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Pompeo Claims Hezbollah "Active In Venezuela" To Justify Possible US Intervention

Two weeks ago, when remarking sarcastically about the upcoming "requirement" for a US military presence in or around Venezuela where the situation is increasingly looking like a replay of events in Syria pitting the US and "western powers" on one side and Russia and China (and Turkey) on the other, we said that it's only a matter of time before ISIS made a dramatic appearance in Latin America.

Time for ISIS to make a dramatic appearance in Latin America

We thought we were joking.

It turns out the joke was on us, because - in an apparent failure to come up with an even remotely original narrative for another imminent American intervention - US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday night that, drumroll, "Hezbollah has active cells in Venezuela." Well, we were wrong about ISIS at least.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but has Pompeo had any physical, or mental, impairment, which could cause him to make a statement like this?!? White house, what the hell is this guy trying to do?!?

I hope to God (and I am NOT kidding on this) that the White House did overnights on this, found it pulled horrifically for the Administration, and thought the better of this.

Unfortunately, just because a strategy would be the most him-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing an Administration could do, is no guarantee it will not do it.

So..... drumroll, please:?!? Watch for a Hezbollah cell in Venezuela allegedly do something awful, to which which the US must, on the most humanitarian of grounds they can conjure, fix by invading the country.

If this is how those in the bowels of power in CD are thinking of regime changing Venezuela, this government, and the world, are all in trouble, and big time.

And why do I say this?!?

Because of the following development:

Russia has embedded 440 Spetznaz Special Forces in Venezuela late January.