Aug 20 09:45

Britain to reopen Tehran embassy: Iranian official

Britain will reopen its embassy in Tehran during a visit to Iran by Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond due to start on Sunday, an Iranian foreign ministry official told AFP.

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Israel's whores in Congress stall the US part in the P5+1, and the rest of the world moves forward making deals.

Aug 20 09:42

Jewish Leaders Support Iran Deal

26 Jewish leaders are running an ad in the New York Times today supporting the Iran deal:

Aug 20 09:30


At this point, it almost feels like kicking someone while he’s down. Jeb Bush can’t even stand up to Donald Trump, let alone his own growing series of scandals.

In the latest revelation from David Sirota and team at International Business Daily, we learn that:

For Florida taxpayers, the move by the administration of then-Gov. Jeb Bush to forge a relationship with Lehman Brothers would ultimately prove disastrous. Transactions in 2005 and 2006 put the Wall Street investment bank in charge of some $250 million worth of pension funds for Florida cops, teachers and firefighters. Lehman would capture more than $5 million in fees on these deals, while gaining additional contracts to manage another $1.2 billion of Florida’s money. Then, in the fall of 2008, Lehman collapsed into bankruptcy, leaving Florida facing up to $1 billion in losses.

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Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable from this political dynasty.

They are all about the money; and the people they hurt through their shenanigans can simply go to hell.

IF you want a President who will not give a damn about any of you, but only about his wealthy cronies, please continue to support this crook in his campaign.

Aug 20 09:26


While Monsanto played God during the 1990s, the Clinton Administration had its back — a policy consistent with its corporate-friendly approach to environmental issues. When, for example, the French balked at allowing GMO corn into their country, the president, the secretary of state, the national-security adviser, and assorted U.S. senators pleaded Monsanto’s cause.

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Imagine my absolute (absence) of surprise.

Aug 20 09:22

FLASHBACK - Clinton Approves Technology Transfer to China

President Clinton said in a letter to Congress that the transfer would not harm national security or significantly improve China's military capability in space. The President was required under a 1998 law to certify that all such technology exports are in the national interest.

The certification was the first such notice to Congress under the law, which was passed in the aftermath of a Congressional uproar last year over the transfer of sensitive missile technology to China.

Mr. Clinton's notification also follows by less than a week the release of a report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which concluded that lax monitoring of the launching of American-made satellites aboard Chinese rockets had enhanced the accuracy of China's ballistic missile arsenal.

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As Judicial Watch later uncovered, the Clintons were well rewarded for allowing China access to this technology, repaid with campaign donations funneled in through people like John Huang, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations.

So ...

What if Hillary's weak server was their delivery system for more sold secrets, a far better solution than having to tape packages of documents underneath a bridge (Robert Hanssen's preferred method).

Aug 20 08:52

On Michael Savage Today THREE Consecutive calls from govt. workers with high security clearances OPEN NEW CAN OF WORMS ON HILLARY EMAILS

One person after another – now it’s three four callers – were revealing stuff that there are extraordinary procedural requirements and systems that protect the top secret emails.

It’s difficult for me to regurgitate what the callers said, but Hillary has broken major laws to be able to send or receive the emails that she sent and received.

It’s literally impossible for non secure email accounts to send emails to the top secret rooms where those top secret emails must go when being sent or received.

So the Pentagon would be unable to send a satellite photo to her nonsecure email account nor could it receive one from a nonsecure email account.

They said it would take putting the emails on a thumb drive or the equivalent to remove it from the secure room. I got the impression that doing so was highly illegal.

Aug 20 08:23

Drawing a blank: Devices from Clinton, aides wiped clean

The web of investigations into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server that held classified information and her inner circle's dealings is being hampered by revelations that their computer devices have been wiped clean or destroyed -- despite the Democratic presidential candidate claiming earlier this week she doesn't know "how it works digitally at all."

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Aug 20 07:43

Rand Paul Introduces Bill to “Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid”

Senator Rand Paul introduced the “Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid Act of 2015” on Wednesday, which would halt U.S. aid to Palestinians, until they withdraw their request to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), in order to pursue war crimes charges against Israel.

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"Don't you understand? You are NOT allowed to take Israel to court, no matter what they do! Israel is above the law! Israel told me so. They write it on the back of that last campaign check and I believe them." -- Bland Paul

Aug 20 06:21

The Big List Of 33 Things That Are Going To Happen In September 2015

Is September 2015 going to be a month that changes history? For months, there has been an unprecedented amount of buzz all over the Internet about what is going to happen in September. And without a doubt, we are going to witness a convergence of events during that month that is quite remarkable.

Aug 20 04:51


While Monsanto played God during the 1990s, the Clinton Administration had its back — a policy consistent with its corporate-friendly approach to environmental issues. When, for example, the French balked at allowing GMO corn into their country, the president, the secretary of state, the national-security adviser, and assorted U.S. senators pleaded Monsanto’s cause. (The French finally caved when Gore himself phoned the prime minister to lobby on the corporation’s behalf.)2 In addition, Washington’s revolving door whirled many Clinton Administration officials onto the Monsanto payroll, while the president’s committee of science and technology advisers included Virginia Weldon, the corporation’s senior vice president for public policy.

Aug 20 02:42

The Heroin Epidemic, in 9 Graphs

Heroin use has skyrocketed in the U.S., and it's hitting young adults the hardest.

Aug 19 22:08

UK would be safer if it stopped following US foreign policy, says Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn has said the United Kingdom must become "a constant irritant on human rights” and should stop looking to the United States when formulating foreign policy.

Aug 19 20:40

Palestinian hunger striker prevails over Israel

RAMALLAH/OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Palestinian detainee Mohammad Allan ended his 65-day hunger strike against his detention without trial Wednesday after the Israeli Supreme Court suspended his arrest warrant, his lawyer said.

Aug 19 19:58

Eight soldiers killed, Istanbul palace attacked as Turkish unrest mounts

By Nick Tattersall and Seyhmus Cakan

ISTANBUL/DIYARBAKIR, Turkey (Reuters) - Gunmen fired on police outside an Istanbul palace and a bomb killed eight soldiers in the southeast on Wednesday, heightening a sense of crisis as Turkey's leaders struggled to form a new government.




Aug 19 14:43

Hillary Clinton Says The Unthinkable In Private Meeting With #BlackLivesMatter Activists









Aug 19 12:40

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton: She has a lot to hide

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She can run, but she can't hide! :)

Aug 19 12:07

Obituary has one last request: Don't Vote For Hillary in 2016

A New Jersey woman used her obituary to make one last political plea, urging mourners not to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Elaine Fydrych, who died Aug. 13 at the age of 63 after a long battle with lung cancer, included the unconventional request at the end of her obituary telling those who wished to honor her memory:

“Elaine requests, 'In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.’”

Aug 19 11:25

Anti-vaccine activists being targeted by big pharma hit squad

Mandatory vaccination bills have dominated news headlines – especially in California, where SB277 was recently signed into law, stripping parents of their rights to opt children out of the mandatory immunizations required to attend school. Anti-vaccine activists have not been silent on their opposition to the bill and their belief that big pharma profit margins are the driving force behind the bill – not concern for public health and safety. After all, drug companies have resorted to crooked and underhanded techniques in the past in an effort to hide safety information about their medications and the serious dangers they present to unknowing consumers.

Aug 19 10:30

BLOOD MONEY: Planned Parenthood Has Politicians Completely Paid Off, Media In Its Pocket

Forty-five of the 46 Senators who voted against defunding Planned Parenthood recently have accepted cash donations from the abortion group, an investigation has found.

In addition, several media organisations and owners also have deep ties to Planned Parenthood.

Kristi Burton Brown of Live Action, a pro-life news organisation, did some digging, and discovered that all but one of the Senators who voted to block legislation that would have diverted funds to non-abortion health clinics have received cash from Planned Parenthood in the past.

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So Congress hits a new low of selling babies for spare parts.

Aug 19 10:27

State Department destroyed Clinton aides’ BlackBerrys

The State Department destroyed the BlackBerry devices issued to two top aides of former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, and never issued Mrs. Clinton a device at all, officials told a federal court Wednesday.

The filing came a day before officials will have to appear in court to detail the steps they took to try to track down Mrs. Clinton’s emails, and whatever computers or other devices she may have used to send them.

Aug 19 10:23

Scientist suspects aborted babies 'alive until hearts cut out'

“If you read scientific publications, in which they use the fetal material for some indications, particularly, cardio-vascular, or nerve cell research, they discuss the necessity of having tissue in the digesting buffer solution within five minutes for optimal yields,” she told the news organization. “So, within five minutes of death, you would have to have the heart removed, and flushed of all blood, cleaned of any extra tissue that might be there, and the heart put into a liquid with enzymes that would digest the connective tissue and release the muscle cells.”

Deisher, who earned a doctorate in molecular and cellular physiology from Stanford University, further explained: “Sometimes, they use an apparatus where they hook the heart up and they would flush fluid through it to keep it alive and beating. And you can’t have a dead heart that’s going to work in that kind of process.”

Aug 19 10:21

Clinton pulls plug on testy presser over server questions

Asked if the server, which has been turned over to the Department of Justice, had been wiped clean, Clinton initially shrugged and later joked, "Like with a cloth or something?

"I don't know how it works digitally at all," she added.

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Aug 19 10:19

David Petraeus Prosecutor on Hillary’s Tail

One of the federal prosecutors who helped bring down former general David Petraeus is now leading the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email use.

Of the two prosecutors in the Department of Justice’s National Security Division tasked with investigating Clinton’s emails, one of them worked on the Petraeus case, according to the Washington Post. Petraeus, pled guilty to giving his biographer and mistress classified information.

Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, has turned over thumb drives containing Clinton’s emails from her tenure as Secretary of State. The thumb drives are now in the possession of the Department of Justice, which is just one part of an inter-agency government task force, including the FBI, that is investigating Clinton’s emails.

Aug 19 10:04

“Independent” GMO Researcher Forced to Release Emails Showing $25K Grant from Monsanto

The FOIA findings included communications of well-known, staunch proponents of GM crops like Kevin Folta, a professor and chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Gainesville, who received a $25,000 grant from Monsanto. The emails reveal the funds could “be used at [his] discretion in support of [his] research and outreach projects”.

Aug 19 10:01

Straight shooting from the UK

The Bow Group, ‘the United Kingdom’s oldest conservative think tank’, is as ‘Establishment’ an institution as one could hope to find. Its board includes prominent former Conservative cabinet ministers such as Norman Tebbit and Geoffrey Howe as well as right-wing academics like philosopher Roger Scruton. I was intrigued, therefore, to hear its chairman, Ben Harris-Quinney, announce last week that, ‘the theory of neo-liberal interventionism is bankrupt.’

The context of Harris-Quinney’s remarks was the publication of a new Bow Group report entitled ‘The Sanctions on Russia’.

Aug 19 09:38

Sanders Halves Clinton's Lead in National Polls

Two new polls show Bernie Sanders has halved Hillary Clinton's lead in national polling.

The polls, from Fox and CNN, show that Hillary's support has dropped below 50%, while Sanders' support has gone up. The CNN poll, released today, has Clinton at 47 with Sanders at 29. The Fox poll, released Monday, shows Clinton at 49 and Sanders at 30. One month ago, RealClearPolitics showed Hillary's average lead on July 20th, averaging 58 for Hillary and 16 for Sanders. That represents a jump from 42 points behind to 18.5 behind.

Aug 19 09:31

The Labour Party Turns on the Israel Lobby

It would be fair to say the massacre of around 100 Palestinian villagers by Jewish Stern Gang and Irgun terrorists in the village of Deir Yassin nearly 70 years ago is not well remembered today.
Like many of the horrific events surrounding the creation of the state of Israel, the massacre on April 9, 1948 has been quietly dropped down the memory hole. It was a horrific tale of British betrayal and Jewish ruthlessness, and is still too embarrassing for both Jewish elites and the British government.

Aug 19 09:28

In contentious exchange, Clinton insists anything she did with email server was 'legally permitted'

In a contentious exchange with reporters after a Las Vegas Town Hall event Tuesday, Hillary Clinton insisted anything she did with her email server was "legally permitted" and said the media were the only ones asking about it.

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P.S. Hanging traitors who give American weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria while we are in a state of war on terrorists is also legally allowed!

Aug 19 08:42

Law firm representing Hillary has ties to State Dept.

An attorney who worked for the same firm representing Hillary Clinton in the legal battle over her private emails now oversees the State Department's handling of those same emails.

Catherine Duval, formerly of Williams & Connolly, departed the Internal Revenue Service last year for the State Department, where she assumed responsibility for the release of Clinton's emails and for the agency's production of documents to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of both the select committee and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said he sees similarities between the IRS investigation and the Benghazi investigation.

"It's interesting that Kate Duval was at Williams & Connolly, and then went to the IRS, and when she was at the IRS, she was the chief counsel when the 422 backup tapes were destroyed," Jordan told the Washington Examiner, referring to Duval's involvement in an investigation into IRS targeting of conservatives.

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So the lawyer who helped "lose" Lois Lerner's emails is now hired to "lose" Hillary's?

Aug 19 08:28


If a man or woman is truly known by the company he or she keeps, then here's Bill and Hillary Clinton's circle of friends who were sent to jail.

Aug 19 08:25



Aug 19 08:17

Trump Turning Point