Are Progressives Finking Out on Foreign Policy? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Are Progressives Finking Out on Foreign Policy?

For all the endless fund-raising appeals and election hyperbole, few progressive politicians want to talk about our biggest foreign policy challenge, the escalation of American involvement in Syria and Iraq. Both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders voted against training and arming the “moderates” in Syria. But neither have wanted to make an issue of Obama’s military intervention, and few on the left have called for them to do so.

This is sad, but not surprising, as I warned over a year ago in “Don’t Let Hillary Housebreak the New, New Left.” It’s wonderful that voters want more populist domestic policies, and it’s marvelously misleading that the multi-millionaire Clinton is verbally attacking Wall Street billionaires. I don’t think this is what my old comrades had in mind when they talked of class struggle.

Just as Cold War liberals should have learned from the futile slaughter they backed in Vietnam, the American economy cannot forever support both guns and butter. This is even truer today than it was under LBJ, and nothing will destroy the dreams of Warren and Sanders faster than endless and ever-escalating war in the Middle East. This is a message they need to hammer home, along with a constant warning that bombs lead to boots on the ground, and that neither will stop an Islamist response to Washington’s imperial foreign policy.