Texans’ JJ Watt Responds To Crowd Booing During Moment Of Unity: ‘I Don’t Fully Understand That’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Texans’ JJ Watt Responds To Crowd Booing During Moment Of Unity: ‘I Don’t Fully Understand That’


Let me help him.

Ethan Allen and...

blm and antifas are both Communist,terrorist organizations. These 2 groups want to impose a communist dictatorship on America and murder white Americans. Here is an example of people to be honored by having their names displayed on players football helmets.

Dru's Voice
September 10 at 9:02 PM ·
“How would you feel?"
“Imagine there is a man who, for the last five years, has assaulted you, on average, two times a year. He has raped you in the past. Then, he shows up at your house at 4:00 in the morning. You wake up to find him standing above you, you have your child in bed with you. He has his 'junk' out and then he sexually assaults you. He leaves the room, you quiet your child and go into the living room. He is gone. You look out the window and your car is gone. You check your purse, your keys and ATM card are gone. You call the cops. Cops show up. As you cry, you describe the sexual assault. The cops tell you this man has withdrawn money from your bank account twice in the last several minutes. Okay, are you 'imagining' all that? Well, then imagine this. The guy who sexually assaulted you has received over TWO MILLION from a 'GoFundMe' account. NFL players, such as Drew Brees, have your rapist's name on his helmet. MLB baseball players walk off the field to support your rapist. EVERY THING I JUST TYPED IS FACT! It comes from the police report on the Jacob Blake incident. Not shit, we have professional sports figures celebrating a friggin' rapist!"

Jacob Blake has a history of pulling guns in citizens and police. He had a warrant out for sexual assault and resisted arrest, had a cop in a headlock and when he tried to ditch his knife in the car he got shot. The cops knew him well. He pulled a gun in a bar and the magazine dropped out and hit his foot. He ran, the cops caught up with him and he pulled a gun on them. They sicced a K-9 on him and several cops to boot and made their arrest. This guy is a nut. He is well known by Kenosha pd. His sexual assault charge was for breaking into the woman's apartment a couple of months or so ago and sticking his finger in her vagina, smelling it and accusing her of having sex with other men,this creature is disgusting and mentally ill. Millions of dollars of peoples homes and businesses were burnt. 3 rioters were killed supposedly supporting this guy, in self defense I might add.
People have had it with this crap. They can live without professional sports.

Massive fires up and down the west coast and at least one blm activist arrested for setting fires in Washington. https://conservativeus.com/video-alleged-blm-activist-arrested-for-ars...