Jun 12 16:17

Trump Says 'Thank Goodness We Can Fight Back On Social Media' As Supporters Are Banned

Does Trump not understand that nearly everyone who helped him win in 2016 is being systematically purged from social media and suppressed and censored by Google, or does he just not care?

Jun 12 13:56

Kirk: Botswana Decriminalizing Homosexuality is 'Monumental Achievement' for Trump

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk praised President Trump on Wednesday for the "monumental achievement" of potentially helping decriminalize homosexuality in Botswana, where the HIV rate is as least 25 percent.

Jun 12 13:55

Report: Trump Orders 'Simpler Path' For Genetically Engineered Food

"President Trump wants to make it easier for genetically engineered plants and animals to enter the food supply, and he signed an executive order Tuesday directing federal agencies to simplify the 'regulatory maze' for producers," the AP reports.

Jun 12 13:19


Cops are increasingly turning to commercial gene-testing services to solve crimes, using a process called "genetic genealogy" that uses the records of people who are near-matches for DNA from crime scenes to zero in on suspects; that's how they caught the Golden State Killer, but cops don't just ask genetics services for data when they're after killers, sometimes they deputize these services to help them solve petty crimes.

Jun 12 11:42

Steve King not allowed on Air Force One for Trump's trip to Iowa Tuesday

Rep. Steve King, the Iowa Republican who was stripped of his congressional committee assignments earlier this year, was not allowed to fly aboard Air Force One on Tuesday as President Donald Trump traveled to Iowa, two GOP officials say.

King, who represents the state's 4th District in Western Iowa, asked the White House to join the President's entourage, but administration officials rejected the request, two officials familiar with the matter told CNN.

Jun 12 11:41

Dem committees win new powers to investigate Trump

The House voted Tuesday to grant new legal powers to a key committee investigating the Trump administration, handing Democrats another tool in their battle to bore deeper into Robert Mueller's report on Russia's election meddling and potential obstruction by President Trump.

The 229-191 vote broke down strictly along partisan lines with no defectors from either party, highlighting the entrenched divisions on Capitol Hill between Democrats accusing Trump of conducting a "cover-up" related to Mueller's findings, and Republicans fighting to protect their White House ally from what they consider a political "witch hunt" heading into 2020.

Jun 12 11:40

David Axelrod: Biden is playing into Trump's caricature of being 'weak mentally'

Former Obama advisor David Axelrod expressed his concerns that former Vice President Joe Biden is "playing into the the caricature" made by President Trump that has questioned the Democratic frontrunner's fitness to lead.

Both Trump and Biden exchanged harsh attacks between one another on Tuesday as they both made campaign stops in Iowa, with the president telling reporters outside the White House that the former VP is "weak mentally.”

Appearing on CNN, Axelrod cautioned that Biden's light campaign schedule, when compared to those of other competitors in the Democratic field, left him open to such criticisms.

Jun 12 11:39

Biden Defends the Ruling Class

"I don't think 500 billionaires are...why we're in trouble," says the ex-VP, who acknowledges the unsustainability of the gap in wealth but adds he would shrink Social Security and Medicare.

Jun 12 11:38

“China Joe” Biden Will Reverse and Call China Geopolitical Threat…

According to two media reports democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is scheduled to completely reverse his position on China, and outline the Asian nation as a global geopolitical threat in an Iowa speech today. That’s not a reversal or a flip-flop, that would be a triple-lindy.

Jun 12 11:19

Medical Cannabis States Have Lower Rates of Opioid Prescriptions

Using data from privately-insured adults, new findings from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston revealed that there is a lower level of opioids prescribed in states that have allowed the use of medical marijuana...

Jun 12 10:26

Netanyahu will attend October pre-indictment hearing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reluctantly agreed to attend an October pre-indictment hearing which will decide his fate in three corruption cases.

Facing today’s deadline by which he must inform Israel’s Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit, whether he will attend the hearing, Netanyahu’s lawyer Amit Hadad announced that “we will come to the hearing, but it would have been right to reconsider the date and delay it”.

In a video posted online, Hadad stressed that “we believe there are significant arguments justifying postponing the [hearing] date” and complained of “dozens of missing documents” in the case files provided to him.

Jun 12 10:25

Israel Police recommend charging Netanyahu associate with bribery in ‘Submarine Affair’

Israel Police has recommended charging Miki Ganor, an associate of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with bribery for his role in Case 3000, often known as the “Submarine Affair”.

The case refers to a series of allegations against close associates of Netanyahu, who it is claimed lobbied Israeli defence officials to sign deals with German shipbuilding firm ThyssenKrupp. The multi-billion-shekel deals, many of which date back to 2009, would have seen Israel purchase naval vessels and submarines from the German firm. Netanyahu’s associates, however, are suspected of “skimming” millions of shekels off the top of the deals for their personal profit.

Jun 12 10:23

DEM WAR! Report Says ‘Top Democrats’ Want AOC to Challenge Chuck Schumer

According to a report by news outlet Axios, “top Democrats” want Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to continue her war against the establishment of her party by challenging one of her home state of New York’s two Senators: Sen. Chuck Schumer or Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Jun 12 10:17

Judicial Watch: State Department Emails Show Coordination Between Obama State Department and House Democrat Leader on Christopher Steele/Russia

Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation today released 16 pages of documents revealing former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Special Coordinator for Libya Jonathan Winer coordinating with then-House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer’s (D-MD) national security advisor, Daniel Silverberg to work on Russia dossier materials provided by Christopher Steele.

Steele is a former British spy and author of the anti-Trump dossier used to justify a series of FISA spy warrants targeting Carter Page. Winer is a former Obama State Department deputy assistant secretary who was implicated in working with Steele and Clinton associate Sidney Blumenthal to circulate the anti-Trump dossier.

Jun 12 10:17

Realistic goals 101: Biden vows to ‘cure cancer’ if elected US president

Not content with the usual impossible campaign promises, Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden has promised to cure cancer if he’s elected, raising eyebrows on social media.

“I’ve worked so hard in my career, that I promise you, if I’m elected president you’re gonna see the single most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer,” Biden told a crowd in Ottumwa, Iowa on Tuesday.

Jun 12 10:05


One of the media and beltway orthodoxies we constantly hear is that just a few bad apples under James Comey at the FBI explain why so many FBI elites have been fired, resigned, reassigned, demoted, or retired — or just left for unexplained reasons. The list is long and includes director James Comey himself, deputy director Andrew McCabe, counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, attorney Lisa Page, chief of staff James Rybicki, general counsel James Baker, assistant director for public affairs Mike Kortan, Comey’s special assistant Josh Campbell, executive assistant director James Turgal, assistant director for office of congressional affairs Greg Bower, executive assistant director Michael Steinbach, and executive assistant director John Giacalone. In short, in about every growing scandal of the past two years — FISA, illegal leaking, spying on a presidential candidate, lying under oath, obstructing justice — someone in the FBI is involved.

Jun 12 09:54

Leaked Messages Confirm: Imprisonment of Brazil’s Lula da Silva was Politically Motivated

The website The Intercept received a massive archive of communications between prosecutors and judges, involving Brazil's corruption cases. Initial analysis reveals that former president Lula da Silva's prosecution and conviction were politically motivated. Mike Fox discusses the ramifications

Jun 12 09:47


The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to allow a congressional committee to enforce subpoenas by taking uncooperative executive-branch officials to court using a civil-contempt resolution.

A civil-contempt resolution is different from criminal contempt of Congress, which can result in lofty fines and even jail time.

The move comes after the House Judiciary Committee advanced contempt of Congress resolutions for both Attorney General William Barr and former White House counsel Don McGahn, marking the most severe congressional action against President Donald Trump's administration since Democrats reclaimed the chamber's majority.

The 229-191 vote fell straight along party lines. The resolution required only a simple majority and needed to be passed in only one chamber of Congress. It came after the House Judiciary Committee hammered out the details of the contempt resolution in a marathon hearing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would very politely like to point out, that the more time the Democrats spend on this absolute "playing to the galleries" nonsense, the less time they have doing the work their alleged constituents hired them to do.

Put perhaps, doing the actual, and critically necessary work for their constituents, was never really in the cards for this current crop of House and Senate Democrats.

I have never, in 70 years of existence on this planet, seen a political environment so rancidly toxic, and it makes us look, to the world of stable democracies, like elementary school children, fighting over a dodge ball infraction.

Not pretty at all.

Jun 12 09:21

US Propaganda Blitz Ahead of Idlib’s Liberation

By Tony Cartalucci

A recent New York Times article titled, “Inside Syria’s Secret Torture Prisons: How Bashar al-Assad Crushed Dissent,” dusts off, combines, and repackages now nearly 8 years of Western war propaganda aimed at demonizing the Syrian government and paving way for regime change.

While the article claims it now has “memos sent to Syria’s head of military intelligence” to back up previous claims, it admits “some information was blacked out to protect the integrity of evidence for possible prosecutions.”...

Jun 11 17:11

GOP Finally Act On Big Tech Censorship... By Demanding Even More Of It

Rather than demand Twitter stop censoring conservatives, the GOP establishment is demanding Twitter censor the Hamas government to aid Israel.

Jun 11 12:08

George Soros ‘Purchases’ Local Elections to Push for ‘Radical Agenda’ ? US Attorney

George Soros, 88, is known for his investments in pro-migrant groups and broader globalist agenda. One of his most recent endeavours is a criminal justice reform drive in the United States, in which he has thrown his weight behind progressive candidates in several district attorney elections.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has ripped into American-Hungarian investor and liberal philanthropist George Soros, accusing him of using his wealth to quietly “remake” American society.

George Soros was reported to have ploughed over $3 million into district-attorney campaigns in several states in 2016, supporting progressive candidates who would back a criminal justice reform.

“Once elected, these candidates have ended cash bail, treated felonies as misdemeanours and sometimes ignored some crimes entirely,” Carlson said.