Trump 'Accepts Erdogan's Invitation' To Visit Turkey In 2019 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump 'Accepts Erdogan's Invitation' To Visit Turkey In 2019

Turkish presidential spokesperson says US president wants to make the trip next year but no date has been set.

US President Donald Trump has accepted an invitation by his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to visit the country, according to a spokesperson for Turkey's leader.


(*WHY ? if out means out , and we're getting out of Syria so Americans can put America First and other players can do as they see fit in the place ?
If There's Always A Catch , and let's face it , there always is , this sounds , albeit , to me , like the first snag )


but no date has been set.


(*what can one expect ? Erdogan rattles off a litany of frustration , and Trump responding with an assuring "that's why we rushed the exit , you're on your own Tayyip . Get 'er done , and you and I go golfing on my new course I'm going to put right over here
Got to go , now , I left the plane running' ?
LOL He , being Trump would even be applauded for precisely that , and the so&so's in the media most likely would start pointing at the fuel charges for him going over to tell Erdogan to essentially Get Bent , I said we're out , and I meant it .)

meanwhile , Assad: (*allegedly)


Trump's coming ??
Here ???
Find A Quiet Residential Neighborhood , and READY THE GAS CANNISTERS !
" )