Busted! NYPD nabs 7 “privileged” rioters | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Busted! NYPD nabs 7 “privileged” rioters

Seven protesters arrested by the New York City Police Department on Sep. 4 apparently belonged to circles of wealth and privilege, apparently taking a break from their affluent lives to join the protests. The department posted mugshots of the seven in a Sep. 9 tweet, saying they were part of a large group breaking storefront windows during protests in Manhattan. The rioters were arrested during a protest organized by the New Afrikan Black Panther Party and Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.

According to a report by ABC 7, police said eight businesses had their windows shattered and three buildings vandalized with graffiti during the protests. The estimated damage was about $100,000.


Maybe these US riots are just our explanation to the world...


"See? We demolish our own country too, trying to bring it Democracy, not just yours. We are an Equal Opportunity Totaller"

I'd say they are all dual . .

michael mazur

citizens of a certain Middle Eastern country, which prompts the thought that their US citizenship sbould be cancelled.

michael mazur

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