Jun 05 09:26

100 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids

By Kerry McDonald

From fostering creativity and freedom to providing impressive educational outcomes, homeschooling is an increasingly appealing option...

Jun 05 08:06

Kerala Woman Wrongly Diagnosed With Cancer, Suffers Severe Side Effects Of Chemotherapy

Lab test results are something that we have come to believe blindly and are often the basis on which the doctors go ahead with the treatment process.

But what if the diagnosis is wrong? All hell can break loose and it can have far-reaching consequences.

A woman in Kerala was undergoing Chemotherapy at the Kottayam Medical College after tests conducted at a Dianova Laboratories, private lab in the city "wrongly" diagnosed her of having cancer.

Jun 05 08:06

Alex Trebek Is in “Near Remission” From Stage 4 Cancer—but What Does That Mean?

When Alex Trebek revealed in March that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, he made it clear that his prognosis wasn’t good. Still, he vowed to fight hard. Now, the Jeopardy! host says he’s responding well to treatment—really well.

In a new interview with People, Trebek says he’s in “near remission,” according to his doctors after doing several rounds of chemotherapy. “It’s kind of mind-boggling,” the 78-year-old said.

Jun 05 08:04

Hawaii reports three more cases of parasitic worms that burrow into human brains

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed three new cases in unrelated adults visiting Hawaii Island from the US mainland, the health department announced. The latest known victims—who became infected at different times—bring the state’s 2018 case total to 10 and the 2019 total to five.

While there were 17 confirmed cases in 2017, the state counted only two cases total in the prior decade. The new case counts indicate a sustained boom in the parasite’s population and spread.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Indiana is looking better and better!

Jun 05 07:45

Watch Putin Brainstorm With Young Scientists - How to Boost Science in Russia

Science and engineering have long been one of Russia's fortes. In the days of the Soviet Union, Russian science was the envy of the world. Soviet scientists and engineers were able to go toe-to-toe with their European and American counterparts. But during the 90s, state funding collapsed, and Russian science deteriorated.

But recently, the Russian government has been investing heavily in research and development. One of Moscow's main initiatives in this area has been to provide large grants to reinvigorate scientific and technical studies.

Jun 05 06:08


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In an amazing step forward, the uber famous toy company LEGO has started shipping fully functional Wind turbine kits. It is another of their attempts to go green, a movement by LEGO that is taking the entire world by storm. They have previously promised to make their LEGO material plant-based, so there is literally no pollution that would be caused due to these toys. No toxic plastic. And this time, with the wind turbine kits, the company will also impart important information to kids. This is a part of their program to create all toys made of sustainable resources by 2030.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think Mike and I just found a toy which several of the kids we know will just adore!! :-)

Jun 04 21:03

The Truth About Chlorinated Chicken review – an instant appetite-ruiner

Chlorinated chicken is an emotive subject, and a slightly misleading one: as disgusting as it sounds, the chlorine itself is not the problem. American chicken doesn’t taste like a swimming pool. Most of it tastes a bit like chicken.

The problem is that the practice of chlorine washing (though sometimes other chemicals are used) is said to be a poor substitute for the hygiene measures that should take place earlier in the processing chain, but, in the US, are not legally required. For this reason, chlorinated chicken has been banned from the EU for 22 years. If and when Brexit happens, the UK may well be obliged to accept chlorinated poultry as part of any separate trade deal with the US.

Jun 04 18:12

Vitamin D Helps Cancer Patients Live Longer

Michigan State University physicians have found that vitamin D, if taken for at least three years, could help cancer patients live longer.

The findings suggest that the vitamin carries significant benefits other than just contributing to healthy bones and were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting on June 3, 2019...

Jun 04 18:08

5G Opposition Increases in the Pacific Northwest. Telecom Industry Has Still Provided NO Evidence that 5G is Safe.

By B.N. Frank

In February, Telecom Industry executives gave congressional testimony that they cannot provide any scientific evidence that 5G is safe.

What they didn’t say is that there is research that has already proven that 5G is harmful. That’s why opposition to 5G continues to increase in the U.S. and around the world...

Jun 04 13:51

High Aluminum Levels Contaminate Brains of Autistic Children

High concentrations of aluminum characterize the brains of autistic children, according to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology. [1]

Researchers from Keele University in the U.K. examined brain tissue from deceased individuals with a diagnosis of autism, finding some of the highest values for aluminum in human brain tissue yet recorded. The research investigated brain tissue from ten donors, representing all donors available at the Autism Brain Bank, and a standout observation was the location of aluminum in primarily inflammatory, non-neuronal, cells with evidence of these cells moving from blood and lymph into brain tissue.

Jun 04 11:12


Monsanto paid a shadowy chemical industry front group to help push back against the mounting scientific evidence that the company’s signature Roundup weedkiller causes cancer, court documents reveal.

“If a company like [Monsanto] won’t support us, then who will?” the head of the American Council on Science and Health wrote to a Monsanto scientist in 2015. A day later came the reply: “[T]he answer is yes…. [D]efinitely count us in!!”

Emails between Monsanto and the American Council on Science and Health, or ACSH, and related internal Monsanto emails were first made public during the trial last July of a lawsuit by a former California school groundskeeper who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after using Roundup. The jury awarded Dewayne “Lee” Johnson $289 million in punitive and compensatory damages, later reduced by the judge to $78 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I really hope that a series of class action lawsuits, will bring Monsanto/Bayer to its knees, economically, and that the Chairman of the Board of Bayer, at the moment, Werner Baumann, will be sacked, and someone who will really look out for the health of their clients, will replace him.

Jun 04 10:45

SENOMYX - WHAT is IT? and WHY YOU Will Not Want to Consume SENOMYX

Senomyx develops patented flavor enhancers by using "proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems." These receptors have been previously expressed in HEK293 cells. HEK stands for human embryonic kidney cells. These cells, originally came from a healthy, electively aborted human fetus in the early 1970s.

Jun 04 10:14


America is now witnessing the spread of once rare diseases due to the piles of garbage and the homeless epidemic now plaguing Democrat-run major cities such as L.A. and New York City.

Jun 04 10:00



A new lawsuit by the Center for Inquiry (CFI) alleges Walmart is "committing wide-scale consumer fraud and endangering the health of its customers through its sale and marketing of homeopathic medicines."

The lawsuit was filed in the District of Columbia last month. CFI is also involved in a similar suit against CVS, which has been ongoing since June 2018.

"Walmart sells homeopathics right alongside real medicines, in the same sections in its stores, under the same signs," said Nicholas Little, CFI's Vice President and General Counsel. "Searches on its website for cold and flu remedies or teething products for infants yield pages full of homeopathic junk products. It's an incredible betrayal of customers' trust and an abuse of Walmart's titanic retail power."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

REALLY, Mr. Little?!?

I have looked at the balance sheet of your organisation, here, and it is interesting that none of your major contributors are not mentioned by name:

Development fund: other employeesTherefore, one might conclude, that there is no apparent documented funding for your organisation.

Perhaps you want to keep people in the shadows about who funds you, and why.

There is not one name from one pharmaceutical company as your donor, but I would strongly suspect that there is a reason for this.

It is completely shameful, that you also have absolutely zero faith in the minds of 21st century consumers, so you have wanted to deny thinking people their "seat at the table" on the issue of supplementary health care, and whether this might be beneficial to themselves and their families.

And seem you are dealing with extreme SMD (extreme Selective Memory Disorder) on this issue, let me take a moment to correct that for you; and you, sir, are most welcome!!

Curcumin: A Review of Its’ Effects on Human Health

This supplement has been used in connection with the following health conditions:

What are probiotics?

Evaluation of the Effects of Dietary Organic Germanium, Ge-132, and Raffinose Supplementation on Caecal Flora in Rats
Why high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells

To attempt to deny customers the right to supplementation, means that you may, in some cases, be creating a death sentence for some of those people: this is absolutely, completely immoral, and evil to boot.

I cannot begin to tell you, Mr. Little, of how many of my family and friends who have died with cancer, under conventional treatment, and frequently those cancers went into remission, only to re-occur in other parts of their bodies.

One has to wonder, Mr. Little, as to how many pharmaceutical stocks lurk in your financial portfolio,and who, or what "owns you" on this issue. Perhaps there needs to be a "forensic accounting" done on the CFI, to reveal your client list. (Walmart, are you listening?!?)

And if any lawyers/barristers for Walmart happen to read this post, although the allegations contained herein will take a lot more detective work to prove, I think the information I have assembled, may help your case.

While I am not a Walmart enthusiast for a vast number of reasons, I think that this case needs to be dismissed, as a "frivolous lawsuit". And Walmart attornies, if you are smart, you will bring together every study, positively indicating that supplements should have both benefit, and their place in complementary medicine.

Jun 04 09:55

CRISPR-Cas9 babies likely to die earlier, Berkeley study says

Last year, Chinese researcher He Jiankui shocked the scientific community. He had artificially conceived genetically manipulated children. Now a study confirms: They have a significantly shorter life expectancy.

Jun 04 08:53

The CEO of United Launch Alliance on surviving a ‘flat’ market

In his first five years on the job, Tory Bruno led United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, through a protracted fight over the use of a Russian rocket engine.

Now, Bruno wants to ensure ULA is situated to win national security space launch contracts for the next decade. ULA is building a new rocket, known as Vulcan, that will replace the Atlas V and is expected to compete with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 to launch U.S. Air Force and intelligence satellites. The Vulcan has a new engine, the BE-4, built by Blue Origin, and Bruno says it is built specifically for the national security market.

Jun 04 08:43

Nobel Prize winner calls for boycott of Israel physics contest

The 2018 winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry is urging a boycott of a physics competition in Tel Aviv in July.

George P. Smith and 19 other scientists signed an open letter last week that calls on “all students and mentors from all over the world not to participate in the next International Physics Olympiad in Israel and to stand for human rights of the young Palestinian pupils and students, including their right to education.”

Smith, emeritus professor of biology at the University of Missouri, won last year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry for his invention of a process to evolve proteins that can be used to develop new medicines.

Jun 04 08:42

Scientists Are Pushing For A Super Vaccine—All Immunizations In One Shot.

The number of childhood vaccines has grown exponentially in the last few decades creating a lot of controversy and debate.

This still growing list with an increasing number of side-effects, toxic adjuvants and chronic health concerns is being taken increasingly seriously by parents and adults who refuse to blindly trust the currently money-driven pharmaceutical industry.

While many would prefer to go back to the only six or so shots their grandparents received, the researchers are now attempting to come out with a product that may be even more threatening to our health than the current vaccine situation.

A global team is working on lifelong, one-shot vaccines.

They are starting with one flu shot given at birth to last a lifetime, and predicting that all immunizations can come next in one shot.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 04 08:31

Large numbers coming to the border from Ebola-ridden African countries

While Africans have been trickling over our border in recent months, on Friday, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that “the first large group of people from Africa” were apprehended in the Del Rio sector of Texas. In total, 116 individuals were apprehended in this African caravan on Thursday morning, including 35 from Angola, one from Cameroon, and 80 from Congo.

Jun 03 23:51

Molecular ‘cage’ can trap salt to clean drinking water

A powerful new molecule that extracts salt from liquid has the potential to help increase the amount of drinkable water on Earth, report researchers.

As reported in Science, researchers designed the molecule to capture chloride, which forms when the element chlorine pairs with another element to gain an electron. The most familiar chloride salt is sodium chloride, or common table salt. Other chloride salts are potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and ammonium chloride.

The seepage of salt into freshwater systems reduces access to drinkable water across the globe. In the US alone, about 272 metric tons of dissolved solids, including salts, enter freshwater streams per year, according to US Geological Survey estimates.

Jun 03 17:16

Life-threatening rash that makes your skin burn, bubble, and fall off is a known side effect of a medication given to teens for mood swings

Fourteen-year-old Ashley Silverman was prescribed a drug called Lamictal (lamotrigine) by a psychiatrist to keep her mood swings under control. The drug is meant to treat bipolar disorder as well as seizures and epilepsy.

Silverman said she thought her mood swings were just part of teenage life and was not expecting medication, but a school counselor referred her to a clinic that prescribed her the drug. Although it bears a black box FDA warning due to potentially fatal side effects, the clinic somehow felt the need to give the young woman this deadly medication.

After taking it for about two weeks, her face was covered with a red rash. This was followed by headaches and a high fever, which she mistook for the flu. Soon after, the rash spread down her neck and chest and began to bubble. Unable to move and see, the teen thought she was going to die.

Jun 03 17:12

Even Scientific American has abandoned science by embracing the pseudoscience of transgenderism

In a recent issue of Scientific American, these powers that be made sure to include an article pushing their vision of a “gender-free” future. In it, the author suggests that it’s no longer acceptable to use words like “him” or “her” to describe men and women, instead urging widespread use of the generic term “them” to describe everyone.

It no longer matters, in other words, what a person’s chromosomes say about his or her unique biological sex – because that’s so old-fashioned, in case you didn’t know. No, it’s now about calling everyone the exact same thing so that we’re all exactly the same, and all “equal” – meaning no more men or women, but rather one universally identical existence as “people-kind,” or something.

Jun 03 15:58

Researchers Turn Plastic Water Bottles Into Diesel and Jet Fuel

A research group led by Washington State University scientists has found a way to turn daily plastic waste products into jet fuel.

In a new paper published in the journal Applied Energy, WSU’s Hanwu Lei and colleagues melted plastic waste at high temperature with activated carbon, a processed carbon with increased surface area, to produce jet fuel.

“Waste plastic is a huge problem worldwide,” said Lei, an associate professor in WSU’s Department of Biological System Engineering. “This is a very good, and relatively simple, way to recycle these plastics.”...

Jun 03 15:17

Public Health Warning Issued for Fluoride Toothpaste

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 40 percent of children between the ages of 3 and 6 use potentially dangerous amounts of toothpaste

The CDC and American Dental Association (ADA) recommend using no more than a pea-sized amount for children in this age group, and those younger than 3 should use no more than the size of a rice grain on their toothbrush

Fluoride-containing toothpastes have a warning on their label stating that “If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately”

Jun 03 15:14

GM fungus rapidly kills 99% of malaria mosquitoes, study suggests

A fungus - genetically enhanced to produce spider toxin - can rapidly kill huge numbers of the mosquitoes that spread malaria, a study suggests.

Trials, which took place in Burkina Faso, showed mosquito populations collapsed by 99% within 45 days.

The researchers say their aim is not to make the insects extinct but to help stop the spread of malaria.

What could possibly go wrong...

Jun 03 15:13

He Jiankui: Baby gene experiment 'foolish and dangerous'

The first people to be gene-edited - a pair of baby twin girls - may have been mutated in a way that shortens life expectancy, research suggests.

Prof He Jiankui shocked the world when he genetically altered the twins to try to give them protection against HIV.

But a study in Nature Medicine shows people who naturally have the mutation he was trying to recreate were significantly more likely to die young.

Experts said Prof He's actions were "very dangerous" and "foolish".

Jun 03 10:59

Break The Matrix

The First Large Group Of 116 Migrants From AFRICA Are Caught On Video Wading Across The Rio Grande To Illegally Enter The U.S.

Shocking video has emerged showing the first large group of migrants from Africa wading across the Rio Grande River to illegally enter the United States.

The video shared by the Customs and Border Protection shows a group of 116 people from Angola, Cameroon and the Congo walking through the waist-deep water into Texas.

Jun 03 10:32

CONFIRMED: Cancer is entirely a man-made disease

It may be hard to believe, but a recent study shows that cancer is 100 percent a man-made disease, and that it is caused by modern-day phenomena like pollution and dietary intake.

Researchers at the University of Manchester's KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology in England, reached that conclusion in 2010, after reviewing remains and literature from ancient Egypt and Greece, as well as earlier periods, a study that also included the first historical diagnosis of cancer in an Egyptian mummy.

The study, published at the time in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer, noted that researchers found only one occurrence of cancer while investigating hundreds of Egyptian mummies. In addition, they found very few references to the disease in period literature, which indicates that cancer cases were extremely rare during the period.

Jun 03 10:30

With End in Sight, Spitzer Space Telescope Releases Glorious Nebula Images

NASA has released a stunning pair of images taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope, an instrument the agency will be shutting down on Jan. 30, 2020.

The Spitzer Space Telescope, which has been at work since 2003, sees the universe in infrared light. For the past decade, the observatory has been hindered because it ran out of coolant, but the instrument still offers a valuable window into the early history of the universe.

Jun 03 09:21



Over the years ultra-processed factory food has become more and more common. Living in the USA it’s almost impossible to avoid them. As children most of us grew up eating them- and in many cases those cute frozen TV dinners were delivered right to our door. Eating out of the package isn’t ideal- for sure- but just how big of a price are we paying with our health?

Many would be surprised to find out just which foods make the list of ultra-processed foods. It’s not just fast food, sweets, fried foods, and chips, but also bread, sausages, fruit-yogurts, packaged soups and noodles, sweetened drinks, jarred sauces, processed meats, and almost any frozen meal- things that are common staples of the American diet, served in schools, restaurants, and homes across the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Have a talk with the manager of whatever "Big Box" or neighborhood grocery store you frequent, and let them know that if they will allow you a choice for organic products, you will continue to support them by shopping there; but if they cannot, or will not, you need to move to a store which will let you have that choice.

Jun 03 08:41

Risk of death from cosmic radiation makes missions to Mars 'impossible' at present, say European scientists

Astronauts journeying to Mars could be bombarded with 700 times the radiation experienced on Earth — rendering missions to the Red Planet 'impossible' at present.

The European Space Agency has assembled a cross-disciplinary team of researchers to learn more about the health impacts of space radiation.

They are also exploring how astronauts might be better protected as we journey further into the solar system.

Jun 02 21:55

Vaccines Did Not Save Us! Two Centuries of Official Statistics

Child Health Safety has compiled an excellent report on data the drug industry do not want you to see. Here are two centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics which show conclusively and scientifically that modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies.

Jun 02 09:42

Hydrogen-power electric flying vehicle: Long road to liftoff

A transportation company is betting its sleek new hydrogen-powered electric flying vehicles will someday serve as taxis, cargo carriers and ambulances of the sky, but experts say they will have to clear a number of regulatory hurdles before being approved for takeoff years in the future.

With six rotors on the roof and seats inside for five people, a passenger model of the Skai (pronounced "sky") unveiled Wednesday near Los Angeles resembles an oversized drone crossed with a luxury SUV.

Jun 02 09:40

Is Vermin Infestation Making People Sick At Downtown LAPD Station?

An infestation of vermin at a building in Downtown Los Angeles is allegedly making people sick.

CBS2’KCAL9’s Sara Donchey reports that the people getting sick are work at one of LAPD’s stations.

LAPD’s Central Division is in the heart of Skid Row. It appears the troubled areas problems are, in this case, stemming from inside the building.

The LAPD says an employee at that station contracted salmonella typhi, which typically comes from infected food or water.

A second employee is believed to have now contracted the same thing.

Jun 02 08:46


Illinois is poised to become the 11th U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana after lawmakers voted on Friday to legalize the plant. Governor J.B. Pritzker assured Illinoisans he would sign the bill that would also automatically expunge criminal records of prior convictions of minor pot possession.

This will have a transformational impact on our state, creating opportunity in the communities that need it most and giving so many a second chance. I applaud bipartisan members of the General Assembly for their vote on this legislation.

— Governor JB Pritzker (@GovPritzker) May 31, 2019

Steve Hawkins, executive director for the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project, said:

“Illinois is on the brink of replacing a shameful, destructive policy with the most far-reaching cannabis law ever enacted.”

Jun 02 08:01

Opportunity Zones: A Technocrat Deception To Plunder America

By Patrick Wood

How much more financial plundering can Americans endure before America is declared an outright Oligarchy and the middle class declared dead?

The Trump Administration has aggressively teamed up with Big Tech billionaires to diversify their fortunes into “underserved areas” by allowing tax deferment on realized capital gains derived from liquidation of their core investments. This is a massive Public-Private Partnership operation that could push as much as $6 trillion of “unlocked capital” into areas that would be turned upside down, and worse, inundated with Smart City technology designed to create a data extraction extravaganza for years to come.

In short, this is an operation of Big Tech, for Big Tech and by Big Tech, but President Trump has aided and abetted their efforts to manipulate government rules for their own self-interest. Undesired consequences will most certainly follow...

Jun 01 16:51

Cost of Prescription Drugs Increases 9.5% Annually, Coordinated by Industry

Scripps Research analyzed pharmacy insurance claims from over 35 million Americans, finding ‘continual, marked, annual increases’ of popular brand-name drugs, with price jumps often timed with competitors.

After reviewing tens of millions of insurance claims for the country’s 49 most popular brand-name prescription drugs, a team from Scripps Research Translational Institute found that net prices rose by a median of 76 percent from January 2012 through December 2017—with most products going up once or twice per year.

Jun 01 11:59

Scott Adams: How to Reprogram Your Brain, and Other People as Well

Comments at:

Laura Ingraham in trouble over a white inferiorist
Can technology proactively identify people being radicalized?
Passive systems to publicly detect mental health issues
Bernie’s new campaign ad pushes “Fine People” HOAX
Kanye West on Letterman, says he’s never voted
We are programmed in our youth to believe NONSENSE
Brainwashing yourself for positive results
Rules for programming your own brain to achieve objectives

Jun 01 10:16

ThorCon Advanced Nuclear Reactor -- More Than Worth Its Weight In Salt

It’s been 30 years since America built a really new nuclear power plant, but we haven’t been idle over this time. A slew of new designs have emerged and, thanks to advances in computing capabilities and the understanding that smaller is better, many of these are ready to be built economically.

This is important. Over the last several years, there has been a growing consensus among climate scientists that nuclear energy is critical for mitigating the worst effects of global warming. States are shifting from Renewable Energy Mandates to technology neutral Clean Energy Standards that include nuclear energy.

So it is good that the development of new nuclear technologies is speeding along faster than most people think. Many new nuclear start-up companies have emerged in the United States, China and Canada, especially those designing small modular reactors (SMRs).

May 31 16:17

Cannabis Use Among Older Adults Rising Rapidly

Study is first state-wide investigation of cannabis use among older Americans and the outcomes they experience

Cannabis use among older adults is growing faster than any other age group but many report barriers to getting medical marijuana, a lack of communication with their doctors and a lingering stigma attached to the drug, according to researchers...

May 31 12:24

Pentagon to ban US companies from using Russian space launches & satellites

The Pentagon has introduced restrictions that will prevent American companies from using Russian space rocket launches and satellite services, set to take effect in 2023.

The rule will levy “additional prohibitions with regard to acquisition of certain foreign commercial satellite services, such as… satellites and launch vehicles,” according to a Pentagon notice published on the US Federal Register website on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would the Pentagon please like to explain to the American people, that they have no recoverable space vehicles with which to get up to space, and back down, as we did with the Shuttle craft, unless Russia gets us there, as Russia does have this capability?!?

I am having a palm-to-forehead moment, at velocity, upon reading this!!

May 31 11:52



Spraying insecticide to kill mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are vectors of many devastating diseases such as malaria. Sukjanya/
Antonis Rokas, Vanderbilt University

Bed nets. Insecticides. Sterile and genetically modified insects. Now scientists are adding a genetically engineered toxic fungus to the arsenal of weapons to wipe out mosquitoes that carry the malaria parasite.

Although insecticides and insecticide-laced bed nets, by far the two most commonly employed strategies, have effectively lowered the numbers of infections and deaths, the global malaria burden has failed to decline in the last few years. In 2017, 219 million people were infected with malaria and an estimated 435,000 died. That is because mosquitoes are evolving resistance to insecticides.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is both scary, and creepy all at the same time; what if the resultant fungus is a slate wiper to humankind as well?!?

May 31 10:51


A cargo ship carrying tonnes of rubbish dumped in the Philippines by Canada more than five years ago, causing a festering diplomatic row, has left the Southeast Asian country, as nations in the region increasingly reject serving as dumpsites for wealthier states.

The 69 shipping containers of rotting waste were loaded onto the M/V Bavaria at Subic Bay port in the early hours of Friday, before embarking on a 20-day journey to Vancouver, in southwestern Canada.

"Baaaaaaaaa bye, as we say it," Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin wrote on Twitter, along with images of the vessel leaving.

Baaaaaaaaa bye, as we say it.

— Teddy Locsin Jr. (@teddyboylocsin) May 31, 2019
Environmental activists, including those from Greenpeace and EcoWaste Coalition, welcomed the Bavaria's arrival at Subic Bay, and on Thursday sailed on board a small outrigger with a streamer reading, "Philippines: not a garbage dumping ground!"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The larger question remains, how do we deal with both recyclable, and non-recyclable waste?!?

I hear Duterte's fury on this, and that of his people, but all of us are missing out on a greater opportunity.

So, I would like to challenge the US's universities, and Philippine Universities, to figure out how we do this much better, because our current answers are unsustainable, at this point, and we, globally, need a better way to do this.

And HEY, while we are at it, let us involve some of the most reputable universities on the planet, who are working on the same issue.

Intelligence, plus collaboration,, upon which we can, hopefully, begin to act very soon together.

We are all brothers and sisters on this journey through life, so please, let's start acting like it!! :-)

May 31 10:20


“What is hidden from the public who are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce these receptors,” said Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life, a pro-life organization and ethics which monitors the use and amount of aborted fetal material in medical and cosmetic products (per year).

“They could use monkey cells (CON) cells, Chinese hamster ovary cells, insect cells or other human taste receptor, morally obtained, expressing the G protein,” said Vinnedge.

After several requests for information Nestlé finally admitted his relationship with Senomyx, indicating that the cell line was “well established in the scientific research”.

After listening to Ms. Vinnedge in April 2012, exposing the reality of the problem, many consumers-angry citizens began to express their condemnation of such immorality through letters to companies. Campbell Soup and PepsiCo responded immediately.

May 31 10:12

Studies reveal conventional cancer treatments can be as dangerous as the disease itself

Back in 2006, a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that 61 percent of women who were treated with chemotherapy for breast cancer were hospitalized in the year following treatment for a variety of reasons.

Natural News reported:

The researchers found that in the year following the women’s initial diagnosis, the women on chemotherapy were much more likely to be hospitalized or go to the emergency room for any cause. Only 42 percent of the women not being treated with chemo went to the ER or were hospitalized, compared to 61 percent of the chemo patients. Most hospitalizations were for fever and infections, or for low blood cell counts and dehydration.

Even worse, a more recent study, conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York, found that chemotherapy often increases the aggressiveness of cancer cells, causing tumors to spread throughout the body.

May 31 10:00

New high-level eruption at Agung volcano, Indonesia

A new high-level eruption took place at Agung volcano, Bali, Indonesia at 03:42 UTC (11:42 local time) on May 31, 2019.

According to the Darwin VAAC, a high-level eruption was observed on webcam and satellite imagery to an estimated height of 9.1 km (30 000 feet) above sea level, moving ESE.

The Aviation Color Code was raised to Red.

"The danger area is within a radius of 4 km (2.5 miles) from the summit. Outside it is safe," BNPB's Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said.

May 31 09:59

New eruption near the summit of Etna volcano, Italy

A new eruption has started near the summit of Etna volcano, Italy early May 30, 2019 (UTC).

"Two new eruptive fissures have opened early May 30, 2019, on the northern and southeastern sides of the New Southeast Crater, producing modest strombolian activity and small lava flows," INGV's Boris Behncke reports.

The image below was taken from Tremestieri Etneo just a few minutes after the fissures opened:

May 31 09:05


(Reuters) - Los Angeles County sued Monsanto Co on Thursday, seeking to force the unit of Germany’s Bayer AG to help pay for reducing PCB contamination in dozens of bodies of water.

The most populous U.S. county, which has about 10.1 million people, said the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in products sold by Monsanto many decades ago has caused widespread environmental contamination, forcing it to spend money to retrofit its stormwater systems and prevent further damage.

Los Angeles County said Monsanto had long concealed its knowledge that PCBs were harmful, and created a public nuisance because their presence interferes with commerce, fishing, navigation, swimming and other water-based activities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a point where Monsanto/Bayer will be sued out of existence; I cannot predict when, but right now, it seems...inevitable, for all the evils Monsanto has created, and desperately tried to cover up.

May 30 15:42

Eating Blueberries Every Day Improves Heart Health

Eating a cup of blueberries a day reduces risk factors for cardiovascular disease – according to new research led by the University of East Anglia, in collaboration with colleagues from Harvard and across the UK.

New findings published today in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that eating 150g of blueberries daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 15 per cent...

May 30 15:34

73% of Oncology Providers See Benefit of Medical Marijuana

A University of Colorado Cancer Center study presented at the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting 2019 shows that while 73 percent of surveyed oncology providers believe that medical marijuana provides benefits for cancer patients, only 46 percent are comfortable recommending it. Major concerns included uncertain dosing, limited knowledge of available products and where to get them, and possible interactions with other medications.

“I think in some cases we’re missing out on providing a useful tool. Providers think it has benefit, but aren’t comfortable recommending it,” says Ashley E. Glode, PharmD, assistant professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the study’s first author...

May 30 11:49

NASA Mars DISCOVERY: Curiosity rover finds PROOF of 'significant amounts of water'

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars has found clay deposits, proving a “significant amount of water” was once present on the Red Planet, the US space agency has shockingly announced.

NASA’s rover made the groundbreaking discovery at a dig site in an ancient lakebed known as Gale Crater. NASA’s Curiosity is currently exploring the peak of Mount Sharp – an imposing mountain rising out from the centre of Gale Crater. This region of Mars is of incredible importance to NASA because it may have had the right conditions to support alien life billions of years ago. And if the new discovery proves anything, is that Mars once resembled the Earth much more than it does today.

May 30 10:48

Vitamin K: The Missing Nutrient to Blame for Heart Attacks and Osteoporosis (Nope - NOT Calcium or Vitamin D)

According to recent findings, the benefits of vitamin D, in terms of bone strength and cardiovascular health, are greatly enhanced when combined with vitamin K. Vitamin D improves your bone health by helping you absorb calcium. However, it is vitamin K that directs calcium to your skeleton, to prevent it from being deposited in the wrong areas.

Vitamin K2 activates a protein hormone called osteocalcin, produced by osteoblasts, which is needed to bind calcium into the matrix of your bone. Osteocalcin also appears to help prevent calcium from depositing into your arteries.

Evidence shows that vitamin D is dependent on vitamin K, and that vitamin D toxicity is actually caused by vitamin K2 deficiency.

May 30 10:47

Vitamin K2: new research confirms essential role in heart health

Cardiovascular health remains a global concern, and one of the reasons that consumers first seek the protective benefits of dietary supplementation, particularly as evidence mounts regarding the dangerous side-effects of conventional therapies. Yet, there is also conflicting information circulating about the benefits and risks of taking certain nutrients that are long-believed to support health, leading to consumer confusion.

To that end, there has never been a better time to highlight the concrete science supporting certain nutrients, helping manufacturers to create more impactful products and allowing consumers to more confidently purchase quality supplements that deliver the true health benefits they promise.

May 30 08:33

Microbe found in Ethiopian volcano that survives in 192°F waters hints that life on Mars may be able to withstand the harsh environment on the planet

It lives in one of the hottest places on Earth in supersaturated salt water that are 89°C (192°F) and strongly acidic.

The bacteria is the first evidence of a living species able to survive in the hot springs of the region.

May 29 13:36

Organic matter from space preserved in 3.3-billion-year-old rocks

A thin layer of 3.3 billion-year-old rock contains unexpected treasure: organic matter that was carried to Earth by meteorites when the planet was still young.

The find supports the idea that organic, meaning carbon-based, chemicals from space supplied some of the raw materials for the first life on Earth. It could also complicate the search for life on other planets.

“This is the very first time that we have found actual evidence for extraterrestrial carbon in terrestrial rocks,” says Frances Westall of the CNRS Centre for …

May 29 12:08

Researchers Hunt For Secret to Kratom’s Natural Pain-Relief Benefits

Kratom is a Southeast Asian tree with a long history of use in traditional medicine. In the region, the plant’s leaves are widely consumed for pain relief, treatment of opioid addiction and other uses.

Though its efficacy and safety are unproven, kratom use has spread to the U.S. and Europe. Now, researchers report in ACS Central Science that a metabolite of a kratom alkaloid could be responsible for the treatment’s therapeutic effects...

May 29 12:06

Manuka Honey Better at Killing Respiratory Infections Than Antibiotics

Manuka honey alone outperforms antibiotics in treating respiratory infections. Combined with antibiotics, Manuka honey killed 90% of the bacteria tested

Manuka honey could provide the key to a breakthrough treatment for cystic fibrosis patients following preliminary work by experts at Swansea University...

May 29 11:02

SpaceX, NASA Finish Cleaning Up Site of Crew Dragon Spacecraft Explosion

The investigation into the destruction of SpaceX's astronaut taxi last month is proceeding apace.

On April 20, a Crew Dragon capsule exploded during a routine "static fire" test of the craft's emergency-escape thrusters at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Nobody was hurt, but the spacecraft — which in March successfully flew an uncrewed test mission to the International Space Station (ISS) called Demo-1 — was lost.

SpaceX and NASA have managed to clean up the accident site and are now focusing on what caused the mishap, agency officials announced today (May 28).

May 29 10:56

Monsanto is finally getting a taste of its own poison

Monsanto is the quintessential evil corporation.

In the 1960s it manufactured Agent Orange, a defoliant–hardcore weedkiller–which the USA used during the Vietnam war. The military sprayed vast swaths of the jungle causing horrible health effects like cancer and birth defects in American veterans and Vietnamese civilians exposed to the chemical.

Then Monsanto brought their products home to the USA and started dumping its poison on the homeland.

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup, widely used as a weed killer. Monsanto holds patents on gene edited varieties of crops modified to withstand the herbicide while weeds die around them. It is also used to kill wheat plants for easier harvesting.

This means that practically everyone in the USA who consumes mainstream food products is exposed to Roundup.