Jan 22 11:27

Measles VACCINE linked to 127 deaths in last 15 years; only two deaths linked to humans who contracted measles naturally in that same period

The risk of death from Measles vaccine much greater than from simply catching the Measles

Jan 22 11:13

M 6.4 - 85km SSW of Bogorawatu, Indonesia

Jan 22 09:55

Cleopatra's tomb may have been found

Egypt's top archaeologist has made his version of a sales pitch, presenting 22 coins, 10 mummies, and a fragment of a mask with a cleft chin as evidence that the discovery of the lost tomb of Mark Antony and Cleopatra is at hand.

Zahi Hawass showed off the ancient treasures to journalists on Sunday during a tour of a 2,000-year-old temple to the god Osiris, where they were found. He believes the site near the Mediterranean Sea contains the tomb of the doomed lovers that has been shrouded in mystery for so long.

"In my opinion, if this tomb is found, it will be one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century because of the love between Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and because of the sad story of their death," he said.

The lovers challenged Caesar Augustus for control of the Roman Empire more than two millennia ago. Their armies were defeated and rather than submit to capture, they committed suicide - Mark Antony by his sword, Cleopatra with a poisonous asp.

Jan 22 09:21

Doctors told to DOUBLE the dose of antibiotics gonorrhoea patients are given 'because the STI is quickly becoming resistant to medicine'

Doctors need to double the dose of antibiotics they give to patients with gonorrhoea because it's becoming resistant to medicine, experts have warned.

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) today issued new guidelines for treating the STI for the first time since 2011.

Its recommendations follow news released earlier this month that two women in the UK caught 'super gonorrhoea' - one of whom was the first to ever catch it in Britain.

BASHH urges doctors to stop using one of the routine antibiotics and to increase the dose of another in what it called 'a major change'.

Jan 22 09:07

Is palm oil safe? Studies into the controversial oil have been 'authored by the industry' as researchers demand independent probe

Researchers have demanded an independent probe into the safety of palm oil amid claims existing studies have been funded by the industry.

Palm oil is a type of trans fat thought to be found in roughly half of all packaged goods on supermarket shelves in the UK under various names.

Trans fats are widely recognised as bad for health, but there is significant research, funded by the industry, pointing towards palm oil as healthy.

The palm oil industry has been accused of using tactics to influence research into its positive health effects, in a similar way to the alcohol and tobacco industries.

Jan 22 09:03

Planned Parenthood: Over 11K More Abortions Last Year, $1.67B in Revenue

The nation’s largest abortion provider says it performed 332,757 abortions in the past year — 11,373 more than the 321,384 the group performed in the year of 2016-2017. The number of abortions performed contrasts sharply with the number of adoption referrals — 2,831.

Jan 22 08:58

Are mobile phones ENDANGERED? Scientists create periodic table of dwindling elements (and chemicals needed for gadgets such as TVs and smartphones are running out!)

An endangered list of elements used in everyday gadgets has been created by scientists.

Some materials commonly used in mobile phones and other gadgets have been listed as under 'serious threat'.

This includes gallium, arsenic, yttrium and silver.

Jan 22 08:32

Model reveals how her fiancé dumped her just a WEEK before their wedding after treatment for brain tumour made her gain five stone

A woman with terminal brain cancer has told of her devastation after her fiancé dumped her just a week before their wedding.
Emily Nicholson, 24, from York, saw her weight soar by five dress sizes within six weeks after she began taking steroids as part of her treatment.
The aspiring model moved to Australia in 2012 where she worked as a bar manager and club promoter before being diagnosed with astrocytoma brain cancer in February 2016.

Jan 22 08:26

Europe wants to mine the moon by 2025: European Space Agency reveals plan that could spark a new space race

Plans for a European base on the moon have taken a major step forward.

The European Space Agency revealed it has signed up rocket maker ArianeGroup to develop plans for a moon base that could be used to mine material from the lunar surface.

The project will 'examine the possibility of going to the Moon before 2025 and starting to work there' - and could trigger a new space race as countries rush to harness lunar resources.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It sounds great, but what is missing is just what they expect to find on the Moon that justifies the unit cost of extraction. If it costs $101 to mine $100 worth of gold, the mine closes down.

In this case, we are talking about travel back and forth to the Moon, plus returning the mined cargo, which we presume will weigh a lot more than the 800 pounds of rocks brought back by Apollo.

Jan 22 08:17

'I'm obsessed with pizza but have no common sense': Woman who's been on 40 'atrocious' dates creates a hilariously honest Tinder profile in the hope of FINALLY finding 'the one'

An unlucky-in-love student who's had 40 'atrocious' dates in nine months is hoping to woo potential Romeos with a Tinder presentation called 'why you should swipe me'.
Natalie Palmer, 23, from Caerphilly, South Wales, uses the hilarious dating pitch to reveal a brutally honest list of pros and cons, which includes her love of cuddles, but also how she has no common sense.
Natalie has bared her quirks in the five slides revealing she's 'obsessed' about pizza, is 'OCD' house proud and will rock a face mask on date number five.

Jan 22 08:15

How do YOU write an X? Diagram sparks mass debate on the correct place to start the letter - and reveals surprising differences between Brits and Americans

A mass debate on the correct way to draw an 'X' erupted on Twitter over the weekend after a diagram demonstrating the eight different methods of writing the letter was posted online.
Philadelphia artist Sixers Smasey drew the graphic, which includes illustrations of eight different ways a person could conceivably draw the two crisscrossing lines that make up the letter X, with arrows and colors distinguishing the order and direction of each method.

Jan 21 18:14

MEDICAL PREPPING: Malaria cure with 100% success rate easily available as herbal supplement

A study led by Pamela Weathers, a professor of biology and biotechnology at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), published in the journal Phytomedicine, describes how the Artemisia annua plant, commonly known as sweet wormwood or sweet annie, saved 18 patients with drug-resistant malaria from the brink of death.

The Congolese patients, who ranged in age from 14 months to 60 years, had all developed severe, untreatable malaria, with symptoms ranging from loss of consciousness, to trouble breathing and convulsions, among others. When they failed to respond to intravenous treatment with an ACT, compassionate doctors decided to try the dried leaves of the Artemisia annua plant as a last resort. After only five days of the treatment, all 18 patients were fully recovered, including one child who had been in a coma. Blood tests revealed that absolutely no parasites remained in their blood.

Jan 21 17:28

DNAaaahahaha: Twins' 23andMe, Ancestry, etc genetic tests vary wildly, surprising no one

Identical sisters with same genetic makeup get different results from test kits

Jan 21 16:03

Costco to be the First Major Retailer to Dump Monsanto’s Roundup and Glyphosate Herbicide from its Shelves

Big news for activists who’ve been for years petitioning the major retailers.

Jan 21 13:43

PHOTOS: Hawaii catches a glimpse of the super blood wolf moon

Sky gazers in Hawaii were treated to a rare treat of a super blood wolf moon on Sunday and Monday.

The celestial phenomenon occurs when a total lunar eclipse happens at the same time as a super moon — and in January.

Jan 21 09:38

The longstanding NASA-Russian partnership in space may be unraveling

After an American Apollo and Soviet Soyuz spacecraft docked in orbit during the height of the Cold War, in 1975, the two leading space powers gradually worked more and more together on civil space activities. Over time, they forged a successful and, among astronauts and engineers at least, even a comfortable bond. But of late, that bond is fraying, and long-term it may unravel entirely.

The most immediate issue involves Dmitry Rogozin, appointed to lead the Russian space corporation Roscosmos in May 2018. Overtly political, Rogozin shares Vladimir Putin's antipathy toward the West. Following the Crimean crisis in 2014, Rogozin was one of seven Russian officials sanctioned by the Obama administration. In response, he taunted NASA, which relied then (and still does) on Russian Soyuz spacecraft to reach the International Space Station.

Jan 21 09:03

Ebola heads for major city: Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which has killed 419 people is moving towards a trading hub home to one million inhabitants

If Ebola does make it to the major city of Goma then 'all bets are off' for the bid to control the outbreak, one health official said.

Jan 21 08:44

Women CAN take contraceptive pill every day of the month says NHS because traditional seven-day break was only brought in to keep the Pope happy

The NHS has now assured women that it is safe to take the contraceptive pill every day of the month without any risk.
According to the new guidance from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), the seven-day break that was previously required in order to 'make it acceptable for Catholics to use', provides little benefit to the user.

Jan 21 07:32

82% of Americans are right to think artificial intelligence (AI) is more harmful than helpful — full measure, 60 Minutes, Elon Musk weigh in

Surveillance! Cyberattacks! Spreading fake harmful online content! Oh My! A new study reveals that overwhelmingly 82% of Americans think AI is going to be more harmful than helpful to humanity. Tech inventor and bazillionaire Elon Musk seems to agree. He has spoken many times about “killer robots” and how AI “scares the hell out of” him.

Jan 20 11:13

Future A.I. Won’t Need Facial Recognition to Identify Individuals in a Crowd: Claim

By Nicholas West

People of the future will apparently be no more significant than zebrafish and flies, according to new studies in tracking and surveillance being conducted on those species...

Jan 20 10:33

Do NOT put parsley or other vegetables in your vagina, doctors warn after 'irresponsible' article claiming the herb can be used to induce a PERIOD

Doctors are warning women to not take the 'irresponsible' advice of putting parsley in their vagina to kick-start their period.

The bizarre suggestion was made by women's magazine Marie Claire alongside other recommendations using food, drink and exercise.

Jan 20 10:32

Mind control and “the flu virus”

On Monday, I exposed the fact that most “flu” is not the flu.

For example, here is a quite suggestive quote from Peter Doshi’s report, “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?” (BMJ 2005; 331:1412):

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”


Jan 20 10:11


Richard Skellett, a founder of Digital Anthropologist and an expert for Future of Work, has warned of a future in which British workers have chips inserted underneath their skin.The process has already been trialled with company BioTeq fitting 150 implants in the UK.

Jan 20 09:54

Don't Miss the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Tonight! It's the Last Until 2021.

The moon will pass through Earth's shadow tonight in the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 and you won't want to miss it! If you do, you'll have to wait two years for the next one. And if you're in North America, you'd have to wait even longer, until 2022!

Skywatchers in North America will get a celestial treat late Sunday (Jan. 20) and early Monday (Jan. 21), when the moon goes into eclipse and turns blood red. While the weather will be very cold for many in North America, astronomers say to bundle up and check out the sight now. That's because the next total eclipse won't happen until 2021, and North Americans will have to wait until 2022 for a blood moon to be visible from their location. Tonight's total lunar eclipse is occurring while the moon is near it's closest point to Earth for the month, which some call a "supermoon." Since January's full moon is also known as the Wolf Moon, that's led some to christen tonight's lunar event a Super Blood Wolf Moon.

Jan 19 09:36

Twins get some 'mystifying' results when they put 5 DNA ancestry kits to the test

One set of identical twins, two different ancestry profiles.

At least that's the suggestion from one of the world's largest ancestry DNA testing companies.

Last spring, Marketplace host Charlsie Agro and her twin sister, Carly, bought home kits from AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA and Living DNA, and mailed samples of their DNA to each company for analysis.

Despite having virtually identical DNA, the twins did not receive matching results from any of the companies.

Jan 19 08:56

Former Chili's server claims she was denied promotion for not dressing in 'gender appropriate' attire, files complaint with EEOC

Meagan Hunter waited tables at a Chili's in Phoenix for two years. Servers wear standard-issue T-shirts as uniforms, so when she appeared at an interview for a promotion within the company in June, she wore a buttoned-down shirt and slacks, which she says is typical for male managers to wear at Chili's.
Hunter told Yahoo Lifestyle that after the interview, her general manager asked for a word with her outside.

Jan 19 08:51

Transgender teen reality show to feature 'farewell to penis' party ahead of sex reassignment operation

During the Jan. 15 episode of "I Am Jazz," mom Jeannette says she wants to throw the party and Jazz enthusiastically agrees. Even though it's not really fun, "laughter is the best medicine," Jeannette said during the episode titled, "Caterpillar to Butterfly."
The scene creates an awkward moment for her husband, Greg. He tells his wife he will not eat any of the penis-shaped cake she wants to bake for the party.
No word on whether a "farewell to sanity" party is also planned.

Jan 19 08:51

Navy Dumps Hazardous Substances into Puget Sound: Washington State AG

The U.S. Navy dumped the equivalent of 50 dump truck loads of solid material, including copper and zinc, into Puget Sound and must be stopped before it does so again, according to Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

The Navy provides dock space at Naval Base Kitsap for decommissioned, nonoperational vessels to be dismantled, recycled and disposed of. While cleaning the ship Independence at the yard in January 2017 before shipment to Texas for disposal, the Navy dumped the scraped-off paint into Sinclair Inlet, in violation of state and federal laws, according to a news release issued by Ferguson.

"You would think we would be at the stage where everybody, but especially the federal government, understands you can't just scrape a vessel into Puget Sound. ... It's insane," Ferguson said in an interview Thursday.

Jan 19 08:40

The White Man’s Burden

A storm, methinks, is just over the horizon: The genetics of intelligence, perhaps of behavior. Geneticists know that intelligence is largely genetic. They know better than to say so. But research advances rapidly. Laboratories close in on the responsible genes. Things like genomic-sequence correlation proceed apace. Within ten or fifteen years, I will guess, the genetics of IQ will be firmly established. If the results turn out as seems likely…then what? What does a pseudo-democracy do when clearly stratified by intellectual capacity?

Jan 18 14:54

Tsunami: History, Tips for Preparation, and What the Future May Bring Us

I was born within the Pacific Ring of Fire. Where I grew up in the North Cascades, I could see volcanos from basically every room in the house. Sauk Mountain you could sometimes see the indentation at the top. Mount Baker was nearby, and steam was sometimes seen coming out of it. Of course, there was Mount Rainier as well, towering over Seattle. Part of the reason my Dad thought it was a good idea to move back to his home state of North Carolina was that between floods and all the possible volcanic eruptions, it did not seem like a great place to be in the long term.

Jan 18 14:32

Owners of Company That Makes Oxycontin Boasted the Drug Would Create a “Prescription Blizzard”

A member of the Oxycontin-manufacturing Sackler family said at the launch party for the drug in the 1990’s that the coming “prescription blizzard” would be “deep, dense and white,” according to a bombshell court filing by the Massachusetts Attorney General.

Jan 18 14:00

Happy birthday Robert E. Lee

During a tour through the South in 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt told the aged Confederate veterans in Richmond, Virginia, “Here I greet you in the shadow of the statue of your commander, General Robert E. Lee. You and he left us memories which are part of the memories bequeathed to the entire nation by all the Americans who fought in the War Between the States.”

Saturday January 19, 2019, is the 212th birthday of Robert E. Lee.

Robert E. Lee, a man whose military tactics have been studied worldwide, was an American soldier, Educator, Christian gentlemen, husband and father.

Jan 18 13:06

Scott Adams: Cohen, Beto, Ohr, Kim, Pelosi, Heller

Childish Pelosi behavior vs. President Trump’s childish counter-punch
Attack the President, expect the counter-punch
SOTU now has new, better options
CNN hit piece on Beto, saying his attention is due to “white male”
CNN is picking off their non-preferred candidates
Bruce Ohr told congress he fully informed the FBI of conflicts
Told them Steele dossier was political doc from DNC
Told them his wife worked for Fusion GPS
YouTube adds Wikipedia link to my videos on climate change
The Wikipedia page believes climate change is real
Why not do same concept for self-radicalized terrorists?
Border control plan, Dems should show us their plan
What DO they want to protect the border?
Some Dem factions are cannibalizing others on topic
Some Democrat has a major attention getting opportunity
Show us a border control plan and budget

Jan 18 11:33


Not surprising, Monsanto, today hidden behind the Bayer logo, as the world leader in patented GMO seeds and the probable carcinogenic Roundup herbicide with glyphosate, is attempting to quietly patent genetically modified or GMO varieties of fruits using controversial gene-editing. The “beauty” of this for Monsanto/Bayer is that in the USA, according to a recent ruling by the US Department of Agriculture, gene-edited agriculture needs no special independent testing. The developments are not good for human health or safety, nor will it do anything to give the world better nutrition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, what could possibly go wrong with this?!?

GMO veggies and Frankenfruits; if I have a choice, I will not eat them, thank you very much.

Jan 18 11:32

NEW Hatred of the White Hetero Male (4/7)- Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Herland Report TV

Herland Report TV (HTV): "What happened in the US was the liberal-Left wing class ceased to represent the working class against the capitalist exploit employer. They created a new victim group and a new exploiter: the white heterosexual male", says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. SUBSCRIBE to The Herland Report TV Channel:

Dr. Roberts is chairman of The Institute for Political Economy, former editor of Wall Street Journal and a well-known author of many books. He is awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.

Jan 18 10:50

Tokyo earthquake: 'Crazy' quake rattles Japan’s capital - Ring of Fire on alert

TOKYO has been rattled by a strong earthquake, with residents reporting shaking in the Japanese capital.

Jan 18 10:44

'Longevity' Could Reach Billions In 2019 - And Is No Longer Just The Preserve of Billionaires

At-home DNA testing kits were one of the most fashionable Christmas gifts this year. And with companies like AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and 23andMe offering kits for as little as £75 - less than the cost of the latest Amazon Echo – it is no wonder they appeal to those with the curiosity to know the most intimate information on themselves and their families.

While DNA testing has reached the mainstream, it is only 15 years since the official completion of the Human Genome Project and the publication of the first genome sequence at a cost of over $3 billion.

But DNA analysis has far more implications for humanity than understanding our genealogical roots or risk of disease. The vast global DNA library resulting from mass genomic profiling is helping us understand how we could extend “longevity”, that is living younger and healthier for longer. It also means the search for the elixir of youth may no longer be the preserve of billionaires but instead be accessible to billions.

Jan 18 10:02

What’s That Buzzing Overhead? It’s An OSHA Drone

By Walter Olson

“That buzzing noise over a construction site could be an OSHA drone searching for safety violations,” notes Littler Mendelson lawyer Tammy McCutchen in a piece for the Federalist Society. Quoting a U.S. Department of Labor memorandum from May of last year obtained by Bloomberg Law, McCutchen writes that “your friendly neighborhood OSHA inspector is now authorized by the Labor Department ‘to use camera-carrying drones as part of their inspections of outdoor workplaces.’”

What about the Fourth Amendment, you may ask? Well, court review is unlikely because current procedures call for the agency to obtain employer consent before sending the spycams aloft. Which makes everything okay, right?...

Jan 18 09:34

FDA Allows aspartame, a seizure triggering drugto be added to anti-seizure medication!

I don't know how much you know about all the fraud involving aspartame, the reason FDA asked for an indictment against G. D. Searle, but I'm giving you some information of the goings on from Mission Possible Holland: artikelen_eng/histfaq.php You will note it says the list of pivotal studies were protected. Later it was released.

Barbara Alexander Mullarkey, a columnist for the Wednesday Journal of Oak Park, Illinois, and author of Bittersweet Aspartame: A Diet Delusion , wrote the FDA for a list of the pivotal studies that approved aspartame. A letter from Dr. Rudolph Harris of the FDA [10] included SC 18862, a 52 Week Oral Toxicity Study in the Infant Monkey . Seven were fed aspartame, five had grand mal seizures, and one died. The FDA report of 92 symptoms lists four types of seizures.

Jan 18 09:19

Is It Time to Tax the Air We Breathe?

When California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a tax on drinking water as part of his newly unveiled budget, I started thinking: Wait a minute. Didn’t “we” already solve the problem of undrinkable water supplies in some largely impoverished parts of the agricultural San Joaquin Valley? In 2012, then-Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law declaring that “every human being has the right to safe, clean, affordable, and accessible water adequate for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes.”

Apparently, declaring something a human right does not automatically solve the underlying problem, or do so even several years later. Who would have suspected as much? Does that mean that Newsom’s main legislative priorities — essentially creating newfound rights to healthcare and housing — might not lead to his desired goals? Go figure. For a variety of reasons, this water-tax proposal serves as an archetype of our state government and of government programs and priorities in general.

Jan 18 09:04

Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of January 2019: Complete Guide

Get ready for an epic moon event this month. Overnight from Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019, into Monday, Jan. 21, millions of people in North and South America will have a prime view of a total lunar eclipse. During a special nocturnal hour, the full moon will become fully tinted with the red-orange color of sunset.
The Jan. 21 total lunar eclipse will be the last one until May 2021, and the last one visible from the United States until 2022; the most recent total lunar eclipse previous to this one appeared in July 2018.

Jan 18 08:59

Illinois parents get 25 years in death of boy, 6, who weighed 17 pounds when he died

An Illinois father and stepmother will spend decades in prison in the starvation death of their 6-year-old son, who authorities say weighed just 17 pounds when he died.

Chief Circuit Judge Eric S. Pistorius on Wednesday sentenced Michael L. Roberts to 25 years in prison and Georgena L. Roberts to 20 years, The Alton Telegraph reported. The 43-year-olds from Jerseyville both pleaded guilty in November to first-degree murder in the 2017 death of Liam Roberts.

Jan 18 08:55

How Easy Is It to Get a Gun Versus an Abortion in All 50 States?

Abortion may be legal in the U.S., but for thousands of women all over the country, it has become almost impossible to access. Across the 40,408 square miles that make up Kentucky, there is exactly one abortion clinic—one that was at risk of closing this year. In all 97,813 square miles of Wyoming, there’s only one provider that acknowledges they do terminations.

Jan 17 13:44

A Shift In Earth’s Magnetic Poles May Hold The Secret To Climate Change

As scientists study the causes and severity of climate change, they have looked to Earth’s atmosphere for answers.

But that may be the wrong place to find a satisfying and correct solution, says William Goodenough, author of “The Three Concepts of Climate Change: Is AGW Politics or Science?” (

Instead, the key to unlocking the global-warming riddle could lie in the planet’s magnetic poles, which have been shifting from their traditional locations at the same time that the Earth has experienced erratic, unpredictable behavior with the weather, he says.

Jan 17 13:39

Scott Adams: How CNN Creates Bad News so They Can Report It

If the news was reported fairly, how would things be different?
CNN is creating bad news…and then reporting it
Examples of CNN shading, creating problems and news
What was the gender mix of the Gillette meeting for their ad?
The ad is sexist, it condemns an entire group (men)
Was there intention to fake climate science? Not likely
The force field that protects the earth

Comments at:

Jan 17 12:14

'Absolutely no Danger': CERN Plans to Build More Powerful Collider - Professor

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, also commonly known as CERN, has presented plans to build a bigger, more powerful successor to the already existing Large Hadron Collider. The new accelerator will be called ‘Future Circular Collider’ and will cost around 20 billion pounds.

Jan 17 11:54

6 Benefits of Garden-Based Learning

By Tim Moore

If you have children or work with children, then you probably have noticed that hands-on experiences help them make connections to the lessons they are learning. This is especially true when the lesson involves something you enjoy or have made a hobby out of, such as gardening. Hands-on learning experiences surround us if we take the time to look, and educational opportunities abound with a little ingenuity to turn daily tasks into lessons.

The outcomes have reflected positively on children, which has led many educators to use gardens as part of their educational toolbox...

Jan 17 11:37

Elon Musk Tells Lawmaker The Boring Company Can Dig via Mountain for Cheap

Elon Musk wants to solve city traffic woes one tunnel at a time. The Boring Company founder, responding to an Australian state lawmaker via Twitter on Wednesday, stated the firm could build a two-way high-speed transit route through the Blue Mountains to connect Sydney and the west for a surprisingly low price.

Jan 17 11:11

Flashback: Bill Gates’ Former Doctor Says Billionaire ‘Refused To Vaccinate His Children’

The physician who served as Bill Gates’ private doctor in Seattle in the 1990s says the Microsoft founder and vaccine proponent “refused to vaccinate his own children” when they were young.

“I don’t know if he had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children,” the physician said at a behind closed doors medical symposium in Seattle, adding “They were gorgeous kids, really smart and vivacious, and he said they would be OK as it was, they didn’t need any shots.“

Jan 17 10:46

Wyatt Earp in Hollywood

In a letter, written in December 1928, the 80-year-old frontiersman Wyatt Earp opined that perhaps “my health will be back to normal when this story business is all done with.”

He was wrong twice.

Less than a month later, Wyatt was dead, and his legend was on the cusp of exploding. Some outlaws were about to become very rich from his story, but Wyatt never made a dime on any of it. This is the story of how that happened.

Jan 17 09:49

Top 5 additives and drugs BANNED from the food supply in Europe and Russia, but approved by the FDA for Americans to eat

In America, there’s basically only one industry that would prosper from everyone being healthy, and that’s the organic food industry. About a century ago, all food in America was naturally organic because farmers and corporations weren’t using chemical pesticides on the crops, and they weren’t juicing up livestock with drugs. All of that has changed. The biggest source of revenue in America has to do with consumers getting sick from the food and staying sick from the medicine, meanwhile, other developing countries try to help their citizens stay healthy, by banning known toxins and carcinogens from the food and medicine supply.

Jan 17 08:41

Could receipts cause cancer? Scientists warn 90% of the papers doled out by shops 'contain hormone-disrupting chemicals thought to be carcinogenic'

Up to 90 per cent of receipts contain cancer-causing chemicals, experts have warned.
Receipts which use ink that fade over time are made with 'thermal paper' which contains BPA (bisphenolA).
Studies have shown the chemical can lead to hormone-dependent cancers, and has previously been linked to infertility, autism, ADHD, obesity, type 2 diabetes, premature births and early onset of puberty.

Jan 16 17:54

Veteran MD Drops a Bombshell about 5G and the Effect it Will Have on Your Health

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an internal medicine physician & professor, is one of many professionals and concerned humans who are speaking a very important truth to power right now.

Jan 16 17:46


Motors feed chaff from rolls of about 40 pounds through cutters carried on some aircraft to produce either bursts or a continuous stream. The continuous stream technique, called saturation chaff, may be used by aircraft to cover a large area.

Jan 16 17:44

Magic Mushrooms For Palliative Care Patients

By Josh Richardson

Palliative care patients are being treated with the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms in a bid to reduce their anxiety during end of life care...

Jan 16 17:34

Australian Government Causing Death and Disability with Mandatory Vaccination Policies

By Judy Wilyman

Vaccination policies are not about promoting ‘health’ in the community they are about promoting vaccines (big business) in the community and this is why children’s health is significantly declining with the addition or every new vaccine that is recommended by the government.

The government doesn’t promote these policies with statistics on the improvements in children’s health that these policies will provide – because these statistics do not exist...

Jan 16 16:41

That didn't last long: China reveals cotton sprout growing on the moon is already dead less than two weeks after it was planted by the lunar lander

Just one day after revealing its Chang’e-4 lander had successfully started growing plants on the moon in a first-ever milestone, China now says its lunar cotton seedling is as good as dead.

The state-run publication Xinhua News says the groundbreaking experiment has ended with the onset of a two-week-long lunar night following its short-lived stint inside a specially-designed biosphere habitat.

The dying plants will eventually decompose inside the canister, where they will not pose any threats to the lunar environment, according to the China National Space Administration.

Jan 16 12:33

Key West moves to ban sunscreens that could damage reefs

Officials in Key West took the initial steps toward banning the sale of sunscreens containing two ingredients that could be harmful to coral reefs.

The Miami Herald reports the Key West City Commission approved the measure 7-0 on Tuesday night. Commissioners now must review the ordinance a second time and pass it again on Feb. 5 before it can become law. It would ban products containing oxybenzone and octinoxate. Some studies have shown that the chemicals encourage coral bleaching.

Nearly 100 people turned out for the discussion, with 50 signing up to speak. They included dermatologists, boat captains and school children.

Jan 16 12:33

Mass vaccination for influenza a failed strategy, scientists admit… it simply doesn’t reduce influenza-related hospital admissions at all

Mass vaccination against the pandemic influenza A/H1N1 infection fell short on expected results, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal. Researchers examined a cohort of 388,069 patients younger than 65 years old, who were given the H1N1 vaccination between November 2009 and January 2010 when the transmission of pandemic influenza was spreading rapidly.

The researchers used proportional hazards regression models to assess the efficacy of the pandemic vaccine. Study outcomes confirmed H1N1 and flu-related admissions diagnosed as the H1N1 infection. The experts then further arranged the models into four variables including age group, number of chronic illnesses, seasonal vaccine status and pandemic vaccine status. Data showed that coverage for both the pandemic influenza vaccine and the 2009-2010 seasonal influenza vaccine varied between age groups, with the lowest coverage rates found in the youngest age groups, aged 39 years and below.