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48% of Consumers Interested in Purchasing a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

I wanna say something about all these poll's, 1) you can make a poll say anything by finding people with the answers you want (1a) WRH polls do not do this 2) WRH polls usually have way more respondents then any other "Official" polls including this one. So in a nut-shell i believe any WRH poll more then any poll done by anyone, everyone else poll's i see is not worth a grain of salt


Survey respondents were willing to pay a 12% premium over a normal vehicle for a plug-in hybrid

Reducing our national dependence on foreign oil is big on the agenda of many in the government including President Obama. Some consumers are also looking for ways to reduce their gas bills while producing less pollution as well.

One key vehicle technology that can meet the needs of the government and consumers are hybrid automobiles that get better fuel economy and produce significantly less pollution. A new survey conducted by Pike Research on the willingness of consumers to purchase plug-in hybrid vehicles has been conducted and the results were recently published.

According to the survey, 48% of those polled would be extremely or very interested in purchasing a plug-in hybrid vehicle. 65% of those surveyed would be willing to pay a 12% premium to get a plug-in hybrid vehicle over what they would pay for a traditional vehicle. The survey also found that 82% of those who responded to the survey drive 40 miles or less per day with an average driving distance of 27 miles.

One key item that is cited by survey respondent as being important for considering a plug-in hybrid are workplace, private, and public vehicle recharge stations. According to the survey, 79% would also be willing to pay for a fast charge outlet for their home. However, the amount they are willing to pay is not in line with industry expectations. Exactly what the consumers are willing to pay and what the industry expects them to pay is not mentioned.

The real key to buying a plug-in hybrid for many consumers is low price. The average driver will not pay $87,000 for a plug in Fisker hybrid, but will consider an $25,000 plug-in Prius hybrid. The survey was web based and included 1,041 U.S. consumers.