MASSIVE explosion shakes outskirts of Jordanian capital | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

MASSIVE explosion shakes outskirts of Jordanian capital


Only Israel does stunts like that. .

michael mazur

. . just like the Beirut wharf one, August 4, which had to be a micro nuke, for if NH4NO3 goes up in such spectacular fashion, as if the shockwave travelled in a millisecond through 2,700 tons of it, then why ever bother making ANFO ?

Why then did Israel do the Beirut bombing? As Hezbollah was hardly going to attack Israel, it's Israel's warning to Trump that the WH might go up like that too, for they see 911 unravelling in his 2nd term on the basis of the evidence made plain for all to see, without Trump having to even name anyone.

So why would Israel do a blast like that in Jordan? As a psychological overlay on the Beirut wharf one, as in, there's always a bomb going off somewhere in the Middle East.

michael mazur