Sep 20 08:30

US Says Ready to Negotiate With Russia, Assad on Syria

US State Secretary John Kerry said that the US is willing to negotiate with the Syrian government to resolve the Syrian conflict without the Syrian president's removal as an apparent precondition.

Sep 20 08:01

75 US-trained militants enter Syria via Turkey: Report

Dozens of militants, who were newly trained by the US-led coalition purportedly fighting Daesh Takfiris, have entered Syria from Turkey, a report says.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said in a report on Sunday that 75 militants have crossed into northern Syria over the past few days in a convoy of a dozen cars with light weapons and ammunition.

The militants that were “trained in a camp near the Turkish capital, entered Aleppo province between Friday night and Saturday morning,” said SOHR Director Rami Abdel Rahman.

Sep 20 05:04

BBC Strings Lies Together to Propagandize for Assad’s Overthrow

The BBC simply assumes that Assad is hated instead of passionately supported by the Syrian people, and that the U.S. and “the West” have been “not intervening” but have been well-intentioned there. And the BBC’s producers invited on Western ‘experts’ to ‘debate’ the matter, but all within this lying framework.

Sep 20 03:42

Neocons Babble Over Syria Crisis

America’s neocons are so wedded to their “regime change” plans for Syria that they even flirted with embracing Al Qaeda. They are now furious over Russia’s expanded engagement in support of Syria’s secular government because it frustrates long-held neocon desires.

Sep 20 03:20

Italy’s Role In a New European Disorder

The right commanders and soldiers have always been in place, what’s lacking is the political leadership. The whole Libya affair, from Bengazi and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the refugees we see flooding into the EU today – it’s one of the biggest tragedies in modern times. And it’s not tragic because of soldiers on any side.

Sep 19 14:46

Russia constructs first foreign camp in Syria for internal refugees

The first tent camp for internal refugees, constructed by Russian engineers, has been opened in western Syria, in a location safe from the raging civil war. Over the last four years more than 50 percent of the Syrian population has been displaced.

The camp site is situated on a racetrack, practically in the downtown of the city of Hama (Hamah), some 40km from the nearest warzone. This site is considered to be relatively safe in a country suffering from active military operations since February 2011.

The camp for 500 refugees consists of 25 army tents fully equipped for living, a field kitchen, a canteen, showers, two mobile power generators and a water-storage facility. The dwelling tents are equipped with beds and heating furnaces for cold weather.

In case the number of refugees increases sharply, the camp is ready to accommodate up to 1,000 people.

Sep 19 12:14

The Republican Candidates Just Can’t Quit Neoconservatism

With the exception of Rand Paul, the GOP field remained in thrall to a bankrupt neoconservative ideology.

If the candidates’ positions on foreign policy were anything to go by, the neocon outlook—which is in essence a frightened, xenophobic, reflexive militarism—continues to have a stranglehold on a Grand Old Party, which cannot seem to shake some Very Bad Ideas.

Of the 11 candidates who made it to prime time, only Senator Rand Paul made the feeblest attempt to defy the GOP’s orthodox militarism

Sep 19 10:11

No Nation 'Has Ever Threatened Humanity's Survival' More Than US

No nation in history has ever threatened peace more than the United States, US author Stephen Lendman emphasizes, adding that Washington bears full responsibility for creating the notorious Islamic State.

Sep 19 09:42

ISIS Leader Admits to Being Funded by the US

In early 2015, Yousaf al Salafi, a man believed to be the Pakistani commander of the Islamic State, confessed during investigations that he has been receiving money through the United States.

A few months after al Salafi revealed the funding he was receiving was routed through the United States, Michael Flynn, former director of Obama’s Defence Intelligence Agency, said he warned the Obama administration three years ago that the groups they were funding in Syria were actually Islamic jihadists. Now, a group of 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command have complained that their reports on Islamic State and the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda were being incorrectly changed by senior officials.

Sep 19 09:25

John Kerry: Russian fighter jets in Syria raise serious questions

The United States is disturbed by Russia’s movement of tactical aircraft to Syria, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday, acknowledging that the jets could pose a threat to American and allied military forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 19 09:15


US State Secretary John Kerry said that the US is willing to negotiate with the Syrian government to resolve the Syrian conflict without the Syrian president’s removal as an apparent precondition.
US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the US is willing to negotiate with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resolve the Syrian crisis.

The statement is the first time that the US has stated that it is willing to negotiate with the Syrian president on the issue. The Syrian conflict, in which the country has since 2011 battled rebels backed by the US diplomatically and later militarily, has led to numerous political and humanitarian crises from the rise of the Islamic State group to Europe’s refugee crisis.

“We need to get to the negotiation. That is what we’re looking for and we hope Russia and Iran, and any other countries with influence, will help to bring about that, because that’s what is preventing this crisis from ending,” Kerry said on Saturday as cited by Reuters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like DC just blinked on this: and looking to include Iran in the process?!? ALLELUJAH!!

Sep 19 08:54


In the testimony he gave on Wednesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen. Lloyd Austin – the head of CENTCOM – stated that there was all but a handful of pro-US rebels still operating on the ground in Syria. The rest of that sorry lot had either fled, joined other groups or had been killed. Now, the same eerie question comes up again, like it does every time US policy in Syria faces a new disaster … How could it come to this? How could the US get embroiled in such a calamitous strategy, recording failure, after failure, after failure? The answer to that is simple: what inevitably leads to the same mistakes, is believing your own spin – or rather the spin that the same "think tanks", armchair strategists and pseudo-experts feed a political establishment which already has a partisan agenda.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not being able to think a scenario through to its logical conclusion is, apparently, one of the most important criteria for working in the Obama Administration.

Sep 18 18:13

Peace in Syria? It’s Putin’s fault: Escobar

snip: After over four and a half years and immeasurable tragedy, the real face of this “Assad must go” regime change operation is the refugee crisis. Over 2 million out of 4 million Syrians fled to Turkey; Ankara recently released them en masse from holding camps on their way to the Balkans and the Teutonic Promised Land.

So Ankara is right at the center of the largest refugee crisis in Europe in 70 years. And so is Ankara-supporting Washington; ISIS/ISIL/Daesh captured all the weapons delivered with CIA help to that pathetic “Free Syrian Army” – as well as tanks and Humvees from the disjointed US-trained Iraqi Army. Any possible solution for relieving the refugee crisis while fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh must include cutting off Ankara’s myriad direct and indirect forms of “support” for the fake “Caliphate.”

Sep 18 18:12

FLASHBACK:Russia and the changing world

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin contributed the following article to Moskovskiye Novosti

In my previous articles I have discussed some of the key foreign challenges that Russia now faces. This subject deserves more detailed discussion and not only because foreign policy is an integral part of any government strategy. External challenges and the changing world around us are forcing us to make decisions that have implications for our economy, our culture, and our budgetary and investment planning.......

The revolting slaughter of Muammar Gaddafi - not just medieval but primeval - was the manifestation of these actions.

No one should be allowed to employ the Libyan scenario in Syria.

Sep 18 13:21

Obama’s Fateful Syrian Choice

President Obama faces a choice that could define his legacy and the future of the American Republic: He can either work with Russia’s President Putin to stabilize Syria or he can opt for a confrontation that could lead to an open-ended war with grave risks of escalation.

There is an obvious course that President Barack Obama could follow if he wants to lessen the crises stemming from the Syrian war and other U.S. “regime change” strategies of the past several decades, but it would require him to admit that recent interventions (including his own) have represented a strategic disaster.

Sep 18 13:11

Migrants, Refugees, Clandestines and… Jihadis

What else is new? The Empire of Chaos specializes in breaking, not fixing.

The plight of the refugees could become the perfect excuse to precipitate a new R2P (responsibility to protect) war; Libya remixed, with fighting ISIL barely disguising the real agenda: regime change in Damascus.

So Europe has suddenly, miraculously “discovered” that the civil war/proxy war raging in Syria since early 2011 has hemorrhaged into an extremely serious refugee crisis.

European Sturm und Drang on what to do about the refugee drama is unprecedented in modern times. Bitterness permeates the fault lines separating fear and intolerance from generosity and solidarity.

Among quite a few progressive circles, there are widespread fears that the current Western media campaign centered on the plight of refugees may be a catalyst to prepare European-wide public opinion for an all-out war in Syria before the end of 2015.

Sep 18 13:07

A Refugee Crisis Made in America – Philip Giraldi

Will the U.S. accept responsibility for the humanitarian consequences of Washington-manufactured wars?

It is perhaps past time for Washington to begin to become accountable for what it does.

The world media is following the refugee crisis by focusing primarily on the inability of unprepared local governments to deal with the numbers of migrants, asking why someone somewhere can’t just “do something.” This means that somehow, as a result, the vast human tragedy has been reduced to a statistic and, inevitably, a political football.

Sep 18 11:23

Obama’s Fateful Syrian Choice

There is an obvious course that President Barack Obama could follow if he wants to lessen the crises stemming from the Syrian war and other U.S. “regime change” strategies of the past several decades, but it would require him to admit that recent interventions (including his own) have represented a strategic disaster.

Sep 18 11:17

Bombing is immoral, stupid and never wins wars. Syria is the latest victim

The British government will shortly ask parliament to approve its sixth war of overseas intervention in just two decades. The victim will be Syria. Such a war is incoherent. The “enemy” appears to be both sides in a civil war – Islamic State and the Syrian regime.

Sep 18 09:41

Stephen Cohen: Obama Rejects Russia’s Offer to Jointly Confront ISIS in Syria (Audio Podcast)

?John Batchelor has an extremely popular political talk show on America’s largest radio network, WABC. He has Stephen Cohen on live in the studio almost every week for a full 45 minute segment, the only guest he gives that much time to. Why? Because Cohen’s appearances are killing the ratings.
America seems to be thirsting for an alternative and critical view of Obama’s Russia policy.

Sep 18 09:17

Russian intelligence exposes the diabolical U.S. plot in Syria

The Syrian refugee problem was maturing slowly steadily and would have provided the perfect pretext for a US-led ‘humanitarian intervention’ in that country. But Russia is there first and the best-laid American plan may have gone awry.

The US’ Middle East policies have been fixated obsessively on ‘regime change’ in Syria for at least a decade ever since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. (The original neocon agenda had envisaged regime changes in Iraq, Iran and Syria, but it got derailed as the killing fields in Iraq began dictating the geopolitics.)

Sep 18 09:04

Questions over US forces in Syria highlight fears of Russia-US showdown

With a spotlight on US and Russian military deployments in Syria, analysts have begun weighing up the chances of a proxy war

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US is hoping to lure Russia into a war of attrition, wearing them down and exhausting them as happened to the USSR in Afghanistan. But the USSR is gone and Russia has a strong economy and a far more efficient weapons-development system than the US, and the US is courting another Vietnam disaster by following this strategy.

Sep 18 08:43

“The Russians are Coming“

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” So echoed the cry this week from the Pentagon, the US media and Republican candidates for president.

How silly. It seems the Russians have sent six tanks to Syria, some medium artillery and a bunch of military technicians to two bases on Syria’s coast near Latakia. According to Republican warmongers, the wicked Soviets…ooops, sorry, Russians…are intervening militarily in the five-year old Syrian War and planning new bases in the strategic Mideast nation.

Sep 18 08:37

Syria 'in a state of complete war' with terrorism - Assad

Sep 18 08:35

Moscow: If Syria asks us to send troops, we’ll consider it

Russian President’s Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow will consider sending troops to Syria in case Damascus asks for it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 18 08:15

Netanyahu: Russia to arm Hizbullah!

In order to divert Jewish intervention in Ukraine, the Jewish media has fabricated a new Iraqi WMD hoax in Syria. Lately it has accused Russia of intervention in Syria by arming Syrian army to fight ISIS and other anti-Assad government militants. However, these arms most probably would be used against Israel.

Sep 18 02:47

Refugees as Weapon – and Germany shifting Alliances?

Germany alongside Russia might indeed defend and help preserve the Assad government, together with Iran the two stabilizing factors in the Middle East.

As a parallel or backup plan, the unholy alliance between Washington, NATO and Turkey agreed to open Turkey’s flood gates for refugees, actually promoting the exodus to gain free reign in the safe heavens and to build up a mass of refugees – most of whom want to flee to Germany – which in the right moment could be let go and cause the right pressure or destabilization effects in Europe. Well, this is just happening.

Sep 18 02:44

Putin’s Line in the Sand: No Regime Change in Syria

By allowing US F-16s to patrol the skies over Syria, Washington will impose a de facto no-fly zone over the country severely limiting Assad’s ability to battle the US-backed militias that have seized large swaths of the countryside and are now descending on Damascus.

The Syrian war can be divided into two parts: The pre-Incirlik period and the post-Incirlik period. The pre-Incirlik period is roughly the four year stretch during which US-backed Islamic militias and al Qaida-linked groups fought the Syrian army with the intention of removing President Bashar al Assad from power. This first phase of the war ended in a draw.

Sep 18 02:33

A US petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest

The advantage of an official White House petition is the promise of official recognition and response if the goal is met.

Bibi will come to the U.N. in NYC in late September. There is now a US petition calling for his arrest. We would greatly appreciate if you can publicize.

Sep 17 20:17

Refugee crisis: Made in America

Sep 17 16:04

Putin’s Line in the Sand: No Regime Change in Syria

The Obama administration now believes that regime change is within its reach. Yes, they know it will require some back-up from US Special Forces and Turkish combat troops, but it’s all doable. This is why Obama has shrugged off Russia’s plan for a transitional government or for forming a coalition to defeat ISIS. The US doesn’t have to compromise on these matters because, after all, it has a strategically-located airbase from which it can protect its proxy-army, bomb cross-border targets, and control the skies over Syria. All Obama needs to do is intensify the war effort, put a little more pressure on Assad, and wait for the regime to collapse. This is why we should expect a dramatic escalation as we begin Phase 2 of the conflict.

Sep 17 14:29

Activists: Syrian warplanes carry out wave of airstrikes on IS-held city of Raqqa

Syrian warplanes carried out a wave of airstrikes in the Islamic State-held city of Raqqa, activists said, in rare attacks that coincided with a visit by a U.N. envoy to Damascus on Thursday.

In the country's south, helicopters dropped barrel bombs that struck a busy market place, killing at least 17 people. An activist in the rebel-held Bosra Sham said the explosives were dropped as the market was packed with shoppers and people buying necessities for children who go back to school this week.

Speaking on condition of anonymity for security reasons, he said around 24 people were killed and many others wounded, with many of them in critical condition. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the death toll at 17. Such discrepancies are common in the aftermath of large bombings.

Sep 17 12:55

Israeli-Made Weapons Seized by Hezbollah in Zabadani

After 10 days of the Syrian army and Hezbollah troops' massive operations to cleanse different districts in Southwestern Zabadani region, efforts still continue to discover the terrorists' linking tunnels and hideouts.

Only on Monday morning, Hezbollah forces could purge the terrorists from nearly 15 residential blocks in the Eastern part of al-Jasr mosque.

Also they arrested three members of Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group during their house to house searching in Zabadani.

Hezbollah forces also discovered and seized a large cache of Israeli-made weapons and military equipment in areas near al-Rahmah mosque in the Central parts of Zabadani.

Sep 17 11:53

HISTORIC NEWS: Finally, EU Breaks Away from U.S.

On Saturday, September 12th, United Kingdom’s Labour Party elected as its leader and their candidate to lead the UK, Jeremy Corbyn, who has been the most vocal British critic of the UK’s serving as the lap-dog of an aggressive imperialistic United States of America.

Simultaneously, the leader of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own Christian Social Union Party, Horst Seehofer, a man who, prior to his being appointed to be the Party-chief had been Chancellor Merkel’s Agriculture Minister, has now turned against Chancellor Merkel (who until now was the most powerful leader in all of Europe) and denounced her policy on the refugee crisis, and has now stated publicly that Germany should instead ally with Russia and against NATO on the entire Syrian war.

Sep 17 11:09

Russian weapons come into play in Syria

The Syrian army started using weaponry purchased in Russia, a source close to the military forces of Bashar al-Assad, the President of the country, claimed today. According to him, air and ground-based weapons have come into play.
Pravda.Ru reported that Bashar Jaafari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations stated today that the US, unlike Russia and Syria, does not fight against the "Islamic State" terror organization. As he said, in theory, we are all fighting the same enemy, but in reality, it is not so. These are only the Syrian army, the Russians, and other our friends who are right when saying that they fight terrorists, either the IS, al-Nusra, or any other of them, Jaafari noted.

Sep 17 11:00

Centcom Chief Denies Ordering Intel Edited to Sugarcoat ISIS War

Faced with questions during his Senate testimony about an ongoing Pentagon investigation into intelligence tampering by Central Command (Centcom), Centcom commander Gen. Lloyd Austin refused to discuss the matter directly, but did deny that he’d ever ordered any “skewing” of intelligence reports.

Sep 17 10:58

US plans to accept Russia offer to join military talks on Syria

Amid increasing unease and uncertainty over Russia's intentions, the Obama administration plans to accept an offer from Russia for direct talks on its military buildup in Syria that U.S. officials believe is aimed at propping up Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the tone that assumes supporting the legitimate government of Syria against ISIS and Al Qaeda is a BAD thing!

Sep 17 10:30

US Covert Support to the Islamic State (ISIS) as a Means to Creating Chaos and Destroying Syria

[There are] three ways to be influential in American politics: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets. Haim Saban, Pro-Israel billionaire and major political contributor, and adviser to Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, (2009)

[There] is a memo [at the Pentagon] that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran. General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO (1997-2000), (interview of March 2, 2007)

Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them. Mark Twain (1835-1910), American author and satirist

Sep 17 10:05

Obama's Thermonuclear War Drive Has Been Stymied; But Only Obama's Removal from Power Can Assure Peace

President Barack Obama's drive to provoke a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia has been stymied through a series of war-avoidance moves that have fundamentally altered the global strategic landscape.

Sep 17 09:21

Polls Show Syrians Overwhelmingly Blame U.S. for ISIS

The British polling organization ORB International, an affiliate of WIN/Gallup International, repeatedly finds in Syria that, throughout the country, Syrians oppose ISIS by about 80%, and (in the latest such poll) also finds that 82% of Syrians blame the U.S. for ISIS.

Sep 17 09:19

Austria joins growing voices that say Assad must be part of Syrian solution

The West should involve Syria's President Bashar al-Assad and his allies Iran and Russia in order to combat Islamic State, Austria's foreign minister said on Tuesday, in some of the most conciliatory comments towards Assad by a Western official. Most Western countries insist Syria's president must leave power if peace is to be restored, while Iran and Russia say he is part of the solution. That disagreement has derailed efforts to end the four-year civil war. "We need a pragmatic common approach in this respect including the involvement of Assad in the fight against Islamic State terror," Sebastian Kurz told reporters during a state visit to Tehran.

Sep 17 09:19

Vladimir Putin’s Foreign-Policy Objectives, and His Desire for the U.S. to Become an Ally

On September 4th, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin restated, as he has many times before, that he seeks a U.S.- Russian alliance to overcome the global Islamic jihad movement, in Syria, Iraq, and everywhere.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not likely, given that the global Islamic jihad movement is a covert tool of the US Government!

Sep 17 09:18

Fat chance: Jimmy Carter urges Obama to solve Syrian crisis with Russia and Iran

The 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, has become the latest politician urging the United States to join forces with Russia and Iran in order to find a solution to solve the protracted Syrian crisis.

Sep 17 09:06

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal

The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech.

Sep 17 07:42

The Debate – Plights of Refugees in Europe (September 16th)

As if the refugee crisis is not bad enough, an additional nightmare has evolved. Protesting refugees targeted by riot police. This was the case between Hungarian police who fired water cannon at protesting refugees demanding entry from Serbia. In this edition of the debate, we’ll discuss the severity of the refugee crisis and why European officials continue to debate and disagree on the fundamental right to exist.

Sep 17 04:53

This Is The Satellite Image That Supposedly Proves The Presence Of Russian "Troops And Aircraft" In Syria

Is there "no doubt" as the author claims this is happening? We leave it to readers to decide. One thing that is certain is that earlier today it was the US which first admitted it had spec ops in Syria in what could be the most inconvenient Freudian slip in recent "proxy war" history, and then was promptly forced to retract it.

As for Russian forces "undoubtedly" throwing troops into Syria, well - decide for yourself. Here is FP's before and after satellite image "evidence." It's important because images such as these are the modern equivalent of Colin Powell's vial of WMDs presented to the United Nations in 2003 to justify the war with Iraq.

Sep 16 22:52

Devolution of Power in Syria Will Not Be Attained by Assad’s Ouster

The war in Syria is a classic proxy war. Too many states have too many proxy fighters all fighting the Syrian state and each other. Relying on non-state actors to carry out violence against the state is a dangerous and destabilizing strategy that will affect not only the target country, but other nations in the region and around the world. Violence will reach neighboring nations like Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan and the refugee crisis will continue to affect Western countries. The war in Syria and Iraq must end in order to minimize the spread of violence and the increased number of displaced people. However, for the war to end, states party to this conflict must employ both military and political strategies concurrently—not just one or the other.

Sep 16 21:00

US does not want Assad regime in Syria to fall — Russian envoy at UN

Who is minding the store.Is someone else making policy other than the White House? The Pentagon maybe? Something is going on!

UNITED NATIONS, September 16. /TASS/. The United States no longer wants the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad to fall, Russia’s Envoy at the United Nations Vitaly Churkin told CBS in an interview published on Tuesday.

"I think this is one thing we share now with the United States, with the US government: They don't want the Assad government to fall. They don't want it to fall. They want to fight (Islamic State) in a way which is not going to harm the Syrian government," Churkin said.

CBS reminded that the US has repeatedly stated that Assad must step down for the conflict to be resolved, and last week President Barack Obama said Russia's ongoing support for Assad was "a big mistake."

Sep 16 19:31

Neocons Babble Over Syria Crisis

Typical of the incoherence now common among U.S. foreign policy pundits discussing the Syrian crisis is Jeffrey Lewis, who took to the pages of the prestigious journal Foreign Policy to venture his opinion. He started out reciting the usual “group think” narrative about the need to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and denounced Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for stepping up support for the Syrian military in the face of gains by Sunni terror groups.

Sep 16 17:27

A US petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest

The advantage of an official White House petition is the promise of official recognition and response if the goal is met.

Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in New york this September. Under international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the U.S for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014





There are still only 2800 or so signatures. Why the huge difference between us and the Brits? Are American activists so jaded or discouraged?

Sep 16 16:19

Putin v. Obama on Syria

snip: America wages global wars OF terror on humanity, raging endlessly in multiple theaters and at home against Muslims, people of color, unwanted immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, as well as anyone challenging US hegemonic aims.

Putin responsibly helps Bashar al-Assad defeat the scourge of US-imported Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists - supplying weapons, munitions, technology and humanitarian aid.

Obama bullied Bulgaria, Greece, Iraq and other countries to prohibit Russian aid flights through their airspace to Syria. Thus far, Iraq and Greece refused. So did Iran.

Putin urges forming an international anti-terrorism coalition to defeat ISIS and other takfiri groups - a growing regional spreading threat, a scourge on humanity wherever they’re deployed.

Sep 16 15:52

Was Turkey Behind Syria Sarin Attack?

In late August 2013, the Obama administration lurched to the brink of invading Syria after blaming a Sarin gas attack outside Damascus on President Bashar al-Assad’s government, but evidence – reported by investigative journalist Seymour M. Hersh – implicates Turkish intelligence and extremist Syrian rebels instead.

Sep 16 14:32

Flashback 2013:: Highest Ranking Catholic Patriarch condemns lies and hypocrisy of the U.S. in Syria

The highest-ranking Catholic Clergyman in Syria has condemned the lies and hypocrisy of the United States and other Western nations, saying they "bear responsibility for what is happening in Syria." Primate and Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church Ignatius Joseph III Younan made the remarks in an interview with a Catholic Newspaper May 10th. Unlike coverage of the pro-war propagandists, however, the Corporate Media is completely silent regarding the powerful remarks.

Sep 16 14:31

A US petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest

Bibi will come to the U.N. in NYC in late September. There is now a US petition calling for his arrest. We would greatly appreciate if you can publicize.

The advantage of an official White House petition is the promise of official recognition and response if the goal is met.

Sep 16 14:31

Ron Paul: In Syria, More Lies Brings More Chaos

Why is the US government bringing back old, discredited claims like “Assad gassed his own people”? And why are its representatives like US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power trying to propagandize the American people with cooked up tales of Russian military action in Syria? Ron Paul’s Liberty Report takes a look at the possible shifting sands of US policy in Syria:

Sep 16 13:37

A Fly in the Ointment of Colbert’s Opening Show

We will be watching Stephen Colbert to see where his comedy takes him next.

While awaiting the final congressional vote that will confirm that President Obama has defeated the Zionist juggernaut which spent millions to block the Iran Nuclear deal, we must pause to consider a major moment in entertainment television.

The entertainment news has to do with the CBS network arrival of Stephen Colbert, who last week succeeded David Letterman as host of The Late Show (11:30 EST).

Even there, alas, the Zionist juggernaut lurks. You will have to look closely to see it, but there was a fly in the ointment of the otherwise successful launch of the next chapter of Colbert’s career.

Supporters of the BDS movement were quick to identify the fly.

Sep 16 13:34

RECKLESS HYPOCRISY – The Folly of Self-Righteous Indignation

Iran has not been and is not intending to build a nuclear arsenal; but who can admit that fact – Obama, Clinton, Kerry?

Could we expect President Obama to confess that Iran’s nuclear ambitions to develop a bomb has been a politically motivated fictional narrative serving other purposes? Could he advocate the idea that replacing Israel with Iran would be the most “advantageous” step to pursue America’s true strategic interests in the Middle East? No, not in this lifetime!

Therefore, the hardline, even sounding like a born again-neoconservative, rhetoric by Hillary Clinton that the United States under her presidency would take an extremely hawkish position against any Iranian intransigence is as genuine a threat as threatening to nuke Iran if the Supreme Leader jumps over the moon!! Iran has not been and is not intending to build a nuclear arsenal; but who can admit that fact – Obama, Clinton, Kerry?

Sep 16 13:31

Are Neocons an Existential Threat?

No one dares confront the existential question of whether the United States and the world can continue to tolerate and accommodate the neoconservatives.

Despite a record of unprecedented error, American neocons remain the dominant foreign policy force in Official Washington, demanding more “regime change” in the Middle East and a new Cold War that could heat up and end all life on the planet.

Sep 16 12:36

How Russia Can Help in Syria

Despite Official Washington’s annoyance, the Russian involvement in Syria could work in favor of U.S. national interests by adding forces experienced in dealing with Islamic extremists and capable of restoring some stability, a prerequisite for a political settlement.

Sep 16 12:36

Kerry: Russia wants military talks on Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry said Russia has proposed military-to-military talks with the U.S. on Syria, according to an Associated Press news alert Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Kerry had his third phone call in 10 days with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Russia's intentions in the region, according to the State Department.

"Kerry made clear that Russia's continued support for [Syria's] President Assad risks exacerbating and extending the conflict, and undermining our shared goal of fighting extremism if we do not also remain focused on finding a solution to the conflict in Syria via a genuine political transition," the department said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"If Assad goes, I have every confidence ISIS and Al Qaeda will just pack up and leave Syria. Honest!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 16 12:10

Engineered Refugee Crisis to Justify "Safe Havens" in Syria

While the Western media attempts to portray the sudden influx of refugees suddenly appearing out of nowhere at Europe's gates, the reality is that for years they have been gathering in expansive, well-funded refugee camps in Turkey.

Sep 16 12:07

Wars, refugees and the complete lack of leadership everywhere

Alan Hart reflects on the failure of leadership by US President Obama to effectively deal with the Syrian catastrophe at the time when a little common sense politics could have led to a peaceful solution.

Sep 16 11:48

Putin to Russian army officers: operation 'Salvation' shall begin soon, you must prepare to cleanse Syria from Obama's terrorists

Addressing the Russian top brass on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin lambasted U.S. Middle-East policy for being 'disastrous' as Saudi-backed rebels vowed to purge Syria and Iraq from Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities.

"We have nearly two million orthodox Christians in the Levant—Syria and Lebanon— and approximately 5 million Christians across Middle-East. Regardless of America's presidential election outcome, White House craves chaos in that oil-rich region by supporting fanatic Islamist organizations, i.e. ISIS and al-Nusra Front," Moskovskaya Pravda cited the Russian president as saying.

It is morally incumbent upon Russia to change this terrible status quo in the Middle-East , added Mr.Putin , prepare for operation 'Salvation' and with God almighty's aid , we shall cleanse Syria from Obama's ruthless terrorists.

Sep 16 10:36

EU is very far from united policy against ISIS in Syria

European nations have recognized they must bring peace to Syria, but there has been little agreement so far on how to achieve it.

Sep 16 10:26

France’s Le Pen Says Europe Migrant Crisis Is Same As ‘Barbarian Invasion of Rome’

Marine Le Pen, the current French presidential front-runner, claims that Europe’s migrants and asylum seeker trend is the same as when the barbarians invaded Rome. Le Pen also compared it to the ‘Nazi invasion of Europe’. Sadly, Le Pen is not currently articulating France’s roles in the following: the sacking of Libya (although she has commented intelligently on Libya in the past), France’s support for the foreign proxy insurgency in Syria, and NATO’s failed 15 year takeover attempt in Afghanistan – all of which have been the key drivers in the synthetic ‘migrant crisis’. These realities continue to stump one dimensional politicians and their media pilot fish.

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"look; we're trying to create Eratz Israel here. These people have to go someplace, so you should just let them move into your country and shut up about it already!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Sep 16 10:09

Syrian Crisis: West's 'Grand Plan' Dragging Middle East Into Bloodbath

The specter of an undeclared third world war is prowling around the Middle East, British author David Morgan notes, suggesting that seemingly separate conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, Turkey, Iraq and Iran could be parts of a "grand plan."

In this image provided by the U.S. Air Force, an F-16 Fighting Falcon takes off from Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, as the U.S. on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015, launched its first airstrikes by Turkey-based F-16 fighter jets against Islamic State targets in Syria
Is Washington Preparing for New Military Operation in Syria?
The West is doing whatever it takes to shame Russia for its involvement in Syria; however, Syria is just a zone in a "much wider" war the West is currently waging against Moscow and its allies, British author David Morgan points out.

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These endless wars, ultimately for private corporate profit, need to stop, and right now.

The US government's abysmal foreign policy in Syria has caused the horrific refugee crisis in Europe. This is so cynically immoral I do not know where to start.

Sep 16 10:06

Cause of Syria’s Incredible Bloodshed Is Finally Confirmed

Now that Obama & ISIS are losing in Syria, a Western diplomat admits: In 2012, Russia was willing to negotiate Assad’s stepping down. Washington ignored that, expecting to impose (not negotiate with Russia) a government of Washington’s (Obama’s) choosing. British officials deny diplomat’s allegations.

Sep 16 09:35

“The Russians Are Coming”, Again, … U.S. Is Actively Supporting Terrorism in Syria

Ending Obama’s war on Syria depends on observing earlier agreed on “Moscow principles,” including respecting Syrian sovereignty, its territorial integrity, the right of its people alone to choose who’ll lead them with no outside interference, and a unified struggle against imported terrorism.

Instead, Washington insists Assad must go, State Department spokesman Admiral John Kirby repeating the demand Monday, saying he “cannot be part of the solution against ISIL” – blaming him for US-imported terrorists devastating the country with US air support, adding:

(T)here’s not going to be any solution against ISIL that would involved assisting, aiding, cooperating with, communicating with Bashar al-Assad. It’s not going to happen.

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I am watching the intensity of Russia bashing hit a huge crescendo right now, and am very concerned that field commanders in the Russian military and American military are not communicating with each other at all.

This is a recipe for utter disaster in Syria.

Sep 16 08:58

Is US Setting Up a Proxy War Against Russia in Syria?

After a solid year of the US-led coalition unsuccessfully fighting ISIS in Syria, nothing has been so unwelcome to the administration than recent media indications that Russia is looking to fight ISIS too, and in the complicated mess of factions that is Syria, two international anti-ISIS movements could quickly find themselves in a proxy war with one another.

Paradoxically, the US is pressuring Russia to “fight ISIS” even as they express outrage at unconfirmed media reports that Russia might be upping their aid to the Assad government in a direct attempt to prevent them being outright overrun by ISIS forces. Russia, for it’s part, says it’s doing nothing new, providing aid to the Syrian government at the same levels as always.

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What has passed for foreign policy by the US government in Syria, under Obama's watch, can only reasonably be defined as yet another "epic fail".

And what is causing this administration to start sweating bullets is the very clear and certain understanding that once Russian troops actually capture an ISIS member, that POW will scream to high heaven, that ISIS is funded and protected by the US government, and used as a ploy to get the American people to support more military intervention in the Middle East.

Sep 16 08:33

Hungary begins mass arrests

After shutting down the main corridor for refugees to Central Europe and fortifying its border with 109 miles of razor-wire fencing, Hungary on Tuesday began mass arrests of migrants who tried to sneak across its frontier.

More than 150 were detained as the country drew its line in the sand. Its get-tough approach to the European refugee crisis created an immediate bottleneck and howls of protest.

Within hours, a tent city sprouted on the Serbian side of the border, creating another potential flash point of misery and anger, as refugees scrambled for new routes to their preferred destinations in Germany and Scandinavia.

Hungary’s move was condemned by neighboring countries, humanitarian organizations and migrants, who staged spontaneous demonstrations along the newly erected fence.

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And just what is the Hungarian government going to do with these people (including families with women and children) after they arrest them?!?

Forcibly repatriate them?!? Detain them indefinitely, as does Australia?!?

I do not get the sense that the Hungarian government has thought this all the way through.

Sep 16 08:29

Refugee crisis: Divisions leave Europe paralysed as borders close to refugees

The razor fences, closed borders and detention of refugees have been met with a chorus of mutual recrimination among Europe’s leaders. Today, the continent is more divided than ever by the crisis, unable to agree on quotas, and unwilling to allow free movement between its member states.

A day after refugee relocation plans were stalled by EU interior ministers, and with many countries following Germany in closing their borders, the EU’s top diplomat warned that Europe’s credibility was on the line. Its foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said the recent clumsy handling of the surge in refugees would hurt the EU’s foreign policy effectiveness.

“Our lack of internal unity has an impact on our external actions and credibility,” she said. Even a call from the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for a crisis meeting on the situation remains under review until Thursday.

Sep 16 08:15

Putin Sends Tanks to Syria: “Largest Deployment of Outside Russian Forces Since USSR Collapse”

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Russia sends six tanks and the US media acts like they just nuked Washington DC!

Sep 16 07:47

US Senator Slams Obama for Russia ‘Military Buildup’ in Syria

US Republican Senator John McCain says President Barack Obama is to blame for Russia bolstering its military presence in Syria.

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No, John, you incredible nitwit; Syria ASKED Russia to help them against ISIS and Al Qaeda. Syria has NOT asked the US to bomb their country into rubble!

Sep 16 07:40

The Russians Are Coming, Again

At an ongoing Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Vladimir Putin affirmed Russia’s support for Syria “against terrorist aggression. We assist it and will keep rendering necessary military-technical assistance,” he said.

He urged the international community to cooperate with Moscow and Syria in combating terrorism, adding:

“(W)ithout participation of the Syrian army…against the Islamic State, terrorists cannot be expelled from the country and the region as a whole. The…Syrian people cannot be protected against destruction, enslavement and barbarity.”

Putin urged cooperative international community efforts with Assad’s government, Kurdish militias, and moderate internal opposition elements against a common terrorist enemy.

“Elementary common sense and responsibility for global and regional security require concerted efforts of the international community against this threat,” he stressed.

Sep 16 07:34

In Syria, More Lies Brings More Chaos

US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power warned Russia against joining the fight against ISIS in Syria because Russia has been allied with Assad and the US remains determined that “Assad must go.” Watch US policy toward Syria unravel, today in the Liberty Report:

Sep 16 07:27

BEX ALERT - Global warming contributed to Syria's 2011 uprising, scientists claim

The prolonged and devastating drought that sparked the mass migration of rural workers into Syrian cities before the 2011 uprising was probably made worse by greenhouse gas emissions, US scientists say.

Sep 16 07:18

Russia trying to set up base in Syria, U.S. says

The Russian military appears to be attempting to set up a forward operating base in western Syria, the U.S. government says, deepening concerns about Moscow's intentions in the war-torn nation.

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Sep 16 07:15

Assad Blames U.S. for Syrian Exodus: “Worried About Refugees? Stop Supporting Terrorists”

Synthetic terrorism is what is directly enabling both ISIS itself, and dubious organizations linked with violence on the al-Nusra front and inside the so-called “rebel” groups fighting Assad in a Cold War 2.0 proxy war.

"Al-Nusra and ISIS operate with such a force in the region under Western cover, because Western states have always believed that terrorism is a card they can pull from their pocket and use from time to time."


Sep 16 07:11

Netanyahu to visit Russia for talks on Syrian crisis

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to Russia next week to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the ongoing conflict in Syria, his office says.

Netanyahu’s office said on Wednesday that the Israeli premier will raise the issue of Russia’s arms deliveries to Syria in his upcoming talks with Putin.

On Tuesday, Putin said his country will continue to supply the Syrian government with military assistance.

Sep 16 07:10

US to Russia: Assad must step down to allow political settlement

The United States tells Russia that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must step down to allow a political settlement, as Moscow continues to support Damascus.

US Secretary of State John Kerry made the demand during a phone call to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday, the US State Department said in a statement.

"Secretary Kerry made clear that Russia's continued support for President Assad risks exacerbating and extending the conflict, and undermining our shared goal of fighting extremism," the State Department stated.

Sep 16 07:03

Hungarian police use tear gas on refugees at border crossing – media reports

Hungarian police have deployed tear gas against asylum seekers, who broke through razor wire fence at the border crossing with Serbia, media reports say.

Reuters witnesses added that Hungarian police also used water cannon against the asylum seekers.

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I'll wager Europe isn't going to have such a casual attitude towards US wars of conquest from this point on!

Sep 16 06:50

Trews about BBC Propaganda, Lies, Bias & Cover up's

Sep 16 06:37

Netanyahu to Tell Putin in Russia: Military Aid to Syria Threatens Israel

Netanyahu traveling to Moscow next week to present the threats against Israel that arise as a result of the increased flow of advanced weapons into the Syrian arena.

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"You're a Jew-hasting anti-Semite who wants Hitler to come back and gas Jewish babies in the ovens if you give Syria weapons!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Sep 16 05:12

Australia Conducts First Anti-ISIL Airstrike in Syria

Australian fighter jets carried out their first airstrike on Islamic State jihadist group positions in Syria, Australian Defense Minister Kevin Andrews said on Wednesday.
"Two days ago, the Air Task Group completed its first strike against Daesh [Arabic acronym for ISIL] in eastern Syria, destroying an armored personnel carrier," the minister was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper as saying. During the operation, Australian military aircraft were not at risk of enemy fire, Andrews said, adding that strict guidance and controls were in place to limit the civilian impact.

Sep 16 05:11

Assad: Support of Terrorism Led to Refugee Crisis in Europe

European states' policy has led to the refugee crisis in the EU, as many countries had supported terrorism in the Middle East, the Syrian leader claimed.
International Anti-ISIL Coalition Has Failed - Assad
Assad Says Would Resign if Rejected by Syrian People
Syrian Army Shields Europe From ISIL Offensive - Russian OSCE PA Delegation