Jun 22 11:41

Scott Adams: Tucker Carlson Prevents War With Iran, Mayor Pete Imploding, DR Hysteria

Comments at:

President Trump retweets another great Carpe Donktum meme
“President Trump 4EVA” meme
Famous people and FALSE claims of encounters with them
Dominican Republic mysterious deaths…real or mass hysteria?
Governmental lying to the public about military stuff
Pete Buttigieg’s interaction with BLM
Looking Presidential while wearing a “Fish Fry” event tee shirt
Did Tucker Carlson’s significant influence…cancel the Iran strike?
Erin Burnett questions the timing of the President Trump’s decision
AMA session with listeners

Jun 22 11:38


As the world population of honeybees continues to decline at a dangerous rate, a new study from Colorado State University purports to have found the answer to quell the decline—hemp. The reason hemp is such a boon to the bee population is simple, it is a great source of pollen.

Because the hemp plant provides such a massive amount of pollen, it will provide them with the resources they need to sustain and grow their populations.

Jun 22 11:02

Dogs Developed “Sad Puppy Eyes” To Appeal To Humans: Study

By Mayukh Saha

Recent research has shown that the term ‘puppy dog eyes’ is justified because dogs have mastered that expression just so that we’ll pay attention to them.

This study has discovered that unlike wolves, dogs have the ability to express complicated emotions due to their facial structure...

Jun 22 10:39

Plant-Based Diet Led to Crohn’s Disease Remission in Case Study

Eating a plant-based diet may be an effective treatment for Crohn’s disease, according to a case study published in the journal Nutrients.

The case study followed a man in his late 20s who had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after experiencing fatigue, bloating, episodic severe abdominal pain, nausea, and occasional ulcers for several years. His condition did not reach remission after more than a year of intravenous treatment...

Jun 22 10:34

Trump EPA Approves “Emergency” Use of Bee-killing Pesticide On 13.9 Million Acres For The Next 4-6 Years

By Arjun Walia

It’s no secret that pesticides have been killing bees in extreme numbers, especially in North America. Many other countries have imposed bans and restrictions on the pesticides that are sprayed in Canada and America.

Since 2006, when the term “Colony Collapse Disorder” or CCD was coined in the U.S., commercial beekeepers have reported extraordinary losses averaging 29 to 45 percent per year. Such losses are unprecedented — more than double what is considered normal...

Jun 22 10:19



In the New York Times, Kenneth Chang reports that this week NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars detected high amounts of methane, a gas that is commonly a signature of life. From the NYT:

“Given this surprising result, we’ve reorganized the weekend to run a follow-up experiment,” Ashwin R. Vasavada, the project scientist for the mission, wrote to the science team in an email that was obtained by The Times.

The mission’s controllers on Earth sent new instructions to the rover on Friday to follow up on the readings, bumping previously planned science work. The results of these observations are expected back on the ground on Monday...

On Earth, microbes known as methanogens thrive in places lacking oxygen, such as rocks deep underground and the digestive tracts of animals, and they release methane as a waste product.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A major congratulations to Dr. Gilbert Levin, who detected life on Mars 43 years ago on the Viking Mission.

Jun 21 19:28

Coming Soon — GM Salmon Might Remain Hidden From U.S. Consumers

By Jason Erickson

After the FDA lifted its ban on genetically modified salmon, the only question remained as to whether or not the product would be clearly labeled for health-conscious consumers. We appear to now have that answer, as reported by the Associated Press. It also seems that the company that has produced the new supercharged creature is not willing to brag publicly about where it ends up...

Jun 21 16:49

Scientists Are Trying to Figure Out Why So Many Dolphins and Whales Are Dying This Year

By Elias Marat

In a particularly unnerving trend that has unfolded on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, hundreds of carcasses belonging to marine mammals such as whales and dolphins have been washing up on beaches in the United States, in what scientists are calling “unusual mortality events.”...

Jun 21 13:58

Gut Bacteria Associated with Chronic Pain for First Time

Scientists have found a correlation between a disease involving chronic pain and alterations in the gut microbiome.

Fibromyalgia affects 2-4 percent of the population and has no known cure. Symptoms include fatigue, impaired sleep and cognitive difficulties, but the disease is most clearly characterized by widespread chronic pain. In a paper published today in the journal Pain, a Montreal-based research team has shown, for the first time, that there are alterations in the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tracts of people with fibromyalgia...

Jun 21 10:53

High arsenic levels found in bottled water brands owned by Keurig Dr Pepper and Whole Foods

High levels of arsenic, which can increase chances of cancer and cause reproductive harm, has been found in popular bottled water brands Penafiel and Starkey Water, according to new testing.

The nonprofit Center For Environmental Health sent legal notices to Keurig Dr Pepper, which owns Penafiel, as well as Whole Foods, owner of the Starkey Water brand, after independent testing showed unsafe levels of the toxic metal.

The California-based organization asserts that the products require a health warning under California's consumer protection law.

Jun 21 10:23


On June 7 Mailchimp announced it had already shut down a number of accounts for “anti-vaccination content.” Mailchimp also announced it was adding the ‘anti-vaccination’ category to its routine searches for prohibited content. Nowhere on Mailchimp’s website did it elaborate what constituted ‘anti-vaccination’ content. Reporting on the move, CNBC writes “The company began quietly enforcing this decision last week” yet no discussion or reasoning was given as to why the enforcement needed to be done quietly.

Facebook reports revealed that Mailchimp’s account cancellations began before they released their public statement. The pre-emptive “quiet” move resulted in customers locked out of accounts and unable to retrieve their data without warning or a clear remedy. Mailchimp did not return a request asking what prompted them to start their censorship and what constituted ‘anti-vaccination’ content on their platform.

Jun 21 10:04

Can Chocolate Actually Reverse Obesity?

Scientists may have discovered more reasons to love chocolate.

A new study by researchers at the University of Illinois suggests that three of the phenolic compounds in cocoa bean shells have powerful effects on the fat and immune cells in mice, potentially reversing the chronic inflammation and insulin resistance associated with obesity...

Jun 21 09:10

The “incubation period” lie about Ebola, and why America is vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak from infected migrants

It’s a huge, dangerous lie. City officials in San Antonio, Texas, are claiming that no migrants from the Ebola-infected Republic of Congo could possibly be carrying Ebola into the United States because “Ebola has a 21-day incubation period,” they say. And the migrants have been walking for more than 21 days. Therefore, they cannot possibly have Ebola.

The “officials” saying this are either grossly incompetent or deliberately lying. (By the way, it also begs the question of how migrants from Africa “walked” to the U.S. / Mexico border. Can they walk on water?)

For starters, Ebola’s incubation period only averages 21 days. It can be 40+ days in some people, and that’s according to the World Health Organization. As previously reported by Natural News:

Jun 21 08:04

Low-Carb Diet May Reduce Diabetes Risk Independent of Weight Loss

A low-carb diet may have benefits for people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes even if they don’t lose any weight, a new study suggests.

Researchers at The Ohio State University wanted to know what happens to obese people with metabolic syndrome, a precursor to diabetes, when they eat a diet plan low in carbohydrates but don’t shed any pounds. They found that more than half of study participants no longer met the criteria for metabolic syndrome immediately following a four-week low-carb diet...

Jun 21 07:48

Ice Cream Shop Becomes Scotland’s First To Sell CBD-infused Ice Cream

By John Vibes

“ICE shops,” the Falkirk-based ice cream store, recently announced that they will become the first shop in Scotland to sell CBD-infused ice cream.

The pioneering product is the result of a partnership between ICE Shops owner Kyle Gentleman and Elaine Grant, the director of a local family-owned natural wellness company called Natures Medics...

Jun 20 13:58

Researchers find link between World Trade Center dust and prostate cancer

This is the first study of people who were exposed to the WTC dust and who subsequently developed prostate cancer. This research and further study of the expression of genes and pathways in other patients whose environmental exposures caused inflammation could lead to clinical trials that offer anti-inflammatory or immune-targeted therapies in similar cases...

Jun 20 11:22

‘Like Nothing Humanity Has Ever Seen’: NASA Reveals PHOTO of Mountain on Dwarf Planet Ceres

?The mountain reportedly reaches a height of over 13,000 feet, just under half of the height of Earth’s largest mountain, Mount Everest, at 29,029 feet. The massive anomaly is adorned with strange slopes with interesting vertical streaks.

It is currently unknown what caused its formation, but NASA offered a theory in a statement: "Based on numerous gravity measurements, a bubble of mud rose from deep within the dwarf planet and pushed through the icy surface at a weak point rich in reflective salt — and then froze."

The portion of the dwarf planet where Ahuna Mons is located “is not solid and rigid, but moving and at least partially fluid," said Wladimir Neumann of the DLR Institute of Planetary Research in Berlin-Adlershof and the University of Münster, in a news release on the DLR official website.

Jun 20 11:21

Cutting Edge Russian Glonass-M Navigation Satellite to Begin Operation Soon - Statement

The Russian Glonass-M navigation satellite launched into orbit in late May will go into operation on 22 June, the GLONASS information centre said Wednesday, adding that a previous device has been transferred to an orbital reserve.

"According to GLONASS System Control Centre, the Glonass-M 758 (orbital slot 12) is set to enter the orbital constellation on 22 June 2019", the centre said in a statement.

The Glonass-M 758 satellite will replace Glonass-M satellite 723, which has exceeded its expected service life by some 50 percent.

Jun 20 11:13

'Swarmageddon' of over 1,000 small earthquakes in less than a month sparks fresh fears of a megaquake in Southern California

A spate of small earthquakes in Southern California is giving seismologists yet another opportunity to remind residents that they must always be prepared for the next big event.

While small earthquakes magnitude 3 and under are almost a daily occurrence, a recent swarm has produced more than 1,000 temblors over the last three weeks, sparking fears that something more destructive may be on the way, according to the LA Times.

Experts thankfully say that’s likely not the case this time – but, they warn a big earthquake in the region is ultimately inevitable.

Jun 20 11:12

Information is Like Money or Drugs To Your Brain

Researchers demonstrate common neural code for information and money; both act on the brain’s dopamine-producing reward system. “We can look into the brain and tell how much someone wants a piece of information, and then translate that brain activity into monetary amounts,” they said.

Can’t stop checking your phone, even when you’re not expecting any important messages? Blame your brain...

Jun 20 11:06

Timed Release of Turmeric Stops Cancer Cell Growth

A Washington State University research team has developed a drug delivery system using curcumin, the main ingredient in the spice turmeric, that successfully inhibits bone cancer cells while promoting growth of healthy bone cells.

The work could lead to better post-operative treatments for people with osteosarcoma, the second most prevalent cause of cancer death in children...

Jun 20 10:57

Researchers Turn to Amazon and Google For Bedroom Health Surveillance

By Jason Erickson

Yes, literally listening to people's bedrooms in the name of health security...

A new press release from the University of Washington highlights how researchers are aiming to leverage the growth of in-home smart tech devices...

Jun 20 08:41

Heads Up! US GMO Wheat Outbreak Could Cause Problems In Market Prices

THE US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed the discovery of genetically modified (GM) wheat plants growing wild in an unsown paddock in Washington state in the north-west of the US.

It is believed the herbicide resistant plants may be descended from GM wheat trials conducted by Monsanto in the early 2000s.

Monsanto stopped GM wheat trials in 2004 due to a lack of enthusiasm for GM wheat among key buyers of American grain.

Jun 19 15:26

CBD Legal Status Update: FDA Holds First Hearing and Issues Warnings

By Michael Boldin

On May 31, the FDA held its first hearing on CBD.

After the meeting, the same questions remain as before: will the federal agency continue to maintain its current regulation and prohibition of hemp-derived cannabinoids? Or will it give in to market forces and open the door for the general sale and use of CBD?

Jun 19 15:09

US beekeepers lost over 40% of colonies last year, highest winter losses ever recorded

Beekeepers across the United States lost 40.7% of their honey bee colonies from April 2018 to April 2019, according to preliminary results of the latest annual nationwide survey conducted by the University of Maryland-led nonprofit Bee Informed Partnership. The survey results indicate winter losses of 37.7%, which is the highest winter loss reported since the survey began 13 years ago and 8.9 percentage points higher than the survey average. Honey bees pollinate $15 billion worth of food crops in the United States each year, so their health is critical to food production and supply...

Jun 19 09:52


PARIS AIR SHOW: Imagine a swarm of up to 30 hypersonic scramjets the size of cruise missiles, launched from air, land and sea. They share data with each other, correcting their flights, perhaps changing targets midcourse. And they can be manufactured relatively quickly and for much less cost than most of the hypersonic vehicles that have been built so far.

If you were China or Russia, would you be uneasy?

“The Raytheon-Northrop Grumman team is quickly developing air-breathing hypersonic weapons to keep our nation ahead of the threat,” Tom Bussing, Raytheon’s VP for advanced missile systems, said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just great; we still have families sleeping in their cars; our infrastructure is crumbling as I input this, and every Foggybottomite is still fully engaged, parsing out "the meaning" of the 2016 election.

The people Americans have "hired", through the election process, are simply a group of individuals, who are owned by the companies which have contributed heavily toward their election success, to insure that these companies can "manage" what happens in this country, to continue to make them profitable.

With a political leadership this collectively asleep at the wheel, it is no wonder why the real problems facing this country go unresolved; but we will have terrific weapons with which to smash other countries, if they dare get "uppity!"

Jun 19 09:50

25 Most Shocking Archaeological Discoveries In Human History

From ancient computers to colossal underground armies, ghastly corpses to undecipherable manuscripts, these 25 archaeological discoveries will make you realize just how complex, bizarre and, to some extent, horrifying our past used to be.

Jun 19 09:25

Pig Ebola! The Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak Of All Time Is Going Out-Of-Control

Webmaster addition: Someone is trying to sensationalize the story by calling it Pig Ebola, but it isn't. It's swine flu, which is bad enough.

Jun 19 08:28

Study: Marijuana Use Increases, Shifts Away from Illegal Market

A new article published by researchers from University of Puget Sound and University of Washington reports that, based on analysis of public wastewater samples in at least one Western Washington population center, cannabis use both increased and substantially shifted from the illicit market since retail sales began in 2014.

Led by chemist Dan Burgard, the research team analyzed wastewater samples collected from 2013-2016 from two treatment plants that service a community of two hundred thousand in Western Washington...

Jun 18 11:59

NASA's Mars orbiter snaps stunning photo of 50-foot crater that formed on the red planet after recent collision

It was captured back in April, though when exactly the impact took place is a mystery.

‘An impressionist painting? No, it’s a new impact crater that has appeared on the surface of Mars, formed at most between September 2016 and February 2019,’ NASA tweeted alongside the photo.

‘What makes this stand out is the darker material exposed beneath the reddish dust.’

The object responsible for creating the crater, estimated to be 49 to 53 feet wide, was likely small, with a diameter of about 5 feet, according to

Jun 18 11:56

The incredible 'Atlas of Space' that maps the orbits of every known object in our solar system including planets, moons and asteroids

A stunning map created by a data-driven illustrator shows all the orbits of over 18,000 asteroids in the Solar System.

It includes 10,000 asteroids that are over 6 miles (10km) in diameter, and about 8,000 objects of unknown size.

Eleanor Lutz, a PhD student in biology at the University of Washington, transforms public data sets into breathtakingly beautiful scientific drawings.

She produces 'infographics and animations' about science including animations on the Earth's four seasons and a detailed drawing of the moon's different craters.

Jun 18 11:53

Unprepared Uganda Deports Ebola Suspects as Virus Crosses from D.R. Congo

Ugandan authorities this week repatriated the relatives of the two people known to have succumbed to the Ebola virus within its borders back to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa News reported this weekend.
The move came after health officials in Uganda confirmed the presence of the deadly Ebola disease within its borders this week, which they linked to individuals from neighboring DRC.

Citing the Ugandan health ministry, Reuters noted on Thursday:

Authorities repatriated the relatives of two people who died of Ebola in Uganda back to the Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday, including a 3-year-old boy confirmed to be suffering from the disease.”

Jun 18 11:30

Chinese man desperately runs for his life after being woken up by a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that leaves at least 12 people dead and 135 injured

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck south-western China yesterday, leaving at least 12 people dead and 135 others injured, authorities said.

Rescue efforts are underway in the province of Sichuan. Hundreds of firefighters arrived early today and rescued at least eight trapped people, the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management said.

Nearly 100,000 people from eight counties were affected and 73 houses collapsed in the disaster that took place late last night, according to local government.

Jun 18 11:29

Suicide Rate Soars In America — Why Are So Many Americans Killing Themselves?

‘Deaths of despair’ in the U.S. hit a record high – so how bad will things get when society starts to completely collapse?

Jun 18 10:13

“It’s a disaster like I’ve never seen before”: 2019 could be the worst year ever for U.S. corn farmers

The amount of corn produced in the United States this year is going to be way below expectations. The Department of Agriculture just slashed its harvest estimates quite dramatically in its June report, but some farmers in the Midwest believe that those reduced projections are still way too optimistic. As I have previously detailed, millions upon millions of acres will go unplanted this year, but that is only part of the story. Much of the corn that has actually been planted is coming up very slowly due to the exceedingly poor conditions, and corn farmers all over the Midwest are reporting that their plants look absolutely terrible. If we get picture perfect weather between now and harvest time, this will simply be a terrible year. But if severe heat and/or an early frost hits the Midwest, this could very easily be the worst year that we have ever seen for corn farmers in the United States.

Jun 18 10:12

New York State assumes God-like power over people’s bodies by ending religious exemptions on vaccinations

In response to their own contrived fear-mongering about the “threat” of measles, corrupt legislators in New York State have passed an egregious new bill that eliminates all religious exemptions from vaccination, denying New Yorkers the religious liberty that’s guaranteed to them in the United States Constitution.

According to reports, the Senate voted 36-26, while the Assembly voted 77-53, to scrap all opt-out provisions for vaccines in the Empire State, save for those issued directly by doctors for medical reasons. And Andrew Cuomo, who sees nothing wrong with murdering babies both inside and outside the womb, is fully onboard with this tyranny.

Jun 18 09:40

Navy Contaminates Local Groundwater and Sewer System in Maryland

The U.S. Navy has contaminated the groundwater at Maryland’s Patuxent River Naval Air Station (NAS) with 1,137.8 parts per trillion (ppt) of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), according to a report published last July by the engineering firm CH2M Hill. PFAS have been associated with a variety of cancers and are known to jeopardize human reproductive health. The contamination was not reported on the Defense Department’s March 2018 report on PFAS.

Jun 18 09:37

Actress Jessica Biel bravely comes out in support of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and vaccine truth, only to sustain barrage of criticism on social media

It’s not every day that a high-profile individual decides to break from the herd and express unpopular viewpoints that could negatively impact her career. But that’s exactly what actress Jessica Biel has done by boldly joining up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to challenge restrictive new legislation recently proposed in California that would make it even harder for parents to opt their children out of mandatory vaccinations.

On his Instagram account, Kennedy recently shared a series of photos of himself and Biel in Sacramento, where the two spoke with legislators about the threat of Senate Bill 276. Introduced by none other than corrupt drug and vaccine hack Richard Pan, SB 276 would require that all written statements by physicians allowing vaccination exemptions also be signed by an official from the State Department of Public Health.

Jun 18 09:09

Japan issues tsunami warning after 6.5-magnitude earthquake off coast

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake has occurred in the Sea of Japan. The powerful jolt triggered a tsunami warning. The wave is expected to reach a height of around 0.2 to 1 meter, Japan’s meteorological agency says.

The quake occurred off the west coast of the largest Japanese island, Honshu. According to preliminary reports, the epicenter was just 5km below the ground while its strength measured 6.5 magnitude.

Japan’s meteorological society reevaluated the quake, stating it was actually 6.8 magnitude-strong, while its epicenter was located at a depth of some 10km.

Jun 18 09:04

GcMAF – The Persecution of David Noakes and Lyn Thyer

The alleged medicine is not a synthetic manufactured pharmaceutical. It is actually derived from naturally occurring human protein. It is called ‘Gc Protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor,’ or GcMAf for short. How and why GcMAF is being withheld from the public, despite an abundance of supporting scientific evidence, reveals a system of corrupt corporate control designed to profit from our sickness and death.

The scientific evidence clearly shows that GcMAF is potentially the most effective cancer treatment ever discovered. At David Noakes trial Judge Nicholas Lorraine-Smith made it clear that GcMAF was not on trial. He accepted that Noakes had acted out of a genuine desire to treat people; he noted that GcMAF had been instrumental in successfully treating people who had been written off by the medical profession and added that he was looking forward to GcMAF being made available to the public. He then sentenced David Noakes to prison.

Jun 17 16:31

Vatican comes out in condemnation of LGBTQP, says transgenderism is an attempt to “annihilate nature”

The modern Roman Catholic Church is finally taking a definitive stand in support of natural biology, having recently released a 31-page document entitled, “Male and Female: He Created Them” that basically condemns the Cult of LGBTQP, and specifically transgenderism, for trying to “annihilate nature.”

Describing the current climate of gender and sexual confusion as an “educational crisis,” the primer by the Congregation for Catholic Education explains how the LGBTQP agenda aims to eliminate the God-ordained human binary of male and female, and replace it with cultural “disorientation” whereby feelings and emotions “cancel out the differences between men and women, presenting them instead as merely the product of historical and cultural conditioning.”

Jun 17 15:51

Washington state waterfront owners asked to take dead whales

At least one Washington state waterfront landowner has said yes to a request to allow dead gray whales to decompose on their property.

So many gray whale carcasses have washed up this year that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries says it has run out of places to take them.

In response, the agency has asked landowners to volunteer property as a disposal site for the carcasses. By doing so, landowners can support the natural process of the marine environment, and skeletons left behind can be used for educational purposes, officials said.

Jun 17 11:49

Drug companies sue Trump administration over new rule forcing them to reveal cost of treatments in TV adverts

Three major pharmaceutical companies have brought a lawsuit against the Trump administration in response to the president’s recent mandate that they must disclose the pricing of their drugs in television advertisements

Jun 17 11:41

Pfizer raises drug prices again, rebuking Trump

Drug giant Pfizer announced on Friday it will increase the list prices of 41 medicines in January, just months after it agreed to temporarily roll back price hikes under pressure from President Donald Trump.

Pfizer's new price increases, which take effect Jan. 15, will apply to 10 percent of its portfolio, the company said. Most of those drugs will see 5 percent increases.

Jun 17 11:40

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to file lawsuits against New York State for repealing religious exemptions from mandatory vaccination

Back in April, the bureaucrats of New York State decided that it’s within their jurisdictional purview to eliminate the right of parents to opt their children out of mandatory vaccinations for religious reasons. But Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of Children’s Health Defense is having none of it.

According to reports, Kennedy and his legal team are planning to file a series of lawsuits against the Empire State for violating the religious liberties of state residents who oppose vaccines as a matter of personal faith.