Hours After Mass Escape, Migrants Chant For Food, Freedom | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hours After Mass Escape, Migrants Chant For Food, Freedom

About 600 mostly Cuban migrants who were part of a mass escape from a southern Mexico immigration detention center a day earlier remained at large Friday evening, immigration authorities said.


From The Thought Of The Day 4/29/19


Thus, once a government goes bad, it goes all the way bad

(*Today we are none the less gathered to shovel most of the fault onto The Democrats , so history can show that at the time of The United States collapse their government , oddly enough , only went halfway bad , because , it was widely rumored then that The Democrats were in league with Satan , the other half were Angelic , sent by God , who took matters into his own hands , and did all the world wide carnage , while fake news , the world over , reported God's work as being initiated by Washington and Tel Aviv , the only Non Terrorist , God Fearing nations on God's green earth
Except for the Socialist , Communist/Nazi , Satanic Democrats , who served as cover , taking the blame , and giving cover , while God stayed busy as a bee eliminating the foes of His chosen flock of sheep , while the Angelic league of Republicans , in their innocence, didn't need to be doing much at all , flew around 'harping' about what was wrong with everybody else , on every corner of the globe , except themselves , forever and ever , Amen)