Merkel Warmly Welcomes Obama for Closed-Door Meeting in Berlin | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Merkel Warmly Welcomes Obama for Closed-Door Meeting in Berlin

The current German chancellor and former US president rubbed shoulders during summits for 8 years. Despite Donald Trump taking over the reins from Obama in the White House, bringing along with him anti-German rants about defence spending and the country’s car manufacturers, Angela Merkel and Back Obama have not let their special bond lapse.

The “date” between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former US President Barack Obama, who met in Berlin, stirred social media with photo evidence of their tender friendship. Merkel hosted Obama, who is in Germany for a series of public events, at the chancellor’s office in the German capital. They talked for an hour and a half during a private meeting. Before cozying up in her office, Merkel came out of the building to personally greet the ex-US president on the red carpet. As the German outlet Die Welt points out, transatlantic relations, now clouded with rows over tariffs and the US pull-out from the 2015 Iran deal, might be the central theme of this date.