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New Afghan Puppet to Be Appointed

The United States is poised to appoint a new leader in Afghanistan. It seems that Washington is disappointed with the work of current Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Karzai is the former Unocal executive who was appointed and then later "elected" President following the NATO invasion and defeat of the Taliban government of Afghanistan in 2001. Karzai's rule has been marked by two related and disturbing trends: a deteriorating security situation and an increase in opium production. Though these developments are nothing new, almost to the point where they could be considered traditional in the region, (read your history) the Americans seem to have had about enough of Karzai, thinking that they can find a better puppet.

The Americans have accused Karzai of being too corrupt and ineffective of a leader, and are looking to create another position within the Afghan government to balance executive power. Obviously, they are looking for a more pliant Viceroy who will more readily dance to Washington's tune. It's not that Karzai hasn't done everything that he has been asked to, its just that recently, he has seemed to develop a bit of a populist streak, handing small portions of political
influence and a share of the country's plundered wealth back to his constituency.