POOF! Trillions disappear into thin air ala S&L Scandals | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

POOF! Trillions disappear into thin air ala S&L Scandals

Washington, D.C., October 2, 2007: “There is a very serious aspect to the current economic collapse that no one wants to discuss, neither the economic pundits, the media or the scared politicians. This concerns an aspect of the subprime scams and, basically and stripped of euphemistic words and propaganda phrases, is that very large amounts of money from various banks and financial institutions and the owners and controllers thereof were, and are being, sent outside this country to a secure area. I am speaking most specifically of American business frantically sending, electronically, huge amounts of money to banks in Israel. The three banks that are getting most of the stolen money are: Hapoalim group, Bank Leumi group, Discount Bank group.

source - http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a2880.htm

We didn't have the internet when S&L robbery was committed but I'm pretty sure that money ended up in Israel as well ... same as it ever was ... only we have www this time around.