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Trump is impotent

I have heard it joked about in Iran that, while US President Donald Trump has attempted to undo every major achievement of his predecessor, President Barack Obama, he will himself be leaving behind nothing that a future president could roll back, because, well, he will be leaving nothing behind.

More than three years into his presidency, Mr. Trump can hold up nothing as either a domestic or foreign policy coup. His promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico, and to have Mexico pay for it, has not been fulfilled. And it is unclear how long his policy of deploying troops to stop migrants at the US’s southern border can be sustained.

President Trump’s diplomacy with North Korea has snagged. His first summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ended with only a broadly-worded statement. The American president’s second summit with Chairman Kim ended even more fruitlessly, with President Trump claiming that he had “walked away” from the talks over a demand the North Koreans soon said they had not made.