[DS] Didn’t See This Coming, The Secret Weapon Revealed | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

[DS] Didn’t See This Coming, The Secret Weapon Revealed


Dem Blog Entry = What Ive Been Saying Since 2017


Democrats have completely botched the impeachment issue

(*actually , the reason I have to slip my stuff through the bars around here is because since 2007 I've been saying There Is NO! Impeachment Issue .
Now I can revise that to; There Never Was An Impeachment Issue , so they're going to take the Low Road , and claim they botched it .
I'm the living proof; nobody gets punished for doing bad . only good deeds , speaking truth , and being right gets you , well , not thrown out , but more like John Kerry because I'm here , right ? Public degregation
I can't just submit an article , and if it doesn't pass muster , it doesn't make main page , put in the safe Free Speach Zone of the comments area , on a website that tries to purport to being the 100% opposite!
What , do you think , The Democrats did whatever happened to make it this way ? Im good everywhere else on the web .
Even the comments area of WRH , but you know , Ive only been once a day , to show I'm still breathing , after that It's still America , and The Trump Impeachmennt that never was , like Ive been saying , has been botched , like The Democrats are claiming , and everybody else wants to beli~eve .
The Truth should matter , if it doesn't , then maybe they're doing me a favor , around here)