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Superholographic Model Of The Universe

Superholographic Model of the Universe Bridges the Worlds of Quantum
Physics, the Electric Universe Model, ESP, and Religion. It is the 'Theory of All'.
The Earl of Stirling

Perhaps the most exciting model of the basic nature of the universe is the superholographic model. This is an astonishing theory which holds that the entire universe, including everything even the smallest subatomic particle, is like a hologram. A superhologram whereby our three-dimensional universe is completely equivalent to alternative physical laws and quantum fields layered on a vast surface similar to how a light trick allows a three-dimensional image to exist on a flat piece of film. "The physics of black holes--immensely dense concentrations of mass--provides a hint that the principle might be true. Studies of black holes show that, although it defies common sense, the maximum entropy or information content of any region of space is defined not by its volume but by its surface area.", taken from Scientific American August 2003.