Soros Foundation Demands EU Ramp Up Pressure on Poland 'or EU Won't Survive' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Soros Foundation Demands EU Ramp Up Pressure on Poland 'or EU Won't Survive'

The Foundation was founded in the 1980s by George Soros, a vocal proponent of globalism and open borders, and is now trying to portray Poland’s drive for sovereignty as a threat to the entire European Union.

The Stefan Batory Foundation, a Polish NGO established by billionaire globalist George Soros and a group of Polish opposition leaders in the 1980s, has issued a paper calling on EU authorities to step up their antagonism towards the ruling party Law and Justice in Poland, saying that the entire survival of the Union depends on it.

"The battle for the rule of law in Poland sets a precedent and is effectively a battle for the survival of the EU", the document reads, defining the EU as a community in which each member nation's laws abide to a "similar standard".


If the EU can only be a centralized dictatorhsip then forget it


Who needs an Eursoviet Union; one was enough.

In fact, this whole "Europe" seems to be just a marketing name. Europe is but a corner of the Asian continent, it's not any self standing landmass to justify a continent designation. Technically speaking the only reason why we don't call Europeans Asians is because they'd probably get upset. :)

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