Scott Adams: The Hockey Stick Graph, RBG, Biden Gaffes, The End of Reality | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: The Hockey Stick Graph, RBG, Biden Gaffes, The End of Reality

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Brain scanning will SOON be able to pre-determine your decisions
At 100% accuracy…what will happen to belief in “free will”?
Steve Cortes, CNN contributor…seen him on CNN lately?
He dismantled their “Fine People” HOAX, a little TOO good
SCOTUS RBG statement about her diagnosis and current condition
Interesting choice of words, did the treatment work or not?
Joe Biden continues adding gaffe to gaffe
Michael Mann’s climate change “Hockey Stick Graph” LOSES in court
Tim Ball wins the case because…
…Mann REFUSED to release his data for court confirmation
Bill Maher says strong focus on environment and he’ll vote for Trump
Bill IS a rare individual, capable of changing his opinion
Gen 3 and Gen 4 nuclear power plants can accomplish that
Fentanyl MAJOR BUST at Mexico port, it was headed for America
CAN we just abandon the China market?
Prediction: There will NOT be a China trade deal during Trump Admin
Mocking the Outrage Theatre actors
People pretending to be outraged on behalf of other people
PragerU court case discovery would make Google algorithm’s public
Will Google release the algorithm or settle the case?
Sending a child to public school is close to CHILD ABUSE
Influence from other kids of really bad stuff in public schools
In 30 years…public schools will no longer be a thing