international law" concerning the status of Jerusalem.

It comes after Brazil´s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro announced in November his intention to move his country´s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

And on Saturday Australia announced its recognition of west Jerusalem as Israel´s capital, although a contentious embassy shift from Tel Aviv will not occur until a peace settlement is achieved.

Both Israel and the Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital.

Dec 19 09:23

Rashida Tlaib Will Wear Palestinian Garb for Congressional Swearing-In

One of the two first Muslim women to be elected to Congress has announced she will be showcasing both her religion and her Palestinian roots when she is sworn in on January 3.

Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian American who was unchallenged in her bid to represent Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, posted a photo on Instagram of the gown or “thobe” that she will wear.

“Sneak peek: This is what I am wearing when I am sworn into Congress,” Tlaib wrote, using the hashtags #PalestinianThobe and #ForMyYama.

Dec 19 08:08

Israel got delegitimized last week

I went on vacation for a week and in that time, Israel got delegitimized. That is the striking impression from the news. The two-state consensus is now in a complete shambles in the U.S. discourse, and many Americans on both right and left are beginning to support one democratic state in Israel and Palestine, which of course would mean the end of what Benjamin Netanyahu calls “the one and only Jewish state.”

Dec 18 15:34

London’s Islington Council bans pro-Palestinian musician from performing in response to one Israel flag waver

Islington Council has caved in to Zionist pressure and banned musician and writer Gilad Atzmon – a fierce campaigner for justice for the Palestinians – from performing with the Blockheads at a Christmas concert, in response to pressure from a single pro-Israel campaigner.>>

Dec 18 12:15

Netanyahu gov’t steps up collective punishment tactics in the West Bank, pushes bill to expel families of accused attackers

Israel has stepped up its efforts to demolish the homes of Palestinians accused of carrying out attacks on Israelis in recent days, a policy that has been widely criticized for years as collective punishment.

Amid mounting pressure from his right-wing ultra-nationalist base, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has doubled down on so-called “deterrence” efforts, instructing security officials to fast track punitive home demolitions.

Over the weekend, the family homes of two accused Palestinian assailants were destroyed, leaving their relatives, who had nothing to do with the attacks, homeless.

On Saturday, Israeli forces conducted a massive raid on Ramallah’s al-Amari refugee camp, that lasted more than eight hours.

Dec 18 12:14

UN: Gaza showing early warning signs for coming ‘unprecedented’ crisis

The Gaza Strip faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, impacting the livelihoods and access to essential services by its two million residents. This crisis has been driven by over 11 years of an Israeli blockade and an unsolved internal Palestinian divide, exacerbated since March 2018 by the massive increase in Palestinian casualties in the context of demonstrations taking place near Israel’s perimeter fence, as well as limited escalations in hostilities.

Dec 18 12:12

Back to Realism: The Conservative Case for Palestine

This article being about the Israel/Palestine crisis – a veritable "third-rail" in American political discourse – it’s necessary to start with a few disclaimers. This author is not anti-Semitic and believes the Israeli state has a right to exist. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s address the controversial caveat: Palestinians, for moral and strategic reasons, also deserve state sovereignty and equivalent civil rights. And, believe it or not, that should be the stated position of all real (small c) conservatives.

Dec 18 12:10

Netanyahu delivers on threats of collective punishment

Israel has delivered on threats of potential war crimes made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following shootings of settlers and soldiers by Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Occupation forces destroyed homes belonging to the families of two Palestinians alleged to have attacked Israelis, and delivered demolition notices to a third.

Since late 2015 Israel has accelerated the demolitions of the family residences of Palestinians alleged to have attacked Israelis, a form of collective punishment Israel never applies to Jewish perpetrators.

Dec 18 11:48

WATCH: Leaked report based on 20 years of monitoring: Israel regularly violates international law

An international group created 20 years ago to monitor the situation in the West Bank city of Hebron has issued a confidential report based on over 40,000 incident reports that shows a consistent pattern of the Israeli forces violating human rights and international law.

Dec 18 11:48

Israeli Forces Open Fire on Ambulance, Injure Palestinian Youth

One Palestinian youth was injured by shrapnel from live Israeli ammunition, after forces opened fire targeting his vehicle in the Silwad area of Ramallah, late Sunday.

Witnesses reported that Israeli forces, deployed at military checkpoint at the western entrance of Silwad, opened live fire targeting a Palestinian vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle sustained minors injuries by shrapnel.
Israeli soldiers also opened fire at an ambulance that was passing by the road.

Dec 18 11:46

Israel killed Gaza teens with ‘warning’ missile then published misleading video, investigation reveals

The Israeli military killed two Palestinian children in a ‘warning’ missile strike in July, then published manipulated video footage of the event, a detailed investigation has revealed.

As reported by The New York Times, the investigation by London-bases research group Forensic Architecture and Israeli NGO B’Tselem looked at the 14 July killing of Amir Al-Nimrah, 15, and Luai Kahil, 16, as they sat on top of an unfinished tower in Al Katiba Square, the occupied Gaza Strip.

At 5.45pm, the Israeli military fired the first of four “warning” strikes, ahead of a more intense bombardment that levelled the structure. The two friends were killed by the very first missile.

The Israeli military refers to such “warning” missiles as a so-called “knocking on the roof” method, which it portrays as designed to limit civilian casualties. July’s fatal strike, however, is no the first time that the tactic – slammed by human rights groups – has directly killed Palestinians.

Dec 18 11:46

Israeli court rules brutal attack on Palestinian to be ‘road rage’

The Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court ruled yesterday that a brutal attack on an unarmed Palestinian bus driver was “road rage”, denying that the incident constituted a hate crime.

Nidal Fakih, a bus driver from the Shuafat neighbourhood of Jerusalem, was attacked on Thursday night while driving to Modi’in Illit, an ultra-Orthodox settlement north of the city in the occupied West Bank. He told the authorities that he had been dropping off passengers at the illegal settlement when two Israelis boarded the bus and began speaking to him; when they realised that he was a Palestinian they began to beat him.

Footage which emerged on social media shortly after the attack showed Fakih bleeding severely from his left eye and unable to move from his seat, clearly in shock. He was later hospitalised with “lacerations to his face, a fractured eye socket and several cracked ribs,” the Times of Israel reported yesterday.

Dec 18 11:45

In view of Israel soldiers, settlers stone ambulance en route to pick up Palestinian

Israeli settlers in Hebron stones a Palestinian ambulance en route to picking up a patient, in full view of Israeli soldiers, human rights NGO B’Tselem has reported.

On 17 November, 72-year-old resident and mother of 11 children Firyal Abu Haikal felt unwell, and requested an ambulance from the Red Crescent. Firyal lives in Tel Rumeidah, a neighbourhood of Hebron, in the occupied West Bank, that is “subjected to severe restrictions on movement imposed by the Israeli military years ago”.

“The restrictions, which were stepped up in 2015, together with repeated attacks by settlers have made the lives of the local residents a living hell,” B’Tselem added. “I called a few times to get the ambulance to hurry up and every time they told me the ambulance was on its way,” Firyal said.

“I sat holding the phone the entire time, waiting, but the ambulance didn’t come. When I called again, they told me settlers had thrown stones at the ambulance.”

Dec 18 11:44

Is there a plot to depopulate Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon?

An eerie video of a photo of one “Hajj Jamal Ghalaini” with a prayer on a backing track pops up occasionally on Facebook. The voice is that of an allegedly religious sheikh, praying for the well-being of the man in the photo for saving the Palestinian refugee youth of Lebanon by facilitating their departure to Europe.

The video would have been just another odd social media post, were it not for the fact that Ghalaini is a real person, with his name recurring in the ongoing tragedy of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Many have credited their successful “escape” from the country to this person who, they say kindly, has made the journey to Europe far cheaper than all other smugglers of desperate human beings.

We know little about Ghalaini, except that he seems to operate brazenly, without many legal repercussions from the Lebanese authorities or the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), the supposed caretaker of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Dec 18 11:43

I Feel No Sympathy For (illegal) Israeli "Settlers"

I do not sympathize with people who profiteer from tragedy. I have no sympathy for robbers. I have no sympathy for the settlers. I have no sympathy for the settlers not even when they are hit by tragedy. A pregnant woman was wounded and her newborn baby died of its wounds – what can be worse than that? Driving on their roads is frightening, the violent opposition to their presence is growing – and I feel no sympathy for their tragedy, nor do I feel any compassion or solidarity.

Dec 18 11:42

Laws Targeting Israel Boycotts Fail Again in Court

A new wave of state laws that try to limit Americans’ constitutional right to engage in political boycotts is now 0 for 2 in federal court.

On Thursday night, a federal court blocked Arizona from enforcing a law requiring state contractors to certify that they are not participating in boycotts of Israel. The court agreed with the ACLU that the law likely violates contractors’ free speech rights under the First Amendment.

“A restriction of one’s ability to participate in collective calls to oppose Israel unquestionably burdens the protected expression of companies wishing to engage in such a boycott,” U.S. District Court Judge Diane J. Humetewa wrote in her decision issuing a preliminary injunction against the law.

Dec 18 11:14

Airbnb denies Israeli claims that company is reversing West Bank settlement ban

Airbnb is denying claims by Israel’s tourism minister that the company was going to reverse its November decision to remove listings in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said in a Facebook post on Monday that following meetings with Israeli government officials, Airbnb would not be implementing its November decision. He hailed the move as a “step in the right direction.”

Several Israeli media outlets also made similar claims, quoting a Hebrew statement sent out by an Israeli Airbnb representative that said “our policy will not be implemented.”

Dec 17 15:07

Growing US public support for one state shared equally by Israelis and Palestinians falls on deaf ears

Jonathan Cook says Americans and other Westerners are waking up to Israel’s ugly racist and expansionist reality, and that a growing number understand that it is time for a new, single state model that ends Israel’s treatment of Jews as separate from and superior to Palestinians.>>

Dec 17 13:44

Americans are waking up to Israel’s brutal and discriminatory tactics

With opinion now evenly split between those who favour a one or two-state solution, many in the US are turning their attention to the systemic inequities faced by Palestinians

Dec 17 11:05

Israeli Apartheid Viciousness the Root Cause of Violence

Time and again, Israeli soldiers, police, or other security forces assault, wound or kill Palestinians with impunity.

At times, incidents like December West Bank shootings and similar violence are state-sponsored Israeli provocations for preemptive war on Gaza, earlier on Lebanon.

It’s possible that’s behind the shootings of Israeli soldiers and civilians this month. Mossad, Shin Bet, and the IDF notoriously stage these type incidents to falsely blame Hamas and/or other Palestinians.

Most likely, this month’s shootings are all about Palestinian rage against longstanding apartheid ruthlessness, an intolerable daily ordeal, the world community dismissive about what’s gone on for 70 years, no relief for a long beleaguered people forthcoming.

Last Sunday, shootings injured seven Israeli settlers near the illegal Ofra settlement.

Dec 17 10:19

Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers amid heightened tension: medics

Clashes between angry Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers broke out on Friday afternoon across the West Bank and in the eastern Gaza Strip close to the border with Israel, medics said.

Israeli soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the demonstrators who threw stones at the soldiers, burned tires and chanted anti-Israel slogans, they said.

The Gaza health ministry said in a press statement that at least 15 demonstrators were shot by Israeli gunfire in clashes in eastern Gaza.

A paramedic and a photographer were also injured in the clashes, the ministry added.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society in the West Bank said in a press statement that at least 12 demonstrators were injured by Israeli gunfire in Nablus, Ramallah and Hebron.

Dec 17 10:18

Illegal Israeli Colonists Attack School Near Nablus

Several illegal Israeli colonialist settlers attacked, Sunday, a Palestinian School in Burin village, southwest of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and fired many live rounds.

Ibrahim Omar, the principal of Burin Secondary School, said the school administration had to close the educational facility, and sent the children back to their homes, in fear of further violations.

He added that the soldiers were present in the town during the invasion, and did not attempt to remove the assailants.

The colonists also attacked a number of homes surrounding the school, while the soldiers occupied rooftops of a number of homes, and fired many rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs at Palestinians, protesting the invasion.

Dec 17 10:17

Israeli Court Sentences Mother of A Palestinian, Killed By The Army, To Eleven Months, For “Incitement”

An Israeli court sentenced, on Sunday morning, the mother of a Palestinian, who was killed by the army last year, to eleven months in prison for what the military prosecution described as “incitement on social media.”

Attorney Mohammad Mahmoud of the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee, said the court sentenced Susan Abu Ghannam to eleven months in prison, for posting statements on Facebook, after the death of her son.

The court deemed the posts as incitement, and passed its sentence on the woman, from at-Tur neighborhood, east of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Dec 17 10:01


People feel like there is nobody to defend them — no one to protect their families, their land, or their dignity. Many Palestinians have lost faith in their leaders, and President Abbas is increasingly unpopular.

Dec 17 09:01


A PRO-ISRAEL ACTIVIST group is quietly pushing lawmakers on Capitol Hill and key officials in the White House to embrace a plan that would entail paying Palestinian residents in the West Bank to move abroad. The plan is a bid to reshape the ethnic and religious population of territories controlled by Israel, according to the head of the group, called the Alliance for Israel Advocacy.

If all goes according to the group’s plan, legislation will be released in January, when the new Congress convenes, that will redirect U.S. funds once dedicated to the United Nations for Palestinian humanitarian assistance into a voucher program administered by the Israeli government. A draft summary of the proposal states that the money will help finance the permanent relocation of Palestinians from the West Bank to countries such as Turkey, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, or the United States.

Dec 17 08:30

Life after demolition: Palestinian family in East Jerusalem reels after being forced to demolish their own home

The days since 38-year-old Murad Hashimi lost his home in occupied East Jerusalem have been some of the most difficult of his life.

Not only did he lose the home he was born and raised in, but he was forced to demolish it with his own two hands.

“When I was destroying my house, it was like I was in a daze,” Hashimi told Mondoweiss. “I couldn’t think clearly. Even now, I can’t think about anything except the house.”

Dec 17 08:28

Israel ministerial committee advances bill that legalises outposts

Israel’s Attorney General criticised the bill and saying it “raises significant legal problems, which may even lead to international repercussions and expose Israel to significant risks in this respect.”

The bill gives power to the councils of settlements to approve settlement plans and projects, as well as to freeze the demolition orders until the regulation takes place.

Smotrich praised the advancement of the bill, stating that it would lead to the legalisation of some 6,000 illegally built Israeli settlement units throughout the occupied West Bank.

Dec 17 08:27

Israel ministers back expulsion of Palestinian resistance’s families

Israeli ministers yesterday voted to advance draft legislation that would see the relatives of alleged Palestinian assailants expelled from their homes and forcibly relocated to other parts of the occupied West Bank, reported the Times of Israel.

The decision by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation means that the bill will now move to the Knesset plenum, though there is no date set yet for the first vote.

According to the law, proposed by Jewish Home MK Moti Yogev, “within a week” of an alleged attack – or even an attempted attack – Israeli occupation forces “will be permitted to expel the relatives of the Palestinian assailants from their hometowns to other parts of the West Bank”.

Dec 17 08:27

The road to Palestine runs through the barrel of a rifle

The title of this article was inspired by the poem One Road by the late Nizar Qabbani. He wrote it after the June 1967 defeat in the Six Day War; it ends with, “To Palestine, there is only one road; that passes through the barrel of a rifle.”

Indeed, that is the only road to Palestine and any other road is a mirage. The alleged peace that is spoken of is merely surrendering to the status quo and defeat; “a play”, as Qabbani put it. It is a farcical play, of which its creators have tried to convince the naïve masses, but they cannot fool those who understood the game from the very beginning.

Qabbani said it early on, before the signing of the ill-fated Oslo Accords that disregarded the national Palestinian constants and replaced them with recognition of Israel. This had been a taboo that no one dared utter or approach. In exchange for this sin, Oslo created a fake “Palestinian Authority” and false promises about the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Dec 17 08:26

Binding human rights treaty would be a crucial tool for Palestinians

Seven decades ago, on 10 December 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - a document that is still a reference point for justice struggles around the globe.

The declaration, however, has a painful omission: It does not explicitly oblige corporations to follow its principles. But that may soon change, with negotiations underway for a potentially groundbreaking, binding treaty that could be crucial for Palestinians.

Since 2014, an intergovernmental working group has been tasked with developing a treaty to reaffirm the supremacy of human rights over corporate interests and trade agreements. The ongoing negotiations are to confer direct obligations - instead of voluntary guidelines - on transnational business enterprises to respect human rights, defining civil and criminal liability should they fail to do so.