Russia delivers 3 more RD-180 space rocket engines to US | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Russia delivers 3 more RD-180 space rocket engines to US

Russia’s Energomash Research and Production Association (the manufacturer of space rocket engines) has transferred another batch of three RD-180 engines to the United States for their use on US Atlas launch vehicles, the Energomash press office reported on Monday. "Three RD-180 engines have been delivered to the American customers. Representatives of Pratt&Whitney, United Launch Alliance and RD AMROSS have signed technical certificates on the engines," the press office said in a statement. This has been the third acceptance since the beginning of the year, Energomash said. Four RD-180 engines were transferred to the US customers in April and four more in October, the statement says. As NASA Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations William Gerstenmaier told TASS earlier, the US space agency intends to further use Russian-made RD-180 engines on its Atlas carrier rockets. He also said that US new Space Launch Systems were being designed for the use of NASA’s Space Shuttle engines. Energomash delivers RD-180 engines for US Atlas III and Atlas V rockets. The first contract on RD-180s was concluded in 1997 and stipulated the delivery of 101 engines. The deal was estimated at about $1 billion.