Jul 03 11:43

Walmart and Others Train Employees with Virtual Reality Despite Research Proving Harm Caused by It

By B.N. Frank

Research has already proven that Virtual Reality (VR) is not safe. The goggles expose users to harmful (and sometimes blinding) Blue Light and harmful (and sometimes cancerous) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) at close-range...

Jul 03 10:27

Deep-sea mining to turn oceans into ‘new industrial frontier’

The world’s oceans are facing a “new industrial frontier” from a fledgling deep-sea mining industry as companies line up to extract metals and minerals from some of the most important ecosystems on the planet, a report has found.

The study by Greenpeace revealed that although no mining had started on the ocean floor, 29 exploration licences had been issued covering an area five times bigger than the UK. Environmentalists said the proposed mining would threaten not only crucial ecosystems but the global fight against climate breakdown.

Louisa Casson, an ocean campaigner at Greenpeace, said: “The health of our oceans is closely linked to our own survival. Unless we act now to protect them, deep-sea mining could have devastating consequences for marine life and humankind.”

Jul 03 09:58

Junk Food Is PERMANENTLY Killing Men’s Fertility: Study

By Jason Erickson

There are many compelling theories for the reduction in fertility that is currently being recorded in both men and women. It’s actually a broad-spectrum onslaught with an abundance of scientific study...

Jul 03 07:16

Study: An Active Social Life May Be Key To Warding Off Alzheimer’s Disease

By John Anderer

Humans are naturally social beings. While behavioral scientists believe our social nature was likely born out of necessity at first, it has stayed with us for thousands of years and is an undeniable part of the human experience.

Maintaining an active social life has long been linked to promoting happiness, but a new study finds another reason to get off the couch next Saturday night...

Jul 03 06:54

Austria becomes first EU country to ban glyphosate weedkiller

Austria has voted to ban glyphosate, the main ingredient in Bayer-Monsanto’s notorious Roundup weedkiller, becoming the first EU country to outlaw the chemical, creating a PR disaster for the troubled German company.

“The scientific evidence of the plant poison’s carcinogenic effect is increasing. It is our responsibility to ban this poison from our environment,” Social Democratic Party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner said in a statement on Tuesday.

Jul 03 06:53

Cockroach ‘superbugs’ evolve to resist pesticides in ONE GENERATION, study finds

Cockroaches will soon be impossible to kill with standard pesticides, as they can develop cross-resistance to poisons they’ve never encountered within a single generation, an ominous new study has found.

German cockroaches – the small, quick-scurrying type whose traces can be found in 85 percent of US urban homes – are rapidly becoming impervious to pesticide chemicals, developing cross-resistance to a variety of insecticides within a single generation, a study published in Scientific Reports has demonstrated. And even the researchers who conducted the experiment are creeped out by the evolutionary capabilities of the ubiquitous six-legged pests.

Jul 02 20:41

On The Advisory Board Of The Company Charging $750 Per Day To Detain Each Immigrant Child? Kelly, Armitage, Corbin, Hayden, Kerr, Zinni, Loftus.

by Emily Price

Yes, it’s a private company called Comprehensive Health Services (a subsidiary of Caliburn International). CHS operates the largest child migrant detention center, which is in FL and was already getting horrible press — especially from local FL papers — last year. But that didn’t matter, because CHS recently opened up a few more child prisons in TX, as it snagged a new government contract, despite many documented concerns about conditions...

While I can’t name for you the private investors getting rich off of this humanitarian crisis, I can name for you members of the advisory board of DCCP, which approves everything in the portfolio.

First up: Trump’s former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who was named to the board LAST MONTH, and photographed riding a golf cart into a CHS child prison....

read more here, incl. links to sources & extra credit assignments

Jul 02 19:08

SpaceX Rivals Make Claims of Special Treatment to Blast Earth With WiFi and 5G Radiation

By B.N. Frank

Activist Post has been reporting about the growing list of credible sources who continue issuing warnings about satellites and similar devices being sent into space and the stratosphere to blast harmful WiFi and 5G back down at us on Earth. But there are many companies jockeying for position with the FCC...

Jul 02 18:25

Pesticide Exposure Linked to Teen Depression in Agricultural Communities

Adolescents exposed to elevated levels of pesticides are at an increased risk of depression, according to a new study led by Jose R. Suarez-Lopez, MD, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at University of California San Diego School of Medicine...

Jul 02 18:22

Short Bursts of Exercise Enhance Brain Function, Study Finds

Most people know that regular exercise is good for your health. New research shows it may make you smarter, too.

Neuroscientists at OHSU in Portland, Oregon, working with mice, have discovered that a short burst of exercise directly boosts the function of a gene that increases connections between neurons in the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with learning and memory...

Jul 02 13:32

Scott Adams: AOC Theater, Nike, Democrat Polls, Kim’s Health

Comments at:

Comparing President Trump’s style to President Obama’s style
AOC’s strong visual persuasion talent
YouTube is routinely demonetizing my videos…why?
Selective edit creates OPPOSITE opinion of what full video shows?
Ability to reverse appearance of what happened is scary
Bill Pulte giving money away to help change society
FB border control group postings “filled” with derogatory things
Tucker Carlson noted that Chairman Kim was wheezing at DMZ
President Trump made a point of mentioning he’s healthy
Designing a perfect house…How they SHOULD be built, but aren’t

Jul 02 13:06

Defense Department to Ban Beer and Pizza? Mandatory Keto Diet May Enhance Military Performance

The controversial ketogenic or “keto” diet may be the future of the military, some defense officials say.

Jul 02 12:05

ISS mold can survive 200 times more RADIATION than humans & contaminate other planets

The two most commonly found types of mold on board the ISS are fungi Pennicillium, which is used to make penicillin, and Aspergillus. The new research by Marta Cortesao, a microbiologist at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne, shows that both of these microorganisms can survive insane doses of radiation that can easily kill a human.

The scientist discovered this by bombarding the mold with X-rays and high-frequency ultraviolet light in a lab. The exposure to radiation is measured by gray, a unit describing how much energy something can absorb. Anything above half a gray causes radiation sickness, while five gray is lethal to humans. The mold, on the other hand, survived being blasted by X-rays up to 1,000 gray.

Jul 02 10:14

Google alters search results to discredit nutritional supplements and natural health websites

Following the removal of and many other natural health websites from its search results, Google is now upping the ante by trying to dictate what users search for by completing their queries with all sorts of anti-natural health propaganda.

GreenMedInfo, which was recently banned by Mailchimp for sending out newsletters containing vaccine science, recently conducted an experiment, type the words “organic is a” into Google’s search bar. Here are the autocomplete recommendations that came up:

• organic is a lie
• organic is always non gmo
• organic is a sham
• organic is a myth
• organic is a waste of money
• organic is a marketing gimmick
• organic is always non gmo logo

Jul 02 08:55

Ocean cleanup effort drags 5-TON 'ghost net' of abandoned fishing gear from the Pacific 'garbage patch' as part of huge plastic haul

A non-profit organization has scraped more than 40 tons of fishing nets and consumer plastics from a region of the Pacific Ocean that’s home to a massive debris field known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The haul includes everything from beer bottles and children’s toys to enormous ‘ghost nets’ – the abandoned fishing gear that can drift at sea for decades, trapping more garbage and marine wildlife in its path.

After a 25-day clean-up mission, Ocean Voyages says it captured thousands of pounds of plastic waste, including a five-ton ghost net.

The group plans to return next year to continue work at the site over a three-month period.

Jul 02 08:52

Insect apocalypse: German experts claim bugs in the country have died off by 76% since their records began in one of ‘Earth's worst extinction phases since the dinosaurs vanished’

Insects, which comprise two thirds of all species on Earth, have been dying off at alarming rates — with disastrous impacts on food chains and habitats.

This warning comes from German entomology enthusiasts, or bug catchers, who have collected 80 million insects in the Rhine countryside over the last 37 years.

Their collection is now a world-class scientific treasure and also evidence of what is described as one of Earth's worst extinction phases since the dinosaurs vanished.

The total annual biomass of flying insects collected has plummeted by 76 per cent since the insect-lovers began their meticulous studies.

Jul 01 18:48

Contact Lost With Three Starlink Satellites, Other 57 Healthy

Three of the 60 satellites SpaceX launched last month to begin its broadband megaconstellation have lost contact with ground control teams, a SpaceX spokesperson said June 28.

Those three satellites will deorbit "passively," the spokesperson said, meaning Earth's gravity and atmospheric drag will pull them down until they burn up in the atmosphere.

Observers had noticed some Starlink satellites had not initiated orbit raising after being released May 23 from a Falcon 9 upper stage into a 440-kilometer low Earth orbit. SpaceX said May 31 that all 60 satellites were initially responsive.

SpaceX's spokesperson, in their June 28 statement, said the company will intentionally deorbit two functioning satellites as well, in order to test the spacecraft's ability to propulsively deorbit.

Jul 01 18:06

Monster kauri log recovered deep in the ground near Kaikohe (NZ) to shed light on mysterious ancient event

A monster kauri log hauled out of the ground near Kaikohe could prove immensely important to science.

The log, which is 16m long and weighs 60 tonnes, was found during excavation for a new geothermal power station near Ng?wh? Springs earlier this year.

Last week, scientists completed a radiometric analysis to reveal the kauri stood between 41,000 and 42,500 years ago – making it the only tree found anywhere in the world that was alive during a mysterious shift in the world's magnetic field.

Called the Laschamp geomagnetic anomaly, this event resulted in huge and abrupt changes in atmospheric radiocarbon levels, and the Earth's north and south magnetic poles switching places.

Jul 01 17:47

Marijuana Could Be An Effective Alternative to Pain and Sleep Prescription Medications

A new study has shown how cannabis could be an effective treatment option for both pain relief and insomnia, for those looking to avoid prescription and over the counter pain and sleep medications – including opioids.

The study, published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, which looked at 1,000 people taking legalized marijuana in an American state found that among the 65% of people taking cannabis for pain, 80% found it was very or extremely helpful...

Jul 01 12:18

Scott Adams: Iran, North Korea, and Other Places Safer Than Portland, Plus TDS

Comments at:

President Trump’s MAJOR historic walk into North Korea
Critical Dem Candidates diminish the significance
Elizabeth Warren is an academic, Kamala Harris is a lawyer
Critics of President Trump appear to be beaten down…by the FACTS
“The means do NOT justify the ends” and our national character
Technology and better thinking…to improve NK and Iran
Masked, armed domestic terrorists allowed to mass and hurt people
Antifa hospitalized Andy Ngo and at least one other person
Don Jr. catches heat for questioning same thing as Don Lemon

Jul 01 11:52

‘We Need to Ban Fracking’: New Analysis of 1,500 Scientific Studies Details Threat to Health and Climate

A comprehensive analysis of nearly 1,500 scientific studies, government reports, and media stories on the consequences of fracking released Wednesday found that the evidence overwhelmingly shows the drilling method poses a profound threat to public health and the climate.

The sixth edition of the Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking (the Compendium), published by Physicians for Social Responsibility and Concerned Health Professionals of New York, found that “90.3 percent of all original research studies published from 2016-2018 on the health impacts of fracking found a positive association with harm or potential harm.”

The analysis (pdf) also found that:

69 percent of original research studies on water quality found potential for, or actual evidence of, fracking-associated water contamination;
87 percent of original research studies on air quality found significant air pollutant emissions; and

Jul 01 11:46

Recent flood in Syberia, drone footage

The scale of flooding in the city of Tulun, Irkutsk region, a local resident removed from the quadcopter. Part of the city actually went under water. Over one and a half thousand people were evacuated from the disaster area. According to the latest data, over 500 people applied for medical aid, five people died. The overlooking river Iya virtually completely submerged a part of the city of Tulun in the Irkutsk region. Over eight hundred houses were flooded, as well as the federal highway R-255 "Siberia". Traffic on the highway is stopped. Frames from copter published on the web. They show the scale of damage. Despite the fact that in the evening of June 30 the water level decreased, the state is critical. Forecasters fear that due to precipitation next week, the influx of water may increase. The authorities of the Irkutsk region have already begun to pay compensation to people affected by the flood. The military launched a mobile bakery in the city

Jul 01 11:45

Total Solar Eclipse 2019: A Complete Guide

On July 2, millions of people people in South America will witness the day turn into night for a few minutes as the moon passes in front of the sun.

The so-called "Great South American Eclipse" will be the only total solar eclipse of 2019. During the eclipse, the moon will cast a dark shadow over parts of Chile and Argentina as it blocks out the sun. Neighboring countries will be able to see a partial eclipse.

Here is's complete guide to the "Great South American Eclipse," including viewing maps, timetables and useful tips for skywatchers and photographers. We will continue to update this page as we post more information about the eclipse.

Jul 01 10:46

Swimming Pools Can Turn Your Sunscreen Into a Cancerous Toxin

By S.M. Gibson

Smothering yourself in sunscreen before getting into a swimming pool may actually be detrimental to your health, according to research.

The study—which was conducted at Lomonosov Moscow State University—found that the combination of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and chlorinated water cause ingredients in sunscreens to break down and produce toxic chemicals. These chemicals have been associated with causing immune system damage, infertility, and even cancer...

Jul 01 09:46

13-Year-Old Boy Opened a Bakery to Give Pastries Away to the Homeless

By Amanda Froelich

Once or twice each month, the 13-year-old travels from his home in Bowie, Maryland to Washington D.C. where he hands out dozens of baked treats to kids, adults, and families in domestic violence and homeless shelters. The philanthropic teen also works with the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit No Kid Hungry to distribute the pastries...

Jul 01 09:26

Controlling Weeds on Playing Fields, Parks and Lawns Without Herbicides

By Jason Henderson, University of Connecticut

Turfgrass covers more than 40 million acres of land in the continental United States, including lawns, parks, commercial landscapes, sports fields and golf courses. It is the single largest irrigated crop in the nation.

According to experts, children are most vulnerable to ongoing low-level doses of pesticides because they are growing and developing rapidly, and consume more food and fluids per pound of body weight than adults. They also have more frequent contact with the ground outdoors and floors indoors, and are more likely to ingest residues through frequent hand-to-mouth activity...

Jul 01 09:21

Look At This Map – It Shows Devastating Crop Losses Are Literally Happening All Over The Globe

et me warn you right up front – the information in this article might freak you out. If what some experts are telling us is true, a global food crisis appears to be inevitable. Even during good years we have a really difficult time feeding everyone on the planet, and now a major climate shift appears to be happening. Our sun has become exceedingly quiet, and many experts believe that this is a sign that a solar minimum is now upon us. Of course we have seen solar minimums happen quite regularly in the past, and if this is just a normal solar minimum then conditions should begin to return to normal after a couple of years. Unfortunately, evidence continues to mount that we have entered what is known as a "grand solar minimum". In fact, Professor Valentina Zharkova says that what we are facing is a "super grand solar minimum", and if that is true we are going to be facing climate chaos like we have never seen before.

Jun 30 18:21

AT&T Fires Up Sweat-Inducing 5G in “Sin City” With Plans for 20 More Despite Anticipating More Lawsuits

By B.N. Frank

Last February, telecom executives gave congressional testimony that they could NOT provide any studies that prove that 5G technology is safe. Unfortunately, plenty of research already proves it isn’t.

Not only that – cybersecurity experts, environmentalists, meteorologists, NASA, NOAA, the U.S. Navy, and utility companies have ALL warned that installing 5G everywhere could lead to widespread catastrophic events.

Regardless, AT&T is introducing 5G in more U.S. cities despite this as well as growing 5G opposition and that Americans ARE NOT signing up for it where it’s already been installed.

Jun 30 11:45

Another PG&E Powerline Wildfire and Why Anyone with Smart Meters From Any Company Should Be Concerned

By B.N. Frank

California utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) declared bankruptcy earlier this year and much of this had to do with downed power lines causing massive and deadly wildfires. Last Tuesday, another fallen PG&E powerline sparked a new wildfire that burned over 2500 acres in Monterey County.

So what do powerline fires have to do with their Smart Meters or any other utility company’s Smart Meters?...

Jun 30 11:15

Another Bill to Multiply Small Cell Towers — S. 3157: Streamline Small Cell Deployment Act

By B.N. Frank

On June 3rd, the Streamline Small Cell Deployment Act S. 3157 was introduced by Sen. John Thune (R-SD) and Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hi) to make it easier for the Telecom Industry to quickly install countless 4G and 5G small cell towers and infrastructure throughout American suburbs and rural areas.

This includes in front of homes, schools, everywhere. Research has already determined that this is NOT biologically or environmentally safe...

Jun 29 17:55

GOOGLE: “Organic is a Lie, Supplements are Dangerous, Chiropractic is Fake,” and Other Thoughts They Want You To Think

By Sayer Ji, GreenMedInfo

Recently, a shocking discovery was made: Google is autocompleting the search fields of billions of users with false information (topics ranging from natural health to candidates for election), based not on objective search volume data, but an extremely biased political and socio-economic agenda — one that is jeopardizing the health and human rights of everyone on the planet...

Jun 29 10:44

Legal Cannabis Delivery Service in California Becomes First to Accept Bitcoin

Caught Bitcoin fever and now have crypto burning a hole in your virtual wallet? Celebrate the cryptocurrency’s meteoric resurrection by using it to purchase your favorite strain of marijuana or magic brownie.

SpeedWeed, California’s only fully legal cannabis delivery platform, today announced that customers can now use Bitcoin to purchase legal marijuana products from licensed dispensaries and have them delivered directly to their door...

Jun 29 08:23

Risks to Children from Water Fluoridation—One Dose Does Not Fit All

By Amanda Just, MS, and David Kennedy, DDS, from CHD’s Partner: International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

Fluoridation is the addition of an industrial compound to the public drinking water for the purpose of altering the consumer’s oral health. Municipalities that add fluoride to their water supplies do so based on a “one dose fits all” approach. This blanket approach fails to address the smaller size of infants and children and the larger proportions of water and other fluoridated beverages they drink.

Significantly, a formula-fed infant drinks its weight in water every three to four days, resulting in the most vulnerable members of the population consuming by far the largest dose of fluoride...

Jun 29 08:13

Politicians Promise to Cure Cancer, but They Can Only Prevent a Cure

By Barry Brownstein

Few of us have not experienced a family member or friend dying from cancer. Politicians love to make promises they can’t keep, so why not promise a cure for cancer? In early campaigning, Trump and Biden are trying to outdo each other in promising a cure. Even a libertarian might be forgiven for thinking, If the government is going to spend my money, at least cancer research is a good use. However...

Jun 29 00:55

Watch: We have liftoff! Rocket Lab's 'Make it Rain' launch

Rocket Lab's "Make it Rain" launch has successfully liftoff, with its Electron now orbital.

The mission is the company's seventh Electron launch and third for 2019.

The "Make it Rain" mission (named for a client in rainsoaked Seattle, with a nod to NZ weather) will carry satellites for US Earth-imaging company Blacksky, the Melbourne School of Engineering-backed Melbourne Space Program (whose students have created an experimental cubesat) and two "Prometheus" birds for US military's Special Operations Command (Socom).

Socom - best known for the "Blackhawk Down" incident in Somalia - coordinates between Special Operations units in different branches of the US military.

Rocket Lab has not been keen to talk about the Socom satellites, which have been left off promotional material on its website.

Jun 28 16:48

5G Technician Reveals The Damage He Believes 5G Will Cause

By Arjun Walia

The rollout of 5G is another great example of how our federal health regulatory agencies have been completely compromised by big powerful corporations. You would think with more than 10,000 peer-reviewed studies showing clear danger with regards to electromagnetic radiation overdose, something our planet is experiencing, that these technologies would be required to go through some safety testing...

Jun 28 12:15

New Study Finds Poor Sleep Reduces Weight Loss

This is one of the conclusions of the Predimed-Plus study, Prevention with the Mediterranean Diet, which has been published in the June issue of the International Journal of Obesity. It is the first study to examine whether the quality of sleep is related to weight loss and a reduction in adipose tissue...

Jun 28 12:00

American Farmers Are The Casualties Of The Trade War

By Mac Slavo

The United States’ agricultural secretary said that American farmers are the casualties in the trade war with China. “You can’t pay the bills with patriotism,” Sonny Perdue said of the struggles facing farmers stuck in the crossfire of tariffs.

Farmers are struggling with flooding and concerning weather conditions this year which are magnifying their financial problems...

Jun 28 07:54

AT&T Battling Class Action Lawsuits From Investors As Well As Sprint. More Predicted by AT&T.

By B.N. Frank

AT&T is one of many telecoms who have been warning their investors – but not the public – that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their products and transmitting infrastructure (i.e. cell towers)...

Jun 27 19:34

Students Build Vacuum That Sucks Up Microplastics From Sand on the Beach

By Elias Marat

With the world’s oceans awash in plastic, beaches and islands across the globe are waging an uphill battle in the struggle to manage the plastic debris washing ashore—especially the millions of tiny microplastics that are nearly impossible to sift from the sand.

In Hawaii, however, authorities hope that a new project developed by a group of mechanical engineering students from Canada will be able to clear the tiny debris from state beaches without impacting sand on the beach...

Jun 27 12:10

Historic Midwest flooding to increase Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ to size of Massachusetts

Scientists predict the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico will be unusually large this year, in part due to the historic flooding in the Midwest hundreds of miles away.

A dead zone, or hypoxic zone, is an area in water where oxygen concentration is so low that animal life suffocates and dies. The Gulf of Mexico hosts a consistently large one; in 2017, it reached its largest recorded mass at 8,776 square miles, or roughly the size of New Jersey. This year’s zone is predicted to take up approximately 7,829 square miles, which is about the size of Massachusetts.

This year’s large zone is caused by nutrient pollution, the result of intense flooding in the American Midwest, where the Mississippi River’s watershed saw abnormally high amounts of flooding that created record high river flows.

Jun 27 12:09

‘Mystical’ Psychedelic Compound Found in Normal Brains

A study in rats has revealed the presence of naturally occurring DMT, an increasingly popular hallucinogen

In the past few years, thrill-seekers from Hollywood, Silicon Valley and beyond have been travelling to South America to take part in so-called Ayahuasca retreats. Their goal: to partake in a brewed concoction made from a vine plant Banisteriopsis caapi, traditionally used by indigenous people for sacred religious ceremonies. Drinkers of Ayahuasca experience short-term hallucinogenic episodes many describe as life-changing...

Jun 27 12:07

Measles spike raises fears that virus has evolved and vaccine is not providing immunity

A spike in measles cases has sparked new fears among medical experts that the measles vaccine may no longer be working.

A joint investigation from the Victorian Health Department and several Melbourne hospitals has found 13 Victorians contracted the disease in recent years despite already being vaccinated.

Jun 27 12:05

Country Kids Have Better Motor Skills Than City Kids

In a recent study with 3 to 7-year-old children provided an example of how children’s daily living environment and motor skills are closely related in the Finnish context. The main finding revealed that residential density is related to children’s motor skills, engagement in outdoor play and organised sports...

Jun 27 12:00

Low-Carb ‘Keto’ Diet May Improve Brain Function and Memory in Older Adults

Diet that restricts glucose may help brain function

In a pilot study of 14 older adults with mild cognitive problems suggestive of early Alzheimer’s disease, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers report that a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet may improve brain function and memory...

Jun 27 11:50

The Top 10 Reasons to Never Take a Vaccine

Whether you want to protect yourself against hidden carcinogenic ingredients, disallow toxic adjuvants into your body, defend your immune system against a chemical onslaught or refuse to be part of any sinister schemes of sterilization-depopulation agenda, this information is vitally important. More and more, we are learning the truth about vaccines, what they are really composed of and what they really do to the human body – and the more we learn about them, the more we see just how dangerous and harmful they are. Whatever they may have been or could be, as it stands, they are a weapon of medical destruction that makes billions of dollars for the Rockefeller Medicine Big Pharma cartel. Here is my list of the top 10 reasons for an ordinary person to never take a vaccine, unless they were in a life-threatening situation where somehow the benefit outweighed the risk.

Jun 27 11:49

Alcohol Less Harmful For People Over 50?

Medical News Today – A recent study examines the health impact of consuming alcohol at different ages. The authors conclude that, for people over the age of 50, the health risks may be less severe.

If alcohol does have protective effects, they are not distributed evenly across all ages.

Heavy drinking is linked to a range of serious health consequences.

These include certain cancers, liver and heart disease, and damage to the nervous system, including the brain.

However, as has been exhaustively covered in the popular press, drinking in moderation might have certain health benefits.

Jun 27 11:34

Goat Milk Formula Could Benefit Infant Gut Health: Study

The laboratory study by RMIT, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, analysed two types of commercial goat milk formula.

The research looked at oligosaccharides, a type of prebiotic that can boost the growth of beneficial bacteria and protect against harmful bacteria in the gut...