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Robert Reich: ‘A dark cloud of illegitimacy hangs over the pending presidency of Donald Trump’

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich warned that Donald Trump must deal with questions about his ties to Russia before taking office or a “dark cloud of illegitimacy” would haunt his presidency.

In a Sunday Facebook post, Reich presents six damning reasons that the American people should rightly doubt the legitimacy of the pending Trump presidency.

“The CIA has found credible evidence that Russia intervened in the election in order to help Trump become president,” Reich explains. “It has been suggested that Trump owes vast sums of money to Russian oligarchs, friends of Putin, who have also invested substantially in Trump’s enterprises.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Robert Reich: accusations and innuendo are all which exist here, to date, and nothing more.

Sir, can you show me the actual facts of the case against Trump?!? Can the CIA?!?

You and they cannot, because they do not exist.

Mr. Reich, whatever “dark cloud of illegitimacy” might hover over President-Elect Trump's administration has been placed there by the Democratic party machine and Hillary Clinton, still furiously, and I might add, pathologically, incapable of understanding why Clinton lost the election.

The appointment be head of the CIA is just as political as every other appointment in US government; it is apparent that John Brennan was given his marching orders recently from the Democratic Party, to attempt to smear Trump with this accusation, which, to date, has absolutely no legs, and makes the CIA look ridiculously "fact free" with this "alleged" analysis.

Brennan will be out soon, but it is the CIA which is going to suffer the worst damage to its credibility to the point of absolute disbelief by both the Establishment, and ordinary citizens, that they can get anything straight anymore.




Mr Reich is just another inbred khazari sheister, no wonder he's towing the sheister line. it's time these traitors move to their "country".

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