Nov 27 23:10

More Evidence: Cancer “Commits Suicide By Eating Itself” After Exposure To Cannabis

Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist from Compultense University in Madrid, first reported in 1998 that TetraHydroCannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, induces tumor cell suicide while leaving healthy non-tumor cells alone.

Nov 27 23:01

Why Cannabinoids Appear to Cure so many Illnesses

The reason why cannabinoids appear to "cure" so many illnesses is because prior to prohibition they were part of the human food chain. Dairy cows ate feral hemp, which was rich in CBD and passed the CBDs to humans through their milk.

Pigs, chickens and other livestock were also fed hemp and the CBDs were in their meat and eggs.

The endocannabinoids naturally found in human breast milk, which are vital for proper human development, have virtually identical effects as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Amazingly, the mechanism at work after smoking or eating cannabis, when adults get the “munchies, is essentially the same as what causes breastfeeding babies to seek protein-rich milk.

Nov 27 19:15


ISHI, THE LAST YAHI begins in 1492 when there were more than ten million Native Americans in North America. By 1910, their numbers had been reduced to fewer than 300,000. In California, massacres of Indians in the 1860s and 1870s had nearly exterminated the Native peoples in the state. Therefore the sudden appearance in northern California in 1911 of Ishi, "the last wild Indian in North America," stunned the nation. For more than 40 years, Ishi had lived in hiding with a tiny band of survivors. When he walked into the white man's world, he was the last Yahi Indian alive.

Nov 27 17:59

Rogue Science Strikes Again: The Case of the First Gene-Edited Babies

By G. Owen Schaefer, National University of Singapore

The idea of scientists tinkering with the genes of babies was once the provenance of science fiction, but now it’s apparently entered the realm of reality: On Nov. 26, Chinese scientist He Jiankui reported the historic live births of twin girls whose genes he had edited. The goal may have been noble: to use CRISPR to alter their genes to include a variant protective against transmission of HIV. But the announcement – yet to be verified – has quickly become mired in a deluge of scientific and ethical criticism of He as a reckless researcher who overstepped well-established boundaries...

Nov 27 17:33

Could superbugs on the International Space Station mutate into a new breed of 'supercharged' killer?

Researchers who discovered superbugs were living aboard the International Space Station have called for urgent research into how space affects their development.

Scientists at NASA discovered that five different varieties of Enterobacter were found in the ISS's toilet and exercise area.

Previous studies have shown that when exposed to conditions in space, bacterial mutation can become 'supercharged' as they adapt to their new environment.

NASA experts have called for urgent research into the bugs.

Nov 27 10:38

China orders an inquiry into the 'world's first gene-edited babies' as scientists continue to condemn 'irresponsible' researchers who claim to have edited the DNA of twins to give them immunity to HIV

More than 100 scientists, most of them in China, have condemned a geneticist's claim that he altered the genes of twin girls born this month as 'crazy' and unethical.

In an open letter circulating online, the scientists said the use of CRISPR-Cas9 technology to edit the genes of human embryos was risky, unjustified and harmed the reputation and development of the biomedical community in China.

The Southern University of Science and Technology, where He Jiankuiholds an associate professorship, said it had been unaware of the research project and that Dr He had been on leave without pay since February.

China's National Health Commission added that it was 'highly concerned' and had ordered provincial health officials 'to immediately investigate and clarify the matter'.

Nov 27 10:33

A selfie on Mars: NASA's InSight spacecraft sends stunning image back to Earth after surviving a supersonic plunge and landing safely on the red planet

A Nasa satellite orbiting the red planet relayed images of the $1 billion (£0.78 billion) spacecraft from its landing site, known as Elysium Planitia, back to Earth at 8:30pm EST (1:30am GMT) on Monday.

The successful transfer confirmed that InSight's solar panels, known as solar arrays, have now successfully opened, meaning it is able to collect sunlight and recharge its batteries each day.

Nov 27 09:17

Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

By Susan Boskey

Until recently chemotherapy and radiation have been considered the only game in town for someone to attempt to beat cancer. This, despite the fact that such treatments are poisons destroying the health of the immune system and its vital healing function while killing cancer cells — definitely counter-intuitive.

Fortunately, cancer patients have gained the scientific seal of approval when it comes to using cannabis for symptom management of chemotherapy and radiation therapies...

Nov 26 19:06

The acne drug that can steal young men’s virility: Tens of thousands are prescribed Roaccutane for their skin. But now there’s disturbing evidence of an embarrassing side-effect for men like Ed that can last for years — and leave them suicidal

Dermatologists say isotretinoin has transformed the lives of countless thousands of teenagers — its success is borne out by a dramatic rise in prescriptions, with numbers for Roaccutane alone, made by Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, rising from 6,522 a year in 2006 to 48,997 in 2016.

While many have clearly benefited from the drug, it has also been increasingly associated with reports of serious psychiatric side-effects, ranging from anxiety and panic attacks to depression and suicide.

These potential risks have been well publicised, but now evidence is emerging that isotretinoin may also be responsible for a hidden epidemic of permanent sexual dysfunction, that continues long after the drug is stopped, depriving young men of the chance to have normal relationships.

Nov 26 16:28

Plastic scooped up by giant floating pipe designed to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is spilling BACK into the ocean, team reveals

The radical project to clean up the Pacific Ocean using a 2,000-foot-long floating pipe has already run into some challenges.

After four weeks attempting to tackle the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the Ocean Cleanup team has confirmed their device is scooping up plastic and is mostly ‘behaving as predicted.’

But unfortunately, some of that plastic is spilling back out into the ocean not long after it’s caught.

Ocean Cleanup is now working to understand what’s causing the problem, and modify the system so it can better retain the floating waste.

Nov 26 16:27

Humans and Neanderthals were frequent lovers: DNA tests show the two species interbred 'many times' over 35,000 years

Early humans had sex with Neanderthals and other primitive cousins far more often than thought, according to a new study.

DNA tests on ancient remains show that the two species interbred at 'multiple points in time' over the course of the 35,000 years they shared the plains of Eurasia.

Researchers said the crossbreeding began shortly after humans came into contact with Neanderthals after they began to pour out of Africa around 75,000 years ago.

Previous studies have shown that around two per cent of our DNA is made up of Neanderthal genes, passed down when they mated with our ancestors.

Nov 26 12:57

InSight has touched down on Mars!

A tense wait in the Nasa control room as the person in charge provides updates on InSight’s descent.

“Altitude 600m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 80m, 60m, 50m, 37m, 30m, 20m, 17m,” she says. A moment later: touchdown.

High fives, fist bumps and hugs in the control room.

Nov 26 12:39

Homeopathy 101: How autoimmune disorders begin and how to treat them holistically

Most people recognize that the immune system is the body’s way of protecting itself against harmful invaders, whether they be toxins, pathogens, or some other damaging substance. There’s also autoimmunity, which is when the immune system goes awry and actually starts to attack itself.

Nov 26 12:10

Senator promotes flu shot, receives it, gets sick and dies age 47, mainstream media playing dumb…

If he had had flu they would have blamed his death on flu, but after a vaccine makes you sick everybody is trained to act as if it is not possible.

Nov 26 12:02

NASA's InSight lander will touch down on Mars today

After seven months of traveling through space, the NASA InSight lander will land on Mars and begin its permanent residence on Monday. The spacecraft is expected to land at 3 pm EST.

InSight, or Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, is going to explore a part of Mars that we know the least about: its deep interior. It launched May 5. InSight will spend two years investigating the interior where the building blocks below the planet's surface that recorded its history.

When it lands, InSight will have cruised 301,223,981 miles at a top speed of 6,200 mph, while being followed by two cube satellites. The suitcase-size spacecraft, called MarCO, are the first cube satellites to fly into deep space. MarCO will try to share data about InSight when it enters the Martian atmosphere for the landing.

Nov 26 11:40

Exclusive: Chinese Scientists Are Creating CISPR Babies

According to Chinese medical documents posted online this month, a team at the Southern University of Science and Technology, in Shenzhen, has been recruiting couples in an effort to create the first gene-edited babies. They planned to eliminate a gene called CCR5 in hopes of rendering the offspring resistant to HIV, smallpox, and cholera.

Nov 26 11:34

The Inversion Agenda

We are now living in the last stage of a plan to invert the individual and society from natural order. The plan will be deemed a success when most human beings on the planet live inverted to their biology and nature, and come to believe that an inverted reality has always been a normal state of affairs.

The elites are performing the inversion to weaken man to such an extent that their rule will never be threatened. In effect, they are creating a permanent slave class that will be as incapable of overthrowing their masters as a herd of cows is incapable of killing the farmer who owns them, even though those cows descended from powerful bulls that could only be handled with specialized training or weapons. There is no better way to weaken humans than to take away their natural strengths, pit them against each other through a multitude of invented identities, and convince them that strength can only come in hedonistic pleasure that focuses around food, entertainment, and sodomy.

Nov 26 10:46

BEX ALERT - Reggie Bush pushes disinformation about vaccines in Twitter 'conversation'

Now enjoying retirement following an 11-year NFL career, Reggie Bush took to Twitter on Sunday with a question he wanted his 2.88 million followers to answer: Do they believe this extremely anti-vaccine video he just found?

Claiming that he had been reading and watching videos on vaccinations and their “dangers,” the 33-year-old linked to a video of a retired nurse castigating a CDC panel over their vaccine regulations and pushing the widely debunked theory that vaccines cause autism. The video has since been deleted for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Nov 26 09:30

Jumping the Global Warming Shark

So it’s truly time to put this global warming nonsense to bed. -- It is, like so many other cultural issues we are dealing with right now, just another aspect of a mass solipsistic descent into madness induced by a century of Marxism decrying the wealth created by access to cheap, abundant energy and the dislocation we experienced thanks to rapid industrialization a century ago. -- This is just more Original Sin doctrine to control people by their ‘betters’ who live lives of such wealth the term ‘conspicuous consumption’ seems the grossest of understatement.

Nov 25 17:56

Medical myth busted: Cancer is primarily a metabolic disorder, NOT a genetic disease

Essentially, the researchers found that cancer develops because cancerous cells utilize energy in a different way to normal, healthy cells.

Robert Nagourney, M.D., the study’s lead author, explained, “This suggests that cancer is not a genetic disease arising solely from mutations as we have all been taught, but instead a metabolic condition that develops under the stress of cellular nutrient deprivation.” He added, “Cells that cannot generate enough energy due to lack of oxygen, sugars or proteins, common to many cancers, use altered metabolic pathways to ensure their survival. Unfortunately these cancer cells’ success comes at the expense of the host patient.”

Nov 25 09:18

12 Anti-Aging Herbs and Nutrients

Research in the European medical journal Inflammation Research found that alpha lipoic acid not only protects the cells and tissues against free radical damage linked to aging, it also prevents the destruction of the cellular energy centers, known as mitochondria, which tend to become damaged as we age. Preventing damage to these critical cellular components helps to ensure adequate energy for cellular and tissue repair over time.

Nov 24 01:54

Navy changes sleeping policies on aircraft carriers after fatal collisions

All Navy sailors working aboard aircraft carriers are now being given the chance to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per 24-hour period after a change in policy in the wake of two fatal collisions that killed 17 crew members in the Pacific Fleet in summer 2017. Fatigue or ineffective management of sleep were found to be contributing factors in all of the incidents. That's led the Navy to look at sleep's impact on readiness. [Poster's note: it took 17 men dying & 4 separate Naval ship crashes for the government to realize that people need sleep?]

Nov 23 15:37

The Planned Obsolescence of Health Under the 5G Grid

When your stuff is designed to break down, that’s ‘planned obsolescence.’ In fourteen short years, we have gone from 2G wifi (2004) to 5G, from flip phone to smart phone. By design. Are we smarter? Healthier?

Nov 23 15:36

Brazil’s ‘Donald Trump’ Threatens Grave Destruction of the Amazon and Genocide for Indigenous Tribes

Brazil’s recently elected president, Jair Bolsonaro, is often referred to as Brazil’s Donald Trump because he represents what many consider to be the far-right ideologies of nationalism, corporatism, and indifference toward the environment, culture and the poor.

Nov 23 10:48

Blockchain Systems are Tracking Food Safety and Origins

By Nir Kshetri, University of North Carolina – Greensboro

When a Chinese consumer buys a package labeled “Australian beef,” there’s only a 50-50 chance the meat inside is, in fact, Australian beef. It could just as easily contain rat, dog, horse or camel meat – or a mixture of them all. It’s gross and dangerous, but also costly.

In researching blockchain for more than three years, I have become convinced that this technology’s potential to prevent fraud and strengthen security could fight agricultural fraud and improve food safety...

Nov 22 12:00

Ice and soda water are contaminated with FAECES at Wetherspoon, Slug and Lettuce, and Hungry Horse – with levels being 'too high to count'

Ice and soda water served at some of the UK's leading pub chains are contaminated with faecal bacteria, an investigation has revealed.

Wetherspoon, Slug and Lettuce, Harvester, Hungry Horse and Two For One were all found to have faecal pathogens at levels 'too high to count'.

Among these bacteria were coliform strains, which can cause abdominal cramps, severe diarrhoea and fever in people with weak immune systems.

Experts claim the pathogens demonstrate poor cleaning standards at these pubs, with bacteria probably coming from staffs' unwashed hands, dirty ice trays and unhygienic soda dispensers.

Nov 22 11:55

Exciting research shows that saffron attacks cancer cells on multiple fronts, at every stage of the disease

Saffron contains three carotenoids – safranal, crocin and crocetin – that can stop cancer from forming in the first place. Studies in cells and animals alike have shown that these antioxidant plant pigments inhibit triggers for the carcinogenic process, including free radical oxidative damage, viruses, environmental toxins, inflammation and radiation. It does this by actively protecting the DNA in cells from damage and mutation, essentially stopping cancer from growing. Animal studies have shown that saffron extract can prevent tumors from forming when taken orally prior to exposure to a lab-produced carcinogen.

Nov 22 11:53

Age-old recommendation of taking one aspirin a day revealed as a “medical myth” with zero real benefits

New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that daily aspirin isn’t just unnecessary for healthy people, but that such a regime is potentially hazardous. In the past, it was believed that taking aspirin every day could help reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke, heart disease and cancer — truly, aspirin has been marketed as a cure-all. But it turns out those “benefits” have been more than a little exaggerated.

Study coauthor Dr. Anne Murray, a geriatrician and epidemiologist at the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute and the University of Minnesota, reportedly stated, “We knew there would an increased risk of bleeding with aspirin, because there has always been. But not only did it not decrease risk of disability or death, it did not decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke, and there was an increase in the rate of death.”

Nov 22 08:14

CDC launches task force for polio-like disease as MORE cases emerge: Now 109 kids are confirmed sick and 167 are under investigation as officials scramble to identify the cause

Another 16 children have contracted the rare polio-like disease, acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) - bringing the total number of confirmed cases this year to 109 across 29 states, the CDC has revealed.

Another 167 children are showing tell-tale symptoms of the mysterious illness which has emerged as a major public health threat every other year since 2014.

It seems to be caused by a combination of viruses but this year, the third time AFM has surged, the CDC is still struggling to identify exactly how and why it takes hold.

As such, the agency today formed a task force designed to investigate the driving forces and possible treatments of AFM, and to establish what post-AFM life looks like for sufferers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder; what if turns out that 90%, or more of these kids, have already been vaccinated against polio?!?!? Were they given a shot, or an oral form of the drug?

As stated in Wikipedia:

"Vaccine description: Target disease Poliomyelitis

Polio vaccines are vaccines used to prevent poliomyelitis (polio).[1] Two types are used: an inactivated poliovirus given by injection (IPV) and a weakened poliovirus given by mouth (OPV).[1] The World Health Organization recommends all children be fully vaccinated against polio.[1] The two vaccines have eliminated polio from most of the world,[2][3] and reduced the number of cases reported each year from an estimated 350,000 in 1988 to 22 in 2017.[4]

The inactivated polio vaccines are very safe.[1] Mild redness or pain may occur at the site of injection.[1] Oral polio vaccines cause about three cases of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis per million doses given.[1]"

And a couple of weeks ago, the following made headlines:

Parents accuse CDC of not reporting childrens' death from AFM

This article goes on to state: "Parents of children who had a horrifying polio-like illness are accusing the Centers for Disease Control of hiding the deaths of two children who suffered from the condition.

This little PR stunt on the part of the CDC, is nothing more than trying to stay one step ahead of furious parents, whose kids may have been put at risk

The parents say by not publicly acknowledging the two deaths, the agency is intentionally downplaying the severity of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), a disease that paralyzes healthy children in a matter of hours.

"I feel like they're just sugar-coating this," said Katie Bustamante, whose son Alex, age 6, died in May. "It eliminates my trust in the CDC."

Their accusations come amid a wave of criticism from parents of children with AFM and from some of the CDC's own medical advisers. In a recent on-camera interview with CNN, a group of parents gave the agency an "F" for its handling of the outbreak."

Also, there is also a vaccine-derived form of the virus:

vaccine-derrived poliovirus

Other interesting studies here include:

Vaccine causing polio in Africa?!?

The article goes on to state:

"Christopher K. Brown: There are several different ways to make a vaccine, one of which involves weakening the pathogen that causes the disease so that, ideally, it triggers the vaccine recipient’s immune system to recognize and fight off the pathogen without actually causing a case of disease. Because weakened—or attenuated, as they are called—vaccines still include a live, virulent organism, they are in very rare instances linked to disease, whether in a single individual or as the culprit behind an outbreak. Scientists do not fully understand why the intentional infection that the oral poliovirus vaccine causes might lead to unintended disease in an extremely small number of vaccinated people, but it is likely that having a weakened immune system may contribute to someone experiencing paralysis after getting the attenuated vaccine.

The process by which an attenuated vaccine leads to a larger outbreak is more complicated. When someone gets the vaccine, the viruses it contains replicate in the small intestine. The weakened viruses can then spread from person to person. This can be a good thing in that it offers immunity to people who are exposed through this type of transmission even though they didn’t get the vaccine themselves—and thus it increases the proportion of the population that most likely will not get polio even if exposed to poliovirus (that is, it bolsters herd immunity). But if a vaccine-derived strain of the virus continues to spread and replicate, mutations in its RNA (the genetic material that controls the virus) can over time allow it to revert to a form capable of causing disease, including paralysis, as we are seeing among children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. If most of a population is not immune to the particular strain, then more people may start to develop disease as a result of the vaccine strain becoming virulent again."

Nov 21 16:37

Scientists Have Created A Star Trek-Like Plane That Flies Using "Ion Thrusters" And No Fuel

In their tests from 2016 to 2018, they created an aircraft with a wingspan of 5 meters (16 feet) that weighed 2.45 kilograms (5.4 pounds). It has a number of thin electrodes running across its wings, and at the front of these are thin wires, while at the back is an aerofoil – a curved surface to produce the lift, like on a regular plane wing.

The thin wires at the front are charged to positive 20,000 volts, while the aerofoil at the back is charged to negative 20,000 volts, creating a strong electric field. At the front, electrons are removed from nitrogen molecules in the air to produce ions. And as these accelerate to the back, they produce an ionic wind, which gives the plane thrust.

Nov 21 13:58

Big Pharma’s Dangerous Drugs Are Now Killing More People Than Guns or Automobile Accidents

While all these lives (and the lives of their loved ones) are being torn apart, Big Pharma has been raking in billions. And the same industry that caused this massive epidemic of death now stands to profit by selling new, pharmaceutical “cures” for the problem they created.

Nov 21 11:55

The Stories Continue.....

A Romaine Lettuce E. coli Alert, right before the US holiday, started this rumination. That aside, wishing all a convivial and Happy Thanksgiving!

Endemic Diseases Brought across the Borders... Illegals, Migrant Workers, Food Handlers... Real World Anecdote

Free-access borders to Cent.Americans, Islamic world migrants... bring in intestinal parasites (E. coli, hook worm, tape worm, amoebic dysentery, etc.) Plus un-treatable TB, scabies, typhus, cholera, rodent-host diseases...)

Those living in conditions where parasites are the norm tend to have high infant mortality rate. Those not eliminated from the gene pool may be under-nourished.

Nov 21 11:30

Cluttering the Space Commons? Upcoming SpaceX Launch Irks Orbital Debris Experts

Space-junk experts are raising a red flag about the upcoming launch of more than 60 small satellites atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The mission, dubbed SSO-A: SmallSat Express, was scheduled to launch Monday (Nov. 19) from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, but SpaceX pushed it back to perform additional inspections of the rocket. No new launch date has been set.

SSO-A: SmallSat Express will be the largest rideshare mission from a U.S.-based launch vehicle, with 25 percent of the customers launching for the first time. [See the Evolution of SpaceX's Rockets in Pictures]

Mission management provider Spaceflight has contracted with more than 60 spacecraft from approximately 35 different organizations. Spaceflight is a service offering of Spaceflight Industries, based in Seattle.

Nov 21 10:47

8 Reasons We Need To Stop Focusing On Nutrients

Op-Ed by Niamh Michail

The rise of nutritionalism — focusing on nutrient content rather than the whole food — has created a ‘nutritional cacophony’ that leaves people confused.

Today, the average individual faces a ‘nutritional cacophony’ when navigating food choices. He or she might feel encouraged to eat chocolate because of the powerful antioxidants in cacao despite the high sugar and fat content, or a breakfast cereal that is fortified in vitamins but contains 50% sugar. Nutrients benefits our health but they should not come at a cost.

According to Bernard Lavallee, nutritionist, researcher and author based in Montreal in Canada, selling a food product based on its ingredients and superfoods is a form of nutritionalism, which makes people dependent on specialists and nutrition ‘gurus’...

Nov 21 10:36

Vegas Man Rushed To ER After Flu Shot, ‘I Can’t Feel My Legs’

A Las Vegas man was sent to the ICU following receiving a flu shot. Monique Morgan says her husband, Shane, was given a flu shot on November 2nd. He began showing symptoms of the flu shortly after the shot.
“36 hours afterward, he developed flu-like symptoms,” said Morgan. Flu symptoms soon turned to paralysis.

“He’s like I can’t feel my legs… I need you to take me to the emergency room,” said Morgan. Doctors treating Shane believe it could be a “rare disease” called Guillain-Barré syndrome that is often linked to the flu shot.

Nov 21 09:55


CPAP units, heart monitors, blood glucose meters and lifestyle apps generate information that can be used in ways patients don’t necessarily expect. It can be sold for advertising or even shared with insurers, who may use it to deny reimbursement.

Medical devices are gathering more and more data from their users, whether it’s their heart rates, sleep patterns or the number of steps taken in a day. Insurers and medical device makers say such data can be used to vastly improve health care.

But the data that’s generated can also be used in ways that patients don’t necessarily expect. It can be packaged and sold for advertising. It can anonymized and used by customer support and information technology companies. Or it can be shared with health insurers, who may use it to deny reimbursement. Privacy experts warn that data gathered by insurers could also be used to rate individuals’ health care costs and potentially raise their premiums.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Expect every and any data any which these devices process, to be sent, sold, or analyzed,in ways which never even occurred to you, as the end user.

Nov 21 09:41

Your Medical Devices Are Not Keeping Your Health Data to Themselves

By Derek Kravitz and Marshall Allen

CPAP units, heart monitors, blood glucose meters and lifestyle apps generate information that can be used in ways patients don’t necessarily expect. It can be sold for advertising or even shared with insurers, who may use it to deny reimbursement...