French Forces to Set Up Military Base in Raqqa | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

French Forces to Set Up Military Base in Raqqa

The Arabic-language Baladi News website affiliated to the terrorists reported on Thursday that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are busy with drilling operations in an area stretching from the Brigade 17 region to Sahlat al-Banat region in Northeast of Raqqa city and from Sahlat al-Banat region to the North of the Sugar plant in Northern Raqqa.

It added that operations to build the walls and construction of buildings in the area will start after drilling operations, noting that a military base is due to be set up for the French forces with the aim of supporting the SDF in Raqqa.

According to the report, the US military troops are in talks with the SDF to further equip al-Tabaqah airbase in Western Raqqa and turn it into their new military base in the region next year.

Sources in the past few months said that the French army has sent weapons, military equipment and forces to Raqqa.

A joint military convoy of the US and French forces was sent to al-Tabaqah airbase in July as tensions increased between civilians and the US-backed forces in Raqqa.

Local sources in Western Raqqa reported that a military convoy of the US and French forces have been dispatched from the town of al-Tabaqah to its airbase.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, let me get my head around this: The US military has invited the French military to further invade and disrupt life in Syria, and will not hesitate, against the will of the Syrian government, and their Russian and Iranian counterparts, to establish a permanent military base in Raqqa, in order to engage in military actions against all of them, as they see fit?!?

Folks, given that Russia is still very active here, and Israel has threatened to take out the newly installed S-300 self-defense systems, we may be a lot closer to war in Syria than many of us had wanted to believe


Everytime Trump says we're heading out


(*Fars NEWS Agency has simultaneously reported new weapons caches moving in .
I'm not calling Trump a liar , it could just be a dyslexic speech impediment , and when he honestly wants to say we're going to be sending in a wad of new weapons caches to Syria , it comes out we're going to be pulling out of Syria ?)

And when he wants to say


(*I always wanted to be President , so I could give Chief of the world Police a whirl , it comes out; We should stop trying to be the World Police .
I would like to do Good Things for all the peoples of the world , comes out; I'll Bomb The S__t out of them , and the generals take the Deep State of dyslexia-speak for it's literal bass~ackward word .
It's got to s__k for the poor b__tard !)

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