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Bill Would Allow Government to Locate People With Tracking Devices

A bill meant to help those with developmental disabilities would allow government agencies to locate people with tracking devices, which has some concerned the measure gives the federal government too much authority and power.

The legislation would permit the Justice Department to award grants to law enforcement agencies and non-profits for training and tracking devices to find individuals with autism or seniors with Alzheimer’s who have wandered away.

However, some are concerned the measure goes too far. The bill’s original language authorized the Attorney General to insert tracking chips into individuals involuntarily.

“The new language calls for ‘non-invasive and non-permanent types of tracking devices,'” said Robert Romano, senior editor of Americans for Limited Government. “But that is still not good enough. There shouldn’t be any bill, because there shouldn’t be a program, no matter how well-intentioned, overseen by the attorney general electronically tracking people in this manner.”

“The legislation still represents vast overreach by the federal government as none of this is necessary, when individuals, families and doctors can decide to use such non-invasive products on their own, like Angel Sense, under individual, limited circumstances when it is medically necessary to track patients who many become lost due to a lack of mental capacity,” Romano said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a bridge too far, and not something the Federal Government should be doing; and I can say this because such legislation can be rapidly amended to include involuntary implantation of RFID chips into the bodies of people who have the annoying habit of exposing the US government's bad behaviour, when it is NOT acting in the best interests of We the People, but acting only in the behalf of their elite, corporate buddies.

I am quite sure that there are those in the bowels of this government who would love to put Mike and me on a "waiting list" for such devices; however, they would find our travels frustratingly predictable.

We'll run out to the market; the post office; church; and back home.


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