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Trump Successfully Erodes Russia-Turkey Axis in Syria

Graham used to be the best buddy of late Sen. John McCain (an inveterate Russophobe) and a maverick who broke party stereotypes and was among the loudest Republican critics of the president, but today he’s perceived as a leading Trump ally.

Most certainly, Graham undertook the mission to Ankara on behalf of Trump. The Turks understood this and he was well received by President Recep Erdogan. He also had meetings with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and intelligence chief Hakan Fidan. Only last week, Turks had cold-shouldered US National Security Advisor John Bolton. (Erdogan refused to receive Bolton.)

Again, on other parallel tracks, diplomats and military officials are engaging in intensive discussions. Notably, Turkish Chief of Staff General Ya?ar Güler met chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford in Brussels on January 16. A US-Turkey Working Group meeting at deputy foreign minister level is planned for February 5 in Washington, which will be followed by a ministerial conference on the ISIS on February 6, which Cavusoglu is attending.

The situation relating to northern Syria is in focus. Ankara wants the US to vacate its occupation gradually and methodically after handing over its bases to Turkish military and removing the weaponry brought into Syria to equip Kurdish fighters. But a new template has appeared with the recent expression of support by Trump to Erdogan’s 2013 proposal to create a “safe zone” in northern Syria along the Turkish border, which will be 32 kilometre deep to begin with. The US and Turkish generals exchanged views in this regard at their meeting in Brussels.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Syria seems to be still much in play, and it appears that there is still a great deal which will have to be done to get and keep things stable here.