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Could Obama's Russian hacking probe overturn the US election results?

Republicans seek to probe Russian cyber-intrusions during the election. "I am going to lead the charge to investigate Russia's role, not only in the elections, but throughout the world," said South Carolina's Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in an interview with CNN on 7 December, "I'm going after Russia in every way you can go after Russia."

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Here's your rifle, Lindsey.

It looks like Obama is going to claim that Saddam has nuclear weapons ... sorry, I mean Russia hacked the US election and give the White House to Hillary!

That will probably trigger a civil war, or possibly a Soviet Union style collapse of Washington DC.


The Satan whorshipers/Zionists have completly taken over..


They command all of our major institutions.. Armed Forces,Legal System, Library System, Medical system, television networks, look at the last names of the corporate board of directors..

The reason these traitors hate our country is founded on the principle of "all men are created equal".. The enemy within
believe.. "Only they have souls".. The rest of humanity to them are soulless dumb animals.. That's why they can be so cruel to the Palestinians.. the tribe of Jesus.

Putin understands how evil The United States has become.. It is the same evil that killed 50 million white Christian Russians in slave labor camps.. That was Communism..

What we have now is Corporatizm.. It will prove to be much more deadly than any of the preceding "izms"

The intent of Zionism.. and the New World Order.. is to kill all of humanity.. except 500,000 used as slaves. Zionism is Satanism.
Satan is extraterrestrial. Mankind is terra-forming our Earth for an alien take over..

My regret is the aliens inspired six atomic physicists..(all Jewish) to create the atomic age and a way to give them the radio-active atmosphere that they love.

I suspect that these creatures, because they are etheric, have to count on us humans to interact on the physical plane because they are unable pick up things.. their appendages go right thu matter..
like Casper the Ghost..

In-order for these invaders to get humanity to terra-form for them.. They must have been on Earth for a long long time..perhaps 100,000 years... They must have nurtured mankind to develop a social system and manufacturing base..and scientific base that
could produce atomic reactions..

They have been guiding us humans.. for their own selfish reasons..

Their main conduit for human contact is the Rothschild bloodline..D.N.A.. It acts like radio antenna.. It's the right vibe for this kind of alien's Contact.

corporations stink



will be funny to see Linda's face when all these "probes" lead to telaviv.

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