Massive, Dueling Rallies Engulf Venezuela As Maduro Attempts Election Concessions | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Massive, Dueling Rallies Engulf Venezuela As Maduro Attempts Election Concessions

Massive dueling rallies filled the streets of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas on Saturday reflecting a deep divide over embattled President Nicolas Maduro's rule as the country plunges further into unrest. But it appears Maduro has shown signs of bowing to the pressure as in a speech before supporters he floated the idea of holding early elections for the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

Pro-Guaido protest in Caracas on Feb.2. Image source: Elyangelica News
Maduro said in a speech before thousands of supporters that he "agreed" and was "committed to holding parliamentary elections this year," as demanded by the National Assembly. "They (the opposition) want to bring forward elections, let's have elections," he said defiantly just ahead of the Sunday deadline set by European nations to hold fresh presidential elections, though he stopped short of any reference to fresh presidential elections.

Mr Maduro addressed a rally in Caracas on Saturday and proposed bringing forward parliamentary elections, scheduled for 2020, to this year, as he sought to damp down demands for presidential elections.

He said the constituent assembly, which he controls, would debate ordering elections in the rival national assembly, which is opposition controlled and headed by Mr Guaido.

The suggestion will likely have little impact, however, as he ignored Mr Guaido and his supporters' demands to resign, and stopped short of the four EU nations' demand for presidential elections. — The Telegraph