IRONY: Montenegro is seeking free elections in Venezuela, but it has never had it itself | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

IRONY: Montenegro is seeking free elections in Venezuela, but it has never had it itself

Montenegro supported a joint statement by European partners that expressed support to National Assembly President Huang Guaidu, in accordance with the Constitution, in the capacity of the provisional president, to ensure the holding of free elections.

Srdjan Darmanovic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, instead of dealing with the worst political crisis in the country, decided to spread "democracy" in Venezuela, writes the Podgorica IN4S portal.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Montenegro has "supported the position of the European Union in which it condemns the deepening of the Venezuelan crisis that resulted in massive human rights violations and violence."

- On this line, we also support the joint statement of our European partners, which expressed support to the President of the National Assembly, Huanu Guaidu, to ensure, in accordance with the Constitution, the capacity of the interim president to hold free, democratic and legitimate presidential elections. Montenegro also supports all the efforts of the international community aimed at securing the necessary humanitarian assistance and solving the crisis in Venezuela peacefully, the statement said.

It is unfortunate that Darmanovic supports "the holding of free, democratic and legitimate elections" in Venezuela, because he forgets that such elections have never been in Montenegro, the portal concludes.
Also, Montenegro has made this a rough move to the internal affairs of a sovereign state and again showed that it does not have an independent foreign policy, but obediently follows what the Western power centers direct.