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New Congress: Democratic members sworn in, Pelosi elected speaker – live updates

The 116th Congress is being seated Thursday, with Democrats taking the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives after eight years out of power. The first order of business was electing Rep. Nancy Pelosi to be House speaker for the second time.

The House convened at noon. After Pelosi was confirmed, the new members will be sworn in. Once the ceremonial parts of the day are completed, the session may get more contentious.

Pelosi has announced plans to immediately pass a spending bill to end the government shutdown. However, the bill does not include funding for a border wall, so President Trump has said that he will not sign it.




(*he wanted or needed Pelosi , The progressive Democrats were ready to , imagine this , if you're able , Try Something New !
But the old master of the art of the deal isn't beyond bellyaching about this , tonight , and arting his fan club into beli~eving the Democrats and the illeagal Mexican Palestinans are stealing your vote , again .
But that actually is the way it's supposedto be The 1% tells the 99% rest of us what we're supposed to think , and for my money , that concept is at the heart of every revolution , known to man , throughout the history of planet earth .)

2nd in line to the Presidency


yea haw, thanks vote fraud and Mexican illegals

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