Aug 06 09:00

Uncovered Texts Show the Deep State FBI’s Peter Strzok Met with the UK’s MI5 as Early as August 2016

A recent article at the Guardian shows that the Deep State FBI worked with the UK’s Deep State spy agency MI5 as far back as August of 2016. This was the same time Peter Strzok visited the UK.

The Guardian reported –

Text messages between Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI at the time, and Jeremy Fleming, his then counterpart at MI5, now the head of GCHQ, also reveal their mutual surprise at the result of the EU referendum, which some US officials regarded as a “wake-up call”, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Aug 06 08:58

JW Uncovers More Comey Corruption

As the Justice Department reportedly takes a step to give James Comey a pass for illegal activity, Judicial Watch is uncovering the details of these crimes.

We received six pages of records from the FBI showing that in June 2017, a month after Comey was fired by President Donald Trump, FBI agents visited his home and collected "as evidence" four memos that allegedly detail conversations he had with President Trump. One of his memos was written on June 6, a month after he was fired.

Comey was fired by Trump on May 9, 2017. The memos are dated February 14, 2017; March 30, 2017; and April 11, 2017. Another is dated "last night at 6:30 pm."

The FBI documents also revealed that Comey recalled writing two other memos after conversations with Trump that he claimed were "missing." The FBI visit and interview took place on June 7, the day before Comey admitted leaking the memos in testimony to Congress.

Aug 06 08:57

Texas faces turbulent political moment

For a quarter century, Texas Republicans have run a ruby-red state, building a conservative bastion where government is limited.

Now, the mounting tensions of racially motivated rhetoric, a polarizing president and Republican infighting have rocked Texas’s political leadership to its core. And the state may soon face a tipping point brought on by shifting coalitions of voters who want change, in Austin and Washington.

The tumult is creating turnover that has startled even the closest observers of Texas politics. In just the last week, Reps. Kenny Marchant (R), Pete Olson (R), Will Hurd (R) and Mike Conaway (R) have said they will retire rather than seek a new term in 2020.

Aug 06 08:25

7-Year Sentence of Turkish Social Media Influencer For a Tweet Sparks Debate on Free Speech

By Sevgi Yagmur Bulut

A Turkish Twitter celebrity is being sued for allegedly advocating drug consumption, and attempting to use social media to overthrow the government. The Twitter celebrity, P?nar Karagöz, claims her tweets were in fact making reference to a Netflix series. She was initially handed a 7-year jail sentence...

Aug 06 08:06

Local Activist Taking on Surveillance in Illinois

By IL Tenthers

Editor’s note: State and local activism are at the heart of the Tenth Amendment Center’s work. The following outlines the efforts of a TAC activist working on two specific issues in Illinois...

Aug 06 02:45

NZ First blindsides Andrew Little with talk of abortion referendum

New Zealand First has blindsided Justice Minister Andrew Little by suggesting it may call for a referendum on abortion law reform.

The Government this week unveiled its bill for an overhaul of abortion laws, with the legislation to go to its first reading in Parliament on Thursday.

The bill went through extensive talks with NZ First before being announced to improve its chances of passing, but MP Clayton Mitchell on Tuesday told reporters the party was likely to call for a referendum.

"We've had a good discussion about that at the moment and we're working through it but it's something NZ First believes should probably be a binding referendum issue," he said.

Aug 05 17:59

Anonymous Bites Back Radio Show Strikes Against Censorship — Now Broadcasted On 50+ Platforms

By Aaron Kesel

Anonymous Bites Back, an all volunteer activist apolitical radio show, has been broadcasting for several years with constant problems fighting back against censorship for the topics discussed. Now, ABB seems to have found an unorthodox solution to their problem...

Aug 05 16:22

Find Solutions Before Bloomberg Stooges Come for Your Rights

Second Amendment supporters are always wrongly blamed as being complicit in mass shootings. As evidenced during CNN’s nationally-televised Second Amendment shaming event after the Parkland shooting, those who defend our rights are accused of standing shoulder to shoulder with the wicked murderers. It’s a blood libel, and we should not let ourselves be shamed into silence for defending ourselves from an unjust and wrongful deprivation of liberty by that blood libel.

Aug 05 12:32

Trump Demands Gun Control, Executions For 'Hate Crimes,' Asks DOJ & Social Media to Detect Pre-Crime

President Donald Trump on Monday demanded anti-Second Amendment "red flag" gun seizure laws, swift executions for so-called "hate crimes," "involuntary confinement" for people the state deems "mentally disturbed," and directed the DOJ to work with states, local law enforcement and social media sites to "detect mass shooters before they strike" -- all while repeating generic leftist slogans about "hate."

Aug 05 12:31

GOP Rep Dan Crenshaw, Sen Lindsey Graham Push Gun Control In Wake Of Leftist's Mass Shooting

Establishment GOPers Dan Crenshaw and Lindsey Graham joined with Democrats in a push to disarm their own voter base in the wake of antifa-supporting leftist Connor Betts' mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Aug 05 10:47

Wray Welcomes Peter Strzok Back to FBI

Almost one year after he was fired from his top post at FBI, Peter Strzok is back in the building and the FBI’s good graces.

"Strzok is in the (HQ) building all the time," one FBI insider revealed. "He is taking meetings or part of meetings."


FBI sources confirm Strzok has been granted access to FBI facilities in Washington, D.C. and its headquarters building on numerous occasions since he was sacked in August 2018.

Strzok has also not been stripped of his security clearances, an FBI insider said.

Aug 05 10:21

California Removes Arrest Reports From Kamala Years

A redesign of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website will make it harder for voters to inspect Sen. Kamala Harris's controversial record as the state's top cop.

The department removed public access to a number of reports on incarceration in the state, including when presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D.) was California's attorney general. Twice a year, the CDCR releases information about the number of new individuals incarcerated in the California prison system as part of its "Offender Data Points" series. These reports provide important information on demographics, sentence length, offense type, and other figures relevant to criminal justice and incarceration.

Aug 05 10:15

A $32mn nothingburger: Justice Dept bill comes due for Russiagate costs

Nearly two years of fruitlessly hunting for collusion between US President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government cost the country $31.7 million, the Justice Department has revealed.

The cost of special counsel Robert Mueller’s 22-month probe was released in a Justice Department accounting report on Friday. While the last six months of the investigation, which concluded in May with Mueller’s resignation, cost “only” $6.5 million as he began sending prosecutors home and writing up the 448-page report, turning the full force of the country’s investigative apparatus against a president and his campaign isn’t cheap. From May 2017 to September 2018, the special counsel’s office spent $25 million digging for Russian infiltrators in the White House.

Aug 05 09:52

8/2/19 Ray McGovern on ‘Deep State-Gate’

The great Ray McGovern talks about the real dangers behind the phony Russia collusion probe, namely the near-impossibility of detente with Russia thanks to the democrats’ insistence that any of President Trump’s inclinations in that direction must be based on his being a traitor to America. Scott and McGovern both think the premise is ridiculous, of course, but more importantly it increases the risks of a global nuclear war. McGovern says he would be perfectly fine impeaching Trump, but not for Russiagate nonsense—the real crimes Donald Trump is guilty of involve continuing illegal wars that Barack Obama started. But in order to indict Trump for these war crimes, democrats would have to lay the same blame on Obama, which they will never do.

Aug 05 09:34

Feds Looking into AOC’s Ex-Chief of Staff for Possible Campaign Finance Violations

Possible campaign finance irregularities by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s former chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti may form the basis of a federal probe, according to a report in the New York Post.

This follows news Friday that Saikat Chakrabarti, the congresswoman’s chief of staff since January, and Corbin Trent, her communications director, would be parting ways with her congressional office in the next few weeks.

Chakrabarti, who masterminded Ocasio-Cortez’s election to Congress, is heading to New Consensus, a nonprofit working to bolster the Green New Deal and other climate change initiatives, as Breitbart New reported.

Aug 05 09:32

Freshman Representatives Heading to Israel on AIPAC Sponsored Trip

On Monday, House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) will be bringing a large delegation of freshman Democratic members of Congress to Israel. The Trip is sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). A Republican group is scheduled to arrive in Israel on Friday.

These trips to Israel are organized in August of every off-election year for new members of Congress. Hoyer will be joined by chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY). The presence of these party leaders shows the importance the trip has to party leadership. It is part of the effort to squash some of the questioning of the US-Israel relationship that has been growing within the party.

Aug 05 08:36

Slavoj Zizek – Truth is many Democrat ‘moderates’ prefer Trump to Sanders in 2020 White House race

Many so-called Democrat ‘moderates’ would prefer Donald Trump to retain the US Presidency than for Bernie Sanders, or another genuine leftist, to defeat him.

In this sense they are mirror-images of establishment Republicans, such as George W Bush and Colin Powell, who publicly expressed support for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 contest.

In the course of this week’s heated Democratic Party primary debate, former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper warned that “you might as well FedEx the election to Donald Trump” if the party adopts radical platforms. Such as Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ plan, the Green New Deal and other game-changing initiatives.

Aug 05 06:24

YouTube Censorship Drives Uptake of Crypto-Powered Video Platforms

By Kai Sedgwick

If the prospect of greater privacy and financial sovereignty doesn’t lure the masses to crypto networks, perhaps the ability to speak freely will. Lately, a lot of people who couldn’t give a damn about peer-to-peer cryptocurrency have taken a shine to peer-to-peer networks that run on the same censorship-resistant principles. As social networks run amok, deplatforming users for the slightest provocation, decentralized alternatives start to look increasingly alluring. If YouTube, Facebook, Twitter et al. continue on their current path, they may become the architects of their own downfall, accelerating the exodus to web3...

Aug 05 05:21

Currency War Begins: Chinese Yuan Crashes to New Record Low as Global Markets Tumble

By Tyler Durden

China is firing all the big guns, because just an hour after Beijing effectively devalued the yuan, when it launched the latest currency war with the US, Bloomberg reported that the Chinese government has asked its state-owned enterprises “to suspend imports of U.S. agricultural products after President Donald Trump ratcheted up trade tensions with the Asian nation last week.”

China’s state-run agricultural firms have now stopped buying American farm goods, and are waiting to see how trade talks progress...

Aug 05 04:15

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern defends proposed abortion law

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has defended not going further with abortion law reform, saying the bill put up before Parliament needs to be able to pass.

The Government on Monday unveiled its long-awaited bill to decriminalise abortion, treat it as a health issue and reduce the legal hoops women have to go through to get access.

It's the first major reform in the area in more than four decades and will have its first reading in Parliament on Thursday.

Under current laws, women need to get clearance from two doctors on physical or mental health grounds – a process that's been described as stigmatising and too cumbersome.

Aug 04 18:31

FREE e-Book, “The Book of Broken Promises: $400 Billion Broadband Scandal & Free the Net”

By B.N. Frank

Free Book Explains How Americans Have Become Powerless Against Telecom Companies

In June, Bruce Kushnick and The IRREGULATORS won their first round against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for ripping off the American taxpayers and putting us all at risk...

Aug 04 10:32

Competition Should Be Neither Restricted Nor Mandated

By Connie Lin

The malicious type of monopoly or oligopoly forms when a business or a group of businesses seek to protect their position of dominance not through competitive merit but through government assistance. This is called cronyism, where companies extract favors in the form of subsidies, more regulation on competitors, tariffs, and other tactics to weaken the competition. The more the government intervenes in the economy, the more vulnerable institutions are to cronyism due to regulatory capture. Competition is stifled by laws intended to increase barriers to entry in order to protect existing enterprises.

Regulatory agencies often become dominated by the very industries they are charged with regulating...

Aug 04 10:13

Treasonous FBI aided criminal Hillary Clinton in destroying evidence, wiping hard drives to avoid prosecution

Barack Obama will go down in legitimate history books as one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of our country.

Aug 04 10:13

S&P Bearish on 5G, Tesla’s Coil and the T-Mobile Merger

By Renee Parsons

The FCC, the telecoms and cooperating MSM continue their resolute PR campaign to sell 5G to an unsuspecting American public as if the technology is up and running at effortless full capacity. The truth is that even as ‘spotty’ coverage is being established in large urban markets, the telecoms are well aware that there are fundamental uncertainties yet to be addressed which may take years before widespread distribution can be accomplished.

The industry is driven by the hard reality that consumer indifference to increased data speed may be enough to threaten a return on their $275 billion investment...

Aug 03 16:11

On Criticising Private Businesses and the State

By Stefan Kløvning

A common mischaracterization of the libertarian position is that it is either indifferent to or supportive of all kinds of unethical activities conducted by businesses and individuals in the private sphere. Although this appears to be more of an attempt to stigmatize libertarianism than to carefully assess it, it’s true that its proponents exert far more of their energy to protest State activity than anything going on in the private sphere. Having written many critiques of the State, however, I will here take up the question to which degree libertarians, as well as others, should also view private businesses with skepticism and call them out when they do wrong...

Aug 03 11:08


With the exit of former Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions and the “anointment” of new Attorney General William “Bill” Barr, many conservative talk-show hosts and pundits – and one public-interest watchdog in particular, which seeks and boasts of the documents it receives from the government – were quick to promise that justice was just around the corner for the likes of former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI General Counsel James Baker, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former FBI special agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, aka “The Lovebirds,” former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Criminal Division director Bruce Ohr and a host of other felonious lowlifes. The reason for these rosy predictions?

Aug 03 10:23


What the Epstein case reveals.

Graham Elwood interviews former Police Detective Eric Oldenburg who cuts through the mainstream media soft peddling.

“People are overlooking the children…”

Aug 03 10:22

What's behind Ayanna Pressley's anti-BDS vote?

When Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley cast her vote in favour of Resolution 246, which condemns the Palestinian call for global solidarity in the form of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS), many activists expressed disappointment, outrage and surprise.

Most had assumed that Pressley, the first-year congresswoman from Massachusetts and a member of the “Squad”, the team of rookie women-of-colour politicians dubbed “the future of the Democratic Party”, would support organising for Palestine.

It was widely assumed that as an African American with a long history of activism, Pressley would support boycotts, which were instrumental in ending segregation in the US.

Aug 03 10:12

Why Wasn’t Comey Charged Over Illegal Leaks of President Trump Memos? | Tom Fitton

Aug 03 10:06

Glenn Beck’s breakdown of Ilhan Omar’s marriage timeline should raise eyebrows

Representative Ilhan Omar is clearly in a lot of trouble. A phrase progressive media has been uttering about President Trump for the last three years – “the walls are closing in” – seems to be more aptly directed at the Minnesota Congresswoman. Her timeline of events are questionable at best and possibly indicative of past criminal activity.

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck took to his famous chalkboard to break down the timeline of family events that have surrounded the freshman Representative since 2016 when small conservative publications started calling out her marriage statuses over the years. Now, mainstream media, politicians on both sides of the aisle, and possibly even law enforcement are finally taking a closer look at whether or not she committed immigration and tax fraud while trying to help her brother become a United States citizen.

Aug 03 10:01

‘Leningrad Lindsey’: Russia-baiting senator gets taste of own medicine as xenophobic hashtag trends

A trending Twitter hashtag, created to shame Lindsey Graham for his alleged un-American ways, has brought Russia-baiting full circle, with the senator now on the receiving end of the mass paranoia he helped foment.

#LeningradLindsey began trending after the South Carolina lawmaker helped push a controversial asylum bill through the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. The hashtag, featuring the Soviet-era name of Russia’s St. Petersburg, has been used by critics accusing Graham of unbecoming conduct. This is after he waived protocol to help ensure the legislation would pass committee and receive a vote in the Senate. His alleged foul play apparently makes him Russian (or Soviet)… or so the logic goes.

Aug 03 09:57

Epstein's Lawyers Request A Full Year To Review A Million Pages Of Documents

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein have asked a judge for "at least a year" to review a "blizzard" of documents that prosecutors have gathered against him in their case alleging sex trafficking in minors and conspiracy. Bloomberg reports that prosecutors have asked the judge for a trial in June of next year, but Epstein's defense team, led by attorney Martin Weinberg, responded that his team wanted to wait until September 2020 because they haven't yet begun to receive documents from the government.

In a hearing on Wednesday in Manhattan, Weinberg said:

“We need time to receive a million pages of discovery and prepare to defend a four- to six-week trial. We need time to assess events that occurred 14 to 17 years ago.”

Aug 03 09:57

Bannon: Trump could very well face a Democrat not even in the 2020 presidential race yet

Poland is abolishing income tax for millions of young people, in order to discourage “brain drain” and encourage young emigrants who have abandoned the country for other EU member-states under the Free Movement migration regime to come home.

Aug 03 09:46

Revealed: Rep. Nunes was Right! In Their First Month Mueller Gang Was Already Working on Obstruction Trap!

It wasn’t about obstruction of justice because that was about the firing of Comey.

I believe what is was was that they set an obstruction of justice trap that lasted for the better part of two years!